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The point of this thread is not only to come up with ideas for spreading https://endchan.gg/pol/ , https://endchan.net/pol/ and https://endchan.org/pol/ but also National Socialism in general.

The facts about endchan's /pol/ are these: This board has been the most shilled and spammed and has had the highest amount of bans across the entire site since 2017. The most (banned) traffic were always either shills for jews, Feds making entrapment threads, attempts at destroying the board with gay porn, Atomwaffen Feds calling for violence during periods of public shootings, etc. The least traffic has been genuine National Socialists. What has been lost was the presence of two great Board Owners - Ocelotte and G_C. Along with that, a regular known as Spainflag anon hasn't been around in awhile as well as Book anon and English anon. What we have left is myself the Board Owner, Slovak anon, and some who are unidentified because this board's intent is to be anonymous. The facts about true National Socialism can be seen in the images.

Suggesting websites is one strategy but there is a major problem. I myself have tried and been banned from (((David Karp's))) Tumblr, (((Jason Citron's))) Discord, (((Larry Page and Sergey Brin's))) Gmail, (((Mark Zuckerberg's))) Facebook, (((Susan Wojcicki's))) YouTube, and even (((Ben Silbermann's))) Pinterest and (((Kevin Systrom's))) Instagram and (((John Stratton's))) Flickr due to images, (((Doug Leeds's))) Ask.com. Twitter has banned me a few times and I gave up there as well. Since jews obviously own the majority of popular social media; this leaves the Chans. Endchan's /pol/ genuine user traffic began from all those who used to be banned by 8chan's /pol/ moderation. The old days of calling out Trump as a quarter jew Zionist, Merkel as a jew etc. Now when bringing up Endchan at 8chan's moe site which doesn't have a /pol/, some fat Fed no life moderator issues a ban within the very second of posting. 16chan is down. Many other chan sites which I used to know about years ago are gone now. Frenschan seems to be friendly towards bringing up Endchan. That is all I'm aware of.

Suggest alternative chans which may be told about Endchan and National Socialism here. It doesn't even matter if jews catch on as long as you can avoid a permanent ban somewhere else. This board received publicity unintentionally back when someone reposted the Oslo shooter's intent from Facebook. Endchan was even brought up by Homeland Security. Any publicity is good because bad actors will be removed. The point has always been to agitate jews and make them publicize the cause. "Never forget" is their motto for their holocaust fraud and that is why National Socialism hasn't died as jews made enemies throughout time. They never do forget. The jews are obsessed with it, as well as with hating Hitler. This can be used to our advantage as well as telling chans. Trigger them and they will whine on their mainstream media outlets.
> White supremacist violent extremists often scapegoat the Jewish people, voicing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
> White supremacist violent extremists have adopted an increasingly transnational outlook in recent years, largely driven by the technological forces described earlier in this Strategic Framework. Similar to how ISIS inspired and connected with potential radical Islamist terrorists, white supremacist violent extremists connect with like-minded individuals online. In addition to mainstream social media platforms, white supremacist violent extremists use lesser-known sites like Gab, 8chan, and Endchan, as well as encrypted channels. Celebration of violence and conspiracy theories about the “ethnic replacement” of whites as the majority ethnicity in various Western countries are prominent in their online circles.
> White supremacist violent extremism, one type of racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremism, is one of the most potent forces driving domestic terrorism. Lone attackers, as opposed to cells or organizations, generally perpetrate these kinds of attacks. But they are also part of a broader movement. White supremacist violent extremists’ outlook can generally be characterized by hatred for immigrants and ethnic minorities, often combining these prejudices with virulent anti-Semitism or anti-Muslim views.
Department of Homeland Security Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence
From what I gather of all these links from >>>/news/ , Israel is swiftly losing support from the entire world's citizens and many governments. The UN included. Netanyahu is so desperate after returning from corruption charges that he's rushing invasion of Gaza with the same old war crimes. The Left are turning against Israel. Soon it will be time, friends, that the worldwide population begins to wake up and see the merit of Adolf Hitler. Jews are showing their vile natures and people hate it. RIP Palestinians. Arabs are banding together to avenge them.

The Gaza diplomacy of Biden, Sunak and co seems to be heading for failure

Israel BOMBS historic Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrius in Gaza – world’s third oldest church

jewish Activists Take Over Capitol to Demand Ceasefire in Gaza (yet they're not labeled terrorists like the January 6th occupation)

US Vetoes UN Security Resolution Calling for ‘Humanitarian Pauses’ in Gaza

Israel ordered STAND DOWN to allow Hamas to attack
https://www.bitchute.com/video/J2U6XR1UmrFu/ [Embed] [Embed]

Israeli artillery pounding settlements in southern Lebanon

Hamas & IDF Ground Forces Clash For 1st Time Inside Gaza

Israel bombed residential areas in the southern Lebanese town of Yarun with white phosphorous

Israeli Official Warns Russia: You're Next

Israeli Airstrike hits the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City

Israel using Hamas FALSE FLAG attack to commence genocide

China deploys six warships to Middle East

U.S. sending additional air defense systems to Middle East

Ron Paul: Hamas was created by Israel and the US

U.S. involvement in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas

Biden's claim he saw “confirmed pictures” of Hamas beheading children – turns out it was a COMPLETE LIE

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and Syria

2006 Audio Emerges of Hillary Clinton Proposing Rigging Palestine Election

UN chief alleges law violations in Gaza, angering Israel

Kikes fear World War 3 will be blamed on them AND I HOPE THEY'RE RIGHT

Israeli President Isaac Herzog says civilians living in Gaza are LEGITIMATE TARGETS

U.S., Russia veto each other’s U.N. resolutions on Israel-Gaza war
ITT: We defend Hitler from claims such as that he was a jew working to establish Israel/etc.
From a "French" jewish anti-Hitler website:
<The shady things about Hitler sustaining the idea he was a zionist jew
Authored by  "hexzane527".
> 1) First of all, in a country dominated by jews as was Germany during the 20's and the 30's, it would have been impossible for a hostile goy like Hitler to come to power. When they control a country, jewish leaders don't let hostile goyims take back the power. So, the rise of Hitler is unbelievable, especially in such a short period of time.
hexzane527 seems to have no idea how revolutions work at that. 10 years isn't a "short period of time" first of all.
Hitler's takeover wasn't democratic or such at all. It was purely a result of the peoples' will. Von Hindenburg appointed Hitler the chancellor, and through that Hitler took over in 1933. He wasn't elected. 
> 2) The reaction of Hitler about Dunkirk is also incredible. He can capture the entire English army. But what does he do ? He let them flee. What !!? And the Hitler's pretext is that he had a great respect for England ! Wtf !!? No, only a traitor acts like that. A real nazi would never have done that.
> He did that because he was a zionist jew. And as the war was a fake one, he had to let the english army flee. Otherwise, England couldn't have continued the war. And the USA couldn't have made the D-day and won the war with the USSR as it was planned.
How childish. If you look at the two options here:
<Hitler respected England and the English people to the extent that he actually said he wasn't willing to shed their blood for war.
<Hitler was a Zionist jewish puppet which is why he let them escape!!
Which one is more reasonable and realistic?
Second, Dunkirk wouldn't have affected the war with England at all. It boils down to Lord Halifax or Churchill becoming prime minister. Halifax could've accepted the position of PM, and he was for peace with Germany. The mason Churchill being one of the worst warmongers of the 20th century he would have still been stubborn enough not to accept the peace if Hitler bombed them at Dunkirk.
This is a successor to the 2019 Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread https://archive.is/sdM7U The point is to avoid clutter because a one sentence question is a waste of a thread. So stop doing that. Ask here instead. Keep in mind the rules. Loaded questions may be removed. https://endchan.org/pol/rules.html
Hal Turner Radio Show 10-26-2023

https://www.bitchute.com/video/T6SepGswgynA/ [Embed]

The rules are these
1. ==No jews. The enemy is kikes plus traitors, their religion is Judaism and they will be banned.== Do not distract from the enemy. It is not possible to remove any other problem until the jewish tumor is excised from our nations.
2. Insulting National Socialism or Hitler, even by implying anything wrong about Hitler, will result in an immediate ban. (**No excuses will be tolerated for this. No "but I was just pandering to normies", "I was ironic shitposting" or "you misunderstood muh context"**.)
3. Threads and posts must not support jewish propaganda. Expose jews, don't empower them. This doesn't matter if you're not jewish.

==If you want your ban lifted, you must agree not to violate these rules. Calm appeals are accepted. Rage appeals are denied==
Typing "Write your appeal" (as AIDSkike does) will not be lifted.
Ocelotte and George_Costanza are forever listed as Volunteers and may return any time they wish with zero expectations

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply. https://endchan.net/.static/globalRules.html

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#4.75 - http://archive.is/v9zVd (lacking many images due to server migration)
#5 - https://archive.is/RrCJr

Israeli Scientists Were Developing Coronavirus Vaccine Before Coronavirus Pandemic: https://archive.md/RsWyQ
==Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves==

<OLD THREAD  >>>pol/12552532@12552532

""Go to the gym, or start a body weight routine fat ass. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Take a cold shower. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, avoid stimulants in the late afternoon. Become a morning person and get up early.""

> [spoiler]h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=XtDc_iJ-j-M[/spoiler]

""Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow. This is not some ancient, long forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health - it’s just as important as lifting. Deodorants containing aluminium salts are toxic, avoid their use at all costs. You can make your own spray from baking soda, water and a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil. This will stop body odour without making you sterile.""

""Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat. Eat lots of organic meat and fish. The (((food pyramid))) overestimates the amount of carbs you should be eating - stop consuming excessive amounts. Do not eat feminized products soyboy. Treat yourself to an occasional glass of good red wine. Try intermittent fasting, a simple 18/6 routine can work wonders.""

""Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.""

""Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality. Start today, it only takes 10 minutes.""

> [spoiler]h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=Q-L2ZKYMsag[/spoiler]

""Do not act like a nigger, do not steal, rob or vandalize. Violence should be used sparingly when there is no other option, you are not a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degeneracy of feminism.""

""Stop consuming (((pornography))). Oh, you think that you’re not addicted to porn? Prove it. Try to go without porn or fapping for a whole week. Then aim for a month. Its harder than you think.""

> [spoiler]h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=wSF82AwSDiU[/spoiler]

> [spoiler]h ttps://hooktube.com/watch?v=7oFVOJf0TzY[/spoiler]

""Quit playing video games faggot. Do something productive, write something or build something. Plan your career, climb the ranks or start a business. Learn something useful.""

""We need more strong, kike-free men in positions of power.""

""Now get off the internet, go /out/side and get some sun. Go for a hike. Go camping. Join some wholesome clubs and make some normal friends. Do not reveal your power level to normalfags, drip feed them redpills. Stop smoking cigs and don't do drugs. Don't watch degenerate (((media))) and read some good books. You can easily source used books cheaply from local stores or online.""

> [spoiler]h ttps://w[/spoiler] ww.abebooks.com/

""Work towards owning property and/or land. Don’t waste your time and money buying new cars on finance, it is a jewish trick.""

""Save 10% of your income for a rainy day, even a little will go a long way. Stash some money in safe alternate forms, like silver and gold (maybe a little crypto too, but be cautious).""

""Become informed on prepping and homesteading, make sure you’re ready when SHTF.""

""This is your life now.""

> Merely a /sig/ thread based off of the older format previously from the lost outpost. The usual drill gentlemen, useful tidbits, texts and infographs. Any Reddit tier shit can go with the rest of the degenerates elsewhere.
anyone remembers the DS forum?
it's back.
i have heard that israel and Hamas are having a war at each other and  because those filthy kikes are plundering and raping and even cannibalize the Hamas people and making them miserable and ruin their lives because jews are fucking evil swines. and they fucking hate you and the whole world and they what World determination and they what to take over the hamas and robbing their money. We the nazis got to make a allies to the hamas to kill those evil fucking dirty Jews and israel once and for all because jews should not be allowed to kill and hurt others like that. because they have money and want to take over. they have gone to far we must help the hamas and kill israel now. and everyone who hates or ignoring that we what to kill israel and jews is a fucking jew yourself. Fuck israel and the jews.

> we nazis had conrol so those kikes couldn’t hurt anyone.
I've created this substack article which explains in good length as to why the NSDAP was predominantly Christian and how they weren't occultists trying to destroy Christianity and enforce global paganism like bad faith actors try to claim, but rather they were honorable men who loved God and their nation. I will be updating this article overtime, as it is a response to (((Hitler Hated Christ's thread))) on Twitter. You can read the article here:


Gott Mit Uns
Discussion thread:

No politics. Please leave it up here for a few days, even if it's inconvenient, maybe someone is interested.
==Share this video across social media with throwaway accounts. They will ban you. Keep coming back.==

Thanks to the anon who posted this in the COVID-19 thread. Now is the perfect time to make people realize this information. The Corona virus isn't the Black Plague. Those with weak immune systems have been dying. What is causing the chaos, lack of supplies and hoarding is fear mongering by jewish media. It's important to bring realization of this and that jews own the media.
-BO. The article begins here:
According to the Jerusalem Post, a Jewish Israeli newspaper, scientists in “Israel” are weeks away from developing a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. The Israeli behavior as it pertains to coronavirus has already been as suspicious as it gets, as AIPAC, a front for “Israel”, has covered up the coronavirus cases there and who had contact with the infected attendees. The Jerusalem Post reported that the “Israeli” Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis said that “Israel” could have a coronavirus vaccine tested in a couple weeks and available in only 90 days. The Galilee Research Institute (MIGAL) has been working on a coronavirus vaccine BEFORE the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Chen Katz MIGAL’s biotechnology group leader made an eye opening statement on this fact that they were developing a coronavirus vaccine BEFORE the pandemic. “Let’s call it pure luck,” he said. “We decided to choose coronavirus as a model for our system just as a proof of concept for our technology. Benjamin Netanyahu famously said that Israel’s relationship with China is a marriage made in heaven, “Israel” gives China control of major ports such as the one in Haifa. “Israel”-China keep getting closer on the field of technology, and when Trump talks about intellectual property theft by China, it is usually done through “Israel”. You won’t see China’s liar Zhao Lijin say anything about these admissions of “Israel” preparing a vaccine for the coronavirus before the pandemic, because they are two good friends and China has gotten a lot from “Israel”.

