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thumbnail of 1404 [Hatsune Miku] (do I even weigh anything).mp4_snapshot_00.02.359.jpg
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Last thread:   >>/41157/


username: bonbi
password: bonkers

Chronology Pack: https://mega.nz/folder/SqJSlboT#Eo0dW40FSQQxUfbhaiX2Zw
Recent Streams: https://mega.nz/folder/sb9AUARS#2L6fWgvVj0yOycsNuZkMaQ
Tiktok Streams: https://mega.nz/folder/RT51iQLb#5q9QAtRAZHcmUkeu72Bi_g
Let us all gather here today to give thanks for Bonbibonkers' new Onlyfans, and to thank the Onlyfans gods for showing Bonbi the way. May she be ever successful and post many nudes. Amen.
This is a good illustration of why her other media will die. It takes one coomer to shit up the thread. I can ignore what she posts but like most normal people the thought of the dirty old men rubbing their hands together, drooling and asking her to show more turn my stomach.
yeah the constant crooning about "what good progress she's making" is honestly the vilest groomer shit, and the constant reminder of how prevalent it's become across social media is pretty fucking bleak

bonbi constantly tries to justify how her content on other platforms isn't going to change, then in the same breath talks about how she'll be spamming ads for her onlyfans everywhere for the foreseeable future

she is as delusional and retarded as the new fanbase she has chosen
I guess at the end of the day they're well suited for each other
agreed. given that he's openly admitted he only comes here to spam threads and antagonize posters I wish the admin would do something more about him
> wall of text
does he think people still read his posts? you'd think he'd have learned after he stopped writing those poop fanfics
i'm new to this but is everyone who does not agree with you an incel? and if so, does that help you win your arguments with them?
Nice. Also real question is if matchusimp will handle the new state of things. Will he kill himself or move on to another low tier egirl?
if this is the logic we are using now, your mother will have an only fans too? your aunt? your grandma? you know, because they're adults? where are you going with this?
> is everyone who does not agree with you an incel

He doesnt seem to care that nobody wants him here. Still claims he is the normal one. Autism.
> grew up and became sexual. 

just so i'm not getting this wrong. is becoming sexual for a bunch of weirdos on the internet normal?
so is it just one guy screaming incel every thread? like my guy, you can't just scream incel into the void and expect people to take your comments seriously. this is the internet. they are going to shout more vile shit to her on OF. stop being so triggered. also stop shitting up the threads please, the incel screamer.
well no actually she needs someone in her life to help her not be dumb. that person is not me. i have no patience for people like this.
not op, but are you finished? are you going to shit up the whole thread arguing with people and calling them incel? its very tiresome to read your posts. let people think what they want. bonbi is not going to give you attention because you white knight for her on here.
If you don't like her personality and you claim to not be sexually attracted to her, and resent the choices she's making these days, then why do you follow her at all?
well no, i mean that is what people think. they are entitled to an opinion just as you are. i don't support echo chamber threads. i will give you that hating her for her dumb choices is dumb. but it is not incel.
are the only reasons to follow her now to wack off to her terrible pictures? if so, then i am clearly lost and will be finding my way to the exit soon. i did think she had other things to offer but according to some of you this is all it is now.
Bonbi clearly doesn't have it in her to keep up a specific schedule and is often demotivated, potentially even lethargic.
Twitch can pretty only be a side-husle for people like her.
If she had some knowledge or interesting takes on things, she could probably keep herself afloat better, but she genuinely doesn't most of the time, even if she occasionally said some funny things.
Emiru has an incredibly grating voice, but it's clear she has put a lot more thought, time and effort into her streams and twitch career.

