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I heard that she was originally deflowered by a grown man when she was a young teen, and that she was attending cons alone with that man. I thought she was just a happy girl who loves to cosplay whose parents allow her to make money off of selling her cosplay photos, because they're making so much money. Since she's under 18, she has to be making money through someone who'd an adult. Was she a dually groomed into sexualizing herself for money from adult men?
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You don't need a story. Just hop on the train. 

You sit alone on the carriage. 
chugga-CHUgga-chugga-CHUgga "The next station is: Eternity." chugga-CHUgga-chugga-CHUgga "This train terminates here. Please mind the gap." chugga-CHUgga-chugga-CHUgga "Or take the leap of the faith"... chugga-CHUgga-chugga-CHUgga

That's all. No need to be invested in personal stories. You'll end up twisting the knife. Just relax and enjoy the bontent.
He had to have been one attractive pedo, because Bonbibonkers herself is fairly attractive. She must've been one of the hardest girls to get in school. Also, pedos to me are people attracted to prepubescent children, and grooming is trying to convince prepubescent children, and maybe even kids who began puberty within the past year, that doing sexual favors for adults is normal. Trying to seduce kids who are already well into sexual development isn't grooming, it's courting.
Is any of this verified? Women tend to be much more selective of men. This is because they have lower sex drives as a result of low testosterone levels. Women, unlike men, also place social power into consideration when determining how attractive a man is. I guess an older man would have an easier time convincing a young teen girl that she should have sex with him, but he would still have to look at least a little attractive.
yeah males present themselves and females choose the best. what made him attractive I think is his voice, I saw a clip of him casually talking in a chat and it was the most attractive one.
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You are correct. Stalking, deception, and isolation are part and parcel of traditional courting. Befriending Bonbi's Vietnamese e-bf (Deepsauce) under the pretense of helping her with anti-doxxing efforts so you can use him to get to Bonbi, then eliminate him as a rival under the guise of being concerned for the girl's well being (due to their 5 year age gap), all the while intending to take his place (despite being an actual pedophile and barely younger than the other guy) is perfectly normal. 

Her reluctance to openly acknowledge their normal, healthy relationship...a reluctance she didn't feel with Deepsauce, for some reason (probably because he wasn't exposed for jacking off to depictions of children getting fucked, his other choices notwithstanding)...is also normal and healthy. 

Creating a Discord server and doing all of this just to get to a girl who you are attracted to, and to eliminate your "romantic" rival, while publicly stating the exact opposite on each point, is likewise normal. Stating that you are not in a relationship and that one of the reasons is that the age gap would be "abusive", while in fact being in a relationship, is certainly above board. Being a grown man and directly handling the finances of the girl you've done all this courting for is also beyond suspicion. Comparing her unfavorably to Belle Delphine, an unironic e-thot, shortly before this monetization happened is nothing to raise an eyebrow at. Being exposed as a pedophile and threatening suicide in the event that your paramour leaves you is a celebrated custom of courtship. I could go on, but you understand. 

After all...

It's What Couples Do™ :^)

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