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Hello /mu/sicians,

Just letting you guys know I will be stepping down as BO. I have made /mu/ to what I needed it to be and I am basically satisfied in what I set out to do. I really enjoyed the building of the community and steering it towards a good place for discussion of music. Some of you guys may have felt I tripped up sometimes and some of those times I may have or in my opinion I would have felt the right thing to do. Either way I enjoyed the experience of being BO of endchan's /mu/.

I will be transferring ownership to odilitime so you can feel a sense of relief that the board is not going to be ruined by an unknown BO. The transfer will take place 24 hours from the time this post is submitted. You can always contact me at [email protected] if you felt like shooting the shit.

God speed /mu/sicians, keep on jamming.
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 Welcome to /mu/ 

Sorry for the delay in the care of the board. I figured /k/ would be more populous due to the large influx of /pol/ anons who also browse /k/. 

You can know me as Wez and I will be looking after /mu/. My email is [email protected] if you need to contact me for any reason. 


Due to "finitechan" no longer cycling board specific banners, I can't get my hands on the old /mu/ banners like I did with /k/ which is the reason for lack of a banner. I would like to ask you guys to submit any banners you want. The max size of the file for a banner is 200kb and I'd prefer banners to be sized to 300x100 but it's not a limit. GIFs don't work due to them exceeding 200kb. Lets make this place snazzy guys.

** Edit **

A good while ago, finitechan re-enabled board specific banner cycling. I was able to grab a few banners from finitechan's /mu/. I am still taking banners for this board so get your Club Mate ordered online for clandestine raves no one has heard about and GIMP fired up.


If you have any suggestions for the board, drop them below. I will be monitoring both boards so I will be prompt.

Thanks /mu/.
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