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1. Obey global rules

2. Keep things related to history and its study.

2a. History, for the purposes of this board, covers pre-History and all events up to the fall of the Soviet Union. Further than that and it's considered political discussion or discussion of modern events- take it to /pol/ or /b/.

3. If lewd images must be posted, do so on spoilers. Consider if it wouldn't be better posted elsewhere. 

3-a. If you're in doubt whether it's lewd enough to spoiler, err on the side of caution and do it.

GUIDELINES- not quite rules, but good to follow for good posting

1. Check the catalog before posting to see if a thread may already be available for your discussion.

1a. Avoid making threads expecting people to just do your homework for you. Show some work yourself in starting the discussion instead of just "guys what was the main reason  for the fall of Sebastianism in the 19th century"

2. Be prepared to present good sources for anything you claim, especially if you come here to posit opinions you know are controversial.

3. This not being 4chan, we don't want to limit what you can post about. That said, we'd like posts to be of a good quality level, and related to history. If your post contains nothing more than >IMPLYING NIGGERS HAD A CULTURE, consider if you aren't better off in /pol/.

4. If you have any problem with the moderation here, or suggestions, please post them here instead of making a thread for it (not really historical-related) or making one in whatever board about /meta/ discussion is being used nowadays (I don't even know!)

In other words, don't be a dumbass. This board works fine with a semi-absent BO and a bunch of mods who delete CP bots. Don't ruin it.

(want to post banners, do so here too)
A few notes here

I've this open as an intended last resource. Despite it all, I'd still rather stick with 8ch, and I'll likely still pay attention at what's going there more than at what's going here.

For all effects though, I'll consider this board effectively an extension of 8ch's /his/, just more confusing to post on right now.
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 >>/77/ (checked)

That's not all that much less than the 8/his/ golden days.

I think with a smaller site-wide userbase and therefore a broader selection of boards popping into the overboard, we'll be on more people's radar than before.
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i dislike the purple now but fuck it i spent too much time fixing gimps retardation on this one

oh, didnt want to fuck the ratio up?
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> oh, didnt want to fuck the ratio up?
Yea, somethin like that
> hitler dubs
I'd just like to say that Hiter did a lot of things wrong
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How would historical events in Europe have gone different if the Jews had never immigrated to Europe because of the Romans?
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How did you get rid of the UIPs responsible for the /am/ spam?  It's like 120 there now even though we all know 110 of them are from the bot. I'm having trouble gauging boards accurately because of that.

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