People keep saying "just do twitch", but keep forgetting how emotionally unstable bonbi is.
Maybe she could have gotten more views on Twitch if she became a titty streamer, but I guess she's not comfortable doing sexy things with live interaction.
bonbi can't go a stream without talking about her shitting situation. utterly bizarre (in many ways her diet and food preperation must be terrible). also talks about how her many cats shit and throw up everywhere. seems like basic things to not talk about if one was trying to be a streamer. oh well not like I ever watched them. thank  you hilightsanon for your work
again key points about her lack of friends to help her to do anything for herself. i had high hopes she would focus on twitch but as you say she just does not have the motivation or insights to keep people entertained and then resorts to complaining or being weird. she could try games or react videos like emiru but i'm thinking too highly of her to think things through.
so are you saying that is all that is left? truly you have no faith in her to be anything other than a masturbatory aid for you. how truly sad.
Not him. That is all she seems to be interested in now. I think she only does the Tiktok/IG stuff so she can convince herself that she is more than that when she streams to beat the loneliness. Sorry to be glum.
I see no reason why she can't do both. It's you incels that freak out and take the all or nothing mindset. Could you not just ignore her lewd posts and focus on her SFW posts?
No. Every time the coomers get wise and unsub til she does more she does ads on her mainstream media and in between those episodes the coomers just shout how they want to see her tits because their incel lives are so devoid of actual company.

Again the problem is not entirely her.
you just know the person who made this used to make positive edits about her
and now he shows his true colors, what a depraved person he always has been
of course he is also into blacked
> more no u arguments 
Oh man and you were doing so well for an incel. You were being relatively civil and trying to reason and rationalize. Oh well maybe it's my fault for expecting too much from you creepy fuckers. But to touch on the point you were trying to make between your angry, bitter tears, she absolutely could have a sfw career and a NSFW career simultaneously. All it would take is for you to ignore the parts you don't like. You're the ones with the hangup. Gee, I wonder why that is?
who says we aren't? stop calling everyone an incel because they don't want to see her beached whale photos. if i want to see a whale i'll go to the fucking beach.
bro her tiktoks have been in the toilet for almost all year except for maybe 3 or 4, and shes clearly been putting more effort into these softcore shoots so dont act like we've decided her fate, she did this all on her own. Remember when she was besties with Emiru whos now a fuckin millionaire?
bonbi has earned at least $8000 in a day of onlyfans she'll be a millionaire in no time if she doesn't spend it all on cats
and emiru is no saint either, she fucked and sucked streamers for half a decade to get where she is now
Emiru got a better deal because she was okay with surrounding herself by morally bankrupt people.  There falls helped her rise.  Some people arent willing to put up with that shit just for a chance at success, and i dont blame them.
thumbnail of 1f4fd3a2cb80892edd3c0d58ececc56e-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 1f4fd3a2cb80892edd3c0d58ececc56e-imagejpeg.jpg
1f4fd3a2cb80892edd3c0... jpg
(290.38 KB, 1988x1170)
Not entirely. One of her friends runs a store selling Hentai t-Shirts and a couple are porn photographers. Then there Riot_August_pedo and Julie. The rest are OF girls though. No wonder she shes nothing wrong with being a porn star.
are you implying emiru will sustain?
she's 25 years old already will be replaced with another younger harlot hapa with a pretty face within a few years
if you are implying bonbi won't sustain you should know that she is still huge in the internet consciousness from her tiktoks a few years ago and coomers are going to flock to see a celebrity become increasingly depraved
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-08-10.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-08-10.jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-10 jpg
(139.34 KB, 2087x336)
I just Googled 'American Female Celebrities' and most of them are in the 30s or 40s - the only exception was Sandra Bullock who is 59. None of them have ever done porn and none of them are overweight.

A clear pattern? Not saying a Twitch career will last as long at that but Emiru should sustain long enough to be a millionaire many times over.

