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Might as well make the mandatory offtopic/designated shitposting thread to talk about meta stuff pertaining to /monster/ and 8chan in general (and now endchan as well). 
people should already know where we are remember that endchan is a gas station stop due to its instability, if 8chan goes down i will make sure there is a contingency

8chan NEWS
> DDoS protection from CloudFlare going under at 12:00 EST tonight: ready the bunker. Protection may already be down since I stole borrowed most of this post from some other anon in a different thread on here.
> Hotwheels to assist /leftypol/ in migration should the site go under. He is currently taking questions about 8chan in general: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/8chan-is-a-megaphone-for-shooters-shut-the-site-down-says-its-creator.59265/page-4#post-5116596
> Sadpanda died but revived soon after. Uncertain future.

> Ron CodeMonkey BinaryBaboon CipherSimian OracleOrangutan KeyboardKakuen is working on getting 8chan back up. He's currently looking into someone willing to provide DDoS protection services for the site and hopefully said someone won't cuck out at the first sign of retaliation from those who want 8chan to die permanently. If worst comes to worst, 8chan'll go clearnet and we'll just have to deal with the constant DoS attacks. So business as usual then.
> He's also working on getting the site to not shit out constantly.


/monster/ NEWS
> KC making a new World Guide for Comiket

> Some anon was kind enough to grab archives of a bunch of (well-known) CYOAs.  >>/1202/
> In regards to this, a few of the CYOA authors know about the bunker and are trying to determine how to go about things next.

> Rapid series of shootings brings heat to 8chan.
> Comiket starting up in a couple of days.
> Japan begins human-animal testing.
> KyoAni attacked by arsonist.
> KyoAni attacked by arsonist.
Further to this, Yasuhiro Takemoto's family just confirmed he is dead as a result of the fire.

Rip Dragonloli director
> I'm going to draw more attention to other imageboards and increase traffic from retards
I remember when I thought cripplekike was going to play the long game.
Something to do with trains combined with them shitting up his favourite manga? It was master level autism in any case.
We need to set up some sort of Discord channel or something for shit like this. One with only one channel that only mods can speak in to give updates and directions to the bunker. It’d make big outs a tad more organized and less of us would be scattered to the winds.

> nb4 Discord is gay
Discord is mega gay, at least use IRC or riot.im if you want to prevent some huge faggotry. Any kind of live chat would be good but they 100% of the time result in a circlejerk worse than attentionfags and mods on imageboards.

I don't mind pol so much, its a little annoying when a thread derails once in a while, but they keep the normalfags away. Doing a bit of natsoc posting is like goreposting, but high-class
Two copycat mass shootings happened. The shooters posted their shitty manifestos on 8/pol/ because it is the trendy thing to do. Both were removed within minutes. CloudFlare revoked DDoS coverage for 8chan. 8chan moved to a different provider, and that provider’s provider also cut them off (along with everybody else). So 8chan is completely without DDoS protection. Even if it comes back up it will probably be drowned out. The domain registrars who hold the 8chan domain names are also threatening to cut them off.

At some point during this Hotwheels - who loudly proclaims that he hasn’t had anything to do with the site since April 2017 and doesn’t want to answer questions about it - started giving interviews and answering questions about it.

If it does ever come back up you should SAVE FUCKING EVERYTHING in a personal archive because it will likely wink out of existence almost immediately. I think it’s available via its hidden Tor service at the moment, which might be a good opportunity to save shit.

That sum it up for you?
thumbnail of 7e1363f7757dbaa81b0be29cedfb854dbdd7c3559b1c5afa0e15d63402d39934.pdf
thumbnail of 7e1363f7757dbaa81b0be29cedfb854dbdd7c3559b1c5afa0e15d63402d39934.pdf
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An incredibly suspicious shooting happened in texas with 3-4 shooters shooting up a walmart randomly. Beforehand the shooter/s posted their "manifesto" on 8chan /pol/, then a huge influx of people came on and praised the shooters and acted like complete mongoloids on /pol/. The manifesto is absolute garbage, it reads like a high school kid's idea of what a ebil right wing terrorist manifesto would look like. Then the media just completely picked up on it, everybody talked about 8chan and the shooter, the manifesto, the video, everything blew up everywhere all at once and there was like 30 articles on 8chan in one day. Some reporter even visited Jim, ON the very same day hours after. Then on the same day cloudfare did the second ever take down of their protection on a site with 8chan, hours after the shooting.
Il let you make your own assumptions, but its an extremely suspicious affair.
Only heard of the first one, then found an article about there being multiple shooters, with a video of some hispanic woman saying there was 3-4 shooters.
One of the shooters turned out to be /leftypol/ believe it or not and they memory holed the fuck out of that, real damn quick. Remind any flapping-heads about that and you'll get some mumbled excuse involving berniebros.
Also, the one that fucked 8chan is a registered democrat, jew, antifa supporter and one of those fags that has proper pronouns in his twitter bio. Also, the manifesto itself is suspicious. It talks a lot about the environment and refers to people that he supposedly is with, /pol/ I assume, as "comrades."

