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私たちは最近、この場所のすべての板が作成されたサイトである 8chan に /jp/ 板を再作成しました。
一緒に投稿してみたい方はぜひ に来て一緒に楽しみましょう!

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thumbnail of Gikokuma.png
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Ayashii World is the grandfather of imageboards and the father of textboards. It was made in 1996 by Masayuki Shiba. It was a Twitter-like posting system but anonymous. It was later shut down by Shiba when he got so many death threats about the bad server which crashed all the time. Ayashii World doesn't exist anymore but its sister websites like misao, HONTEN, NazoBBS still exists to this day.
To pay respect to Ayashii World for its self-less contribution to the anonymous culture, we have made a website similar to Ayashii. Hope you all will enjoy spending time there.

No Japanese thread? Let's fix that.

Here's a large amount of resources to help you out. Don't give up! You can do it /jp/!

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