(and yes, I was also amazed the youngest result was a 32yo)
> pokimane, 27
> amouranth, 29
> AriGameplays, 25
> rivers_gg, 25
> iamcristinini, 24
> Biyin_, NA
> Staryuuki, 25
> Loserfruit, 30
> Nihachu, 21
> NimuVT, 25
> https://alitaexperience.com/most-followed-female-streamers/
turns out internet celebrities are a lot younger than hollywood celebrities who could have imagined
i, too, am amazed - there is a 30 year old among the top 10
> $8000 in a day
Anon, do you understand how monthly subscriptions work? The real measure will be how many likes her posts get in September and October and how low she has to sink to keep the numbers up.
Streaming as a platform is much younger than movie or TV so its not a surprise the average streamer is younger rn. The comparison suggests none of the example streamers are about to drop off, at least not because of their age.
Probably today via DM. The really big bucks on OF are often by DM. I agree they will probably be in the public feed early 2024.
thumbnail of prnt.png
thumbnail of prnt.png
prnt png
(1.72 KB, 187x56)
They don't know what it's called a hype train. She was making $20,000+ at the beginning of $100 patreon. Also hype train. The result will be visible in half a year. Stop shitting the thread.
emiru will sustain because she built up a business around her streaming crap. if streaming dies she still has that computer company.
Right, the influx is from coomers who think she's going to be jamming dildos into herself next set or getting come on her forehead by the end of the year. Failing that, they are gone.
> Right, the influx is from coomers who think she's going to be jamming dildos into herself next set or getting come on her forehead by the end of the year
bro, now im not sure she won't
if shes hanging around other OF thots then shes gonna get the advice of sticking with what works, she'll do this softcore shit until numbers drop hard enough, then post a titty til numbers drop again, then full butt pic, it'll happen eventually. I doubt she'll be letting some small dicked white boy slam her like Delphine but I guarantee she'll be posting full vag pics at some point.
I dont understand how this a fail when shes raking in 6 figures a year in a low CoL state while working far less than 40 hours a week.
thumbnail of cartman_hitler.jpg
thumbnail of cartman_hitler.jpg
cartman_hitler jpg
(64.79 KB, 557x509)
I especially like how the AI subtly changed the lyrics to 
> (Hard times) gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
> (Jews Lies) and I still don't know how I even survive
very meta ad lib
Except Emiru actually owns multiple businesses and makes content (cosplay shows, gaming tournaments, charity events, etc. that can be redone for years) and made successful friends. She also has tens of thousands of people who tune in every time she’s live. If it was just because she was a pretty hapa, why aren’t there 10 more like her? There’s already girls on Twitch who are younger and imo prettier, not even seeing 10% of Emiru’s success.

The case of young girls getting replaced happens when they create a community that only cares about how they look and what they can do for them sexually. Like Bonbi. And she’s only boxed herself in more.
Emiru doesn’t need to sustain regardless, she’s 25 and a millionaire. She could lose 90% of her Twitch viewership tomorrow (still 10x what Bonbi gets) and still be set for life.

Bonbi was just talking about needing to fix her spending habits then opens an OnlyFans where she’s already posting pantyless.

I don’t hate Bonbi I’m just disappointed and worried about her five years from now. She continues to make the worst decisions, pick the wrong people and pander to worst part of her audience.

Maybe she wouldn’t have made it as a “wholesome” streamer anyway, and if she doesn’t have a diploma who knows what else she could have realistically done to sustain her lifestyle. It’s just sad to watch.
She has absolutely no high school education,no college education, no diploma, no back up plan if this of ever fails, she has all the time in the world to do online course's but she's to stupid only thinking of that easy money she gets now
too bad she did not take notes from emiru or try to improve herself. maybe she is as lazy as they say. how does she go from borderline OCD with her tik toks to being such a brainlet?
and she will 100% spend it on stupid shit without saving or strategizing investments of any kind. imagine getting money this easily.
I’ve always thought that too, she used to be such a perfectionist with her TikToks. I’m fine with her not doing the clean sets of 3 because she would skip posting a lot of good ones because of it, but it’s like she’s a completely different person. I go back and watch her old videos and she always had the same weird sense of humor, but she put much more thought into her videos.
shes an above average white girl raised in a middle class home, she doesnt have to be an adult, shes got life on easy mode (til she hits the wall)
her creativity dried up years ago. shes been coom-brained for awhile. the endless cats are a substitute for neglecting her maternal instincts. many such cases.
Emi and Bonbi feel like both sides of the e-thot coin. One did all her slutty shit behind the scenes with Emi fucking streamers to the top, and Bonbi just does it openly anymore. Emi just got more lucky with the Pokimane clout
Has nothing to do with her not being 15 or aging. People don’t become lazier and less creative as they get older usually.