For better or worse, /pol/ is one of the primary root causes of this whole shitshow. It's possible to defend a finnish waffle cooking board, and its culture, without resorting to something that runs the high risk of this whole thing happening again.

The trainautist, without knowing that the term existed eons beforehand, thought he was clever by coining the term "barisax" which was short for baritone saxiphone. 

There was a shitty musical anime that aired an episode that had a barisax player perform a solo. Because of trainfag's ignorance and mental illness, he thought the anime studio stole his term and was using it without his approval - which subsequently led to him doing what he did.
Yeah, this was most likely a falseflag, most likely from a larger organization manipulating a small leftist extremist group trying to take down 8chan. That would explain the huge amount of co-ordinated shilling, the complete joke of a manifesto that was most likely only to link to Brenton and 8chan while making it seem like they where right wing terrorists. Thus the media has a great story on the fictional braindead evil rightwing maniacs they always wanted, with plenty of screenshots from /pol/ of a fuckton of "anons" praising dudes for shooting up walmart since that is totally going to stop the jews from destroying the world, and that everyone should shoot up walmarts just like them. Then cloudfare can just swoop up and take down the site for inciting terrorism, even though they host actual isis sites, even though /pol/ was once the board of peace, even though everyone that has ever been on /pol/ pre-2017 knows it died long ago to fucked moderation and mass shilling. 

It might have been just some /leftypol/ fucks thinking they should just shoot up some random places then blame /pol/ to take down 8chan for the "greater good", then all the media, the shills, and cloudfare coincidentally worked together perfectly in a matter of hours to take down 8chan.
It wasn’t the trainautist. Apparently the guy who burned the place down submitted his novel draft to Kyoani for script consideration and it was rejected in the first round. When he saw some stuff in one of their series that matched what he wrote (which apparently was coincidental shit that’s in every story) he went ballistic and torched the place.
> I think it’s available via its hidden Tor service at the moment
http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion I got it to connect to the main page once, but I haven't tried accessing images or posting yet because it's incredibly slow and keeps timing out on me.

You can still quickly access 8chan by bypassing DNS servers with its IP address ( Images can't be retrieved and you can't post without the IP addresses for the media.8ch.net and sys.8ch.net domains, which I don't know. You could archive posts and off-site links, though.
My connection keeps timing out for the ip address, but the onion service works. Can't seem to post though since the dns bypass page might be bugged.
I've always found it interesting that 8ch was made out to be some sort of evil big bad place that housed all sorts of murderers, kidnappers, child-molestors, and general boogiemen. And in actuality, the anons that migrated to 8ch during the height of gamergate (so the first and second exodus) were just a conglomerate of like-minded freethinking individuals that were sick of having their shit censored and being exposed to blatant degeneracy. Which really gets the noggin' a'joggin' that almost all media outlets would demonize 8ch as soon as it started getting traction; wasn't even 1000 UNID on /pol/ before we had confirmed reports of JIDF and the alphabet soup.

I think the powers that be realized that having a platform where "non-npcs" from all over the world discussing and digging into the real important shit was starting to scare them. /namidia/ was a good example of this (rip) and you could see signs of them preparing to fight back, as pathetic as it was, with the Redchannit bullshit.
I stand corrected.
Anyone know where /pdfs/ and /sw/ kept their bunkers? I can’t for the life of me remember.
By the way, anyone have a link to that pastebin full of monstergirl fanart?
But it is evil in the eyes of the liberals and leftists, not because of anything anons have said and done, but simply because their masters told them the existence of 8chan and the like is evil unto itself. People must not be allowed to discuss things outside their  sphere of influence least cracks appear in the narrative.

