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will bonbi ever endorses Anarcho-primitivism? will she leave fascism behind and embrace the ooga booga?
i know she says she is not into politics, but if she is into politics is she Authoritarian or Libertarian? Roxy is defiantly Auth
> Muh degeneracy
> Spends time watching some underage tiktok girl
What did right wingers mean by this?
I hate to say this, but being right wing is literally just being liberal but hating minorities thrown on top. I've seen fucking /pol/cucks jerk off to BBC porn and liking it because it "felt good to see woman get something they aren't able to get". Like dude, what the fuck, do you have any political views besides brown people bad?
> but being right wing is literally just being liberal but hating minorities thrown on top
i agree with that too, just reject the american liberal and cuckservatives cause politics is not this, in this thread there is NatSocs and Anarchist primitivist and NazBols, nothing Cuckservative about this
> NatSocs
Unironically cringe feels before reals. Cannot into economics so they explain every problem of the world by the "juice"
> Anarchist primitivist
Based, red and doompilled
> NazBols
Cringe, but redpilled
tbh even if natsocs were bad, the ideology it seld is very good, they were revolutionary for there time and changed shit(the reactionaries were against them) and the jew thing is true but its not the only problem to fix in this world
Ok, and what do you see in this? This is something that would entertain only the mind of some edgy teen. I'm sorry, but those weren't some evil Jewish masterminds conspiring to wipe out white people. The Jew somehow is invisible and all controlling, yet it can also be a poor person on the street? Kikes are evil and control the world.... but we build spas for them in Auschwitz? It's fucking something that only an idiot could be bought into. In the end it accomplished literally nothing besides death of 40 million white people, ironically enough. It's fucking even pathetic how white "nationalist" (which itself is a fucking idiotic idea if you have two brain cells) can even follow this. 
> tbh even if natsocs were bad, the ideology it seld is very good
> LMAO dude, feels > reals. Don't learn about the world and buy into a fantasy that if you remove Jews everything will be alright
No, it's for morons who choose to reside in idealism because they can't comprehend the world in any other way. Anprims can at least give you a concrete argument (most rightoids probably follow Ted because "smart man said lefties bad", fucking LMAO) and have explanations for world events which make sense. I can respect a person who follows his talk, but I can't stand idiots who parrot Goebbels's propaganda decades after his death while fucking watching TikTok videos of underage girls.
You have to admit that there is a jewish conspiracy, i agree that if you remove them still the world will be shit but there is a lot of evidence and they themselves flex how they shaped civilization spiritually and materially
> Natsoc bad
I agree but you have to admit that some of what they say is true, yes the jew is not the only problem but they caused a lot of problems and from the prespective of europeans they are to blame to the corruption of there ways of life from religion, philosophy and life
guys anyone have the edit where its Bonbi rin is dancing and there is a swastika on top of her, also some quotes from anons
what is bonbi... how do yo... i don't know how to say it. waffen? waffles? kinda like waffle or something? what is that? like i literally don't know. i asked people but they're just like "huh huh nazis". like what? i don't... you didn't explain, like what it means.
It looks like "people"(FEDs) here are trying to push atomwaffen, an illegal satanic terrorist group, into this board by mixing it with bonbi.

Entire thread looks fake honestly. First time I've ever seen this type of posting here. Most if not all over the top right wing posting is always FEDs doing it. You guys should take care of yourself not to fall into any of this. I don't really browse this board, but I just saw it in the front page and want to let you guys know so you can stay safe from it. 

See this is literally what atomwaffen/FEDs do. Incite for violence using shitty shopped images. They even have a former serial killer shopped there. Surprised they would stoop so low and attack you guys

If I were the BO, I would delete this thread and not get tangled into this shit ASAP
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whats wrong with uncle Ted? he is not even right wing or satanist or whatever you scaring people with, and if its the killing then no one is more evil than the US
> If I were the BO, I would delete this thread and not get tangled into this shit ASAP
i didn't make this thread but i think its cool to have a political thread, i know bonbiwaffen is right wing but just like /pol/ you can express whatever opinion you want
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read "industrial society and its future" by ted kaczynski if interested, he has good points against civilization and technology and how it restricted our freedom.

pdf: http://editions-hache.com/essais/pdf/kaczynski2.pdf
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> right wing posting is always FEDs
Wow! The left wing says that the right wing is fedosting. What a fresh tactic! 
Hey fediks where's my money? I want to work for you - write me somewhere, you probably already found where and see on my hard drive all this lolicon with Hitler.
OP is just a schizophrenic little kid with too much time in his hands. The fact that he keeps samefagging and bumping his own thread is an indicator of this.

We shouldn't give him any attention. Children crave such a thing during their youth
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Ya? Well I'm a lil new and im not reading some hapas faq. just looked into her cause I thought she was using bon but she seems alright.

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