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We need to come up with a neet supplement stack that can improve your chances of a successful dsp application. Call it mong maxing.
Why are the rules still listed despite not actually existing? There are bannable offences that aren't listed and most of the rules not enforced at all.
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ok neets, we will be playing Monty Python And The Holy Grail (1975) in 1 hour. 30 minutes before that, we'll be playing some Easter themed looney tunes cartoons. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
I want to get a prescription for finasteride to fix my JUSTED hair. Should I just see dr pajeet for the prescription or try to get a white one?
I'm the one norwooding and I use conditioner. I even turn the water off, rub it in and wait five minutes before putting the water back on to rinse it out.
Okay, I'm working out how to book a gp visit. Not sure if I should only go to fend off the norwood reaper or if I should try to get a referral for a psychologist in the same visit. What do you guys think of seeing a psychologist for depression related problems? is it all more or less bullshit?
high dose vitamin A is going to overload your liver's ability to sequester it. This is why they say not to eat liver, which killed some antarctic explorer I forget the name of, who ate his sled dogs livers. That roaccutaine shit dries out your skin and fixes pimples but also does the same to your insides, let alone the psychosis and liver damage side effects. Its a retinoid. Vitamin A is not a vitamin, its just some ww2 propaganda about how english AA gunners were given carrots so they could see in the dark to hide the invention of radar, this bullshit has carried on to today. No other use in the body for retinoids has been found. once your liver maxxes out then it will float around in your blood and you will really get sick. But you do you, take your pills and enjoy.
So bored with everything. Bored of food. Bored of smoking. Bored of video games.
I might have to start a course at uni or something. Or maybe go fishing or camping.
A 2021 tweet by Eric Idle[10] revealed that the film was financed by eight investors: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, Holy Grail's co-producer Michael White, Heartaches (a cricket team founded by lyricist Tim Rice), and three record companies including Charisma Records, the record label that released Python's early comedy albums
Thanks for great movie!
Supposedly this one had the first post credit scene evar:
Could stream this perhaps next Saturday. I wanted Clockwork Orange, but thats a bit long.
I don't want to be racist, but these japanese chicks on tiktok are all pretty ugly. Maybe the weaboos have a point about 2d supremacy.
The girls get less ugly if you type in japanese language search terms (in katakana or kanji). It's like the japs export their ugly women while keeping the good looking ones for internal use.
Why do they do all that training? In a modern war all you do is sit in a trench until an artillery shell hits you and die. A poorly trained and unfit person is just as good doing that as any operator.
An average Ukrainian soldier is 43 yo. and gets 3 to 14 days of training. They do not much else than sit in the trench, get bombarded, and be scared.
There are some soldiers who get into a mechanized brigade, they get more training but they also don't do much else than sit in the trench, get bombarded, and be scared.
And there are a couple of mechanized brigades that has an assault battalion, those do the heavy lifting. Some of them are infantrymen, but some from other arms, such as armor.
I've had it. I'm done for the day. I give up. Going to get some discount easter eggs. You neets want me to get you anything?
once again I couldn't find my favourite type of egg (the cadbury flake pack) at kmart or coles or woolies. I know (((who is behind this)), don't think I don't.
I have a forklift loicense but I don't put it on my cv or tell job agencies because I don't want to drive a forklift all day, far too dangerous
Was worried I'd be clogged up from last night's wickid wing binge but the after-dinner jalapeno kept things moving. Would recommend. Cheaper than laxatives.
the eggs get heavily discounted, and fat fucks (like I used to be until I gave up the chockies 2 hours ago) move in and buy them all on easter monday and tuesday
Those 'Humpty Dumpty' ones with the Smarties inside were always a childhood favoutite. But they were like six bucks on special yesterday when you could get a dozen Helen eggs cheaper.
I looked at my local coles and was surprised to see there weren't that many eggs for sale. Not even sold out, they just weren't pushing them all that much.
Alright, I've ordered some minoxidil and a scalp massager. I'm booking in the doctors appointment to get the finasteride.
I'm going to make it neets. I'm going to dodge the norwood reaper.