What I am wondering is where do we go from here? We might not have the numbers necessary to jumpstart another community, leaving us all atomized and likely never to gather again. This might very well be the death of the imageboard concept since it seems all that will be left is the rotting, raped corpse of cuckchan with its Qtards and redditors and smaller places that lack the userbase to attract the numbers to sustain themselves.
Yeah, the dns bypass php is broken. 8chan is also trying to connect to the media.8ch.net domain instead of an onion when accessing images, so they're broken in Tor as well.
> I got it to connect to the main page once, but I haven't tried accessing images or posting yet because it's incredibly slow and keeps timing out on me.
When I try to get images it sends me to media.8ch.net instead of a hidden tor service, and CURL times out trying to get to media.8ch.net because the domain has no records associated with it.
In other words: CodeMonkeyZ fucked up ⨯ 2
Chans will never die unless a better alternative is found, since no other website provides the same amount of freedom with the kind of anonymous fun you can have. The whole reason most of us here are here today is due to finding 4chan or 8chan and seeing how fun it is and staying. With 4chan becoming such garbage and so many websites becoming more censored than ever, people are going to look for alternatives that let them express themselves freely online while still being fun. Hell, I only found 8chan back in 2015, and the only reason I went there was that 4chan /pol/ looked interesting to me at the time compared to other boards, but I got sick off all the low quality posts and when an anon said 8chan was where all the good posters went I followed his words. Couldn't find the site at first and had to look up encyclopedia dramatica to find the URL, but when I did I was amazed by how huge the difference was in posting quality and how much anons cared about lurking, archiving, breaking links, and just actually putting an effort in. It wasn't just /pol/ that was like this, /v/ actually talked about fun video games I never heard about, /co/ was full of interesting comics and stories, /k/ was just a fucking amazing community of all things warfare that actually knew their stuff yet were more than willing to tell newfags like me if we lurked enough, /b/ was never good, and /monster/ had one of the weirdest, intriguing, and captivating communities I had ever seen anywhere.

I'm just using my experience as an example, there will be less anons for a time, yet as the clearnet gets more and more fucked, more people young and old of all civilized countries that just want to have fun on the internet or want to have the freedom to say what they want, or just want to do something weird for once, they will all look for something better or different, and eventually they will find this.
> domain has no records
So wait a second, is it possible the whole media.8ch.net server is fucked? As in all images are obliterated?
thumbnail of 47df1e13ed833f8ad59f1433ff17c5566251d0ba414a7efe29086ae23a2f4b2f.jpg
thumbnail of 47df1e13ed833f8ad59f1433ff17c5566251d0ba414a7efe29086ae23a2f4b2f.jpg
47df1e13ed... jpg
(97.38 KB, 1280x2133)
There is nowhere left to run now. I wonder if its even worth running now. 

The cancer known as /pol/ will follow us where ever we go. 

Every other forum is shit because catering to the screaming autists is profitable.

I just wanted to have a little space to escape.

But it seems no matter where I go everyone wants to kill it, or the community wants to kill itself. 

/monster/ can't survive a huge split in its community. We just don't have the population to support more than one board. 

I'm so fucking tired. Help me.
> So wait a second, is it possible the whole media.8ch.net server is fucked? As in all images are obliterated?
I don't know, what I mean by "the domain has no records" is media.8ch.net doesn't "translate" to any IP addresses.
> The cancer known as /pol/
Hmm somehow I pity the Normies. They think /pol/ was 8chan but in truth it was just our Scarecrow, so that we could follow our hobbies in peace without the leftist political retards shitty up the place for their own self gratification. By trying to take 8chan down, they don't just have made an enemy of every hobbyist community living in peace and freedom on 8chan, they also have punctured the bag of cancer that was 8chan /pol/ and now its spreading all over the internet. They can't stop it, as long as there are image boards, the spirit of /pol/ will reform, being summoned by the discontent of people who have their freedom and hobbies ruined by politics.
Don't be daft, should /pol/ go you're just the one they're going to come for next.
They won't stop unless they've assumed full control of every possible pastime, or burned it to the ground trying.
They do not want you to have an escape.
This is probably a terrible idea, but is it worth reaching out to the other MG hubs   and just quietly letting it be known the bunkers home until otherwise notified?
I could go check /h/ on halfChan to see if I can find any refugees. That being said, the community still took a major hit. We probably are gonna be running at half strength at best when 8chan comes back up.

Doesnt make /pol/ any less shit. Political boards in general are shit too. /pol/ is just the tumor that did us in.
They've got the opportunity to score points by kicking a severely wounded target. Such is the way of the soy. Honestly I'd be more skeptical if someone said the domain hosts were sticking by scriptsimian and Jim the pigfarmer.