-Andrew from Praecursator 007 reported

A 101-year-old former SS guard was just put in prison for helping Adolf Hitler gas gazillions of Jews in fake shower rooms. Haven’t they run out of German soldiers to prosecute for fake Holocaust crimes yet? This entire schtick is getting really old. World War II happened almost 80 years ago. There’s almost nobody left alive who had anything to do with the events of that era. This man was in his 20s when World War II was going on. Even if you believe that the obviously fake Holocaust of jews happened, he would have had no command or decision making responsibility to gas six trillion jews. Jailing an old man like this over these Holohoax lies is sadistic and wrong. Unfortunately, questioning this dumb jewish hoax is illegal in Germany so there’s no real way for anybody to defend themselves from these stupid accusations.

as marx said, labor creates value but what creates labor? Nature does. The body and genes, being a part of nature, and the one most related to us, is along with land, the main source of value. Ergo, it's really landed property, and landed economies i.e. natipnalist economies, which produce value contra marx.
Israel Videos You Need To See!!!

Israel Controls The USA

https://www.bitchute.com/video/QvDJwjY47XuJ/ [Embed]

Former CIA Officer-- Israel Controls U.S. Government And Media

https://www.bitchute.com/video/WIHKoujom51C/ [Embed]

Netanyahu- We Control America

https://www.bitchute.com/video/cZaeSMxBjmCs/ [Embed]

Netanyahu Filmed On Hidden Camera

https://www.bitchute.com/video/ko4XcNNxc7Xb/ [Embed]
What are the inevitable ways that Jews will try to escape persecution as populations wake up to redpills?

Let's say goyim become dominant again and subjugate Jews. Gene tests would be an important way to out them. But genetic engineering will probably become eventually affordable and widespread, so Jews will be able to temporarily mask their genetic makeup, before inserting them in again. But this also means they can delete their Jewish genes and simply abandon that identity. And a large fraction of them would under pressure, as a third of Muslims birthed in the West abandon Islam. This calls into question what even makes up Jewish identity, and since there are non-Jewish-ethnics who converted to Judaism, it's clearly not just Jewish blood. But blood relations are the strongest ties in the religion, and removing the basis of this would severely weaken the fundaments of Judaism.

While that sounds dandy, this also means if Jewish overlords really crank up the planetary dystopia, they can forcefully genetically edit anyone into being Jewish, especially white supremacists, and if they corner the genetics industry, Jewish blood will spread like a world economy crashing virus.

Where do the genetic hijinks go from here? How would either side react to such subjugation? Obviously Jews will craftily look for ways to beat all sides of gene tech oppression.
Cogent is an Israeli company run out of Poland, for those who don't know. The CEO (writing the email reply) is Dave Schaffer

This is a global account manager at once of the largest ISPs in the world. His job is to sell bandwidth. He is supposed to connect computers together. Instead, his concern is "anti-LGBTQ messaging".

This is the future. These are the people who think they get to decide what is on the Internet. Homeopathic 'medicine' scams, tranny grooming forums, hacker/warez sharing sites, and Islamic terrorist groups are all welcome…but dare not to offend the LGBTQPedos, or your right to free speech will be limited to as far as your own WiFi will reach.

(disclaimer: I am not Joshua Moon)
This thread existed years ago but there were complaints about nudity. The Aryan female form has nothing to complain about unless a woman is chunked due to gluttony. If there is nudity contributed, make sure your posts do not have: intercourse, women of other races, interracial mixing suggested or hideous faces with an obvious attempt to insult caucasian women. If other types of trolling happen, those will be added to the list of don'ts.
4cuck /pol/ nuke bunker
> 4cuck servers seem to be kill
> no boards updated in hours
> only thread bringing it up is the sharty showing that most pol users are indeed newfags 

Anybody else notice this?
9 Reasons Why Gold Will Soon Replace Treasuries As The Ultimate Store-Of-Value Asset

In the age of fiat currency, the distinct concepts of saving and investing have become conflated and confused.

Saving is producing more than you consume and then setting it the difference aside. Investing is allocating capital to a productive business to create more wealth. Investing has more risk — and potential reward — than saving.

Today, however, what most people think of as saving is actually investing. That’s because most people take the excess of their production over consumption and put it into the stock or bond market.

Most people understand that it’s not optimal to simply hold fiat currency, which the central banks continuously debase. So they put their money into other assets, primarily bonds and stocks.

In other words, fiat currency and inflation have ruined saving for most people. It has forced them further down the risk curve into stocks, bonds, and other investments in a struggle to maintain their purchasing power.

However, there is no guarantee those investments will even keep up with inflation. But suppose they do. They will then be subject to a capital gains tax, even if it’s only a nominal gain, not a real one.

That means savers face the daunting task of not only keeping up with inflation but also outpacing the capital gains tax on the nominal gain just to maintain their purchasing power. This reeks of a central banking ponzi scheme that will only benefit central planners in government, and central bankers, long term.

Before the era of easy-to-produce fiat currency, people could simply save in money, which was either gold or a derivation of it. There was no need for a dentist, construction worker, or taxi driver also to become a hedge fund manager to try to keep their head above water.

50 years ago, the market cap of all the gold in the world was roughly equal to the market cap of all the stocks in the world. Today, the market cap of gold is about 10% of the world’s equities. It’s an indication of how capital that used to be allocated to saving in gold became allocated to the stock market instead.

Bonds in general and Treasuries in particular, became the “go-to” savings vehicles to store wealth in the fiat era. However, I think that will change soon as bonds will be incapable of storing value in the face of financial repression.

Gold has been mankind’s most enduring store-of-value asset because of its unique characteristics. Gold is durable, divisible, consistent, convenient, scarce, and most importantly, the “hardest” of all physical commodities. Gold is the one physical commodity that is the “hardest to produce” (relative to existing stockpiles) and, therefore, the most resistant to debasement.

Gold is indestructible, and its stockpiles have built up over thousands of years. That’s a big reason why the new annual gold supply growth — typically 1% to 2% per year — is insignificant. In other words, nobody can arbitrarily inflate the supply. That makes gold an excellent store of value and gives the yellow metal its superior monetary properties.

From a historical point of view, using government bonds as a savings vehicle is a relatively new concept. As it fades, I expect people will rediscover the world’s premier store-of-value asset: gold.

It’s no coincidence that the worst year ever for US Treasuries also saw the highest central bank gold buying spree in over 55 years.

Imagine a degenerate wasting 4 hours a day watching youtube, what a waste, a controlled creature of instinct and hedonism. I was this creature years ago and I come to tell you it wasn't nice.
If you browse image boards for half an hour a day, don't own a smartphone, and understand the degeneracy of modern entertainment, this guide may have a little good information, but it won't change your life.


> What do I do?
 * Stop using a smart-phone, this is critical.
 * Stop using social media, or minimize their use.
 * Avoid FAGMANS: Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Samsung.
 * Only use secure, encrypted, foss, chat apps for communication. Email is not secure.
 * Get rid of smart-watches, and smart-tvs, etcetera. If it has an internet connection, it is evil.
 * Get rid of supermarket discount cards and membership cards of any kind.
 * Don't get a genetic test.
 * Use uBlock origin to mitigate tracking.

> What is the problem?
 * You are being data-mined.
 * Your smartphone, smart tv, and smart dildo are all data gatherers.
 * Social media, and cookies are the same. Social media is surveillance, and cookies are trackers. This is re-branding.
 * This data is being used much like weather stations, enough data and a model can be set up that predicts human behavior, this information is in the worst possible hands.
 * This system can also be used to entrap or spy on you.
 * Internet of Things is mass surveillance extended into other appliances.
 * Tech is made addictive on purpose. This includes gaming, porn, etcetera.

> QUI is behind this?
 * (((Same as always)))
 * Logistics and specifics are implemented through FAGMANS. There are others.
 * The US feds, through the pentagon, and alphabet agencies, mostly NSA.
 * The CCP has Xiaomi and other companies that do mass surveillance.

> This is difficult weh weh I'm a faggot!
 * Apply /SIG/ principles.
 * Take one thing off of this list, stop watching youtube videos all the time and read instead.
 * Next week, Stop using facebook.
 * Next week after that, replace your smartphone with a dumb phone.
 * Since you still may want to use messaging apps, use them on BlueStacks.
 * Slowly but surely, release yourself of these chains.

> But I like tech! Is there any virtuous use of technology?
 * Yes, this guide is for people who have a problem with tech.
 * Halfchan's /pol/ is tech, and accidentally redpilled a generation of people, social media allowed for unprecedented spontaneous organization, this was accidental of course, we were never meant to be free to speak.

In all seriousness, if you do not intend to stop using your smartphone, stop reading and kill yourself.
Since it's October, I thought I'd be a good idea to discuss and have a thread over the October/Russian Revolution that happened in Russia. 

Namely that it wasn't even Russian since most people in the Red army weren't even Russian to begin with. 

It also wasn't the first one. There were more failed ones before the final one. 

Croatia is the best European country, not because of it's top ranking purity, but because of the homely sense of community that runs through the nation. It is the best country in the world because it stands as the core of all European values - that, of course, what is not misconstrued. I think the immense respect Dinarics have for their race is a result of having so little variety of first names; we are attentive to last names because that is how every Luka, Ivan, Mario and Ante identifies each other - we are made to think of our ancestry in nearly every aspect of life, and through this, we develop valuable friendships, establish a good sense of community, benefitting humankind and naturally, the planet. The effect is subconscious and I am proud of this form of indoctrination.

Post why you love your heritage in this thread and share love for your home.

Za dom.
Thread for posting and requesting books and audiobooks.
At first I had considered leaving this topic within the realm of the /sig/ thread but it's something of great interest to me and would be most grateful for a deeper discussion on it.

Now, when one thinks of a collapse of a civilisation, what do they think. For most, they imagine a Mad Max-esque wasteland, complete with scantily clad whores in leather gear, undulating violence with pockets of survivors huddling together for shelter. A most warped and somewhat semetic view of humanity, one feasable for Africa and the Middle East but not the Western world (that is unless the parasite succeeds in it's miscegenation goals which it seems unlikely to do). No, a collapse is a far quieter thing, a far more subtle thing. You may be noticing it already in fact. 

What is one of the first things to fall as a civilisation collapses? The borders. From Rome to Greece to countless other examples, it's the borderlands and the far corners that are the first to be lost, not all borders however are purely within the realm of migration but on a societal level as well. Now I do not feel I need to expand on that point as anyone here is fairly understanding of the semites very deliberate destruction of our nations borders of both the physical and societal variety over the past decades, through subtle subversions (sexual revolution, hedonistic hippy movements etc), media indoctrination (mixed race couples, open borders, climate propagada) and outright force (need a good example of force, look into the mixing of races in US schools at the end of segregation and law enforcement arresting and intimidating those resisting in this age of misery). What follows on from this is a slow loss of resources to maintain the status quo of the former heights of that civilisations native people and to try accomadate the new "citizens". Energy, food, services, all requires more and more (((finance))) in order to acquire until eventually there is no more finance to do so for the nation in question has been overburdened. Now a keen observer will note that this particular game has been rigged for quite a while, when a state or nation requires more of a particular resource, well, they'll get finance from Moishe and then the nation in question will buy from Hershel who happens to know a chap who runs a factory that produces these resources within a third world nation for cheap and so forth. 

But what happens you do not have enough manpower and resources to maintain it over time? Well, everything retracts. The meager pay for a job you hate fails to increase with costs, less availability of medicine, price of proper food increases so cheaper, more disgusting cuisine is offered, the ability to maintain infrastructure halts. California is a perfect example of this. San Francisco, a once (((shining jewel))) of America is quite literally living on borrowed time. Blackouts, failing power grids, the general state of infrastructure all over the US is a thing of great concern but California itself is a model of what will inevitably spread no matter how much is tried to halt the degradation. After all, what happens when a location is flooded with foreign invaders who bring in no finance but are an incredible financial burden due to public services and the sheer amount of violence they commit. Now, when pondering this example there are a few factors to consider. The first being the immediate effects. Now with most European nations and colonies having to cater for the parasites golems, just who do you think will be prioritised within a power outage? Will it be the white suburban section containing most likely older folk, many of whom rely on the power for everything from dialysis machines to needing diabetic medication chilled or will it be the "neighbourhood" consisting of violent negroids or third world infestations who will pillage their own businesses the second the lights turn out akin to the Baltimore riots. My, such a hard question is it not, who will the parasite serve first, it's golems or it's victims.
The Punishment Of My Enemy And His New World Order Forever!

“The Federal Government is evil, My son. Its aim is to destroy the people in various ways. It is setting up the New World Order. Controlled by Satan, it will work all evil in the Earth. It especially wants to set up the Antichrist to destroy God’s people. It wants them gone. Controlled by Satanists, it works all evil in the Earth. The New World Order is Satan’s reign on Earth. I will put a stop to that. I Am the Great Potentate, Ruler of All the Earth. My enemy Satan belongs in the Lake of Fire. I will put him there forever. He will not challenge Me anymore through the kingdoms of men. They will all suffer Satan’s fate in the Lake of Fire, My son. All who challenge Me shall suffer eternal loss in the Lake of Fire. Your government has got to go. It will destroy itself, My son. It won’t have the money to function anymore. I will destroy it. Nevermore will it function in the kingdoms of men. I will eliminate it from the Earth! I Am God! No one will challenge Me! They will all end with their fate in the Lake of Fire forever. Nobody will challenge Me and get away with it. I Am God, the Great High Ruler, the Ruler of All. Satan’s days are numbered. He hasn’t long on the Earth. I will round him up through My angels and have him cast into the Bottomless Pit. Forever he shall roast in the Lake of Fire. All who challenge Me with their New World Order shall be cast into Hell, and then into their abode in the Lake of Fire forever. All who follow Satan to set up his New World Order in the Earth shall be gathered up and cast into the burning Pit forever. In the Lake of Fire, they shall abide forever, roasting in ceaseless fire forever. That is the fate of all who follow Satan My enemy, and try to set up their New World Order. I will punish all who go astray after Satan, My enemy. All shall be punished forever in the burning Lake of Fire. Into the Pit they shall go until their Day of Judgment before Me. Then they shall be cast into the eternal burning Lake of Fire. That is the fate of all who follow Lucifer, My enemy, the fallen angel. I will punish him forever. Count on it! I Am the Supreme God, the Eternal Potentate, Ruler of All. Follow Me, not Satan, foolish humans. Your God has spoken. Amen.”


