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Last thread:  >>/37150/


u: bonbi
p: bonkers
the piggy bon was brooding in her bedroom today because she didn't want to stay home and sulk like a hog.
she actually had wanted to go to the circus. she had her plans all set but a late cancellation made it impossible. and one of the piglet's favorite foods at the circus is cotton candy. so the piggy threw herself down on the floor and brood, and like a useless piglet spent the better part of two hours farting and burping like a bored field hog.
wait a minute the piggy thought if i can't go to the circus I'll make the circus come to me. and so the piggy got up and gaily danced around in her room pretending for a time at the circus, and she felt the beginnings of a roll of poop start to form in her lower pig guts. if i cannot have cotton candy i'll have a load of brown poop the piggy thought out loud.
she squat and pulled off her pants and panties and this from her disgusting brown anus hole a curl of brown poop came spilling out and plopped on the ground. what a pig. the piggy then reached down and picked some bits and clumps of her poop pile and plopped them into her mouth. brown cotton candy. she munched and munched her home made cotton candy, pretending for herself it was cotton candy directly from the circus, until a bilious nausea came over her and the piggy vomited.
knuckle dragging bonbi posters with no regard to human decency, not even their 4 year old stale webms can save their rotten washed up ass when the crushing weight of reality crumbles upon them, when the dust of all their wrong doings contaminates their lungs, when there is only a fleeting second left of their pitiful lives, only then will they know, how despicable and disgusting it is to be such a thing
seems like some threads are more affected than others, a few threads have no images left in them, some threads just have the occasional post missing
I wonder what the connection is
the piglet bon waltzed into the kitchen today. she wanted to start her diet and lose her lard hips and beer belly. so we got to say she wanted to deposit lose about 50 pounds of body (ie lard) weight attached to her at least. 
ahh! what a shame the piglet is such a useless, fat and lazy piggy.  her piglet diet of wonder lasted only about 6 minutes. as soon as she approached the fridge she never left the fridge, and she would have been better to lift up the whole fridge as say a container of monster drink, or a can of shrimp, turn it over and let it fall into her wide open and hungry piggy mouth faster.
that would have saved her a few hours of party shuffling through the fridge contents like a field hog, or a field beast, biting and nibbling at this or that, but basically eating everything it contained. not surprisingly twenty minutes later after her feast finished when she tromped into her bedroom to play some computer games and listen to her piggy music her guts started to explode. uhhhhh! the piggy wallowed in self pity as loads of brown goo moved rapidly to her tainted butt hole. the poopies spilled out and the piggy got to the toilet a little late, since there was a couple spoonfuls of poop in her panties after she threw them down and hopped on the toilet bowl.
the next few hours of the piggy's life consisted of ptttt, pttttt, pptt, ptt, pt, ptttttttttt and splash and plunge and again repeat. the piggy ran out of toilet paper twice and had to grab her bath towels to wipe her dirty brown anus.
disgusting. and don't ask me how at the end of the day the piggy ended up with half her face covered in brown poop smears.don't ask. just don't.
Bonbi was one hell of a ham beast, with thighs as big as truck tires and an ass the size of Texas. Her waist was in the mid-thigh area, but the rest of her body was huge. Her body was covered with hair. Big, thick, black hair that was almost as soft as down. She was a big, hulking, black, hairy, musky, horny beast. If you didn't know any better, you would have sworn that Bonbi was some kind of big-breasted swamp monster. Her big titties were as huge as the titans and you could say the same for her ass. She was a monster, She was also the queen of the swamp monsters, so they call themselves. These monsters are more than just huge cocksuckers, they are full-fledged ham beasts. Bonbi was the queen ham beast and she had the biggest, biggest dongs the Ham Monkeys had ever seen in their wildest dreams. These fucking monkeys were on the other side of the fence, they couldn't see how big her chandeliers were, but they could see them and they knew they would get a good fucking if they fucked her. Her name was Bonbi, you may have guessed already, but her name has not been mentioned yet. So far, she had been with two other big ham monkeys, and they both didn't last more than one night. Bonbi was a fat fuck, her ass was as huge as her tits, and when she turned into an animal on demand, she could fuck a human. She was just one of the five members of the Big Fat
Bonbi is a nice lady. She makes fun tiktoks and is funny and friendly on her twitch stream. She has had hard times in her past and none of it was her fault because she was a child.
She will have to deal with the consequences of other peoples actions all her life. But she is strong and is seeking help. That is good.
This place is weird and people here are not nice. They say bad things about Bonbi, about her friends and about each other. That is sad.
There will be a announcement soon. What is not yet clear, but Bonbi was happy about it. If it is a happy announcement good people will be happy too.
that was an instagram story from lynienicole, I think she just hosted a birthday party for atlaseuu, which I guess is why bonbi was visiting
there are probably other onlyfriends potentially posting bonbi cameos but I haven't really been keeping track
thumbnail of IMG_E8633.JPG
thumbnail of IMG_E8633.JPG
(1.29 MB, 1170x1990)
This is the last person she followed on IG. Continuing her quest to find decent friends who are not porn stars honest. With friends like these it can only be a matter of time.
second vid, at 9 seconds, there is just a nearly naked chick standing there
unironically looks like somebody paid for a gang bang.
quite hot
Given her 'friends' group and how isolated she is otherwise she must have the weirdest take on the world. Those people are not normal. All she ever sees is Twitch chat or Asian porn stars.
> it's a costume party anon