(Also has cripplekike lost his mind? Never fuck with a man who owns pigs unless you have an ocean between you...)
This is the worst part for us. If we lost the active ones like the artists and the writers then there's only so much keeping all this together. We're not getting any other primordial autists in here, it was hard enough to find 8ch /monster/ let alone this bomb shelter in a forgotten corner of a sea of chans.
thumbnail of 4e0deec19b5f96f84d3642ea432798eefe89bd4084acee69b57e06907b1b8ad0.png
thumbnail of 4e0deec19b5f96f84d3642ea432798eefe89bd4084acee69b57e06907b1b8ad0.png
4e0deec19b5f96f84d364... png
(107.55 KB, 702x572)
There are options out there. Sadly I think the best call might be moving to a board that doesn't let you create your own board so you can keep the fibbies and glow-in-the-dark /pol/acks away. /sp/'s board started up an /egy/ bunker that never took off, too. You could always ask them, though I could see the community saying no.
8 seems to be coming back up...
...question is, do we go back or stay here?
Endchan is only a bunker for a reason.  But we do need to sort out how to form a JUSTICEchan or something similar so that we have something more stable.
Aren't there provides that aren't Kikeflare out there and that won't drop support of a paying costumer like the alternative did?
Endchan >>>/hypno/ is also run by a /monster/fag, although that doesn't mean anything when it's fucking dead right now.
Unless we own it ourselves I don’t see it ever happening. The next time something like this happens they’ll drop us like a hot potato
Does anyone happen to know where /k/ and /vg/ went? I suspect some of latter are here on /v/ but I can't find any trace of /k/ currently.
Although I am glad that atleast /monster/ and /2hu/ seemed to have survived somewhat intact.
Is fullchan /v/ here as well or do they have some other place to hide away in? And where's /tg/ at?
Isn’t zeronet a security nightmare from our perspective? Something about everyone posting on the same key?
Pretty sure, but that is where most /v/ anons went. Personally I wouldn't go on there on anything that isn't a virtual machine you can regularly purge.
hey does anyone know what happened hk threads? I feel kinda sorry for them.
/pol/ wasn't nearly that bad of a board until 2017, then it went from worst than /b/ to better to worst periodically, but was generally a shitposting board more than anything. It was still miles better than the real fucking garbage boards on 8chan but everyone is going to hate on it forever now since it was "the board that killed 8chan". Even though the shooters that shot up the walmart were fucking hated by most posters in later threads, even though they were most likely some /leftypol/ fags trying to falseflag "muh evil nazis", even though half the board thought Brenton was a fucking idiot for wasting his life shooting nobodies. It wasn't even that bad of a board, but it just got unlucky since its been targeted by shills, actual feds (look at the christchurch 8chan thread screenshots from feds with a bunch of posts with you's in them for proof), and attracting the attention of people dumb enough to waste their lives shooting nobodies. 

In all honesty, the real reason you or anyone else will hate on /pol/ is because it seems they shut the site down. But like the other anon said, that's very naive thinking. This was like banning semi-autos after Brenton, they were planning to do it anyways, but this was a great opportunity.
> writers
Ayy, that's going to hurt

> artists
That's going to fucking kill man.

If all the artists gtfo, we are gonna be much smaller than before. It is what it is though.
I'd like to move somewhere without official /pol/-like boards, just to avoid the heat of them. But still allowing free speech and anonymous posting.
thumbnail of Bicorn9.png
thumbnail of Bicorn9.png
Bicorn9 png
(293.37 KB, 900x900)
A simple command was posted in /cuckquean/'s bunker that I adapted to save all of /monster/'s threads, albeit text-only. This will help you grab CYOAs, greentext threads, and all the other stuff you forgot about, albeit without images or thumbnails. All CSS and other rendering is preserved and saved directly to disk with all links changed to reference the on-disk location.

You'll need wget in Linux, macOS via Homebrew, or Windows via Cygwin, change to a new empty directory, then run the command below. Note that this goes via clearnet without HTTPS, so make sure you're behind a VPN if you give a fuck.

wget -r --level=1 -k -p --include-directories=monster,js,static,stylesheets,inc

Once your download is completely finished, all links on the pages will be rewritten to point at your on-disk copy. Open catalog.html and click through to each thread as you please. When 8chan comes up properly, the command can be adapted to save thumbnails and images also (if you have the disk space of course).

Hope this helps.
> move somewhere with free speech but no /pol/-like boards
You'll get /pol/-like boards anywhere as long as you allow free speech, but I think the real problem is /monster/ not having their own website/dedicated bunker. Moving might be a temporary solution, but if this community really wants to survive the test of time, we should make our own chan or look for a chan that will last the test of time as a bunker like a decentralized one. I'm looking around for potential chans to shill on here, but I can't do much by my own.
It really isn't. 
You are allocated a user ID, which stores a lot of information(post history), since its based on p2p and like a torrent everyone is sharing the data of the site with everyone, but its possible to change your User ID. 
This makes it even possible to have several IDs and change between old and new ones to do different things.
There are also options which allow you to chose, which boards are you seeding and there are options to blacklist other users and sites, so that you don't download their data.
> In all honesty, the real reason you or anyone else will hate on /pol/ is because it seems they shut the site down. But like the other anon said, that's very naive thinking. This was like banning semi-autos after Brenton, they were planning to do it anyways, but this was a great opportunity.
That's exactly right.  Even if threats had been taken down faster, things would have still turned out like years ago with the people who would DDOS the site while claiming child porn was hosted there.
You could just have boards where /pol/ subject matter is obviously offtopic. Unless you actually believe free speech = letting people post threada about mountain bikes on cooking boards.
Strange times, huh? Well, I hope that when DotR happens, they'll monsterize into bicorns and enjoy the harems they're in.
So what if a game/book/movie is made to push a particular political agenda, as most things appear to be these days?