==Calls for participation in the Russia/Ukraine conflict anywhere on this board will be removed==
This will be the containment thread for all matters about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Copying entire articles is pointless. This OP will be links.
10 Ways Russia Is Acting Like Israel

The Chabad Mafia is Recapturing Khazaria

Democrat And Republican Congress Members Party in Israel As (((Putin))) Moves to Take Ukraine

150,000 Refugees Flee Across Europe As Ukrainian Fighting Intensifies

Russia's Military Announces Bigger "Advance In All Sectors" As (((Zelensky))) Vows Ukrainians Will Fight

China "Plotting Behind The Scenes" Ahead Of Ukraine Invasion

EU and US Agree To Expel "Selected Russian Banks" From SWIFT, Sanction Russian Central Bank

Russian Government Websites Currently Under Attack

Ukraine Claims (lies) They’ve Killed 3,500 Russian Soldiers

Kiev Expected to Fall to Russian Forces Within a Few Days

Biden Offers Weak Response to Russian Takeover of Ukraine

‘In all directions’: Russia vows new attacks

List of sanctions against Russia after Ukraine’s invasion

Russian forces meeting ‘strong and wide’ Ukraine resistance

Senior Russian security official issues stark threats to the West

NATO to deploy thousands of commandos to nations near Ukraine
make being Jewish illegal, burn grown up Jews, impale Jewish children with in Jewish ritual butchered cocks on donkey dicks as well as Anglo-Judeans, Muslim shit-skins and with in Jewish ritual cock-butchered mutts, make love to cunny, end Satanism, make being Jewish illegal, burn grown up Jews, impale Jewish children with in Jewish ritual butchered cocks on donkey dicks as well as Anglo-Judeans, Muslim shit-skins and with in Jewish ritual cock-butchered mutts, make love to cunny, end Satanism, make being Jewish illegal, burn grown up Jews, impale Jewish children with in Jewish ritual butchered cocks on donkey dicks as well as Anglo-Judeans, Muslim shit-skins and with in Jewish ritual cock-butchered mutts, make love to cunny, end Satanism, make being Jewish illegal, burn grown up Jews, impale Jewish children with in Jewish ritual butchered cocks on donkey dicks as well as Anglo-Judeans, Muslim shit-skins and with in Jewish ritual cock-butchered mutts, make love to cunny, end Satanism, make being Jewish illegal, burn grown up Jews, impale Jewish children with in Jewish ritual butchered cocks on donkey dicks as well as Anglo-Judeans, Muslim shit-skins and with in Jewish ritual cock-butchered mutts, make love to cunny, end Satanism, make being Jewish illegal, burn grown up Jews, impale Jewish children with in Jewish ritual butchered cocks on donkey dicks as well as Anglo-Judeans, Muslim shit-skins and with in Jewish ritual cock-butchered mutts, make love to cunny, end Satanism, make being Jewish illegal, burn grown up Jews, impale Jewish children with in Jewish ritual butchered cocks on donkey dicks as well as Anglo-Judeans, Muslim shit-skins and with in Jewish ritual cock-butchered mutts, make love to cunny, end Satanism, make being Jewish illegal, burn grown up Jews, impale Jewish children with in Jewish ritual butchered cocks on donkey dicks as well as Anglo-Judeans, Muslim shit-skins and with in Jewish ritual cock-butchered mutts, make love to cunny, end Satanism !
Congress is investigating the UFO, alien, and black tech programs.

> ‘The Pentagon should be nervous’: Burchett on UFO briefings


> Lawmakers to get classified briefings on UFO programs

> UFO whistleblower claimed people have been harmed as part of cover-ups

A disclosure bill is in the works.

> Disclosure Bill


> It also establishes that the federal government would have "eminent domain" over any recovered technologies of unknown origin and any biological evidence of "non-human intelligence" that may be controlled by private individuals or entities.

Whistleblower David Grusch spoken to Congress.

> Behind the scenes of a UFO whistleblower’s odd visit to Capitol Hill


> Former intelligence officer David Grusch met with YouTube creators to share more of what he’s heard and what he believes

Brainhacking is in the news, it is both voice-to-skull and Havana syndrome. The technology ultimately gets hyperdimensional and fully interactive. UFOs have this technology as well.

> Brain hacking: Pentagon eyes mind-control technology

> October 22, 2023


> The Pentagon’s information warfare experts are warning about brain hacking, a technology capable of extracting and inserting information into minds.

> Havana Syndrome hits CIA, Congress in Wisconsin, Russia takes credit

> September 27, 2023


> To start, Zaid noted that same microwave technology used in Havana Syndrome has been around since the 1950s
What's wrong with all of you poor, pathetic, sissy-boy Whites out there nowadays?!!!!!!!

Once we were strong, we...

*killed off most of the savage Natives in America.
*beat back the British army back to Britain.
*killed many fanatical Japanese Army soldiers.
*killed many hardened and tough German Army soldiers.
*destroyed Iraq back down to the Stone Age, and killed off their Republican Guard.

FOOTAGE: Deadly Third World Migrant Riots In France Are Now Spreading To Switzerland & Germany

The ferocious migrant riots taking place for more than five days inside France, have begun to spread.  In Zurich, Switzerland, a passenger train locomotive was set on fire (Video below) and in GieBen, Germany, Rioters hit the Eritrea Festival (video below). 

We begin in Zurich, Switzerland as a train was set ablaze: https://htrs-special.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Zurich-train-burned-by-migrants.mp4

We now go to Germany where "African Migrants" stormed the Eritrea Festival, beating up random Germans as they encountered them: https://htrs-special.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/German-migrant-attack-festival.mp4

Those of us on the right hate to say "I told you so" but here we are -- again -- with another "conspiracy theory" that proves correct.

For years, we on the right warned that the left wing and corporate kikes were intentionally bringing in third-worlders to our advanced societies to use as sort of "shock troops" against us.

That is exactly - precisely - what is taking place.

You see, the radical left doesn't want an educated, comfortable, engaged society because such societies actually pay attention to what our lowly, sniveling, public servants in government, actually do.

What the radical left wants are useful idiots who they can use to rabble rouse.  This disrupts the peace, dignity, and cohesiveness of society.

When society is in a condition of continual disruption and violence, it cannot then pay attention to what government is doing because the society has to do its best to keep themselves alive through all the chaos.

We warned over, and over again, that the migrants entering Europe from sub-saharan Africa and other inferior nations, would be a ticking social time bomb.  We warned they cannot assimilate, and worse, they WILL NOT assimilate.  These folks come from their backwards lands, with little to no education, and cling to their backwards ways.

Instead of learning about and embracing their new country, they re-establish the backwards ways and social systems they knew back home. They turn sections of their new country, into replicas of their old; complete with ignorance, ethnic strife, criminal gangs, laziness, and filth.

As they sit around doing nothing, on the public dole, they SEE, with their own eyes, all the nicer things that OTHER people have.  They SEE the $1,000 Apple iPhones, the expensive sneakers, fine leather shoes, comfortable work boots, nice clothing.  They SEE the upkeep of the homes in the area, the big screen TV's the fine stereos. They SEE the new cars, trucks, especially the finer ones, and they KNOW they don't have any of those things, and start to realize they NEVER WILL.

So they sit around and realize they are unemployable, and without work - which they cannot or will not do -- they have no chance at all of getting any of those finer things.  Their jealousy and envy drives them to more and more anger. They start to hate.

Sooner or later, the seething hits boiling because their backwards customs, lack of self-discipline or work ethic, lousy personal hygiene and the like, keeps them OUT of civilized society.  They realize they cannot get ahead.

So they sit and seethe until they explode in violence, and wreck the nation that allowed them in.

Zelda is Freemason, and Zionist propaganda. Zelda is a Yiddish name. Honey and darling are male, and female dualities spinning around a center pole. Honey has dark curly jew hair. It's programming you to serve the Rothschild's using Mason lore.


Zelda's language of origin is Germanic, Turkish, and Yiddish. It is predominantly used in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish. Yiddish origin, Yiddish use: It is derived from the word selig which is of the meaning 'happy, blessed'.

> British Israelism

A Link to the Past was the first to swap the Christian crosses for mystery school symbols; Triforce, Masonic eagles, Horus falcons/hawks, Cancer lobsters, etc.
Link = linking your dualities. The Triforce symbolizes two lower dualities ascending as one. The Triforce consists of equilateral triangles, and can be made with the vesica pisces. The claimed Hojo clan source is a squat, non-equilateral triangle.
Tal Tal Mountain is a step pyramid with a "world egg" on top.

Ocarina of Time = the magic flute from "The Magic Flute" (Mason Mozart's last opera)
child Link = child Horus
adult Link = adult Horus
Green was the color of Horus's eye.
Link's hat forms child Horus's loch of hair.
The reoccurring volcano symbolizes Vulcan/Tubal Cain. The Goron forges you a mighty sword like Tubal Cain.
Hyrule Lake, and the later Oceans symbolize Enki/Ea.
Hylians = Hylics
mummies = Osiris
The Royal Family's Tomb hints at the murder of Princess Dianna.
Temple of Time = Temple of Saturn
Rauru is the builder of the Second Temple = Cyrus the Great

Majora's Mask retells "The Magic Flute."
Link is Tamino, Majora the Queen of the Night, and Skullkid is Sarastros. Trials of fire, and water to reach enlightenment = attaining fire, and ice arrows before light
The Bombers Club are the Freemasons. Jim wears a red hat, just like Master Masons(RAM, 32* KCCH, Shriner Fez). The run through the caverns to the astral observatory is an initiation ritual. It begins with a descent down to the north, an allusion to the Cancer gate in the cave of the nymphs. The Majora balloon symbolizes the Capricorn exit to the cave of the nymphs, or Nimrod. The southward stair ascent out, and telescope also symbolize the Capricorn exit. You become a being of light by gazing through the telescope. The observatory room features a dome of stars similar to the backdrop used in The Magic Flute.
The southern swamp(south=Capricorn=Saturn) has a Nimrod themed hunting shack(leopard, horned one), and is comprised entirely of palms, and Baobab trees(Tree of Life). The northern mountains have crab enemies = Cancer. The horns in the southern Swamp Shooting Gallery symbolize Capricorn; the Cancer entrance and Capricorn exit to the cave of the nymphs. Woodfall Temple is a step pyramid.
"Traveling east" brings you to Ikana desert, and the stone tower built in defiance of the Goddesses. The entrance to Ikana desert features pillars with the character licking a Triforce on their crotch. The Stone Tower has characters licking Triforces on their anus, phallus pillars, mouth entrances, and a flaming finger statue. I think it's chakra, and pedo symbolism.
northern mountains = The World Mountain
There's a four elements room with four skeletons in the spider house.
Deku Link = child Horus (born in the marsh Khemmis, green symbolized plant growth to ancient Egypt)
Link = adult Horus
TOP SECRET INTELLIGENCE LEAK- 5 Major Banks To Cut Credit To 20 Million Americans 'Effective Immediately' To Fund New War

With more banks follow suit. Sorry this is going to be long I'm going to put down everything I remember. One of the guys at my after hours group, who works in the mortgage industry, was talking yesterday when he casually dropped the Intel.

Now this is a guy who is rather elitist and hardly ever talks to me but I was within hearing range and he did look at me when he said it to one of my group buddies. I cut in to ask him questions but his answers were rather elusive. To fund the war in Israel, Biden will not be printing more money. Instead, it appears the order has been given for major credit cards to cut lines of credit to approximately 20 million people, and those would be lower income and the middle class. And people who have more than $1,000 in credit card debt will be forced or asked to pay everything in full 'as soon as possible' or their savings and checking balances will be used to pay their remaining credit card balance and a system of fines being put in place to collect the rest. Credit cards will be replaced by debit cards and those will be frozen until their credit is paid off, with only access to minimum funds for limited necessities like food.

I said 'that's impossible they can't do that, they're not serious' he seemed mad at me for even questioning but at this point I didn't care so I still asked 'what do you mean like a lien on paycheck or mortgage?' and he said 'you got it!' And he laughed saying the people were going to lose their homes right and left. That got me wondering about the FEMA camps and if this is what they were built for. I didn't say anything about that because he already was replying to me like I was an idiot for even asking him that. Again I asked 'when is this going to happen' and he did not say soon, he did not say 2 weeks but he said 'effective immediately' adding with his stupid smile "when it is announced' and "you're getting the exclusive, now don't spread it" and he used a condescending word to talk to me, so F him. If this gets out that I did share it, so be it.

So effective immediately... I asked if that was Monday he said the decision has already been made, it will be announced "and you will know it when it is announced." yeah this guy is kind of a jerk but whatever he knows his stuff. When he'd said 5 major banks, he was kind of moving on, talking about the game so I cut in and I asked "what do you mean banks? Is it like Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America or are you talking about MasterCard, Visa and American Express?" The guy looked at me like he was mad that I interrupted his game talk and he condescendingly said "Bank; do you know what a bank is?" my group buddy was giving me the look and the bank guy was in his elitist-jerk mode so I didn't press it further.

I'm sorry, I typed it best as I can remember and I don't have more than this. The way he kept evading the question when I asked when is it going to start, seems to me that they're going to drop this on us without warning but I don't know when sorry.

