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as we all know, 8chan has been down for a while and we don't know if it'll be back, however the site still can be accessed from
just wanted to share in case anyone wants to archive the board's content
I've already archived the ressouces thread: http://archive.is/HYQNO
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Right now most threads are saved at archive.org. I say "right now" because we are not control of that site. With all the negative attention on 8chan, there's no guarantee archive sites will permanently host this content.


Larger images and videos probably can't be retrieved from those links. So did anyone save the last few posts from the webm thread? Or maybe the uploader is here? I did not download them before the site went offline.
Nah, I'm not some poltard who imagines shills following everywhere. But I think mob frenzy has started to affect high-level decision-making much more than it should. While I'd be surprised if these archives were removed, there's already precedent for it happening. In 2016 archive.is removed all 8chan content. So I'm not taking anything for granted. Jim could make a fool of himself before Congress to start a new wave of 8chan hate.
right, forgot about that site, since I usually see archive.is more used on the chans.
and I agree that one can't be paranoid enough, I regret not making a discord or some place as a setback, even an IRC would do it. 
> In 2016 archive.is
fuck, I didn't know that, well it lets you download .zip files so at least there's that.
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Stylesheet images. We could be here for a while so I'm trying to recreate the appearance of the old board. 

I was thinking about enabling country flags too. I haven't done it yet because the flags would be forced on every post unless you use Tor. It's better to have the ability to opt out.

Meanwhile endchan has some cool features -- for example Eye of Sauron: https://endchan.xyz/.static/sauron.html . And I wonder about "Enable realtime" at the bottom of the page. Perhaps that is meguca mode.

> I regret not making a discord or some place as a setback, even an IRC would do it. 
Yes I had considered starting a chat for the board. I wasn't sure if it would get any action though. /film/ was already pretty slow, and I'm too busy to be online all day to keep it going.
Thanks for the heads up, I was looking for the backup (because of course someone had to!)
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I was looking at old threads on Wayback Machine and I noticed none of the images appear anymore. Does anyone else have this problem?
When I click on an individual image, the site says


This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.

Has archive.org removed 8chan data?

> there's no guarantee archive sites will permanently host this content.

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