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Welcome to the Hentai Games Board. 

Some General Rules for /hgg/

1. NSFW pictures are allowed and strongly encouraged 

2. All sorts of Hentai Games are allowed. Be it 2D Sidescroller, waifu simulators, nukige or etc. Visual Novels are also okay as long as they have lewd scenes!
For everything else there are other Hentai Boards.

3. Obey the Global Rules

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This is the Corruption of Champions mod being developed by OtherCoCAnon and the denizens of /hgg/.
Corruption of Champions is a text-based flash game overhauled with new dungeons, new mechanics, new characters, and a lot of lolis.
The mod is open to content submissions, anons can and are writing new content to be implemented all the time.
Latest Version

Use a standalone flash player (projector), this shit is no longer supported by any web browser.
Remember to save to file to prevent save loss.

> Game Related
Source Code: https://gitgud.io/BelshazzarII/CoCAnon_mod

> Thread Related
Thread Archives: https://gitgud.io/Blank/CoCAnon_mod/raw/OPT/Archives
OP Template: https://pastebin.com/raw/q38Ccy3n

> Writing Related
Submission & Misc. Archive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LGK4sPuWH69iEZ9ZmX2fnfDRrhj7h4hQ
Writing Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PGysInt0S0VHYvPv0b__4xpHqrfbE-zikQiRonsnUsU
Bounty Board: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZUtah0gtbBQzB5kM7wElYlcNAwU8-QOgNkovO0_7WUI

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Different chan, same game version


Current version as of this thread's creation:

Game: https://mega.nz/#!GmYR1CJD!ekyAOmIltsqbGNm5-LEZhIxP_NBFQcFCznFphyTeWyo
In theory this place is a bit faster and has even larger attachment size limits. In practice mongoloid DB fucks up way too often. Is it still hosted on a fucking iPod, by the way?

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thumbnail of pleasee respond.jpg
pleasee respond jpg
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Wiki: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Main_Page - Has download links to all games, scroll down.
Discord: https://discord.gg/7MAArwP - If you want to help, ask here. You don't need to know Japanese.
Git: https://gitgud.io/era-games - Requires an account
Popular Games
eratohoK: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eraTohoK-master.zip
	Strategy game, conquer the world and enslave enemy generals. Near-complete translation.
eratohoTW: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eratohoTW-eng-dev.zip
	Dating sim with timestop powers. The gameplay is all translated, but not most dialogue (it's only flavor).
eratohoReverse: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eratohoreverse-pedy.zip
    Submissive game, player is held captive and trained. Base game and many trainers are fully translated.
eraSumireTeru: https://mega.nz/#!6WR1xSqK!dNvzeeXI3jFHACniA19wimu9z4bsmnpTSladKqzv4FU
	Yuri game with a story and a fair amount of original art. Near-complete translation.
eraSQN: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eraSQN-master.zip
	Slave trainer with a lot of features and dialogue. Most gameplay but little dialogue translated.
eraMegaten: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eraMegaten-master.zip
	A vast SMT game with various RPG mechanics and tons of content. Will never have a full translation.
eraTYPE-MOON: https://mega.nz/#!q8IhDT6T!0xuQIDnbhQ74xztI5p2THm5-vAVLRiEiQ5oYz-7av2g
	A smaller and simpler trainer than SQN, but it's fully translated.
eraPM: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eratohoPM-master.zip
	Princess Maker game with Kaguya from Touhou. Playable but unfinished translation.
Translation Aggregator: https://mega.nz/#!7bQAgaCJ!D2kFihq2zQY1xG7jp5-uDnWqsO7ratKM7wZXvAV1xmc%20 - Automatic translator for unfinished games
Chiitrans Lite: https://mega.nz/#!qpNAXC7R!hJyxXV3umjbqP7zvxR7-8kahaGGRrWgN_FhU7g8QBdM - A good alternative to the above
Atlas v14: https://mega.nz/#!zsVgxIbZ!gAdr3d7n_rjXC-KpmgJv_7A4eRvrryESNcEAWXKljDQ - Offline dictionary that's very useful for either 
Other Notes
-Run the game with the anchor exe
-Don't paste updates onto old versions unless you like unpredictable bugs. Extract separately and move the old 'sav' folder into the update.
-If you see a wall of errors on startup, switch to 7zip for extracting. If it's an old game, try pasting in the anchor exe from TW.
Bug Reporter: https://wiki.eragames.rip/bugreport.php 

Kinda pointless if you're already on disc but I checked wayback machine so I could copypaste the usual thread for those too retarded to find it after /hgg/ was kill.

thumbnail of Screenshot_2019-08-28_01-13-16.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2019-08-28_01-13-16.png
Screenshot_2019-08-28... png
(1.14 MB, 1290x754)
HoneySelect install guide for Debian based distros

sudo sed -i 's/stable/stable non-free contrib/g' /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt update
sudo apt install libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386
sudo apt install libgl1-fglrx-glx:i386
sudo apt install wine wine32 wine64 libwine libwine:i386 fonts-wine winetricks zenity
echo 'export WINEARCH=win32' >> ~/.bashrc
winetricks dxvk
wget https://dl.winehq.org/wine/wine-mono/4.7.5/wine-mono-4.7.5.msi -O ~/wine-mono-4.7.5.msi
wine msiexec /i ~/wine-mono-4.7.5.msi

You must do --add-architecture i386 because most of the mods are 32-bit even when they say they are 64-bit.

If anyone has been successful getting Play Home to run with dxvk, let me know what you did and what hardware you have. I can get it running using the regular directx drivers, but the skin textures are bugged.

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thumbnail of proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpeg
proxy.duckduckgo.com jpeg
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Renpy tred on a dead website

Witch & Princess Trainer

Four Elements Trainer

Sanguine Rose

Bernd and the Mystery of Unteralterbach

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