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It is mostly the dickrider that brings him up. During the meth bender there were entire threads without mentioning him except for a few feeble attempts by imissfather.
Dexies are the only med I'd ever try again to attempt to improve my problems. SSRIs, lobster pills etc - I would not even advise neets to try them once.
The good thing is both Monk and Nuro are recently back from benders so the goon cycle predicts someone else will be on. I think we can guess who.

Probably the usual; wanks, goon, weber JOIs, etc
I would like to report that even exercise bike neet managed to get on his bike and ride 5km earlier this evening. It was easier than I thought, like always.
> https://nypost.com/2024/04/01/world-news/prague-hospital-performs-abortion-on-expecting-mother-in-horrifying-mix-up/
> Nurses, doctors, a gynaecologist and an anesthesiologist failed to notice the error and the shocking snafu was blamed by medics on a “language barrier,” according to the report.
> Both the woman who lost her baby and the woman who was supposed to be put under were of Asian descent, the paper reported, citing local media.

ooooooooooooofffffffff !!!!
> foids quit job because of Andrew Tate
woke up at 4 again, couldn't get back to sleep. Gonna cook some breakfast, hopefully that will make me sleepy enough to get another hour of sleep
Cat fight going on outside. Actually I can only hear one cat, maybe it's a cat vs possum fight. Or maybe there's two cats and the alpha cat has a quiet clint eastwood snarl while the beta cat is loud and blubbery.
> yet.
A NEET once said
> soon only rich people will be able to afford to not eat KFC and chocolate seven days a week.

