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I already made a thread earlier, though  >>/33/

Then again, nobody's posted in it, may as well make a new one.

Any particular reason you filled the email form out?
Ay yo, anybody know what happened to the heist quest namefag? If he starts a thread here I'd really appreciate it.
Still present and accounted for. Going to start writing again when monster finds somewhere to settle. If I start posting Heist Quest updates all over the place it's going to be a bitch to follow.
I had many threads opened when 8chan went down, ive been busy in my free time screen shotting what I can, will post a few intermittently tonight
Medusafag here, I'm working hard at the next part of my current project. I will not be dissuaded by 8ch going down. I hope the rest of you are doing well!
The best bet so far is smuglo.li/monster/

So far no one has stepped up to create a new site or given any other alternatives.

See the meta thread > >>/1342/ for latest info.
IMO, endchan is a little too unstable for long term use. I'm getting 500 errors periodically from server overloading, presumably.

This. Have had a few problems connecting even though I bloody well know the bunker "works". It's safe to assume we're all fucking off to smuglo then?
> It's safe to assume we're all fucking off to smuglo then?
It is still technically considered a bunker as well, but it's more stable than here. They have stricter global rules than we are used to, though.
So you see I'm not just shilling or something. I'm just trying to get us more centralized.
See  >>/1252/ 
The owner of this board, Aux, got a new /monster/ board made at smuglo.li/monster/
And he recommends for us to move there, for now.

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New Reply on thread #465
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