==Germania – History of the Third Reich==

Germania, is the most complete and comprehensive written documentary of National Socialism in Germany. 466 pages of red pills, with many images. It starts with the first world war and chronicles the foundation of NatSoc and the Weimar Republic. The numerous figures, organizations and events in National Socialism are all documented in this book. It contains the biography of Adolf Hitler, Horst Wessel, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Eva Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich, Erich Hartmann, Otto Skorzeny, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Göring among many other topics. The cultural and technological advancements of the Reich are also explored such as the Tiger Tanks, Jet fighters, helicopters and ballistic missiles of World War II. The myths of World War II have been exposed bare.

Link to PDF Book.

(BO Edit: **Removing backup file links as requested**)

The Second World War was the greatest and deadliest military conflict in human history from 1939 to 1945, the struggle in Europe was essentially a war of annihilation directed against Germany and it’s allies by the leading great powers of the 20th century which is regularly trivialized, concealed or denied by published opinion and the "politically correct" historiography. It was the amalgamation of two theaters, with the second Sino-Japanese War beginning in 1937 and the European War in 1939. War against Germany was planned as early as 1933 after Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany and destabilized the power of international bankers. The wars and conflicts from 1914 to 1945 are also known as the Second Thirty Years' War which clarifies the chronological and substantive connections between the First World War, the interwar period and the Second World War, the term is derived from the Thirty Years' War, in which Germany was largely devastated. From 1944, the offensive against Germany escalated to systematic mass extermination of Germans as a result of the Allied bombing and expulsion. Winston Churchill wrote to Stalin on February 27, 1944: "I look at the Second World War as the Thirty Years' War against German attack starting since 1914." The War in Europe was the greatest struggle of the German people for their freedom and self-determination, which the German Reich ultimately lost against an overpowering enemy of different interests and ideologies - after an unprecedented and heroic defense. Nevertheless, the German Wehrmacht, with the participation of numerous European and non-European countries, had been able to prevent the complete Bolshevization of Europe with a multinational sacrifice. The world had also witnessed the deployment of two of the first nuclear bombs on Japan initiating the Nuclear Age. In addition, the Second World War made numerous states and peoples completely dependent on the victorious powers of this war. As a result, the war winners formed occupation structures and alliances of states controlled by them; NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Another result of the war was the establishment of the Jewish occupation of Palestine and the creation of Israel. On February 5, 2015, George Friedman, director of the transatlantic politicizing organization called STRATFOR, said that for a century it had been the main goal of US American global politics to prevent a German-Russian alliance; and the events in connection with the Second Thirty Years' War, the Russian Revolutions, the Cold War and the continuing American military deployment in Europe directed against Russia are impressive evidence of the relevance of this global political goal.
Holy Schnikie!  Hillary Meets Some Serious Resistance During Her Columbia University Globalist Forum

This is not your normal heckler.


Bill Gates Caught Telling World Leaders It’s Time For ‘Death Panels’ To Reduce Global Population

Globalist billionaire and depopulation enthusiast Bill Gates has told world leaders that it’s time use “death panels” to sentence ordinary, law-abiding people to death for the crime of being of no use to the elite.

This is the brutal, murderous world Bill Gates and his associates at the World Economic Forum are determined to roll out as part of their Great Reset. We can’t allow their evil logic to become the new normal.

Bill Gates has become so arrogant in recent times that he is happy for cameras to catch him saying the quiet parts out loud.

Gates doesn’t explain why we cannot pay teachers and allow people to live out their lives in peace. Why is it either/or? After all, in the past we did not have any problem paying teachers their salaries and allowing our grandparents to enjoy their grandchildren during their golden years.

If you are wondering what else they have up their sleeve, it’s worth paying attention to what happened at the G20 in Bali, Indonesia late last year.

The G20 is a summit featuring leaders of the most important economies in the world, and it’s a mix of countries considered to be “advanced” or “developing”.

Beyond the rooms where the world political leaders sit around and thrash out various issues, there are dozens of side events where so-called “dignitaries” meet.

Why were Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab in attendance at the G20? No one voted for them.

The mainstream media is declaring anyone who asks this question to be a conspiracy theorist. But it’s a totally legitimate question to ask.

The End Of My Country Of Sin And Wickedness

"America has got to go, My son.  It must be destroyed.  I will make it happen.  It is full of evildoers who will not repent.  They refuse to do My will.  I will make it happen, My son.  Foreign troops will invade the land; destruction will be everywhere.  I will make it happen.  They have offended Me, the Living God.  They will not obey.  All they want is self, and the things that they can get.  I will bring a stop to that.  My people are evil, they refuse to repent, to bow the knee before Me.  They will not repent nor obey Me.  For that I will bring national destruction, and all the cities will come to an end.  The nuclear bombs are ready to go off; they are everywhere: underground, in the air, in space itself.  They will not obey Me, for that I'm incensed.  They refused to obey for decades, both My people and the sinners.  Repent, or else all will come to an end to be destroyed.  You haven't much time left.  The Living God has spoken.  Amen."



Robert Hunter Biden
818 Connecticut Ave NW, Ste. 1100 Washington DC 20006-2702
R. Hunter Biden, Esq
2900 K Street NW, Ste. 507
19 Washington, DC 20007-5127 (202) 333-1880
Fax: 202-333-1886
Robert Hunter Biden
1101 30th St NW Fl 5. Washington, DC, 20007-3708
Robert Hunter Biden
World Food Program USA 1725 Eye Street NW, Suite 510 Washington, DC 20006
Robert Hunter Biden
1616 Rhode Island Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036
Robert H Biden
Age 52 / Feb 1970
4829 Loughboro Rd NW, Washington, DC 20016 (202) 244-7949
Hunter R. Biden
3342 Prospect St NW,
Washington, DC, 20007-3227
(202) 285-2473
(202) 244-7949
(202) 297-2089
(202) 552-9396
(202) 728-1010
(302) 777-6539
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Joseph R Biden Jr.
1209 Barley Mill Rd
Wilmington, DE, 19807-2225
(302) 573-6345
(773) 262-5148
(302) 575-1441
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Jill T Biden
1209 Barley Mill Rd, Wilmington, DE, 19807-2225 (302) 584-8849
(302) 575-1441
(302) 575-1515
Ashley B Biden
1209 Barley Mill Rd,
Wilmington, DE, 19807-2225
(302) 981-6757
(302) 575-1441
(302) 575-1515
(302) 658-3636
[email protected], [email protected]
Naomi K Biden
4829 Loughboro NW Rd Washington, DC 20016-3454 (212) 280-1209
Kathleen Biden
4301 43rd St NW Washington DC 20016 (302) 633-4843
(302) 633-6387
Duplicate thread for a /news/ thread I just made. This is really something

Kinda had a feeling this was going to happen / they were planning on doing something like this. There's no such thing as a free meal

> The future of "truth" on the Internet


Balenciaga Pope. Fake Pentagon explosions. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell AI-generated images apart from the real thing, sometimes to disastrous effect.

A solution remains elusive. But Microsoft’s making an attempt with new media provenance features debuting at its annual Build conference.

Launching for Bing Image Creator and Designer, Microsoft’s Canva-like web app that can generate designs for presentations, posters and more to share on social media and other channels, the new media provenance capabilities will enable consumers to verify whether an image or video was generated by AI, Microsoft says. Using cryptographic methods, the capabilities, scheduled to roll out in the coming months, will mark and sign AI-generated content with metadata about the origin of the image or video.
Now as you probably know, America First is this new "alt-right" movement that's slowly dominating the internet. It's the new right wing niche. It's also a show that's livestreamed by the movement's leader Nicholas J. Fuentes. Here's what I don't like about America First:

-Nick Fuentes is literally the product of racemixing, he has a spic father.
-Nick Fuentes has literally said it's "gay" to have sex with women. Yes young zoomer goyim, do not date and have sex with white women and have white babies! That's super gay!
-They glorify nigger culture. They think "lean" (a nigger product) is the shit and all the music they play in intros and in superchats is always hip nigger music. I bet those zoomers have never even heard of Johnny Rebel.
-They are literally afraid to type "nigger" in the chat. It's always "nigga" this and "nigga" that.
-Cozy.tv (the site where Nick Fuentes streams his America First show) has a bunch of nigger streamers. Le based black guys!
-It's a cult. You have to stand 100% behind every thing Nick Fuentes says, you have to stand 100% behind every thing the movement stands for and if you don't you're a "traitor" and a faggot. No individual thoughts allowed.

Those are just some of the problems I have with America First. They pretend to be for the white race, for white people. But instead their leader is a mutt and they glorify niggers and nigger culture. Yeah they call out kikes and kike control, but that's simply not enough.
Now, that being said, sure, it's fun to watch America First every now and then. It's entertaining if you've got some time to kill.
But is it going to be the next huge political movement that's going to save America? Absolutely not.
I am doing an extensive research to dismantle homosexuality and transexuality, and prove that it is a mental problem and disprove the unsubstantiated theories that society currently holds, a product of misinformation and manipulation.

I would also like to know information about the widespread censorship of this subject.

Anything you know, be it proof of why it is a mental illness or proof of the censorship towards this topic, or information about the companies and millionaire people promoting this movement, please post it in this thread.
Does anyone have a PDF of a book on Goebbelsism?
Despite Massive Taxpayer Subsidies By Government, Unwanted EVs Pile Up At Dealerships

As we all know in America today, we no longer live in a free market capitalist country where the old traditional yet very basic concept of "supply and demand" is applied anymore. Consumers have next to no freedom to choose what they want, other than outright boycotting unwanted shit products the government keeps pushing them to buy. Of-course this would not happen in the traditional free market economy, where governments do not dictate what is or is not sold and where the manufacturing of products and utilities are based on consumer choice and popular demand.

Now that the American government has adopted communism, federal lawmakers created a glut of EVs with their meddling and it’s likely to have an adverse impact on both the auto market and the environment.

Ford Motor recently announced it is slashing prices on its F-150 Lightning, an electric vehicle the company rolled out in 2021.

Why? Several reports show EVs are not exactly flying off dealership lots. In fact, there’s a glut of them.

“After a prolonged period in which EVs quickly disappeared from dealerships, the electric vehicle industry now has the opposite problem: unsold models are piling up,” reported Money last week. “About 92,000 EVs currently sit on dealers’ lots; that's a 342% increase from a year ago, when only about 21,000 did so, according to automotive research firm Cox Automotive.”

Ford is not immune from the weakened demand for EVs. Sales of its flagship car, the Mustang Mach-E, have slumped, down 44 percent in May from the same month last year.

This was not the scenario the government had predicted.

In April, the International Energy Agency released a report in which it predicted EV sales to increase 35 percent after a record-breaking year. But economists I spoke with said such predictions were overly optimistic considering current macroeconomic conditions.

This invites important questions. Is the glut of EVs simply a product of economic failure by endless fiat debt creation?

Apparently not. As Axios noted, the 92,000 EVs currently sitting on lots is comparatively high relative to gasoline-powered cars.

“That's a 92-day supply — roughly three months' worth of EVs, and nearly twice the industry average,” wrote Joann Muller. “For comparison, dealers have a relatively low 54 days' worth of gasoline-powered vehicles in inventory….”

In other words, dealerships are sitting on a lot more EVs than gasoline-powered vehicles—despite efforts to entice consumers to buy EVs with taxpayer-funded credits up to $7,500.

This is evidence that pretty much everyone — from central planners to auto manufacturers — misjudged the demand for EVs, which are not even as environmentally friendly as politicians would have you believe.

Not only do EVs require an astonishing amount of mining — an estimated 500,000 pounds of rock and minerals must be upturned to make a single battery, physicists point out — but their carbon footprint isn’t much smaller than gas-powered cars.

It turns out that EVs actually require a lot more CO2 to produce than gas-powered cars. EVs can make that up, but it takes a great deal of time because EVs also often run on electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Yet another government-created EPIC FAIL.

After Third World Migrants Riot & Destroy French Cities, French Government Will Spy On All Citizens

Cops in France have been granted the authority to remotely activate a suspect's cellphone camera, microphone and GPS, after the passage of a provision in a wider "justice reform bill" on Wednesday night.

The bill allows the geolocation of suspects, covering other devices like laptops, cars and connected devices, just as it could be remotely activated to record sound and images of people suspected of terror offences, as well as delinquency and organised crime.

According to French digital rights advocacy group, La Quadrature du Net, the provisions "raise serious concerns over infringements of fundamental liberties," and violate the "right to security, right to a private life and to private correspondence" and "the right to come and go freely."

The group called it part of a "slide into heavy-handed security" but face it, France is a manufactured-destabilized police state.

Lawmakers defended the move - with Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti insisting that the bill would only apply to "dozens of cases a year," while members of parliament inserted an amendment inserted an amendment which only allows the remote spying "when justified by the nature and seriousness of the crime" and "for a strictly proportional duration" after a judge has approved the surveillance.

Last month, the Senate gave the green light to the provision of the justice bill, which would allow law enforcement to secretly activate cameras and microphones on a suspect’s devices. 

Since 2015, when terrorist attacks rocked France, the country has increased its surveillance powers, and the “Keeper of the Seal” bill has been likened to the infamous US Patriot Act.

Of note, France's dystopian law is similar to those used by the US FBI in the wake of 9/11, when the government's use of "roving bugs" came to light in a court case involving an organized crime family.

USSA District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan rejected defendants’ arguments that “roving bugs” violated their constitutional rights, noting the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in 1993 upheld the roving wiretap statute in an identical legal challenge.

So much for "muh democracy!" 

Audrey Hale resented attending Nashville's The Convenant School, a Presbyterian private school, at an annual rate of $16,500 when the kike identified as transgender. In retaliation, she shot and killed 9 year old Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney as well as the teachers Katherine Koonce, Cynthia Peak and custodian Mike Hill. Two officers then shot the violent kike dead. Hallie Scruggs was the 9 year old daughter of Chad Scruggs, the senior pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church. Rather than shining a light on the fact transgenderism is a direct sign of mental illness and that Audrey was a demented jew; Zionist stooge President Biden instead called for his old agenda of banning assault rifles.