Should people just stay put and pretend nothing is happening? Seems to me you're barking up the wrong tree, it's not /pol/'s fault the left is trying to weaponize everything in society in their mad attempt to destroy Western civilization.

Also, please stop using reductio ad absurdum to justify your love for Jewish cock. Outside of blatant shitposting most boards kept on topic, and if politics did enter the discussion it was always because the left decided to poison something to push their agenda.
nah just wasn't very clear, I mean if you let people make their own boards someone will make a /pol/ or /pol/-like board, and removing the ability to make boards takes away one a lot of the freedom that came with 8chan.

08chan and /v/ moved to zeronet?
Surprising, maybe some anons when to NNTPchan or somewhere more obscure.
> 08chan and /v/ moved to zeronet?
Parts of /v/, /pol/, /b/, /tv/ and /k/ are active on 08chan in zeronet.
Somebody also already made a /monster/ board and posted some manticore.
> Surprising, maybe some anons when to NNTPchan or somewhere more obscure.
Yeah some people also went to torchan, kelvinchan and changolia, but the mass centers around endchan and 08chan.
Some desperate people even try to overwinter on 4chan. The other clearnet chans lay dead for some reason.
I made the same mistake. However, there is always the future to post more and show that all that lurking pays off.
Im /monster/ for life. I've got both bunkers open now and I'll be damned of I lose the best board on net.
Welp, Guess I'll wait to see where the dust settles before writing more Wizardquest stuff. I feel bad for my readers, I hope they found their way to the bunkers
Just make a wizard quest thread here, you can still copy paste your old stuff from the TOR site.
guys the meta thread post has been edited. I am running the /monster/ board on smuglo.li endchan keeps facing 500 errors this place is a temporary meetup bunker so i suggest moving to smug.
Before you leave, TOR site can now use images. Or at the very least loads images.
thumbnail of 800px-Vegetable-Carrot-Bundle-wStalks.jpg
thumbnail of 800px-Vegetable-Carrot-Bundle-wStalks.jpg
800px-Vegetable-Carro... jpg
(84.38 KB, 800x454)
Endchan is notorious for not being able to handle large influxes of people. We could barely manage with sportschan alone at times. Though I'd like to see some more posters stay and add to the variety of hardcore pol exiles, and remnant communities. (I mean we have a few boards that still have their own beat like librejp and pone, but most are usual just rump boards and exiles). So that move is probably for the best.
> I could go check /h/ on halfChan to see if I can find any refugees. That being said, the community still took a major hit. We probably are gonna be running at half strength at best when 8chan comes back up.

the absolute stage of monstergirlfags

shit's still fucked, but they're working on it at least
I keep having issues trying to post on smug. Keep getting “the server took too long” errors. Anyone know a fix?
zerochan connects directly to localhost using both your raw ip and vpn ip. Meaning it deanonymizes you. Even running it over tor exposes your bare ip vpn and tor exit not at the same time
Are you fucked even if you use tor? I thought anons shilling it were saying not to use it without tor/vpn since your ip is unprotected.
more fucked because it connects to the localhost and can see the other ips you are using say you are using a vpn. I have a theory that when you connect with a vpn You will be counted as 2 peers. Your isp ip and the vpn ip. That is why it uses so much ram it takes all your connections and peers them. I may be wrong but if you run torsocks zeronet. Then you go to htop and kill the tor daemon zeronet will still be running. It is also dependent on javascript on top of the initial p2p flaw. when you use proxychains zeronet. You resolve one connection with all of your proxies back to your local host and one time. Every time you resolve something it does not show up in the proxychains output. Exactly like when you run proxychains virtualbox. Virtualbox will start and it will connect to your ip before running proxychains. It bypasses proxychains it bypasses anonymity measures. Plus half of these people don't secure their dns when using vpn's so you probibly are just fucking yourself by going there because some retard using his bare ip reccomended it on halfchan.
That is brilliant if you trust just your vpn. If you can use a whonix tor virtual machine you might be on the right track.
I'm too much of a poorfag to try it, but I will shill the idea around to see if some other anon is willing to try it.
Does anyone need the link to the /monster/ writefags google docs list? I have it bookmarked, but I didn’t see it on the sticky here.
I just want to know If I can shitpost with the remnants of /v/ and /k/ anonymously. I threw out the virtual machine thing on a whim, but if it actually works I would greatly appreciate knowing for sure.
it works but i immediatly notice there are shills there saying "we're home". This particularly irritates me as a /qresearch/ poster knowing its a honeypot.
Funny, codemonkey's latest post on twitter is saying he has no idea who owns zeronet, and the only people slandering zeronet in the comments are qtards since they are the only ones on 8chan that are dumb enough to use shitter.

