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Emiru and bonbi are fucking seth confirmed
Emiru and bonbi are both fucking seth confirmed
Emiru and bonbi are both fucking seth in threesomes confirmed
so anything new?
bonbi wants to do only fans fyi
dramaniggers starving lol
I said I would shitpost in the drama thread and I meant it. Also did you see bonbis and emirus legs in the latest tiktoks? Fat!
There was a rumor floating around about bonbi dating a 25 year old when she was only 14.
> Apparently she talked in some chat's (private group of close "friends") about wanting to open a "softcore" onlyfans when she turns 18.

Alright, this aged a little better than I thought it would.
Should not have been a surprise. You think she'll actually post some spicy pics?
thumbnail of Untitled.png
thumbnail of Untitled.png
Untitled png (52.73 KB, 574x558)
she deleted the post about moving
sweet, more drama!
i think more people should harass rhonda
would be very interesting to get bonbi's reaction to this message desu
Oh now this is some good fucking food brother. Well done.
go ahead
you unfortunately have to make an account though
kinda sad that the seth era is over. i was thinking they were hiding their relationship, but this seems real. so yeah...
same, but that just means with can harass emiru instead :D
leave her be. though if someone is willing to talk to her that would be great.
Based, great job.
thumbnail of 1629304402471.jpg
thumbnail of 1629304402471.jpg
1629304402... jpg (146.19 KB, 1152x2048)

Seriously August 2021 and you are still going after Ronda? Your lives must be so dull to want to get involved in someone else's like this.
I wonder who could be behind this post...
s3th your family will never know peace because you are a pedo rapist, how does that make you feel?
Hilarious knowing that I am a bro who has been reading this board since Jan 2020 :-) Not the first time I have been called Seth or even Bon.
what would everyone do if i leaked anon's new discord? let's just say in Louisiana he's still being a sexual predator
we would go worship at his holy feet and say "oh drama god, why hast thou forsaken us?" and kiss at the ground and say "hails thou that groomed mankind, return to mortal land and groom us once more"
> everyone is seth
leak it!
thumbnail of seth.png
thumbnail of seth.png
seth png (1.06 MB, 1920x800)
they finally got him
Emiru was in LA
was she really molested by some streamer creep?
Don't know. Have to ask her.
> Yes there was Phillis Vince who stalked her IR
He really did that?

> Masamune? Complete silence from him. He hasn't been a twitch mod for bonbi in a long time either apparently.
> Doxxerfags like "Dr Phil" don't seem to be around anymore.
It's amazing how many people are attached to this entire thing. Either directly or by periphery.
And that I still remember many names after all these years, eventhough I always tried to stay from the drama whoring.

It's also amazing how much this board has died down.
> Bonbi said it on stream

Where ?????
pick a stream at random from the past year and there's a pretty good chance she'll mention it
not very helpful... i wacthed some and nothing ... i think that one of her biggest problems is not addresig this issue at all
thumbnail of bonbi talking about seth waters.mp4
thumbnail of bonbi talking about seth waters.mp4
bonbi... mp4 (48.81 MB, 1280x720)
thanks, this place is so hard to navigate but so cool
Uh... what?
Are you just tripping out on shrooms or something?
thumbnail of bonbi crazy.mp4
thumbnail of bonbi crazy.mp4
bonbi crazy mp4 (23.8 MB, 640x360)
is this a old clip?
Seems a little stressed out. Maybe she should settle down with a bf instead of acting like a whore on onlyfans.
What do you mean old?
That was from this year.
the human urge to dump all the stuff ik about seth rn is immaculate
What of that could possibly be interesting?
do it
Still got the urge?
Go ahead, just down there.
You know you want to.
I mean he is so out of the picture its irrelevant now, but could still be fun.
Do it for the giggles.
I know where Jimmy Hoffa's buried.
seth game is over, it's fat ugly neckbeard guy now

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