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Let's get this board started with a thread on Israel.

1. Country
2. What do you think of Israel?
3. What's your opinion of your country's relationship with the Jewish state?
4. Do you think all Jews should come to live in Israel?

Why or why not?

> Canada
> Great country, but disastrous foreign policy
> Country needs to stop sucking Israel's dick but maintain friendly relations
> No, the diaspora strengthens Israel and vice versa
1. Brazil
2. Based ethno-nationalist state, military power and most developed Middle Eastern country. I'd even say Jews are to Arabs what Rhodesians were to niggers. And being a Third Worlder, I notice the differences in intelligence/productivity between developed and Third World peoples, and sympathize with the former. So overall positive.
3. It could be closer and we could stop flirting with the Arabs.
4. It'd be good if more of the diaspora did Aliyah -if only to guarantee the demographic superiority over Arabs- , but there shouldn't and won't ever be a complete migration.

That said, far too many Jews in the West back destructive ideologies, but that's another question.
1. USA
2. I consider myself a Zionist.
3. Conservatives only give money to Israel because a. less jews in America and b. Their shit prophecy for the End of the World. It's rather sick.
4. I think Jews might want to visit it, and it might be the only place where we can be first-class citizens, but it needs to get its shit together and stop supporting Likud.

Welcome to /jewpol/, a place for discussion of Jewish politics, history, and identity.

1. No pony threads.
2. No Hebrew (so diasporafags can understand)
3. No porn
4. No spamming

Dissenting views will be tolerated, though keep in mind that we really don't want to hear about how we should all be gassed for the thousandth time. we know :^). Shit like posting nothing but GAS THE KIKES will get you banned.
Oy veeeey, give me my sheckles goyim! Never forget the 60 billion! Those pesky Palestinians always trying to invade Israel!

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