Feel like this has just become the default argument for simps in denial.

People complaining her looks have changed because she’s 20 now are stupid I agree, but this has nothing to do with that.
Most retarded cope I’ve ever read.

Emi has had 2 boyfriends in 7 years, both long term relationships that also happened to put more eyes on her.

Bonbi is flashing her pussy for thousands to see for $8 a month. You can barely compare these two egirls.
> Bonbi is flashing her pussy for thousands to see for $8 a month
Citation needed. Or any proof at all. I see no pussy on her onlyfans.
bonbibonkers 2018: rising star and universally beloved cult icon

bonbibonkers 2020+: disappointingly predictable and predictably disappointing
the sad part is the cats are probably a loneliness cope. she truly has nobody in her life, likely due to her past and not wanting to get close to people.
That is what happens when people praise her without her really putting any effort into things. She has simp vision. No improvement necessary.
another thing I am wondering is if she's taking each new cat to the vet for a checkup and shots (important since each new cat can introduce bad stuff). I dont think she is since she lacks a car and it sounds like her family was rhe type to have lots of animals but just feed them at most. also from how lazy she is. anyway worrisome sign
Didn't this bitch say she was going to post full frontal titties a few days ago? Lazy cunt can't even post her fucking naked body on time
Shit like this makes me realize I couldnt have a kid. Id rather have a broke kid with actual life skills rather than some vapid useless slag getting rich off of vag pics
i think thats what her parents want. her living on her own speaks volumes of the sorts of fights they must have had over this. her mind has been taken over by the onlyfans people. the token gestures of birds or whatever are almost like an underhanded apology. she just doesn't get it.
so why not add to those hard times by making your parents worry day and night about what you are doing for money on the internet. brilliant.
Here's the question now

Faced with the opportunity to make min 5k a month, do we think this girl will manage to spend 10 minutes out of her unemployed week to take and post 2 photos every Monday?

Or will even this be too much bother

I wonder if she realises there is no bigger platform to escalate to after OF. It's the end of the line
On stream she only ever mentions her mom in positive terms - example when she sent them $1500 from Matchuchu she never mentioned or called her Dad but went straight to her Mom. The only things I think she has said about her Dad is he is very religious and she doesnt play by his rules anymore.

She has never had Tiktok on Linktr.ee. Her reasoning seems to be cute goes on Tiktok and does not mix with porn which goes on OF (Patreon at first), IG, Twitch and Twitter. She does not have Linktr.ee in her Tiktok bio. Also, still got Anala pic on there? She deleted her from Tiktoks and IG.
This bro left
I also stop random bonbiposting yet.
And I posted A LOT of media. LITERALLY A LOT
I will upload only new tiktoks and IG pics/stories sometimes
Actually still here but I was hoping if I didn't post a summary someone else would. I also used to post a lot of positive Bonbi media but the fun has gone now.
Bonbi is on the event horizon of a black hole once she actually starts posting nudes thats when she slips down the hole and there's nothing left
Imagine if she did make a Discord now, what a hell scape it would be.

Monday, she'll announce it Monday in the OF post.
I'm done, I'm so done bros. There is no point to me sitting here and just bitching about it anymore bros, this will be my final post bros. If you've been here nonstop bitching too, you should leave too bros. There are better tiktok influencer teens who are worthy of our devotion so let's all leave and never post here again bros.
you WILL buy the scam bbc book
you WILL pay extra for the signing
you WILL pay for monthly twitch subscription
you WILL coom to bonbi burbs and shart stories
you WILL pay for the of or else she will be homeless
you WILL not sexualize her in le wholesome chat unless you're the bbc scam writer or her whale donators
you WILL respect donjon when he shits up the chat
you WILL respect sex workers even if they debase themselves for money
you WILL stay awake for the depressing streams
> The only things I think she has said about her Dad is he is very religious and she doesnt play by his rules anymore

