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thumbnail of punished_bonbi.webm
thumbnail of punished_bonbi.webm
punished_bonbi webm
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yo bonbibros
i'm looking for a bonbi edit made in 2021 by i believe a member of some bonbiwaffen telegram groupchat member which i lost contact of when my phone suddenly died on me.
it was an edit containing her in gumi cosplay with matryoshka as the song of choice over it, any help would be appreciated
yes, thank you!
was there any better quality versions of it btw? i remember the file being like 17mb or 51mb, one or the other
i think as well as having a better bitrate
thumbnail of bilbin_16_losemymind[VID][BEA][-CHI].mp4
thumbnail of bilbin_16_losemymind[VID][BEA][-CHI].mp4
bilbin_16_... mp4
(10.86 MB, 540x960 h264)
NTA but my folder says the edit from a discordnigger named "bilbin" and is indeed 12.8mb. maybe they uploaded a higher bitrate variant to telegram or whatever. i dont use social media so cant confirm.
not him but back 2019/2020 there was a very active telegram groupchat about bonbi, it was more active than her threads in their peak, but it was mostly low quality posts so you missed nothing

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New Reply on thread #45584
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