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Scanlation Thread
8ch is kill and this place looks cozy edition

Post requests or try fulfilling them, if you can.
I didn't want to clutter the OP with shit so I'll just post it in the thread. 
> 8ch is kill

> a big part of the site can't post anymore because of a continent-wide shadow ban 

> site is bleeding users and I'm scared

this place looks good so I'll try to liven it up, you faggots like translated lewds and I want to do them so I'll start by that. 
I'll be busy for the next two weeks, but I'll probably be able to start doing shit from the 23rd, so just request and sit back. Here's the last one I did for reference:
btw I suck at fonts, so if you have a specific one in mind, please do tell. 
Also, while I'll try get everything in this thread translated, I'll prioritize smaller ones (20- pages), so don't worry if it looks like I'm skipping yours.

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New Reply on thread #928
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