well obviously he's not going to approve of his daughter whoring herself out online. dude is probably losing his shit. she must be able to bend her mothers arm to this crap she does.
take care brother. i wish you well. we will all make it out of here and she can have just the cum brains who give her money. its all gone.
whoever was doing the stream summaries, thank you. you save some people a lot of agony trying to watch her dumb streams but who still want to see if there is a glimmer of hope left for this ever progressing train wreck.
This anon just admitted he doesn't like Bonbi anymore because she's an adult and that he's going to find other underage tokkers to stalk and groom.
he didn't say that but okay keep insinuating this asinine conclusion every thread. according to this idiot the only reason to pay attention to her was because she was young. she hasn't done anything of note in her adult life. get a clue idiot.
I bet you all she doesn't post full nipples OR vag on Monday.  I'd bet my entire life savings on it.
She hasn’t done anything of note EVER anon. She did some silly lip sync videos and you liked her because you’re a pedo, not because you like silly lip sync videos. You don’t like her now even though she still makes silly lip sync videos because she’s not a little kid anymore.
schizo retard gonna spend all night shrieking about incels again
admin needs to be a lot more generous with the bans for this faggot
I check into /bbg/ every maybe 2-3 months or whenever I feel like it. It's more out of curiosity and nostalgia's sake than anything. Seeing if there has been any new drama or what Bonbi is up to, since I don't watch her streams and haven't been active in any Bonbi-related community in over two years iirc. Shoutout to the anon making the stream writeups, they're fun to read even weeks later.

Usually I come here when it's late at night on a weekend and I should be in bed instead. I certainly did not expect to see Bonbi's actual nipple  >>/42303/ today. I didn't expect to ever see them ANY day and I don't think I really wanted to ever see it.
According to  >>/42439/ I guess she makes a ton of money from it at least.
Somehow I can't understand who'd want to pay to see her nude.

I'm not sure how exactly this all went down and what lead her to do this, but it almost feels like seeing your niece or somebody like that doing it, since I've been following her since she was just a wacky kid in her room doing dressup and making funny faces.
I'm not against sex work, as long as it's not exploitative (all pimps deserve to serve life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole), but what I take from this is the actual realization that everybody in porn is somebody's son and daughter. They're not "just actors/actresses", everybody has a backstory.

Of course I have no right to dictate Bonbi what she should and shouldn't do and she is an adult now. Having seen her as a teenager on Tiktok, it feels like I've known her for so long though. Might sound overly dramatic, but I wonder if this is a hint of what relatives of porn actors/actresses feel like, though I understand there is no reason for me to really give it much though.

I think it's just weird to me this is Bonbi's path and apparently there are hundreds of people buying her nudes. It felt like something people joked about back in 2018/19 that it would happen one day.
> she hasn't done anything of note in her adult life.

Jesus fucking christ he admitted it again lmfao. Do you think he's aware of being a pedo, or do you think he's delusional enough to bury it?
You are the creepiest motherfucker I've seen in a long long time. I'm going to see you on the news one day with your neighbors talking about how quiet you were and how they never know what you were up to in your basement.
okay weirdos, she was hotter last year than she ever has been. you cannot seem to accept that she has become a lazy entitled brat and is no longer relevant to anyone other than the coomers. It's her laziness and entitlement that make her extremely unattractive. just because she takes her clothes off, doesn't mean its hot.
i hope it will die down and we can return to anything of relevance but i doubt it. she wanted the cum brains, and now that's all there is. she didn't even put her tik tok link in her link tree thing. she no longer gives a shit about anything other than showing ass and getting paid.
Her TikToks are the same shit they’ve always been anon. When you say “she’s just lazy now” what everyone hears other than the other pedos in denial is “she’s not 15 anymore”. It’s the same exact shit.
your recycled, automated responses make you sound like a badly programmed chatbot trained on an inadequate sample of low quality bait posts.
if you are actually a human, you are fucking retarded bro.
> The incels are mentally breaking down at record speeds.
We truly are living the best timeline. We get to see bonbi showing off her body AND see these freaks implode? What a wonderful chain of events.
if thats what its going to be can one of you with a sub tell her to put in a bit more effort? work on some lighting, make the pictures higher quality. stop sitting on the floor. something. her first set is boring.
I knew an IRL girl once who was quite attractive and then she did some soft core and lesbian shit for Abby Winters and I saw it and lost all interest in her after that. She wasn’t unattractive naked or anything, it was just that all the mystique had evaporated instantly.
Sure buddy. Everyone believes you. You TOTALLY turned down a girl yourself because she was "le impure whore" lmao. You're a total Chad ;)
I didn't turn her down. I didn't have a chance with her to begin with. You have a reading comprehension problem. You might be retarded.
> I--I was just joking all along lmao. I didn't actually have a shot with her haha. She was still beneath me though lol. Please believe me...

