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Tomorrow night on womboflix, for your viewing pleasure, we present Dredd (2012) -  Karl Urban stars as Judge Dredd, a law enforcer given the power of judge, jury and executioner in a vast, dystopic metropolis called Mega-City One that lies in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. 

Then on Easter Sunday we will be watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail(1975) a comedy film satirizing the Arthurian legend
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Behold, sticky rice. 
Looks like you could eat a lot of it, but even a quarter of this would bring an executive to a dead stop.
More advanced sticky rice coming soon
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My job provider is making me go to some "pre-interview information session" for a supposed warehouse job
Is this just a total scam? Why would you need a pre-interview information session?
We should have separate calendar events in the southern hemisphere. 
Easter is about rebirth and Horus. Doesn't make sense when our stars say the opposite.
Tiff's above even responding to the bait. Staunch as fuck. 
Need to get my shit together. Need to get big calves from mountain treking and watch my protein intake. Strong jaw from eating nuts and biltong. Correct chrst posture from carrying a 223 over my shoulder and being unreactive to wasps when they fly nearby. Smooth and clean, like an m16. Drink directly from the stream. Bank cards and telephones left at the homestead. Eucalyptus oil in the morning air, watching the fog across the hills. Poking the embers to get the fire restarted and boiling a pot. Sachets for lyfe. Double brew that was yoinked from the truckstop. Galahs in the distance. 
Are they're deers in the hills in tassie?
> Easter is about rebirth and Horus
If you can find a good youtube explaining this conspiracy theory we'll play it on womboflix tomorrow night
Has anyone here ever gotten a job from a centrelink job provider, or are they all straight up scammers? How do I fail my job interview if they try to get me employed?
Shopping online used to be cheap. 
Now eBay shipping is fucked and you have all this account shit with amazon
No meat is difficult. Had a jatz and Mediterranean vegetables dip.
Garn have fish and chips for dinner.
Drow breastmilk, thanks to those who produce it having centuries of exposure to cave fungi and molds and the faezress, tastes a little more mushroomy than minty elfen breastmilk. To any humans who sample it, the result is a little more chalky, and ever so slightly tart/hot (the same way those tiny cinammon heart Valentine's Day hard candies have heat), but to elves who sample drow breast milk, it tastes sweeter than it seems to humans (and far less minty than their own breast milk). Interestingly, to dwarves, both elven and drow breast milk taste a lot like (original, unsweetened) licorice.
Dsp is more secure than a salary, you can't get fired from dsp. And the house is worth the same no matter who owns it so your collateral is as good as anyone's
> Todays already over
I am amazed how once again I've managed to spend most the day without achieving anything. Still, day isn't over yet, going to try and get a little bit of study done.
That might have worked 30 years ago, but with housing prices what they are, you'll never be able to pay the loan. You'd need to move out into the desert somewhere.
The loan requirements are based on your income/spend ratio. If you can show and convince them that your combined income meets the ratio for the amount lowed you could go with a low-doc lender through a mortgage broker (unless you want to apply to them individually). The interest rate will be high but you could try to refinance with someone else at a cheaper rate. The hardest part is getting the loan, it is a bit more relaxed around refinancing a loan.
>  MacBook OS is an Ubuntu port
What the fuck are you talking about? No it isn’t. I’m getting it secondhand for cheap anyway. It outclasses other laptops at its price range
There are still heaps of VPN IPs banned for "garbage" which was imissfather's way of saying "insufficiently reverential of nuro".
Finger ‘food’ for ‘dinner’ in a room with horrendous acoustics. Went back to my room and ate a bag of party mix. I left 7 cans of drink in my cooler bag in somebody else’s room 3 hours ago because there was supposed to be a happening that didn’t happen and now I have nothing to drink unless I go to the bar and pay top dollar. Even if I rescue my cans they will be tepid by now.
> No it isn’t
Yes Unix

lol based
Make sure you clean your penis neets.

> The medical professional peeled back the man's foreskin and beheld the revolting accumulation of sickly yellow-brown smegma. 

As Dr. Chen cleaned up the calcified scales of dirt, oil, and dead skin, a foul odour began to fill the clinic on March 14
Really looking forward to my Gesture eggs
> Gesture eggs: Cadbury outlet store criticised over Easter rebrand
> Dont watch porn or wank
> Dont play videogames
> Dont watch anime
I know these are supposed to be good things, but its solely because I cant enjoy anything anymore
the diesel will not be able to easily pass through the fuel filter. Instead, it will clog up the fuel filter. And whatever amount of diesel that then makes its way to the engine will clog the fuel injectors, making them inoperable. This will result in the engine gumming up and seizing.
2024 is 6000 minus 291(i think)  which is the agreed margin of error amongst chabbad rabbis for counting the age of earth since Adam. Apparently Armageddon is supposed to take place by 6000, which might be now.
He probably never used the handle here.  But I know he lurked here at some point.  So if he still does he might see that and ask who is stalking him.
I don't think Proudneet would have gone and done something like become a wagey.  He had a nice set up.  He managed to get himself on Disability in his 20s and had a two or three bedroom Commission flat to himself.
Speaking of the Commission.  You guys ever watch this Spanian guy's videos?  I watched a few and he points out that he visits suburbs that are mostly housing commission houses and flats - and most of those houses and flats appear to be empty.
How long do squatter's rights take to kick in?  You could probably just change the locks on one of those places and move in.
I don't do that for safety reasons. 
Out calls $400 and $50 prepaid for uber through facebook pay pass.
NO NAT, NO anal, no 100 questions about why not! lol