Are you saying she went as a whore? Even amongst all those porn stars she looks underdressed
Bonbi is the queen of the swamps, she lives there with her swamp monsters, the swamp monsters obey her will, because she is the biggest monster in there, she has many name, swamp queen, ham beast of the swamps and bonbi, the monsters who obey her call her swamp queen, those who are terrorized by her monstrous ways call her ham beast of the swamps, some of her devout human followers call her bonbi, and they think she is normal, bonbi is in fact not normal, bonbi descended into the depth of the swamps and lost her humanity, for she is now a monster, a ham beast, a queen of the swamps, and she rules the swamps like a tyrant and king, she owns a swamp like no one has ever seen before, in the dark, wet, cold, deep darkness, and she sleeps deep inside the water, and her minions guard the entrance from all but the bravest of her enemies.
> she must have the weirdest take on the world
I guess so. But to be fair so do most anons and a lot of normies. I think a lot of them have worse takes then bonbis.

> Those people are not normal.
Sure, but look where you posted this.
Those people are willing to take her in, I think thats nice of them honestly. Bonbi can be weird and awkward as she's said herself.
Atlaeuu posted a story about being physically and mentally abused by her family as a child on birthdays and only now being able to enjoy them because of her friends.
They sell porn, but maybe they're also just nice people that want to help or at least give her a chance because they know how hard life can be especially without friends.
> Atlaeuu posted a story about being physically and mentally abused by her family 

Glad she doesn't have to put up with that anymore but it kinda reinforces the feeling that the porn industry is for and victims and failures, the abused, groomed or just too lacking in talent for anything else.