I really hope you're seeing a therapist. You need it.
her diet is so shit not just from a calorie perspective (she eats too much) but she's not getting good nutrients at all it seems. skin problems and damage is going to happen quick without youth to protect against it. maybe filters will get better though by then lol
thumbnail of Tiktok Account Search 2023.08.13.jpg
thumbnail of Tiktok Account Search 2023.08.13.jpg
Tiktok Account Search... jpg
(42.75 KB, 926x413)
The guy in his 30s who hangs around with all the 20yo Korean OnlyFans whores that Bonbi listens to so much. He popped up in her Tiktok comments a few weeks before she suddenly decided to become a full time porn star.
Got no clue who that is.

Actually meant a guy on discord who called himself "JustFriends", not "OnlyFriends". Got that mixed up.
Anyway, he's a complete schizo.
> Actually meant a guy on discord who called himself "JustFriends", not "OnlyFriends". Got that mixed up.

never heard of them
> recipe asks for 3/4 cup of milk
> dude what is three four
how the fuck can one person be this retarded
thumbnail of mpv-shot0006.jpg
thumbnail of mpv-shot0006.jpg
mpv-shot0006 jpg
(115.29 KB, 1280x720)
thumbnail of mpv-shot0009.jpg
thumbnail of mpv-shot0009.jpg
mpv-shot0009 jpg
(143.06 KB, 1280x720)
thumbnail of mpv-shot0010.jpg
thumbnail of mpv-shot0010.jpg
mpv-shot0010 jpg
(142.77 KB, 1280x720)
thumbnail of mpv-shot0012.jpg
thumbnail of mpv-shot0012.jpg
mpv-shot0012 jpg
(139.27 KB, 1280x720)
thumbnail of mpv-shot0013.jpg
thumbnail of mpv-shot0013.jpg
mpv-shot0013 jpg
(106.01 KB, 1280x720)
0:04:00 Shego (antagonist from the Kimpossible cartoon) Bonbifans tomorrow
0:04:20 Secret Labs sent her a pillow. Does free shilling for them
0:6:00 Has stopped playing LoL
0:10:45 discord server "soon"
0:17:17 Burp
0:18:00 You have to go through Bonbis 67 boyfriends to date her - like in Scott Pilgrim
0:18:45 Is currently dating Batman
0:20:50 Has dated real life serial killers
0:23:15 Burp
0:25:40 Was more worried about Slenderman's reputation than the 2014 stabbing victim
0:27:30 Mombi liked the chicken box present
0:28:50 Used to think two streetlights outside her window were Jeff the killers eyes. Was scared then, now would fuck him.
0:30:30 Reckons she should get a shotgun for home defense 
0:31:14 Used to go shooting as a kid, was a good shot
0:31:22 Mic breaks, possibly because of Slenderman
0:35:22 Threw away her spanish homework because the weirdo from last years roadtrip got cooties on it
0:36:06 Burp
0:47:17 Doesn't know if she's bi, just wants to live life and touch boobies
0:48:40 Bonbi does not suck balls
0:52:09 Burp
0:52:10 Burp
0:54:00 Begins constructing pumpkin spice pancakes
0:58:40 Julie joins chat (AUDIO WARNING)
1:03:03 Burp
1:06:30 Peculiar sequence of bonbi feeding Julie through the webcam 
1:07:36 Pancake taste test [(it's shit)she eats all of it]
1:14:47 Burp
1:20:50 Pancake 2.0 , Now With Added Sugar! taste test (it's shit)
1:22:40 Did not order the MRE
1:23:13 Burp
1:23:17 Chugs whipped cream

