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Anyone got an invite to the hard times Discord? 

dont most of you niggers congregate on insta/reddit/telegram or whatever so you can "dm" the invite so it remains a more niggerlicious insider circlejerk?
Dude it was nuked over a year ago
Bro, Google 'Disboard Hard Times'
At the bottom of the Disboard page will be a big join button.
what was the girls name that ran it? She still addicted to benzos?
i really want to know, she recommended me a book and it was pretty good
you're thinking of a different place that has long stopped caring for the most part about bonbi
that's fine, so have I
Soda was a cunt. 
Why did that place get nuked?
Sounds like they made it. Good on em.
yeaaah that was her name
i just remember random shit about her, like the time she went out and bought tons of energy drink but her bag or something broke and there were cans everywhere in her car.. idk
and her being mega paranoid, and basically ruined by the internet.
why do you say she was a cunt? just curious.
Don't quote me or my e-girl's posts ever again.

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New Reply on thread #28595
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