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thumbnail of Bonbi Vangelis edit.webm
thumbnail of Bonbi Vangelis edit.webm
Bonbi... webm
(3.8 MB, 428x768 vp8)
> It's the same with all those people who make Seth out to be this pedophile monster who is defiling their innocent angel. What's actually going on is probably not that concerning. But people feel weird for following a teenage girl and are naturally looking for a scapegoat.

he beats his dick to depictions of kids as young as toddlers getting fucked, close the tab

> i think if it was someone else they will still act the same 

which is why people were hoping for her to find someone irl (even a girl) for the longest time.
The Drive edit was made due to a misunderstanding about a song someone wanted you to use, right? I remember something about that in the thread.
> he beats his dick to depictions of kids as young as toddlers getting fucked
so does the "bonbibros" in the lewd thread! and they are the one who is salty the most about seth. they make every small detail into a big disaster and when you say something you are a cuck, they are just projecting there fucking problems because they are salty because they are not living there fantasies about grooming and hacking minds.
That sounds a lot like what you want reality to be. 

This dude is retarded. And he plays the victim narrative to try and bring down the person he was getting criticism from. 

Dude, you make good edits. Good on you. But stick to arguing with your friends on Discord rather than trying to antagonize for the sake of saving your own ego. Take the criticism and move on. You clearly lack the social capabilities to sustain a coherent argument. Good on you for taking the steps to go to a therapist, but you're too weak for big boy league. 

You're heading down a dark path the longer you remain a discord nigger.
>  That sounds a lot like what you want reality to be. 
Projecting again, im saying what im seeing, they do make a big deal out of everything she does and everyone write a big meme about it and then after awhile people think its the truth.
Well I don't so come approach me at another angle. But for the time being, you'll always be a discord nigger. You'll always try and justify how it isn't a bad thing. 

'Oh no, DN is just a meme that goes on here!'

Pathetic. I don't understand why you DN's even come here. Go find your own community to attention seek from.
> comes here to shelter and express things anonymously
> acts like a cute submissive twerp in discord 

No. I kind of like seeing you types of people trip over your own foot.
You just proved my point. You come here to abuse anonymity and say edgy shit like 'Keep Yourself Safe'. (Although you probably use that phrase in discord as well).

Go back to tranny erping and orbiting on discord.
thumbnail of shoulder question.webm
thumbnail of shoulder question.webm
shoulder... webm
(5.72 MB, 540x960 vp8)
I thought I would bring some new life to this thread and converse with my /bbg/ bros.  I came into the beauty and grace that is Bonbi very late just this past spring.  I'll elaborate as I go and comment on the videos one by one.

After reviewing the majority of all the /bbg/ threads here, I bring you content that has not as yet (to the best of my knowledge) been posted anywhere here yet.


This is one of my favorites.  It's so hard to say I have a favorite or favorites because there are so very many videos and the content is so very good.  I'm preaching to the choir, right?
thumbnail of bonbi_you_say.webm
thumbnail of bonbi_you_say.webm
bonbi_you_say webm
(2.92 MB, 600x680 vp8)
I lurked here for at least five or six months, looking and watching to see if /bbg/ was going to firmly take root here so to speak after being so ruthlessly purged from /wsg/.  It appears /bbg/ has found its home here now.

I normally lurk 4Chan /gif/ and /wsg/ as well, and rarely post there as I am active on half a dozen other boards.  Over the more the 12 plus years I've been active on 4Chan, I've used Chan Thread Watch [now fork 1.17a] to dragnet get my goodies for me.ext

My methodology is dragnet download now, investigate the goodies for gems of gold later.  


As we all know, there are trolls, detractors, and haters.  I don't know where this video would fit.  As you will see in the next post, I think it belongs here.
thumbnail of beautiful and inspiring.webm
thumbnail of beautiful and inspiring.webm
beautiful and... webm
(3.28 MB, 600x680 vp8)
Throughout summer, fall and into last winter, I began investigating /gif/ and /wsg/ more closely.  What I do is archive, and then investigate the results much later, often months later, sometimes even more than a year passes before I revisit my archives.  Tik Toks, Tik Tok compilations, Tik Tok bait and switch (confess now, you have a folder of Bonbi Ricardos and other Bonbi bait and switch) began to become more numerous.  So I began to add some them to my 'dragnet' as well.

Sometime last spring / summer / fall? /ttg/ really began to make serious inroads into /wsg/ and to a small extant /gif/ as well.  I still don't know how I missed the /bbg/ threads.  As time passed the Tik Toks and by implication, where available, Tik Tok compilation videos began to look much more interesting, so I added all of them to my 'dragnet.'  Hard disk space is cheap, right?


This video is a response to the previous video.  The inverse opposite.
thumbnail of complete silence.webm
thumbnail of complete silence.webm
complete... webm
(3.95 MB, 540x960 vp8)
As I perused my archives, I would pick out single Tik Tok videos saying to myself, "This is a really good one."  For a while I was collecting Bonbi videos thinking they were a different individual not knowing that they were all in fact Bonbi.  Bonbi is so good at changing her Cosplays I didn't realize that they were all her.  I have had several 'crack of dawn' moments where I'm going though a bunch of /ttg/ archives and I'll pick out a Tik Tok video, lately without the Tik Tok watermarks (or Patreon content), only to find out some time later it's Bonbi.  I keep getting surprises this way.  

I've gotten all the pieces after the fact and all out of order. The announce and drama threads here are very informative and educational for a Bonbi noob such as myself.


I haven't seen this gem here anywhere. I'm very glad to bring it here for you.
thumbnail of The Crowning - Kanri Win.webm
thumbnail of The Crowning - Kanri Win.webm
The... webm
(5.98 MB, 540x960 vp8)
I can't say this really fits, but it has to go somewhere.  It is a compilation video and very much a part of Bonbi history, at least on /ttg/ anyway where Bonbi also ruled as queen.  I haven't seen it posted anywhere here.  I felt crushed when I saw this video, and still do, so if you have ever had some sort of really bad case of the Bonbi feels, then this video is for you.  I have another one in my archive related to it that seems like another in the same series by the same editor, if there is interest, I will make an effort to find it and post it.

Ironic that now in the last four to six weeks or so, /ttg/ has been just as ruthlessly purged from /wsg/ just as /bbg/ was.  The last /bbg/ thread I saw on /wsg/ was back in February? and it was ruthlessly purged.  A few Tik Tok threads continue live on /gif/, however I wonder how long they will last in light of what has happened on /wsg/.

Gladly now /bbg/ has a new home and who is /ttg/ to say anything to /bbg/ anyway.  Perhaps /ttg/ can find a new home here on EndChan as well?  What do you anon and admin say?

Inb4 some anon says, "Nah, /ttg/ is a retarded cousin we don't want around here."
thumbnail of SOS.webm
thumbnail of SOS.webm
SOS webm
(2.13 MB, 320x545 vp8)
Another Bonbi feels video I managed to salvage from the purged /wsg/ /bbg/ thread last February before summary purge in minutes.
Bumping because I know there was/were edits with Tame Impala.
Can somebody repost them or link them?
I know of at least two "The less I know the better" edits.

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