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She's not fat at all.
I like this new weight gain, she seems healthier unlike her previous sticc form
Beats me. I've been wondering that myself. Could be depression, unhealthy life style or if you wanna go wild with imagination, pregnancy.
Nah man, nothing healthy about her weight gain at all. If anything it tells you something's not right. Plus, it destroys the image that is bonbibonkers that we all came to know and love.
because she's a useless American female. She started working, got her own money for the first time in her life, and proceeded to ruin her god given beauty with junkfood because she lacks any virtue or self control. She was only slim because her parents were feeding her and she was growing. God I hate American girls sometimes. They are so useless they can't even stay skinny.
you're what's wrong with America. You guys are so used to obesity you don't think she's fat. She's fucking fat now. She got chonky for a bit but now she's just fat.
She used to be cute. Now she's ruined.

RIP the cute bonbi

Didn't last long, like most American females.
perhaps she isn’t at her peak but she’s alive and well atleast 
not all orbiters are so lucky
i say that we cherish the small victories and what we have instead of dwelling on the past
Will she ever lose the weight? Is it even possible? I usually see girls getting fat and never be able to get out of it.
As for why she got fat, my bet is that she fucked up her metabolism when she got too skinny.
holy shit she's such a fuckable little doll, I bet her pussy smells like cotton candy and is super tight and soft at the same time
even her cunny juice is probably nice and clear, not messy at all, just nice and wet, and she got those puppy eyes for the best fucking blowjob of your life
This is how she looks now? I haven't seen anything of hers for a loooong time. (my first time coming here) To my (non fanatic) tastes she looks great here! A bit more curvy with what look to be- some fantastic boobs.
No, both those videos are ancient. Shes probably gained about 40 lbs since those videos were made. Shes chonky but not fat. Hopefully her videos have some fuckin soul to them after her little break instead of this dogshit we've been getting

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New Reply on thread #11189
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