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Refuge from retarded cuckchan mods

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Yes. I am not even surprised, this is consistent with my usual level of retardation.
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fapping is one thing
 though still retarded 
but being a half way on the road to exil whoes mental well being is reliant on a hot chick staying single and a virgin is beyond pitiful.
I don't care what her 'true personality' is. I've never tried to make contact with her and I never will. I only care about seeing her content. I don't get involved with discord and things like that. To be honest, I though most people here would be similar to me in this regard.
me too. even if i won't like her future content i would still enjoy the 400+ videos on the archive. i just like her videos and cosplays.
> you thought a woman wasnt completely evil to the core despite all history proving otherwise?

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