Do you think the end stage is far away?
I hope Weber is okay.
I wonder if he hit one of those dead zones he mentioned where his IP is rangebanned.
He said it was meth. You're really reaching here. In any case nuro got high on some mystery drug and claimed it was good for his health. And you feel the need to defend him for some reason.
Morning neets. I had a dream that a duo similar to dumb and dumber stole a police car and front flipped it two and a half times. Also had another dream where I tried to steal from a bank to buy marshmallows
Someone owes me 20$ and I can’t get it back until Thursday which is when I get my cenno advance anyway. I was gonna get wicked wings but now I can’t.
do any neets have one of those front door bells with built in cameras that alert you when somebody's there? Thinking of getting one for my elderly mummybot
I have the Ring cameras that have lights on them with a subscription. Got them installed after a break-in. I think they tried to return after grabbing nothing and saw the camera before fucking off and leaving for the other side of the country.
Been taking a new bed out of the box and disassembling the old one. Back hurts, giving up. Will need to get the rest done this afternoon. Got to get ready for wage. The sighs are heavy.
Did Shibs add another update?
For a bit you couldn't scroll left to right and the quick reply box was in the middle.
Promised myself I'd exercise this morning. Lunchtime and I still haven't done it. Somehow I'm always too busy sitting in front of the computer. How?
When I had my car serviced they installed new windscreen wipers. Today I used them for the first time. Heavy rain.
One of the wipers came loose and was being flung around, barely connected.
I turned them off but the rain was so heavy I couldn't see. I was doing 80 on a main road, nowhere to pull over.
I chose to turn them on and risk the wiper fully detaching and flying into the car behind me rather than rear end someone because I couldn't see.
I just used single wipes when absolutely necessary and managed to turn off into a business car park where I got out and removed the loose wiper. It was on the passenger side so I got home using just the one that was left.
I will need to look up on Youtube how to install it properly. I think they did the other one wrong too but it hasn't detached yet.
It was all very stressful.
I got my quilt cover and sheet set.
I wish you could buy flannelette sheets just on their own. I didn't need a whole set I just wanted the fitted sheet.
$50 for the quilt cover and $40 for the sheets.
Woolworths does a pretty nice sourdough. It says 36 hours on it but I have a feeling the sourness is probably added with vinegar.
I didn't get the quilt cover I liked the look of from researching online. In person it looked cheap and nasty.
One day when I am less poor I am going to buy a really expensive one. Something really nice.
The discount easter egg section of coles is an executive's paradise right now neets. You can get mid sized eggs for $1-2 dollars. Huge discounts, much chocolate.
The Cajun Spice meme flavour Pringles are very good. Better than the regular flavours.
I might go back for another tube.
Should I buy coffee and milk or two of those black pepper steaks? 
I will run out of coffee before dole day but should be good for food.
I’ve been home for about an hour.
I couldn’t post yesterday because of the same 20.1.80 range ban I mentioned last Wednesday or Thursday that BO did nothing about.
The machine made nasty accusations against me at the Woolies checkout.
Even showed the attendant a video of me doing my scanning.
> range ban
I am sorry. The IPs are all hashed so I can't distinguish one ban from another. There are a lot of them. I would have to lift all of them.
Do you know if the ban was just for our board or for the whole site?
Should I lift all the range bans?
It would stop problems like the one Weber had but I fear it would also free up a lot VPN slots for the low quality NEETs to play their games.
You could probably remove all the range IP bans, as the individual IP bans shouldn't be impacted. If there is constant spam again, the range bans can be reapplied as required with minimal effort.
IGA is still here but hasn't used a VPN in years. He used to use NordVPN but complained about the cost.
And it is not so much IGA that causes problems these days...
The Australian flag doesn't stay enabled for me and the site assigns Asian flags to many Australian VPN IPs. I'm sorry if that was a one off for you but I get sick of having neets make the same jokes again and again about the gook flags.
Do you think I should smoke some meth to do a complete reset to my "brains chemical system"?
What? Look at the way IGA lives and tells me he pays for a VPN. He'd pay for more data before he'd pay for a VPN.
> refreshing the page manually
> refresh check box 
It works fine. If I make my VPN connect to Adelaide and Perth IPs it works fine but Brisbane gets assigned the Indian flag and Melbourne/Sydney get various Oriental ones. To the surprise of no one.
Pariston has banned several NEETs over minor issues yet ignored those making death threats . And now that a certain person is complaining of blocked ips BO throws on his flag and promises to revoke them all. How does one even speak with so much cock in their mouths?
> can't complete registration form without 2 references 
I just can't be bothered anymore. These labour hire agencies are dehumanising
thumbnail of GJU_C5cWcAAvGph.jpeg
thumbnail of GJU_C5cWcAAvGph.jpeg
GJU_C5cWcAAv... jpeg
(41.76 KB, 516x745)
> 3rd party 'referoo' service automatically tests the e-mail that I put in which bounce and now requests me to edit my previous employment entries with new references
Keeping this place in order is like trying to run an outback pub full of drunken boongs. Sometimes stern measures must be taken. Pariston has my full support.
Izzy's urine was so full of sugar that coca-cola used to use it as a sweetener. They've never really tasted the same since he died. Unopened cans flavoured with izzy's piss sometimes go for as much as $10,000 on ebay.
Have to go to the club meeting shortly and give the other guy his luggage.
People will want to know about the trip and I will just have to tell them that would know if they had come with us.
Looking forward to sleeping in the Cool Zone.
IGAY is desperate to escape his unemployment problem with goon but cant afford it because he's unemployed. How long before he discovers surplus hand cleanser can get you off?
I meant ones that don't matter if you die in them. Games where you lose shit and have to try to win are no good. Putting that much effort into a recreation is silly. I get to jump off cliffs with a parachute and a bazooka and the enemy are the cunts who wear red.
There's an advert on cruise for a guess who the laugh is contest. 
There's a 5 sec bit in it where it's just different people's laughter one after the other. 
Makes my eyes roll into the back of my head trying to see them.
You are too forward. I'm not going to now. 
It's a king with air pump arm things that hold the frame up so you can store shit under it. 
Black, faux leather, cheap and tacky. It'll last a few years at least.