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Oh no, who are the fat 40 year old virgins going to fill their cum bottle collection for now?
imagine being not only an image board janny but also a discord admin lel
like are you getting double the salary lel
Stop bullying, it's her natural body, there is NOTHING she can do about it. Accept her, incels
Can you tell me what's natural about her body because she claims that it's because she's an adult but that would mean that she threw her down the body in under 8 months
I can't believe BO is still BOTH image board and discord janny. its been nearly a year here, and well over for discord. where does he see himself in 5 years???
Women are supposed to have curves.
The hottest ones are voluptuous, just like Bombi now.
If there are no curves, then it's either an underage that hasn't developed yet, or an ugly skeleton. Some examples of body types:

Keira Knightley = ugly skeleton.
Gal Gadot = skinny 404: boobs not found.

Kristen Stewart = skinny.
Emma Watson = elegant.
Alexandra Daddario = elegant with extra boobs.

Michelle Jenneke = athletic.
Scarlett Johansson = average.
Jessica Alba = average with extra buttock.

Ariel Winter (Bombi now) body type = curvy.
Kat Dennings = curvy with extra boobs.
America Ferrara = chubby/extra curvy.

Queen Latifah = fat/big woman.
Gabourey Sidibe = obese.

Know the difference.

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New Reply on thread #17191
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