But thanks for the confirmation, this is the kind of thing that would be part of a great /tech/ thread. I was browsing their threads when the site went down, still have some threads open on palemoon that would 404 if I refreshed. I don't know if /tech/ had a bunker, and knowing how paranoid they are, this could have killed /tech/ for good.
As much as monster is hurting, at least we made it out alive in the end.
Yeah, I just find it funny that the q crowd just jump at anything that seems slightly legit, either a decentralized backup the never heard of, or the words of a website admin most didn't even know the name of before this.
Zerochan looks like a shit show with how much it was shilled. Should I still stay away from it? Is everyone pushing to move there? I dont want to have to use a virtual machine every fucking time I want to shitpost monster grills.
I swear it was from some link on the 8chan sticky, though I could never figure out where again after i bookmarked it. It’s not some bugged shit if that’s what you’re wondering. It’s literally just a list of a shit-ton of /monster/ writefags with links to their pastebins.
thumbnail of 53d42e59124f9bae40b98e8f698d33dfdeb897c122ed9f62aa37f61ae00ad376.mp4
thumbnail of 53d42e59124f9bae40b98e8f698d33dfdeb897c122ed9f62aa37f61ae00ad376.mp4
53d42e59124f9bae40b98... mp4
(945.63 KB, 400x400 h264)
i'm not particularly worried about /pol/, currently that board is being run by an absolute autist who bans people for basically no reason. As I see it, basically every problem 8chan had could be traced back to /v/ and /pol/. They housed all the normalfags, they actively destroyed competing boards with spam and autism, they had the absolute worst fucking moderation of any imageboard around, and they created endless drama. /pol/ basically ran 8chan and made every single board focus on their asinine shitflings like their crusade against TRS and calling everyone kikes. /v/ gave us the fucking mark, I rest my case.

Honestly, I like endchan better than 8chan, it needs some refinement but at least this place has a fucking soul, the honeymoon of 2014 and 2015 long since dried up and 8chan turned into a less usable version of 4chan since no one would ever use the other boards. I imagine the bulk of the user base went to 4chan, 08chan is dead as fuck, and something about it glows I just can't put my finger on it. I still remember when people called endchan a honeypot and the faggot mods would delete any links to it. 

8chan had a lot of good boards that few people went to, /co/ was really good back in 2016-2017-2018 which always made me crack up since so many users on other boards though they were all leftyshits, /freedom/ was a good board once upon a time and had some of the better memes I ever saw, /leftypol/ was always shit yet actually had the ability to make half-baked memes at the start, /tv and /b/ were always shit, /vg/ was a great video game discussion board that only went to shit once in 2018 but with many anons leaving for /v/ it went back to good quality, /tech/ was an amazing board at one time and was still one of the better boards ever with the shit moderation by the time of the shut down, /k/ was my go to board for a long time and even though it lost a lot of good posters over the years it was still good by the shut down, lot of boards that used to be good but where abandoned, lot of good boards that were good but very unpopular. 8chan was the chan with the most freedom, and even by the end it gave you as much as the effort you put in it. Losing it killed many communities, devastated ones like /monster/, and stopped any ability of better ones being made. 
It fucked over a lot of people, and having some fuckwad that never left /pol/ or /v/ say its good that its gone is really the icing on the cake.
thumbnail of thou shalt be removethed.mp4
thumbnail of thou shalt be removethed.mp4
thou shalt be... mp4
(895.36 KB, 640x360 h264)
I liked the concept of 8chan, but in execution it didn't work out very well. There was a serious lack of community towards the end with 90 percent of the users not even using the site like it was supposed to be used. There was a mutual hatred of other boards when there didn't need to be. A great example of that was the extreme autism associated with /tv/, where people fucking hated that board for some reason. I got curious and went there and all I could find was a board where people talked about movies and tv. To this day I still can't figure out why people were so pissed off at that board. In a perfect world, a board that was run by nigger mods would be abandoned in favor of a denigged board, but instead on 8chan the nigger mods would just sic their army of tards on smaller boards to torch them. /vvv/ got sacked so hard it never recovered, /vg/ got razed multiple times and only barely managed to recover. I still remember the autistic anime board wars, their stains are on this very site since /am/ got so sick of the bullshit they just up and moved entirely. The /pol/ wars are a big one too, where kampfys attempts to destroy competition ended up torching boards that weren't even associated like /polpol/. People were too busy jerking off the mods to realize they were on a site where they could be mods themselves. It's frustrating. 