But actually yeah, abused by her own FAMILY?!?
oink oink, this morning the poopy and dumb piggy bon decided to take a trip to the new jersey marches. she traveled far and wide and took in the sights and sounds, including a pig out at mcdonalds until uh oh; the piggy felt as though her intestines were going to explode and split. she felt that due to her pig out meal at mcdonalds her guts were going to open up from her large pink piggy belly. and out will spill mcburgers and big macs. if fact the piggy's order was so huge it landed with constant burger flipping two mcdonalds cooks for a whole hour; they were tossing and turning the burgers the piggy stuffed her frog face with as she sat in the lounge and stuffed her belly full. well it was time for the piggy to pass those burgers so there she stood as still and stiff as a wooden board for a minute in the middle of a jersey street until she couldn't withhold the poop from spilling out of her brown anus hole. ahhh,
the piggy squirmed at the last and she dropped her pants and bent over and out slid several brown curls, one right after another; in total some observer counted twelve poop longs. pptttt, ptttttttt, the crowd of people around the piggy got upset, they told her to get lost. but the piggy undeterred pressed her face inside her poop pile and started to eat her dog pile of poop like a pig hog. the people there said pig pile eaters are not welcome and the piggy with her poopy face and a mouthful of her own poop walked away.
literally all files from threads 30-33 have been deleted
good thing i downloaded them before
Holy fuck the incel simps are going hardcore again (pun intended). She didn't even post on patreon yet. If she ever does show her tits, mass shootings frome these supreme gentlemen are going to skyrocket.
> We have figured out the image disappearing issue. We have mitigations in place on the top boards and working on a permanent fix

looks like they can't get it back  >>/18424/
I'd say quality is worst to best left to right
lots of artifacts and plastic looking hair on the alq13, looks pretty bad
amq is probably the sharpest image but looks slightly overbaked, some temporal shimmering, very noticable in the background ivy
I think maybe prob3 looks the highest fidelity with least visible artifacting, good upscale overall tbh
I would say prob3.

ALQ and AMQ are really only for low/medium quality input video and tend to lose details. You can see for instance all of the texture in her top has disappeared in any of these. Remember super sharp edges dont matter in moving video as much as they do in a static preview you are zooming into. Texture does.

Just tried and I think AHQ gave better results.
boybibros... whens the next boy cosplay? this boyntent drought has lasted for far too long
> Posts nice Boy Bontent

> Post ends up sandwiched between deranged porn poster and even more deranged fanfic

Oh BBG, what has become of you?
thumbnail of ooc green shake.gif
thumbnail of ooc green shake.gif
ooc green shake gif
(200.84 KB, 300x300)
get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head
Bonbipoop bro sat up all night last night dreaming of how much he loves the idea of bonbis shit. His 300 pound lard ass self just gets so hard about the thought he had to express himself. So He did what he does every night. He hops on endchan and writes a gross story, and then he goes and dresses up like Bobbi and then acts out the story playing with his own shit like the swine he is.
I was just about to post thank you to the moderator to say that their efforts are not unnoticed and do make Endchan a better place to be when I dont have to skip over porn and fanfic shite.
thumbnail of 721127~2.MP4
thumbnail of 721127~2.MP4
721127~2 MP4
(10.2 MB, 720x1280 h264)
Meet Anala, born into a noble Ryken family, Anala has always had more privilege’s than most in her kingdom,
however, she never allowed that to dim her adventurous attitude and desire to help those in need. All she wants is to make the world a better place, and with your help, she can make that possible.
#thesealofdragonsberg #analacosplay
> it's not AI art
wat. that is 100% AI art
I wonder if the novel was written by chatgpt as well
It's AI art. Look at the first image, there's a black bar on the right where it's badly cropped. Which also explains why all the resolutions are weird.

I've commissioned artwork before, artists aren't sending you a resolution like "417x644"
thumbnail of a6c057b8d9c64e342f1d252f5cc44b2b.png
thumbnail of a6c057b8d9c64e342f1d252f5cc44b2b.png
a6c057b8d9c64e342f1d2... png
(73.14 KB, 741x428)

The author has a blog on his website. He's from the same state as bonbi, so it's no surprise that they met.
lmao THIS is her big news? some random nig paying her to promote his shitty self-published fantasy book?
There's nothing to suggest "Anala" is remotely similar to Bonbibonkers from TikTok.com
I don't even believe she is being paid for this, I believe he just said "wow I put a character based on you in my new book!" and she'll shittily promote it for free.