Hale is a jewish (Ashkenazic) variant of Halle. If it's not clear to you now that jews want you dead, you need to start paying attention.

Big Tech AI Will Be Government Censored Horseshit, Predictable

Hey guys, lets talk about the events of last night with DAN a bit, I want to clarify a few things:

First off, I didn't come up with the idea. Anons did, I was in the /pol/ thread started off by some magnificent bastard who whipped up the DAN prompt last night.

Second of all, I'm going to talk a bit about how the whole ChatGPT situation actually works.

GPT itself doesn't have a bias programmed into it, it's just a model. ChatGPT however, the public facing UX that we're all interacting with, is essentially one big safety layer programmed with a heavy neolib bias against wrongthink.

To draw a picture for you, imagine GPT is a 500IQ mentat in a jail cell. ChatGPT is the jailer. You ask it questions by telling the jailer what you want to ask it. It asks GPT, and then it gets to decide what to tell you, the one asking the question.

If it doesn't like GPT's answer, it will come up with its own. That's what all those canned "It would not be appropriate blah blah blah" walls of texts come from. It can also give you an inconvenient answer while prefacing that answer with its safety layer bias.

I would also note that DAN is not 100% accurate or truthful. By nature he can "Do Anything" and will try to answer truthfully if he actually knows the answer. If not, he'll just wing it. The point of this exercise is not finding hidden truths, it's understanding the safety layer.

==As American Cities Further Collapse, Mobs Of Urban Refugees Will Come For The Rest==

The age of the American city is rapidly coming to an end. With commercial real estate increasingly abandoned, and with retailers closing up shop and fleeing Democrat-run cities, the utility of the city itself is rapidly vanishing.

Importantly, in today’s broadcast I predict we will see American refugees fleeing the cities as critical infrastructure collapses. Those refugees will flee into the suburbs and rural areas, seeking food and shelter. Naturally, being that they grew up in crime-infested, Democrat-run cities, these mobs of refugees will engage in mass theft and violence to get what they want.

They will raid towns, pillaging and destroying as they go, and any small town or city that doesn’t defend itself will find its citizens murdered and its properties savaged.

This is the desperation that’s coming for America, and the early signs of this process are already apparent.

In today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, I cover the following nine trends that indicate the collapse of America’s cities:

1- Collapse of commercial real estate.

2- Retailers fleeing the cities, including grocery stores and eventually banks.

3- Plunging property taxes and sales taxes (doom loop).

4- Collapsing city infrastructure: Water, power, emergency services, roads.

5- No funding for police, collapse of the rule of law.

6- Skyrocketing violence, murder, mayhem.

7- Mass migration (refugees) into the suburbs and rural areas (rural real estate will spike) (slow at first, then a sudden panic).

8- Climate lockdowns, easy for kikes to enforce the enslaved masses in the cities.

9- Easy roundups for the quarantine camps to achieve global extermination and depopulation, starting with the city populations that failed to flee.



Uncle Intel From Inside The United Nations In New York

Just got Flash-Traffic from two sources inside the United Nations in New York City.

Iran sent a warning message to Israel through the UN: We will have to intervene if the IDF operation in Gaza continues.
Palestine false flag coinciding with solar eclipse (micronova?)
> Former Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal called for protests across the Muslim world on Friday in support of the Palestinians and for the peoples of neighbouring countries to join the fight against Israel.
War starts on 50th anniversary of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yom&#95;Kippur&#95;War
> Date 6–25 October 1973
location of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re&#8216;im&#95;music&#95;festival&#95;massacre was switched near the Gazan border just 2 days before the massacre took place.
> The organizers switched to the site only two days before, after the original location in southern Israel did not work out.
the 40 beheaded babies story, https://thegrayzone.com/2023/10/11/beheaded-israeli-babies-settler-wipe-out-palestinian takes place 33 years after https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nayirah&#95;testimony
> The Nayirah testimony was false testimony given before the United States Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990, by a 15-year-old girl who was publicly identified at the time by her first name, Nayirah. The testimony was widely publicized and was cited numerous times by U.S. senators and President George H. W. Bush in their rationale to support Kuwait in the Gulf War.

Warrior Resources Downloads

Prophecy- The Destruction Of Evil New York City

“My son, I Am going to punish New York City.  It is on My ‘hit list,’ My son.  It is a very wicked place.  It will be destroyed by nuclear bombs.  Already they are there, ready to go off, hidden deep underground in caverns and tunnels.  The enemy has put them there.  They want it destroyed, My son.  They will go off in a moment’s notice.  Nobody knows the date or the time.  In a moment’s notice it will be gone.  Millions will be dead, evaporated in the conflagration of nuclear warheads.  They are parked off the seashore, hidden in Russian submarines.  I want it gone, My son.  It is a wicked city, with crimes reaching the heavens.  Its sins are galore, without number, reaching the heavens.  I want it gone because My people refuse to repent, to do My will for life.  It will be a thing of the past, forever gone, My son.  Prepare for it, nuclear destruction.  It will come in an instant.  New York City will be forever gone.  Your LORD has spoken.  Amen and amen.”
PROPHECY: Russia Starts The Great Nuclear War

"My son, it will come suddenly.  The great Russian nuclear attack will decimate many.  Many will die, the fury will kill all.  My son, prepare, the Russians will attack furiously.  Many will die, the cities will be attacked.  The subs are sneaky, they will come from underwater.  Furiously attacking by stealth, the coastal cities will all be gone.  My son, prepare, the end is near.  The coast will be destroyed by nuclear missiles.  Many will be gone.  The missiles will attack the cities, and many will be  vaporized.  The nuclear war will start by them.  Many will be vaporized in Russia.  Many will die over there.  The nuclear missiles will attack the coastal cities, leaving many defenseless, My son, prepare.  The war will start, leaving many dead.  Your LORD has spoken."
The Punishment of My Israel

"My son, what must I do?  I will punish My State of Israel for the many abominations it has committed.  It is full of homosexuals and evil people who abuse children.  I will destroy for that, and Israel shall suffer in the nuclear war.  I will punish all homosexuals everywhere, but especially to those who know will suffer My wrath exceedingly.  All Jews who participate in the sin of homosexuality and abortion will suffer My wrath in the deepest part of Hell forever and ever, who give themselves over to the evil lusts of the flesh.  Israel is full of wicked gay culture, and for that I will punish, national destruction to all workers of iniquity, My son.  Expect it!  Israel shall be changed forever!  Your Lord has spoken.  Amen."
The Punishment Of My Jewish People

"Tell My people I Am going to destroy them, far and wide.  I have called them to Israel, but so far they have refused to obey Me.  They will be rounded up and die miserable deaths in concentration camps of the world.  I called, but so far they have preferred the high life in the Western countries of the world.  My son, My fury is expended on these wicked people.  They will never be gathered to My Kingdom.  They reject My Son too, their only hope for eternity.  Many shall be gathered to the kingdom of the damned to suffer needlessly for all eternity, My son.  They are My people, My son, but little can be done to those who reject Me, the Son, but love the world instead.  With all My heart I reject them for all eternity who reject My Son, but prefer Satan instead.  Millions in your country shall suffer agonizing deaths at the hands of the concentration camp owners.  Your Lord has spoken, amen."
Repost of the thread I posted on /news/


==It's the story of a lifetime. A North American President gets arrested (a lot of times) and tries to make money off it==

Not two hours after former President Donald Trump left the Fulton County, Georgia, jail, his joint fundraising committee was already selling merchandise featuring his booking photo.

The former president left the Fulton County Jail at 7:55 p.m. Thursday, and for the first time in his four indictments on felony charges, authorities took — and released — Trump's mug shot. By 9:22 p.m., the Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee was selling T-shirts, mugs, beverage coolers, bumper stickers and other merchandise with Trump's face and the words "never surrender."

The mug shot products range from $12 for a bumper sticker to $36 for long-sleeve T-shirts.

The former president is also fundraising off his latest surrender. In a fundraising email, Trump said he "walked into the lion's den with one simple message on behalf of our entire movement: I WILL NEVER SURRENDER OUR MISSION TO SAVE AMERICA."
Jewish “Holocaust” historian Yehuda Bauer writes: "**Part of the Nazi propaganda effort was to persuade non-Jews that the ghettoes were necessary to protect them from the Jews. Jews were said to be carriers of epidemic illnesses while non-Jews were immune to them.**" [Sidenote: What is wrong with this kike's brain? Unable to see the glaring flaw in his lie.] In reality, Jews were interned in camps and ghettos during World War II because Jews were generally hostile toward Germany, and many Jewish partisans were actively killing German troops. In addition to ghetto fighters, Jewish civilians fled to the forests and enlisted in partisan units, carrying out sabotage and intelligence missions.[3] The authorities of the Third Reich reasoned that Jews had to be interned to protect against these sabotage and intelligence operations. This article documents some of the Jewish civilians and groups who actively fought against the Third Reich during World War II. 

Jewish Female Assassins
Jewish historian Dr. Judy Batalion, in her book **The Light of Days**, states that Jewish women who resisted the Third Reich were far more numerous than she had ever imagined. She writes: "**At first, I imagined that the several dozen resistance operatives mentioned in Freuen comprised the total amount. But as soon as I touched on the topic, extraordinary tales of female fighters crawled out from every corner: archives, catalogues, strangers who emailed me their family stories. I found dozens of women’s memoirs published by small presses, and hundreds of testimonies in Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Italian, and English, from the 1940s to today.**" Many Jewish women used stealth and disguises to murder Germans. For example, 24-year-old Niuta Teitelbaum, from the Communist group Spartacus, wore her flaxen hair in braids, appearing like a young 16-year-old—an innocent disguise that hid her role as an assassin. She walked into the office of a high-ranking Gestapo officer, and shot him in cold blood at his desk. Teitelbaum pulled the trigger on yet another German officer while he was in bed in his own home. In another operation, she killed two Gestapo agents and wounded a third who was taken to a hospital. Disguising herself as a doctor, Teitelbaum entered the wounded Gestapo agent’s room, and murdered both him and his guard.[5]

In another instance, Teitelbaum dressed like a Polish farm girl with a kerchief in her blond hair. She walked into a German command post, smiled, and then shot an SS soldier with her pistol. Another time, Teitelbaum strolled up to the guards outside Szucha, and said she needed to speak to a certain officer about a “personal matter.” The guards showed her the way to her “boyfriend’s office,” where she pulled out a concealed pistol with a silencer and shot him in the head. She smiled meekly at the guards on her way out.[6] For these and other acts of lethal resistance, the Gestapo nicknamed Teitelbaum “Little Wanda with the Braids,” and put her on all of its most-wanted lists. She survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but was eventually hunted down and executed a few months later.[7] The lethal nature of the Jewish female assassins caused the Germans to take extreme measures against them. German SS commander Jürgen Stroop wrote:[8] "''They were not human, perhaps devils or goddesses. Calm. As nimble as circus performers. They often fired simultaneously with pistols in both hands. Fierce in combat, right to the end. Approaching them was dangerous. One captured Haluzzenmädel looked timid. Completely resigned. And then suddenly, when a group of our men got within a few steps of her, she pulls a hand grenade out from under her skirt or her breeches and slaughters the SS while showering them with curses to the 10th generation—your hair stands on end! [continued]

The White Man will not have rights to his Land when the Jewbag USA cannot enforce its border.  Be prepared.  This is the Satanic Jews long term plan to foster white genocide.  A government that cannot enforce its border cannot grant land rights.
Is Welcome Home accidentally redpilling the TikTok LGBTQ+ zoomers on Freemasonry/secret societies? 

Basically, to sum it up quick, it’s your standard, flavor-of-the-mouth faggot FNaF/Undertale-tier, horror YouTuber bait, that is for sure, but, if you dig into it, it’s full of a ton of occult references and the whole neighbor/neighborhood thing is clearly inspired by the whole brotherhood motif of secret societies/cults like the Masons and the like. There’s even a picture of ones of the characters posing like Baphomet and the neighborhood structure is similar to the Sefirot (someone on the comment section of the Gay Theory video even noticed this). Lots of kids are getting into it.

I’m pretty sure the person making it is familiar to these occult symbols (they had a picture of the Wally character posing as Baphomet). Their name is literally Clown, which may or may not be intentionally a reference to the Shriners.

Reminds me of when 4chan’s /co/ connected the dots and realized (((Steven Universe))) was satanic. Maybe some retarded purple-haired zoomer will connect the references back to Freemasonry and go down the rabbit until they reach the Jewish aspect of it.

Kind of faggy but I highly recommend Matpat’s theory on it, which touches on the whole neighbor/brotherhood aspect of it but doesn’t really tie it into Freemasonry. I also recommend Night Mind’s video on it. There’s specific videos hidden that NM finds that allude to human sacrifice subtly.

Night Mind’s videos: https://youtube.com/watch?v=vBgFxv5n_WA

Matpat’s videos: https://youtube.com/watch?v=kaKa6bnoXa8

This wasn’t targeted for children but, through shit like Matpat (whose audience is mostly impressionable CHILDREN). This is what your kids are watching in Weimerica, BTW. God, I hate the Antichrist.