-Weirdo who got bonbis drawing tattooed on him coincidentally  makes an appearance after 6 months
-Wants to dye hair today
-Went to the store this weekend
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-08-14 022437.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-08-14 022437.jpg
Screenshot... jpg
(168.93 KB, 892x1162)
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-08-14 022511.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-08-14 022511.jpg
Screenshot... jpg
(129.95 KB, 888x1179)
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-08-14 022941.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-08-14 022941.jpg
Screenshot... jpg
(189.02 KB, 902x1180)
the incel coomer simps are malding again
familiar sounding rhetoric?
quick reminder that these are the same "people" who openly admit they are willing to pay money to see bonbi squatting in an alleyway sucking off homeless men
She realized life skills and experience doesnt matter to an attractive white girl and started to coast through life on easy mode
> these people are upset she's sexualizing herself
> they are pedos because they don't want her to make porn
> they made porn of her to wank
> i'm glad we care about her as a human
Lol wut
i'm having a hard time keeping up with who the incels are. is it the ones who want to see her do porn or is it the ones who want her not to do porn?
it's just more of the same if you don't want to see her get fucked by a homeless guy then you are a pedo. does simping this much cause brain damage?
> 0:47:17 Doesn't know if she's bi, just wants to live life and touch boobies
Considering the wild rollercoaster of her past, the best outcome for her might be that she became asexual.

> 1:23:17 Chugs whipped cream
Like emptying a bottle!?
I think the difference is just that she's voicing her opinion more often than she used to back then when it was all just "wacky hijinks hehe!".

It's clear the online interactions and how people kept and still keep treating her have screwed her views on sexuality.
I'm not sure how aware of it she actually is.
Everyone saying that they hate bonbi now that she has an onlyfans: Explain why you aren't following koraaura right now!
These people MUST be autistic. Imagine this - you're at a party and someone asks you what you do. If you say 'Pornstar' most people are going to treat you differently, its not a normal profession. Someone becoming a porn star is choosing to take the shame and stigma that goes with it. Especially for someone like Bonbi who who probably gave up a shot at the big time to do it it is a weird decision.

And didn't this Antiqa guy admit he has been waiting to see her nude since she was 14? So much projection.
Charisma. For all her faults Bonbi has always been exciting to follow. She's got a pretty face, has never had a hot body but that doesn't matter because I was never asking to see her nude.
Cuz she wears socks on purpose. Im not into feet but you can tell she goes out of her way to wear socks cuz people are gonna be looking at how she dances
Same reason I didnt follow peachyfizz, girls got a stupid same face and all her vids do the same schtick for the most part, feels like a product, no charisma
Any bets on whether she will manage to meet her schedule for literally the first week of her OnlyFans? 

Not even talking about quality of content, just anything
You know how she picks up the new thing and loves it for three weeks? I think she is really into the whole pornstar thing at the moment so she will. She even changed her IG PFP to a topless pic, thats above what she needed to do.
She said she was going to post some patreon leftovers too, so she could just put up that.
Doesn't matter what she does until the end of the month anyway, since everybody subbed is there for four weeks.
Any last second bets? I think her boobs will be out but the nips will still be partially covered and she'll still do that weird photoshopping where she airbrushes the areolas out.

I absolutely do not think we will see anything else.
Agree 100%. She may be one of the highest paid onlyfans girls relative to what she puts out. Most of these e-thots have to manage it every day and constantly create content. She literally can keep her subscribers by posting shit that no one can really fap to anyway.

To all the people on here calling her a whore 24/7... I don't think you actually know what that word means. Posting implied nudes of yourself is not the same as fucking people for money...
Give it time. Delphine wasnt fucking that small dicked fella at the beginning either, she was doing the current bonbi thing.
Impossible for her the highest earner was black china when she made $20 million a month and bhad bhabie made over 1 million after 6 hours of opening her OF
It's been up an hour and it's up to 350 likes and $270 in tips. I wonder how high it will climb.