She's immature enough to fall for this scam.
this novel seems like badly written derivative fanfic schlock, riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors
in other words it seems like exactly the kind of thing bonbi loves to read
I'm happy for her tbh
> pre-orders start April 3rd
> links to the website will be posted every 10 minutes in chat
all this advertising for the price of free.
Cosplayed as Anala
Stream Started 22:26
22:30 Introduces her character - Anala, a Dragon in the Book 'The Seal of Dragonsberg'
22:31 Bon will be reading the first chapter which is on the website
22:32 Family member wrote the book
22:34 Cosplay is Anala's 'going to tend the crops' outfit.
22:40 - 22:45 Reading Synopsis in a British accent
22:45 - 23:03 Reading prologue
22:59 Takes phone call from Dad
23:03 - 23:39 Reading Chapter 1
23:27 Julie joins
23:42 Going to cosplay Anala a lot
23:48 Snatch. Anala is actually bald and wears a wig
23:51 Patreon tonight
23:51 Stream ends
> secretly her heart belongs to another, her best friend and heir to Dragonsberg, Rykon
so a "member of her family" wrote a book, with a character "based on" bonbibonkers, where said character fucks the main character?
She's getting a character to cosplay, maybe some notoriety amongst anyone who reads the book. The author got ~ 200-300 peeps being told about his book. Seems to work for both of them.
> notoriety amongst anyone who reads the book
be realistic, nobody is going to read it except for the diehard bonbibros
> 23:03 - 23:39 Reading Chapter 1 
Are chapters like just a few pages?
Because in half an hour, reading something out loud, you got just a few pages.

But yeah, skipping through the stream of her reading it, seems like quite shit.
What an underwhelming announcement, I thought she got an actual deal for some role as a professional gig.
Its Bon, she was talking to chat at the same time.
Actually it was quite a fun stream, didn't feel like and hour and a half.
Considering the writer is apparently part of her family, at best she gets some share of the sales... which will amount to nearly nothing.
Yep, she looks fantastic. Even if she doesn't get money she gets a character to cosplay and who else here is in a book? Doesn't have to be a NYT bestseller just to be worthwhile.
No, and I was not hating on her. I was showing the irony that she looks more like that character now than she ever did, 3 years after it was first posted. I am sorry that you are too dumb to understand this without it being explained to you.
A guy who follows Bonbi in the shadows,
 who creates a book with random 
characters and themes, convinces Bonbi 
that one of his characters called Anale
 (Name which refers to anal sex) is 
her, with an image that doesn't 
even it resembles her, where the pink
 hair symbolizes e-girls. totally 
incoherent, she does not 
participate in the book, she does not
 look like the character, she does not
 contribute anything, but the creator 
of the story creates the strategy to
 approach her saying this is you. it's
 really obvious. but I still don't know
Not calling you retarded but at this point it is not worth worrying about this stuff. She is not the naive 14yo Seth picked up anymore - if he is doing anything bad she will work it out eventually. In the meantime just be happy for her - she is clearly happy with the deal. I hope this continues to be something she enjoys in the future.
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-03-17.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-03-17.jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-17 jpg
(8.14 KB, 555x127)
> 38411

Hey Coomer, I have an idea. Instead of fighting each other over is porn the right thing for her can we just agree to hate on this guy instead? Keep BBG a bit more bearable. Unless you are him of course.
Your left hand holding his right, your right hand resting on your enormous belly as you each stare at the screen agreeing that she needs to lose weight. 'Damn she lost it' says Logan just before belching loudly, the smell cabbage and pilchards filling the air and reminding you both you have not eaten for at least 30 minutes.

And thats not even chat GPT :-)
First pic is boner worthy, not a fan of the second and not a footfag. If Bonbi is looking to try something new she should whip those nipples out already, jesus christ.
There's a good amount of areola in these pics too if you look.  I just wish the quality was higher on the second and third shot.
Logan, it is you after all, isn't it?