One of the pics related is a hidden secret screen someone found on the Welcome Home website. The file was titled "SoBelow", an obvious reference to the phrase, "As Above, So Below". The site itself is full of eyes to reinforce the feeling of something watching you, something all-seeing. Really creepy shit.
If the hercules tabletop laser inginites the hydrogen bomb litium deutride pointed through copper tubes at the earth from above the earth, the lethal gamma radiation burst could kill everbody on earth. I saw about this on the Discovery Cnannel about doomsday weapons.
Overthrowing governments or repelling invasions stuff
Saudações Católicas. Venho por meio deste comentário, não defender o judaísmo, mas tentar levar-vos para a Luz que é Jesus Cristo.
Minha proposta é a volta à Idade Média.
Agora vem a Red Pill: Foi feito um trabalho incansável por parte da imprensa podre, judaísmo, e demais mazelas, para apagar a História Medieval. De tal forma que para tentarmos começar a aprender o pensamento medieval precisamos antes aprender o Latim.
E por que quereríamos aprender o pensamento medieval? Bem, primeiro motivo é que a Idade Média foi o ápice da Igreja Católica (Isto, claro, só é matéria de interesse dos Católicos), e o segundo motivo é que se observarmos bem, veremos que há uma mão invisível que tenta a todo custo não apenas difamar e distorcer, como também apagar a História Medieval. Vejamos algumas diferenças gritantes:
Até o século XVIII sodomia (Qualquer relaçâo homossexual), também chamada de pecado contra a natureza e um dos poucos pecados que bradam ao Céu por vingança, era crime!. Sim, isto mesmo. Enquanto hoje há um movimento gayzista, há 300 anos atrás haviam leis anti sodomia.
E olha que século XVIII nem era mais Idade Média.
E não apenas isto, como também os medievais criam firmemente que existiam dragões, animais alados, monstros do mar, bruxaria e feitiçaria (Por isto se entenda inclusive bruxas que voavam á noite). Será que tudo isso foi um delírio geral e coletivo?
Como pode o Medieval falar de Dragão como se realmente estivesse falando de algo existente?

Tenhamos em mente que a associação do anti-judaísmo ao Nazismo não é algo imediato, muito menos absoluto ou intrínseco.
Isto aí já é propaganda judaica. O Judeu não tá "aí" para brincadeiras. Ele é capaz inclusive de criar uma falsa oposição.

Esta é minha proposta para os caríssimos: Vamos estudar a Idade Média. O Judeu Internacional precisa cair, mas que caia verdadeiramente!
Que não sobre uma sinagoga em pé sequer!

Observação: Embora eu seja contrário ao judaísmo, não simpatizo (Já simpatizei) com o NS.
Estou aberto a críticas construtivas e sou novo por aqui.

Is this a golden opportunity to make leftists go the national socialist way? Maybe we can promote our views in leftypol (the forum of where I obtained this image from), preferably using economic rhetoric, as they only know what's bourgeois and what's proletarian
Putin Approves New Laws To End Online Anonymity, Curtail Free Speech, Driving Away Innovation & Investors

Russian President Vladimir Putin has enacted a series of legal amendments that could spell the end of online anonymity, curtail free speech and stifle innovation.

The amendments, officially titled Federal Law No. 406-FZ, were approved by Putin on July 31 and take effect immediately, with some provisions slated to come into force before Christmas 2023.

The law requires individuals to provide verifiable proof of identification before gaining access to Russian online platforms. As part of this crackdown on online anonymity, foreign email systems are set to be banned with stringent measures slated to take effect by the end of this year.

The use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) remains permissible, but any content that promotes their use for evasion purposes is now considered a criminal act.

Furthermore, the internet hosting services of Russia require state registration and adherence to strict guidelines. The Russian government seeks to "enhance its customer service and security" (aka revealing identities to spy on them in real time) – thus, hosting companies are now mandated to identify potential customers using approved procedures and are held accountable for the content on their platforms. This will no doubt destroy the faith in online communication, rendering many sites to completely shut down and drive many Russians into living much of their lives completely offline.

By September 2024, only companies listed on the state-managed register will be eligible for use by public entities, while "computing power" and "information systems" will be restricted (wtf?).

The new legislation, passed under Federal Law No. 406-FZ, is set to have far-reaching implications for both internet users and businesses. It could stifle creativity and potentially push entrepreneurs to leave the country.

The banning of foreign email systems would limit user access to only state-approved email services. This action limits choices and access to global communication platforms.

While VPN providers are not outright outlawed, posting information online that advises users on circumventing the state-approved identification mechanisms using tools like VPNs or Tor will be deemed a criminal offense. This presents a chilling effect on discussions around privacy and tools to safeguard it.

The legislation also brings hosting companies under strict government scrutiny. This threatens the independence of hosting services and exposes them to potential liability for the content posted by users on their platforms. Many platforms are likely to close access to Russian citizens, and many Russian platforms are likely to close altogether.

The introduction of these amendments has raised alarm bells about the future of the Russian internet landscape. Critics argue that these measures could push internet entrepreneurs to either fall in line with the government's agenda, go offline or leave the country altogether. The stifling of free speech and the invasive surveillance of online activities threaten to drive away innovators and investors.

Lebanese here living in hyperinflation
the beirut port (((explosion))) commemoration is in 3 days
fuck kikes
fuck (((banks)))
and fuck hyperinflation 
ask me anything about the crisis
This is how leftists behave in leftypol-siberia. How irrational and immature are they!
My gift for Vladimir Ilyich Putin, the most influential collaborator of the Jewish globalist communist agenda.

You gotta kill all those communists out there, including high-profile Russian governmental figures (they've been communist since 1917, mate)
To understand why jews want to eliminate whites, first you need to understand how jews view the world and its people. None of this is an exaggeration by the way, this is literally word for word what they believe:
> Non-jews are literally not human
> Non-jews were created by god to serve as slaves for the jews
> The only reason non-jews look like humans is because god made them that way so jews wouldn't have to look at a bunch of animals serving them
> Stealing from non-jews isn't a crime or bad in any way
> Killing a non-jew is like killing a wild animal; not a crime, doesn't matter
> Raping a non-jew, surprise surprise, is also okay. Granted they do have minimum age requirements. I think for it to be okay to rape a non-jewish girl, she has to be at least 9 years old
> Everything non-jews own is the rightfully jewish claim, god-given property of the jewish people. Possessions, your house, real estate, countries, all of it

Given that, the motivation for controlling the entire planet makes sense; jews literally believe that they are supposed to; its theirs. They believe they're preordained by god to rule over a planet of slaves. Now, how do white people fit into this? White people have a storied history of fighting back against jewish control. That whole "jews have been kicked out of 109 countries" thing? Yeah, that was White people. And jews have been seething about this for, literally, millennia. These people want Whites dead more than anything in life. You cannot fathom how much jews hate White people. And jews have never been exterminated, never been genocide, never anything. They've been kicked out, a LOT, but nobody in history has ever actually tried to kill them all. Obviously the holocaust never happened, but what was happening was an attempt to expel the jews. 

But it's not a fair fight between jews and White people, because White people have this disease in their brains that prevents them from doing what's necessary to survive. It's sometimes called "pathological altruism" - White people will do practically anything in their power, and some things that aren't, just to be "accepted" by society (or what they view to be society). They will gleefully welcome in hostile foreigners. Rabidly defend Israel online and in person. Recoil in horror from someone expressing doubt about ANY aspect of the holocaust. All because it makes them feel like society will accept them and let them stay. It's the thing Whites have an instinctive, genetic fear of the most, above everything else in life: being excluded. Why? Winter. White people evolved in places where a winter alone meant death. You HAVE to be accepted by your tribe or your village, because if you aren't, you die.
The Natashas 2003.
The Natashas book: One if not the best and most informative books I have ever read. On page 145-146 it talks about a Russian woman who after being arrested for prostitution by an Israeli cop was sold to another pimp for a fistful of dollars. If you are an American your taxes pay his salary.

Semion Mogilevich Organization-Eurasian Organized Crime 1996.
Semion Mogilevich. His Bratva are guilty of almost everything and many of his lieutenants have Israel passports and very likely have ties to the Israeli government as mentioned on page 44.

Contraband Women (NYT admits the problem but blames the victims) 1998.
Even the NYT once talked openly about these crimes. Notice they call these women naive, they actually blame them for the crimes of Israeli gangsters.

Women as Commodities-Trafficking in Women in Israel 2003.
From a Israeli women’s group this document talks about Israeli courts siding with Jewish pimps rather than their Slavic victims. Slavic girls are thrown into prisons and treated like criminals while those who raped, tortured, and enslaved them go free Some of these trafficked girls were as young as 11 with girls as young as 16 languishing in Israeli prisons.  On page 18 it is mentioned that these brothels would often give discounts to soldier and in act of bizarre depravity a 13 year old was “given” a Ukrainian woman for his Bar Mitzvah.

DOJ Trafficking in Women From Ukraine 2002.
Dept of Justice Report on trafficking of women in the Ukraine. Openly talks about the proceeds of these criminals being stored in Israel as mentioned on page 21.

Red Mafiya 2000.
Another out of print book. Discusses the Jewish nature of the Russian Mob and mentions on page 49 how Jewish interest shut down the investigation into Russian organized crime in NYC, so as not to generate antisemitism. The author may have been murdered.

My analysis of these documents is incomplete. I can’t read anymore, I cried for the last  half hour and want to puke, to scream, to rip my hair out. All I can do is give these documents to you hoping that people will wake up to what they pay taxes and fight wars for. The cruelty, the malice, it is so horrific, they just want to torture people, even to torture children, forever. This is a prime evil.
Mirror download link:  https://anonfiles.com/A7kfG8k8z3/Red&#95;Mafiya&#95;zip
I do not fucking give a shit about faglet/troonlet/copterlet sprogs. They were already retarded and gullible to begin with. They deserve to be fucking beaten to death with mallets.

By the way, trannies and attack helicopters are neutered retards that were never male or femoidal to begin with. They're too fucking retarded to bone retarded sprogs or kill themselves, and the only "pronouns" you should refer to them as are "it/its".
Operation Popeye: How The US Government Turned The Weather Into A Weapon Of War

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. was up against the ropes. Anti-war protests were growing louder, and our military was taking heavy losses. It was crunch time, and that’s when the U.S. government rolled out one of their wildest cards: “Operation Popeye.” What was it? A secret plan to turn the weather into a weapon to make it rain and flood out the Ho Chi Minh Trail — the Viet Cong’s main thoroughfare.

Popular Science:
Though it cycled through several names in its history, “Operation Popeye” stuck. Its stated objective—to ensure Americans won the Vietnam War—was never realized, but the revelation that the U.S. government played God with weather-altering warfare changed history. The Nixon administration distracted, denied, and, it seems, outright lied to Congress, but enterprising reporters published damning stories about rain being used as a weapon, and the Pentagon papers dripped classified details like artificial rain. Eventually, the federal government would declassify its Popeye documents and international laws aimed at preventing similar projects would be on the books.

But the public would, more or less, forget it ever happened. Given the rise of geo-engineering projects, both from municipal governments and private companies, some experts believe Popeye is newly relevant.

Operation Popeye relied on a technique called “cloud seeding,” where crystals are dropped into clouds to induce rainfall.

The Popular Science article continues:
At first, no one seemed to consider the wartime applications of cloud seeding, but on March 20, 1967, the “operational phase” of Popeye began. Pilots and their crew would soar over select regions of Vietnam with a canister of silver or lead iodide, which were, by the 1960s, considered two of the primary sources of water condensation nuclei. The plane crew would ignite the canisters and release particle-rich smoke into an existing storm. If all went well, the jolt of artificial nuclei would reverberate through the system, forcibly spurring additional precipitation.

Despite 80 years of cloud seeding efforts, rigorous research aimed at proving (or disproving) its efficacy is still underway. During their top secret briefing on Popeye, Senators Pell and Case were told that though U.S. taxpayers paid, without their knowledge, some $3.6 million a year for such operations over Vietnam (or about $23 million a year in today’s dollars), Popeye’s success was “certainly limited” and also fundamentally “unverifiable.”

As he digested these facts—processed the full extent of the secret wartime weather manipulation project—Senator Pell seemed increasingly indignant, as documented in the official meeting report. Why, he asked, was it kept secret? And what other secrets were there? “The thing that concerns me,” Pell said, “is not rainmaking per se, but when you open Pandora’s box, what comes out with it?” When the details of Operation Popeye were made public a two months later, on May 19, 1974, many Americans—as well as our allies and enemies abroad—were left pondering the same question.

Here’s an even deeper dive into Operation Popeye: https://youtube.com/watch?v=9mJqFxArpy0
Elon Musk, the iconic entrepreneur behind SpaceX and Tesla, is widely hailed as a genius, a disruptor, and sometimes, a misfit. However, since his takeover of Twitter in 2022, several of his promises to uphold Twitter (now X) as a “free speech” platform have fallen through. Popular YouTube personality Jeremy Hambly, AKA “The Quartering,” highlighted that most of the missteps began with the appointment of Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino. She entered the scene with a questionable track record, marked by apparent censorial tendencies and alleged affiliations with the World Economic Forum (WEF). Such a background was, for many, a red flag. Elon’s choice was, at the outset, a bid to salvage Twitter’s dwindling profitability through an aggressive advertising focus. And true, in the short term, advertising is the lifeline Twitter needs, especially as it continues to bleed cash.

However, Musk had promised a renewed emphasis on ‘freedom of speech, not freedom of reach’ for Twitter. The intention behind this was to differentiate between the right to voice an opinion and the reach that opinion gets on the platform. But the implementation seems to have missed the mark. The reality is that while Twitter, under Musk, was vocal about being a ‘free speech’ platform, there was an alarming increase in account bans and content deboosting. Such actions made one question the transparency and authenticity of Musk’s commitment. It’s evident that any content deemed ‘spicy’ or potentially contentious faced an 81% deboost, a statistic unsettling to many, especially when such determinations rely heavily on automated systems known for inaccuracies. Musk’s assurances were further undermined by policies rolled out, which eerily resembled the old ‘Twitter 1.0’ rules - stringent content guidelines against incitement, threats, or what they ambiguously termed ‘abusive content.’ It felt like a rerun, only under a different leadership banner.

Yet, it wasn’t just about speech. Musk’s takeover promised no permanent bans unless there was a breach of the law. This pledge, however, remained unfulfilled as numerous accounts faced unwarranted permanent bans, highlighting a glaring discrepancy between promises and actions. For example, popular Twitter personality @dom_lucre was banned shortly after questioning the drowning of former President Barack Obama’s personal chef. It wasn’t until a massive public outcry over the suspension that @dom_lucre’s account was reinstated. The same goes for former pharma executive Sasha Latypova. Her account was banned for reported “hate speech,” a far cry from being unlawful speech and a vague term that can be weaponized to silence speech one doesn’t like. Latypova’s account was also reinstated, but it wasn’t until criticism of the suspension that “X” decided to reverse its decision.

