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Share files over decentralized and distributed platforms.
Decentralization and distribution help provide resiliency to the content being shared. 

Posting Rules:
> Post a picture of the content, or a picture related to the content (screenshot of a video, picture of a model, etc.)

> Avoid centralized sources and file upload hosts (such as mega, google drive, etc.) as these actively get moderated and files taken down, and are nowhere near as resistant.
> Sites wrapped with IPFS such as are okay to use.
> Highly prefer using torrents, or IPFS.

> Please seed/redistribute as much as possible. Don't let stuff die.

What Type of Content:
> Any content is fine, as long as it's NSFW or technology related
> Porn and Hentai image/video rips are fine, NSFW 3D print models are fine, 
> Prefer to post complete rips or larger folders, not just 2 images.
> Prefer to have the folder structure organized.

Other Info:
These rules may change, also be sure to write stuff down or post elsewhere as well, as this thread/board could still be deleted anytime making it hard to find the content.
>>Any content is fine, as long as it's NSFW or technology related
"As long as" it's NSFW (or technology)?
If it's decentralized it's unmoderated.  It will fill up with CP and people either won't use it because they are afraid to go to jail, or they will use it and go to jail.
Because torrents are moderated, right, you braindead faggot

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New Reply on thread #7
Max 20 files total