If I could turn the clock back to the 2014 days of 8chan i'd do so gladly, it was an amazing time. But I don't have a time machine so I have to remember the ugliest days of 8chan, it makes me sad but it also reminds me that we had something great before that. I have no idea if 8chan will ever come back, but if it does I don't think I want anything to do with it. We should try to reform here, wake up the site admins from their slumber and try and make this place into a home instead of a bunker. Endchan is great if people would give it a chance.
You didn't browse /tv/. You browsed the empty board after a mod or janitor actually did their fucking job for once.
/tv/ was /b/ lite for years, waifu threads, anime threads, brap threads, that ugly goblin from GoT threads. Very little actual discussion at all about tv or movies, more about the thots that "act" in them.
> /co/ was really good back in 2016-2017-2018 which always made me crack up since so many users on other boards thought they were all leftyshits
I'd say they still think we're all leftyshits.
> their stains are on this very site since /am/ got so sick of the bullshit they just up and moved entirely
Yeah, /am/ moved here.  Then they mostly moved to another board on here, becoming /AM/ instead.  Funny thing, they're still non-dead enough that they're discussing 8ch's shutdown too right now.
thumbnail of noooo.webm
thumbnail of noooo.webm
noooo webm
(757.57 KB, 1280x720 vp8)
i went and checked out the /a/ bunker and I gotta say, those people are some of the most insufferable faggots i've ever seen in my life. 

> wahh you can't use abbreviations 
< get banned for using lol 
> wahh you can't discuss that anime it triggers me
> wahh you can't talk about /a/ related topics unless you get maid approval 
> why doesn't anyone ever post ;_;
> why aren't you filling half your post with incoherent Japanese nonsense ding dong bannu

they have a bunker site that they have decided is only for them and any suggestion of letting others on is dismissed, or the fact that there was like, 20 other anime related boards that they have graciously allowed to come on only if they follow /a/'s extremely asinine and increasingly retarded rules.
Have you looked at the /monster/ bunker there? It's pretty much the same as 8ch

> Whaa I can't use abbreviations
Pretty sure this is to curb niggerspeak
> Are you sure it was just autism? could it have been glow nigs causing this conflict on the site?
Part of me wants to say le fedposting is a LARP, but on the other hand not out of the realm of possibility
> If 8chan comes back, would any of you ever consider returning?
Eh, maybe but I'd be more cautious, not to mention the pig farmer's gonna be on his tippy toes for a tick.
> I feel that /monster/, /ck/, and /just/ are still viable boards.
/ck/ was pretty dead from what I remember. /just/ I never browsed, mostly used /cow/, /mu/, /b2/ and sometimes /zundel/ when it was active.
thumbnail of 1367376592911.jpg
thumbnail of 1367376592911.jpg
1367376592911 jpg
(2.68 MB, 4762x4300)
thumbnail of 1420200478703.png
thumbnail of 1420200478703.png
1420200478... png
(403.07 KB, 1840x4672)
thumbnail of 1371459720865.png
thumbnail of 1371459720865.png
1371459720865 png
(427.94 KB, 764x935)
thumbnail of 789.png
thumbnail of 789.png
789 png
(234.79 KB, 1680x1050)
thumbnail of 1370658792780.jpg
thumbnail of 1370658792780.jpg
1370658792780 jpg
(315.48 KB, 1346x1011)
> Are you sure it was just autism? could it have been glow nigs causing this conflict on the site?
To preface this: I've been around imageboards for a while and I'll be around for the long haul.

Listen here nigger. There were confirmed cases of JIDF fuckery the very moment 4/pol/ exploded in popularity. The powers that be have a vested interest in keeping those not in the know continuously blindfolded. Do you know why GamerGate died such a pitiful death? The same reason why Occupy died - they were getting too close to the truth and were thus infiltrated and destroyed from within. 

Anti-Gamergate advocates were mostly games journalists. Those games journalists were proprietors of leftist policies and were hell-bent on destroying vidya. So what did anons and /v/irgins do? They started autistically digging. Digging into anything they could find their hands on.
> funded by organizations backed by 
the media
> they were propagates of CommonCore
And many more. 
As for the feds? 4/pol/ found some very interesting leaked information that had caused a lot of alarm; a bunch of whistle-blowers found the board to be a perfect site as a platform in which they could do their work. (boston bomber whistleblower, PRISM, sandyhook falseflag, leaked BRITAM documents aka prelude to Syrian Civil War etc.)  Naturally, as 8chan was its successor, they followed. 

Here's a thought experiment: Why did the MSM do a "parody" on 8chan/gamergate via SVU? Why so much attention on an imageboard with no more than 2000 unique IDs in all the boards combined?

Also, I can't find the screencap of the glow nigger masquerading as a brony, the picture of the federal agent posting his badge, nor can I find the post of the anon talking about the boston bombing. I will look for it in a bit. If anyone can post it much appreciated.
> If 8chan comes back, would any of you ever consider returning?