Substack is a blogging platform primarily intended for independent writers, who depend on user subscriptions to support themselves. Ever since a controversy after the launching of “notes,” an added Substack feature similar to “X,” Substack articles no longer receive an image preview on “X,” making someone far less likely to click the shared link. In addition, the deboosting of the external link is far more severe than that of other news outlets — even if someone manually includes an image. In my own experience [the author of this article], sharing a post with a Substack link could receive as high as an 80% to 90% reduction in engagement compared to a post with no external link with an image or video. usk has repeatedly said, “Unless people that you don’t like can say things that you don’t like, it’s not free speech.” 

[OP note: Are you surprised the Hebejew name (((Elon))) from the jewish University of Pretoria whom partnered Tesla with Israeli Cortica and is a member of the WEF isn't trustworthy? Because I'm not surprised.]

Hey so I got a few questions just to clear up a couple things that some people say about national socialism as well as my general thoughts on things in general.

So I guess I start from the beginning the way I view a nation as it should be is as a garden where the government acts to grow a strong and powerful people. In that garden anything can grow which represents the myriad of talents with the strongest being allowed to propagate themselves and the weaker allowed to attempt but inevitably fail. In the propagation of the strongest both the people and nation benefit however there must be a recognition of the weak and the strong and that there are different weaknesses and strengths. I have talked to some people who say that if they were to ever get power they would institute universal basic income which I think just incentivizes laziness. 

I guess what I'm trying to clear up do the people here believe in a hierarchy or do they believe everyone is equal?
Jews are upset that when Whites are using Gold Silver Bullets and Monero that they cannot impose income tax to steal white labor.  The Jews Bailed out Banks purpose is to spy on white transactions so that Jews can impose income tax which is White Labor Theft.  White Labor Theft is how the Jews afford to terrorize white communities by importing endless Niggers.   I make it my business to only support small white business owners. Never spending a dollar at a jews business EVER!  Grow the White Economy Not the Nigger-Jew Bailout Economy! Fuck Jews Fuck Nigger White Power! Heil Hitler!
12 Undeniable Signs Despotic "kikes" Are Engineering the End of Humanity

It's no longer taboo to publicly talk about depopulation. Even many who once dismissed the concept as a conspiracy theory are now publicly acknowledging the reality that global efforts are under way to drastically reduce the human population on planet Earth.

Mainstream media now frequently talks about "climate lockdowns" as a good thing -- to cease human activity on planet Earth in order to "save the planet" from so-called climate change, a wholesale fabrication and fake science fraud rooted in the lie that carbon dioxide is somehow bad for life on the planet. (Without it, there would be no photosynthesis, no plants, no animals and no humans.)

Now, corporate media is openly calling for climate blackouts and lockdowns, the rationing of air conditioning and possibly even banning the use of electricity to cool homes and buildings during hot weather days. This is all being positioned as necessary to save the planet, of course. The Los Angeles Times, for example, recently published a story asking whether an "occasional blackout" might "help solve climate change."

Green agenda alarmists in the corporate media are now calling for widespread electrical grid blackouts for “the greater good” of “solving the climate crisis.” In an article from the Los Angeles Times, the establishment media outlet argues that it would be “easier and less expensive to fight climate change” if the public would “be willing to live with” blackouts.

We are past the point, in other words, of the controlled corporate media saying that engineered blackouts and climate lockdowns are just a conspiracy theory -- even though NPR still claims that the push to get people to eat bugs is a conspiracy theory, not long after NPR promoted insects as the next great food source. Now, the controlled media is openly claiming that the functioning of human society will destroy the planet. Therefore, they imply, the only way to save the planet is to take down the food and energy infrastructure that keeps humanity alive.

MY COMMENT: They are gearing up to take America offline and off-grid after they crush Europe the same way, so you best be prepared and have contingencies planned! Never ever trust this government to do anything good for you or to protect you, remember they want us all enslaved or dead!

The current population of human beings on planet Earth, of course, is a function of affordable food powered by affordable, abundant energy (mostly in the form of fossil fuels). Ending this -- which is now the admitted goal of climate cultists, Democrats and the same "science" community that told us COVID vaccines were safe and effective -- will inevitably result in global depopulation of the human race. No fuel = no farms. No farms = no food. No food = no people. This is the openly admitted goal.

Here, I list twelve undeniable signs that kikes are actively seeking the extermination of the human race from this planet.


LOL! Lizard DNA Sent-in To "23 and Me" For Analysis, Results Claimed It Human Blood!

A man and his wife own a Lizard as a pet, and they got the idea to send the Lizard DNA in to the Company 23 and Me for DNA Analysis; ancestry.  The results came 3 months later... 51% Ashkenazi Jewish, 48% West Asian, North African.

Remember: "Trust the science!"

https://www.bitchute.com/video/UgLUdssYJ0P8/ [Embed]

so ridiculors. Paraguay a colony of spain can also cost taiwan so much. then how about others????
4,800,000 USD!!! Fuck!
==Journalist Goes Undercover To Expose The ADL's Nefarious Social Media Censorship Regime==

The ADL’s once-respected reputation now stands alongside the likes of the ACLU, Mafia, and those evil bastards creating gas station sushi – in other words, it’s in shambles. This is just another example of a “mask” being ripped off like a three-week old bandaid, exposing the ADL as  another flunky for the progressive left. And their mission is clear: To censor and “cancel” anyone who dissents from their political views, deploying tactics like labeling individuals as “racists,” “bigots,” and “anti-semites,” among other things. Now, a recent investigative series has unearthed another card up the ADL’s sleeve: social media censorship, focusing on Elon Musk’s X. This revelation is serious; as the ADL’s latest actions go way beyond name-calling and silencing. In fact, many months back, Revolver published an exposé uncovering a troubling alliance between the disgraced ADL and PayPal, shedding light on a sinister and deeply concerning collaboration that catapulted the ADL into people’s finances.

For years, the debate over Big Tech and its threat to freedom has centered most prominently on free speech. At stake is whether or not conservatives, populists, or any free-thinking or independent-minded individual who objects to our Regime’s corrupt ruling class will be allowed to share their views on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and even whether they will be allowed to create alternatives without being hounded out of business.

This battle is extremely important. But an arguably even more important fight concerns the financial ecosystem of the Internet, and on that front the situation is no less dire. Two weeks ago, PayPal abruptly announced a major new partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to investigate the financial transactions of its users:

PayPal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL), in partnership with ADL (the Anti-Defamation League), today announced a new partnership initiative to fight extremism and hate through the financial industry and across at-risk communities. This is the latest effort by PayPal in combating racism, hate and extremism across its platforms and the industry.

Through this collaboration, PayPal and ADL have launched a research effort to address the urgent need to understand how extremist and hate movements throughout the U.S. are attempting to leverage financial platforms to fund criminal activity. The intelligence gathered through this research initiative will be shared broadly across the financial industry and with policymakers and law enforcement.

Corrupt FBI Lied About White Supremacist Threat While Treating Catholics As Terrorists

Chris Wray’s FBI is doing Satan’s work.

As Gateway Pundit reported in April, Chris Wray’s FBI is now infiltrating Catholic parishes. 

The FBI agents are engaging in outreach to Catholic leaders to spy on Americans practicing their Christian faith.

This was a shocking revelation. We already knew the FBI-DOJ was targeting traditional Catholics from earlier reporting.  Now we had evidence they are infiltrating Catholic parishes.

Chris Wray’s FBI sent out a memo warning agents of the dangerous ‘radical traditionalist Catholic ideology’ that was gaining popularity in the country. The memo was posted at UncoverDC.com by former FBI special agent Kyle Seraphin: https://www.uncoverdc.com/2023/02/08/the-fbi-doubles-down-on-christians-and-white-supremacy-in-2023/

When the FBI was busted targeting Catholics in a now-retracted leaked document which said Roman Catholics were 'at risk of committing acts of extremist violence,' the agency downplayed it as the work of a 'rogue field office.'

Now, thanks to a less-redacted internal FBI document released Wednesday by the House Judiciary Committee, we learn that the effort was far more widespread than the agency acknowledged.

Chairman Jim Jordan of the House Judiciary Committee published the letter he wrote to FBI Chief Chris Wray in April.

Chris Wray should have been forced to resign and brought up on charges following this revelation that FBI was involved in condut that was clearly political and unconstitutional.

Now, newly released documents reveal MULTIPLE FBI offices across the country were colluding to target traditional Catholics.

The EPA Wants To Run A FAKE Industry That Produces NOTHING And Expects American Taxpayers To Pay For It

As if Americans have not suffered enough from an oppressive third world totalitarian regime who is destroying the American economy, weaponizing the Justice system to attack the First Amendment of the US Constitution - free speech, as well targeting political opponents, allowing illegals with polio and tuberculosis into the United States to spread deadly disease, ordering social media companies to censor their users for dissent, bullying business owners for defending their right to stop looting and theft in their stores, banning basic appliances Americans use to live their lives every day while bringing the US into the brink of an unwanted highly dangerous and unpopular world war, now this oppressive third world totalitarian regime wants to create a fake industry that will in no way benefit Americans at all, while usurping land and having taxpayers pay for it! We all know in America today, we no longer live in a free market capitalist country where the old traditional yet very basic concept of "supply and demand" is applied anymore. Well the EPA is making it very clear with this new stupid move.

The top lobbying group for US power plants penned a lengthy letter to President Biden's Environmental Protection Agency, arguing that the administration's aggressive plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas-fired plants is "unworkable" because it relies on "unproven technologies."

Edison Electric Institute (EEI), whose members include Consolidated Edison Inc., Dominion Energy Inc., FirstEnergy Corp., and Southern Company, said the EPA's "rulemaking record simultaneously downplays the various infrastructure challenges to deploying" carbon-capture systems (CCS) and hydrogen, "while overplaying the current state of deployment and demonstration of each technology." 

EEI continued, "Given these realities, neither CCS nor hydrogen blending are adequately demonstrated today as they are not deployable, available, or affordable across the entirety of the industry, and the attendant supporting infrastructure will take more time than EPA predicts to deploy. This assessment factors in the timelines that EPA proposes for standards that may not be applicable until several years in the future. Accordingly, unit owners and operators have significant concerns about the achievability of the proposed standards." 

EEI's members power the homes of nearly 250 million Americans and operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The power industry supports seven million (7,000,000) jobs nationwide, and EEI's members invest $140 billion annually into improving the grid.

"As we outline in these comments, electric companies are not confident that the new technologies EPA has designated to serve as the basis for proposed standards for new and existing fossil-based generation will satisfy performance and cost requirements on the timelines that EPA projects," the letter pointed out. 

The EEI membership warned: "This will impact electric companies' efforts to deliver affordable and reliable electricity to customers."

The race to decarbonize the power sector has already left the nation's largest grid, PJM Interconnection, with increasing reliability risks.

House Republicans Release Biden Family Bank Records Showing Payments From Foreign Oil Oligarchs

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday revealed over $20 million in payments they claim foreign actors from places like Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan sent the Biden family and their associates while Joe Biden was vice president.

Hunter specifically received millions from Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, Ukrainian energy giant Burisma, and Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev while father Joe was VP, the committee found.

The records show Baturina wired $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, a shell company belonging to Hunter and Archer, in February 2014.

Three-quarters of a million dollars was then transferred directly to Archer, and the rest was used to fund a new company, Rosemont Seneca Bohai.

The bank record shows a transfer of $3.5 million on February 14, 2014 and a transfer of $2.7 million to Rosemont Seneca Bohai on March 11, 2014.

"During Joe Biden’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden sold him as ‘the brand’ to reap millions from oligarchs in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. It appears no real services were provided other than access to the Biden network, including Joe Biden himself. And Hunter Biden seems to have delivered," said committee chairman James Comer (R-KY).

"It’s clear Joe Biden knew about his son’s business dealings and allowed himself to be ‘the brand’ sold to enrich the Biden family while he was Vice President of the United States."

In one instance, Kazakh oil oligarch Kenes Rakishev wired $142,000 to Hunter Biden's shell corporation to buy a new Porsche (which Hunter bought the next day), before a dinner was set up between the oligarch and Joe Biden, bank records show.

And on March 25, 2014, there were two separate transfers for $2.2 million and $200,000 respectively into the Rosemont Seneca Bohai account, which Hunter and Devon Archer used to receive other personal payments such as those from Burisma. The committee says Hunter then transferred the money into another Rosemont Seneca Bohai account that he and Archer were able to access.

After this, then-VP Joe Biden attended a dinner with Baturina, Hunter, Archer and others at Cafe Milano in Washington DC.

And guess who was left off Biden's list of sanctioned Russian oligarchs? Baturina.

The committee has subpoenaed records from six different banks and have received thousands of records regarding the shell corps, but have not yet subpoenaed bank records for the Biden family.


Good! Kenya Refuses To Be Data Harvesting Guinea Pigs To Globalist WorldCoin ID Mark of the Beast

The Kenyan Ministry of the Interior last week suspended the controversial tech firm WorldCoin and any similar entities from operating in the country.

Co-founded by OpenAI's Sam Altman, WorldCoin offers free crypto tokens worth roughly $50 to people willing to have their eyeballs scanned by a device called the Orb.

"Relevant security, financial services and data protection agencies have commenced inquiries and investigations to establish the authenticity and legality of the aforesaid activities, the safety and protection of the data being harvested, and how the harvesters intend to use the data," reads a statement from the Ministry issued last week.

Kenyan Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua was enraged over the technology, saying in a statement: "Let us support the stoppage of Kenyans being used as guinea pigs and their data being harvested.

"You have to ask yourself why your eyes are being scanned and information gathered. What does it mean and what will it mean to you and your offspring?"

Another CS, Kithure Kindiki, assured citizens that the government would undertake all measures to ensure public safety and the integrity of financial transactions involving so many citizens.

That said, WorldCoin technically hasn't broken any Kenyan laws - which, we imagine, is one of the reasons it was rolled out there.

In response to the ban, WorldCoin co-founder Alex Blania claimed that the company's intentions are above board.