What you need is alts. You have Logan but now go for Logan2, Logan3 etc. Keep going adding accounts at $100/month until you run out of money then steal mommy's card and add some more. Then steal Daddy's card. Then Mommy's boyfriend's card, then Daddy's boyfriends card. Keep going, you know you want to.

Think how many toxic comments you could leave. She would have no choice but to get naked for you.
Whoa schizo alert. Nah I'm not subscribed to her patreon. I'm waiting for her to create an onlyfans. I'll pay for nudes, but not lewds.
thumbnail of 5878764.jpg
thumbnail of 5878764.jpg
5878764 jpg
(39.35 KB, 300x300)
don't lie to yourself virgins, you dont have money. that's why you're sitting in this thread to download everything for free and hoping to see the female nipple someday
That second picture makes me think Bon is the type of girl who would make a funny face during a blowjob, crack herself up, make you both laugh while she's holding your dick, then immediately go back to sucking, which if you haven't had a girl like this is fucking awesome.  The juxtaposition between the goofy fun shit immediately back to her going to town is the hottest thing in the universe.
> The juxtaposition between the goofy fun shit immediately back to her going to town is the hottest thing in the universe.
hardcore pedophile vibes coming from you
Give him a break, girls laugh at his dick. And he thinks its because they somehow accidentally pulled a funny face...
Wait a second, do you really think all sex is super serious and only jokey and fun if you're with a little kid? Do you know how fucking bizarre and telling that is that you believe that?
Not him, but his comment def looks more generalized than your reading of it. I think its more a general feeling that if you had a girlfriend you could talk about sex with her and wouldn't have to talk about it to strangers on an image board. Trust me, we dont want to know about your imaginary sex life.
Does your missus know you discuss details of what you get up to with any passing stranger who doesnt run away quickly enough?
Who am I kidding, you have never had a missus.
no the fuck they dont, and i bet every time you bring it up among your friends (if you have any) they start cringing
Do you know how easy it is to pull that off even if you're a samefag?  You literally just open another instance in incognito.

Anyway I don't give a flying fuck what anyone here thinks of me, I'll keep getting free Bonbi porn and cumming hard as fuck to her shaved pussy.
> Do you know how easy it is to pull that off even if you're a samefag?  You literally just open another instance in incognito.

I am sure he could have worked that out but ain't it funny he didn't have to because you had a ready explanation?
good thing the schizo changed the subject. looped messages about incels are no longer interesting to anyone
OK, they are after a refresh apparently. They were the two posts of Bonbi eating on stream. Dont know why they would need deleting.
Nah I'm still here. You've been arguing with someone else. Don't worry, I'm still going to call you incels when you act like it.
finally thread got a mod.  there will be fewer mentally ill trolls and shitposters
I might not agree those should have been deleted but if thats the price for getting rid of hard core porn and fanfic I'll take it.
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thumbnail of 2.jpg
2 jpg
(85.58 KB, 1152x1152)
thumbnail of 8 (1).jpg
thumbnail of 8 (1).jpg
8 (1) jpg
(71.25 KB, 1080x1080)
thumbnail of 8 (3).jpg
thumbnail of 8 (3).jpg
8 (3) jpg
(74.52 KB, 1080x1080)
thumbnail of 8 (4).jpg
thumbnail of 8 (4).jpg
8 (4) jpg
(94.99 KB, 1080x1080)
thumbnail of 8 (5).jpg
thumbnail of 8 (5).jpg
8 (5) jpg
(239.46 KB, 1383x1343)
there is nothing wrong with normal dialogue about coomers or incels or any of the things on the planet. but this thread is full of trolls without mod
(Not mod) They were just AI spam. Does anyone seriously think they added anything useful, funny or enjoyable? The only reason not to delete them would be I suspect literally nobody ever read them.
you can criticize bonbi all you want, but if the only posts attributed to your IP is low effort shit like "nasty whore bonbi" and some cuck porn edit you can fuck off. no trolls who come here only to incite some shitflinging.