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Recommend and ask for recommendations for JAV films, this does not have to be limited to JAV, however has to be Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. This can be amateur, studio, whatever.

You can also give suggestions, or request just idols names, they do not have to be films. This will allow users to find new cute idols they like.

When Suggesting:
> Please provide title names, or ID's.

> Provide a related picture or screenshot.

When Requesting:
> Provide a few fetishes.

> If you have favorites idols, provide a few of your favorite idols. This will help others find a girl you will like.

> Feel free to use pictures to help show what you like.

Other Notes:
This is not a general for 2D, or western porn.
Western idols are allowed, IF this is in the context of Asian porn. For example Melody Marks in JAV is okay, however Melody Marks in Western Porn does not belong in this thread.
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Kaname Ootori is cute 

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