I'd wait a few weeks before actively posting. 8chan is going to be glowing brighter than Chernobyl for a little while.
You Youngling are hilarious.  Why let MOOT off the hook?  Him and his kike momma sold 4chum to googshits.
It's well to hate the kikes and niggers who they run as their cattle, but you lot are in chans, and therefore, useless.  Well I mean you have some good kike screenshots, yes they work in HR all the useless professions are chock full of shit.
thumbnail of 0db5f5439fcbe8155b595a36bec9590f5316ebfaf1129aec718f50fa5ef11e87.jpeg
thumbnail of 0db5f5439fcbe8155b595a36bec9590f5316ebfaf1129aec718f50fa5ef11e87.jpeg
0db5f5439fcbe8155b595... jpeg
(43.4 KB, 603x543)
> 8chan is going to be glowing brighter than Chernobyl for a little while
> Implying it wasn't already

Also. Migrate to smuglio you turbo niggers. I hate having to go trough two sites for one board.
dude one thing is to blame the feds, the other is knowing that /pol/ invited reddit to 8chan, along with freddit. They both made it so that the feds would always have good goys.

They're not too innocent, anons got complacent and let feds and goys run the show.
thumbnail of cutie honey.webm
thumbnail of cutie honey.webm
cutie honey webm
(15.88 MB, 1920x1044)
> migrate to smuglio 

I'll pass. Why would I want to go to a site run by /a/utists with no custom boards. Maybe i'm just bias, but I really hate /a/ and the niggers that post there. I noticed their list of alt chans excludes endchan now. The description is rich too, they say the site is run by "snakes" that tried to fuck with 8ch this is frankly retarded. The only thing that ever happened was people tried to shill endchan, a new competing imageboard. The other claim is that the servers are hosted in germany which is not exactly true, they explain in the FAQ. I think endchan is the best bet for an alt chan in case 8ch is perma fucked. 350 mb file sizes are great, shits comfy, more board owner control etc. They're busy unfucking a lot of the serverside issues too so it's not dead. 

I poured a lot of heart and soul into 8chan and what did I get? Misery. What should have been the perfect imageboard was butt fucked by personality cult retardation, cuckoldry, and muh top 3 running the show. I don't have a problem with /pol/ but i'll be damned if i'd let them run an imageboard. They are the pinnacle of no fun faggots. If a games developers 3rd cousins best friends nephews cat is friends with a jew that game must never be played. You must never masturbate under any circumstances, and you must accept constant political shitposting in every single goddamn board regardless of the boards actual content.
>  all that stuff about /a/.

To be fair /monster/ got into alot of dumb fights with redditfags that thought they could change the boards mannerisms to fit their needs that are easily sated on discord.

the site fucked a bunch of small boards because idiots starting shit were always thinking that free speech was an excuse to act like a fucking newfaggot nigger
You're free to do whatever you want, but only a handful of /monster/ regulars hasn't moved to smugloli. This board is pretty much dead now. It was never meant to be a long term solution. Endchan is known as a /pol/ bunker. And 08chan is an even worse glownigger board.
Hey /monster/ bros, I have only one question
Did the "doodle_#" drawfag ever show up? Ever since 8ch went down it felt like I've lost something more important
> They are the pinnacle of no fun faggots. If a games developers 3rd cousins best friends nephews cat is friends with a jew that game must never be played. You must never masturbate under any circumstances, and you must accept constant political shitposting in every single goddamn board regardless of the boards actual content.
Your "fun" and "enjoyment" is what's ruining modern society. You don't realize that this is war, and you're either with us, or against us.
Looks like smug might be down at the moment, hopefully it's just server fuckery and not our comfy bunker getting attacked by Them
Greeaaaaat, now smug is having fucking troubles. Worked just fine yesterday.
Wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't the same issue as last time. Some kind of issue with a phone poster. But we'll probably find out sometime Sunday.
Site is back up now. 
Head Meido in /a/ says "Apologies for the unscheduled downtime. The firewall server crashed and nobody was around to fix it. I rebooted it and now everything's back."
Yep. I’m seeing board maintenance suggested as the reason. Strangely, smug also isn’t currently appearing in the directory of the webring. I’m a little concerned. Maybe Aux can clear things up.
Thankfully you can view monster on the onion link in smuglo.li but apparently posting does not work?  Can someone investigate that please?
looks like 8kun monster is dead, if  anyone asks smuglo.li is where the board now resides.
Is somebody here, since the smuglo.li fell Ive been afraid, afraid of losing more anons. 
Hope that someone sees this.
You're not the only one here. Also, smug has had trouble loading for me the odd time so I wasn't surprised with the visit to 552chan today.
Do you think I like it? 
Jesus he doesn't stop it does he?
But atleast there is still this place.
Hopefully there are enough anons that know about this board so we can centralize again.

I know there was a contingency plan on smug but I never saved the link because I'm retarded.
Nice satan trips, but I do hope too. When smug comes back up everyone should go back there. Even if it doesn't seem giid of an idea.
But there is still a chance that it's not him
> Site goes down just after I post more of my greentext
Aww god dammit. Maybe it’ll be back in a bit
That's alright. Majority of time these don't take more the a one specific day. Tommorow for me the site should be back on.
What was the greentext about?
Oh it was just the next part of my cupid blade runner story. I took way too long to post this part though on account of rl issues taking up my time.

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