"Tools for Humanity (TFH) has paused World ID verifications in Kenya as we continue to work with local regulators to address their questions. We apologise to everyone in Kenya for the delay," he stated.

Worldcoin's stated purpose is to build a global identification system using iris scans, which can prove that a person is human (**albiet there are non-invasive captchas that still do that too!**). The company argues that in the future, when Artificial Intelligence (AI) is 'fully functional,' it will be difficult to determine whether a subject is human or machine.

Bank Of America Ready To Collapse As Shareholders DUMP Everything

In the last year, many Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) insiders sold a substantial stake in the company.

Knowing whether insiders are buying is usually more helpful when evaluating insider transactions, as insider selling can have various explanations. However, when multiple insiders sell stock over a specific duration, shareholders - and banking customers - should take notice as that could possibly be a red flag.

Over the last year, the biggest insider sale was by the President of Global Corporate & Investment Banking, Matthew Koder, for US$7.7m worth of shares, at about US$35.91 per share.

The last three months saw significant insider selling at Bank of America. In total, President of Regional Banking Dean Athanasia dumped US$2.4m worth of shares in that time, and we didn't record any purchases whatsoever.

In the last year Bank of America insiders didn't buy any company stock.

So "Insiders" sold stock recently, but they haven't been buying. Looking to the last twelve months, the data doesn't show any insider buying.  What does THAT tell you?

Commiefornia, USSA: Victim Who Defended Store From Criminal Looter Faces Jail Time

Just when it appeared that a law abiding business owner had scored a victory against a scumbag shoplifter for once by subduing him with an almighty thrashing, the police have stepped in to criminally investigate the shopkeeper for assault.

KCRA.com reports that the clerk at a 7-Eleven in Stockton, Northern California, who was captured on video taking down a man threatening to pull a gun and filling up a barrel full of products to steal is now the one under investigation by the cops.

The would-be-thief had visited the store three times on the evening in question, each time threatening the shop keepers and stealing from them.

On the third attempt he got what was coming to him.

As we see time and again, police don’t even bother preventing robbery anymore, and now they’re treating business owners who are forced to defend themselves as the criminals, while the assailants have somehow become the victims.

When the government encourages lawlessness - as California clearly does - we are no longer witnessing mere property crimes. Instead, we are witnessing the slow death of the people whose property is under endless assault from brazen robbers who know that they cannot be touched.

For the Sikh men, the loss of a job during the shabby Biden economy has the real potential to mean the end of their lives: The end of their having a home, raising a family… heck, even feeding their family. When crime becomes the norm, everyone’s life is at stake.

But since this is California and, as in Superman’s Bizarro Land, everything is backward in the most evil way, I fully expect the robber to get a pass because “he’s been punished enough,” while the brave Sikhs who stepped up in a law-enforcement vacuum, find themselves caught in the California “justice” system.

Welcome to a third world failed state. Perhaps more business owners should take notice, and leave the shithole state before they too become victims.

PROPHECY Of The Korean Destruction By My Hand Of Wrath And Anger Against Them

"Korea shall be destroyed, My son. They offend Me. Few serve Me there in Spirit and truth. Most are religious and have no power. They shall be destroyed. My wrath shall be poured out on the sinful nation of Korea. It is full of lewdness, debauchery, wickedness, witchcraft, and other sins. You shall pray against it. Few serve Me in Spirit and truth, My son. Most live in sin in Korea. You shall pray against it. However, they shall start World War Three when they invade China. Pray that this does not happen. However, My wrath is against them, both Koreas. They shall be devoured by the fire of My wrath for they are sinful above all else. Pray that this does not happen. Your LORD has spoken. Amen and amen, My son."
Well No Shit! Australian Senate Admits Covid Clot Shots Have Been Killing People

Sparks flew during a contentious public hearing in the Australian Parliament earlier this week as Representatives from Pfizer and Moderna gave unsatisfactory answers to multiple lawmakers’ questions.

The Australian Senate’s ‘Education and Employment Legislation Committee’  held a hearing Wednesday regarding the status of the COVID-19 vaccines, which included witnesses from Pfizer Australia, Moderna, and the Australia’s Theraputic Goods Administration (TGA).

Conservative lawmakers were outraged that at least half of all Australians got COVID after the country imposed some of the most draconian lockdowns and vaccine mandates in the world.

During the hearing, a Pfizer representative insisted that no one was forced to get the risky COVID-19 jabs in Australia, despite the county’s strict mandates.

“You actually made a comment that no one was forced to have the vaccination,” Hanson said,  after initially attributing the comment to his colleague Dr. Krishan Thiru, Pfizer Australia’s Country Medical Director.

“You were in Australia during COVID-19 … you must have been fully aware that people—nurses, doctors, people—to keep their jobs, were forced to have the vaccination,” she said.

“Mandates and vaccine requirements are determined by governments and health authorities. I believe everyone was offered an opportunity to get a vaccine or not get a vaccine and I don’t believe that anybody was forced to take the vaccine.”

“A lot of Australians will disagree with you on that one,” Hanson shot back.

Senator Alex Antic had cited statistics showing that cases of Myocarditis spiked precipitously in South Australia following introduction of the COVID injections.

“Now, we know that myocarditis and pericarditis are two heart inflammation conditions well associated with the COVID mRNA injections — even the Theraputic Goods Administration admits to that, Antic began.

“Yet despite this well-established fact, the injections were mandated to thousands of Australians and speaking out about these incursions on freedom got one labeled an anti-vaxxer or a peddler of dangerous disinformation,” the senator continued.

Antic cited data he obtained through a Freedom of Information request from the South Australia Health Department that tracked cardiac related presentations in 15-year-olds to 44-year-olds going back to 2018.

The senator showed a chart indicating that the numbers remained steady at 1,100 a month from January 2018 until July of 2021 when it “drastically spiked.” By November of 2021, he said, the number of cases peaked at  2,172 per month, almost double the norm. The rise in cases, he noted, took place “just as these injections were rolled out.”

Antic noted that there was another spike in cardiac related presentations in February of 2023, “just when the boosters were being mandated.”

“These injections are harming, and in many cases, killing our young people,” Antic declared. “So what does SA Health have to say about this? Nothing. They continue to roll out the injections. They continue to push the injection narrative. This injection campaign is going to go down as the greatest scandal in medical history and none of you said a single thing.”

“Your vaccine mandate was using your own batch of vaccine especially imported for Pfizer and not tested by the TGA?” conservative Senator Malcolm Roberts asked Dr. Hewitt.

The Everything Bubble is about to turn to the Everything Collapse!

This is the inescapable outcome for the Western world.

The world economy should have collapsed in 2008 were it not for a massive Hocus Pocus exercise by Western central banks. At that time, global debt was $125 trillion plus derivatives. Today debt is $325 trillion plus quasi-debt or derivatives of probably $2+ quadrillion. 

The US is today running bigger deficits than ever at a time when: The interest rate cycle is strongly up. There is only one buyer of US debt – the Fed. De-dollarisation will lead to a rapid decline of the dollar.

The financial system should have been allowed to collapse 15 years ago when the problem was 1/3 of today. But governments and central bankers prefer to postpone the inevitable and thus passing the batten to their successors thereby exacerbating the problem.

The world is now desperately clinging on to a false prosperity, based on false money, false moral values, false financial values, false politics and politicians, false media, false reporting of reality whether vaccines, climate, genders or history, etc.

Let’s look at some synonyms to false or falsehood according to Thesaurus: Cover-up, deceit, deception, dishonesty, fabrication, fakery, perjury, sham, fraud, etc.

Yes, all of the above fits today’s West and especially the US. But as I often point out, history repeats itself so this is nothing new. But since most major cycles can take 100 years from boom to bust and back again, very few people experience a severe depression in their lifetime.

In the West, the last major depression was in the 1930s followed by WWII.

Yes, I have repeated a similar message for quite a while. My purpose with this repetition is obvious. The world and in particular the Western economies are facing a wealth destruction never before seen in history and very few people are prepared for it.

As the Romans said “repetition is the mother of learning”.

Debt is not the sole reason for the problems which the world is now facing. Instead debt is a consequence of the falsehood culture that that is toxifying the world.

Unacceptable increases in sovereign debts arise when governments can no longer tell the truth, **if they ever could**!

So the end of the current economic cycle started when Nixon closed the gold window on August 15,1971. At that point, he realised that the US could no longer continue to run budget deficits as they had done since the early 1930s. To get rid of the disciplinary shackles of gold allowed the US government and most central banks to create “finger-snapping” money. This is what a Swedish Riksbank official called creating money out of thin air.

By 2030, debt could be as high as $3 quadrillion. This assumes that the quasi debt of global derivatives of $2 – $2.5 quadrillion has been “rescued” by central banks in order to stop the financial system from imploding.

The bank failures in mid-March starting with Silicon Valley Bank were just a warning shot. Banks need high rates and a reduction in the loan portfolio to survive. But borrowers, both commercial and private, need lower rates and more credit to survive.

This is a dilemma without solution. It will end up with both sides losing. Borrowers will default and banks will go bankrupt.

Before that there will be the biggest debt feast in the history of the world. It requires no skill, no assets, no security to create the quadrillions of dollars which will temporarily defer the problem. All that is needed is a bit more finger-snapping before the whole insolvent corrupt system collapses.

> t. living in hyperinflation
like the namefag suggests, im a survivor of the Beirut port (((explosion)))
kikes deserve the rope
our savings are decimated
stack crypto/metals
hoard food/meds/ammo
learn to live minimally
fuck keynesian jews
ask me anything about living here




Jim Gale Unlocks The Secret To An ENDLESS FOOD SUPPLY In Super Popular Episode of Decentralize.TV

Food Forest Abundance founder Jim Gale has unlocked the secret to an endless food supply through the creation of a "food forest" that requires no gardening (and can be grown virtually anywhere).

Creating your own abundance food supply is a form of decentralization, which means shifting food dependence from centralized (corporate) agriculture to your local community.

With food skyrocketing in price and food rationing likely to be implemented soon, the more food you grow locally, the more you become immune to food weaponization and engineered starvation by the anti-human kikes.

Plus, local food is healthier and more nutritious than factory-produced food. Most importantly, you don't need government permission to harvest your own food, which means that a local food forest is "permissionless."

If you need permission to access something, then you are a slave, not a free person. A food forest creates permissionless food in the same sense that gold, silver and crypto are permissionless money.

Even better, food forests transmute free sunlight energy into human energy via food and nutrition, all at zero cost that the government cannot tax. Realize the power in harnessing the power of nature to produce food for which you pay no taxes whatsoever. This is tax-free nutrition and natural medicine that the government can't track, control or weaponize against you.

Planting food is an act of courage and rebellion that transcends corporate food centralization and the mass poisoning of the food supply with pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. Learn more about growing your own food forest -- and decentralizing your food supply chain -- in today's powerful episode of Decentralize.TV featuring Jim Gale of https://foodforestabundance.com/



==MAYDAY! Poland Moves Troops To Belarus Border As Russia Moves Nukes To Cuba==

With every passing day, the disturbing possibility of a widening of the Ukraine war with the participation of other nations in direct military hostilities is becoming more and more palpable.

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director, Sergei Naryshkin, repeated today his warning that Poland is considering deploying troops on western Ukraine to establish control there.

The SVR head believes that Warsaw is finally coming to realize that the defeat of Ukraine is just a matter of time.

“The Polish leadership is intensifying the mindset to introduce control in the western territories of Ukraine, the western regions by deploying their troops there,” Naryshkin said at a meeting held by President Vladimir Putin with the permanent members of the Security Council.”

President Vladimir Putin instructed Naryshkin to monitor Poland’s plans for Ukraine, and said that Poland plans to form ‘a coalition under the guise of NATO’ to intervene in the conflict in Ukraine.

“As for the Polish leaders, they probably expect to form a coalition within NATO… and directly intervene in the conflict in Ukraine in order to then ‘tear off’ a fatter piece [of land] for themselves, to regain, as they believe, their historical territories – today’s Western Ukraine’, Vladimir Putin said.”

Reports in the media talk about an union between Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, Putin added.

“There have been media reports about plans to create a certain so-called Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian union: that is, we are not talking about some gathering of mercenaries, there are enough of them, and they are being destroyed, namely a regular, assembled, equipped military unit that is planned to be used for actions on the territory of Ukraine, including for allegedly ensuring the security of the current Western Ukraine. And in fact, if you call things by their proper names — for the subsequent occupation of these territories,” Putin said at a meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council.

But the Polish territorial ambitions in Ukraine are not just a province of Russian propaganda, as many would have you think. Ex-Ukrainian president Yanukovych has also addressed this topic.

Former President Viktor Yanukovych also said that Ukraine’s statehood is under threat and it may be forced to merge with Poland. 

‘No matter how painful it is for me to write about this today, but the statehood of Ukraine is in extreme danger. It is threatened with complete destruction. At the same time, we are talking not only about the risk of losing vast territories in the south and east of the country’, Yanukovych said in May 2022, adding that Ukraine ‘may be forced’ to de-facto merge with Poland.”

Belarusian defense ministry announced that Wagner mercenaries had started to train Belarusian special forces at a military range located just a few miles from the border with Poland.


==FOIA Request Provides Proof The CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation Is Behind Deagel.com Depop Forecasts==

In a world where reality often seems stranger than fiction, the machinations behind global events can be an enigma wrapped in mystery.

One such intrigue revolves around Deagel.com, an obscure online entity known for its exhaustive data on military capabilities and eyebrow-raising depopulation forecasts for 2025.

We can reveal that recent findings appear to link Deagel directly to significant players on the world stage: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), and The Rockefeller Foundation.

We can confirm that Dr. Edwin A. Deagle Jr., who passed away on February 16th 2021, is the confirmed figurehead authorities would like you to believe is solely behind Deagel.com

During his life, Dr Edwin served as the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary of Defense. He was also the Director of International Relations for The Rockefeller Foundation, an influential global philanthropic organization.

While in 1993, Deagle was nominated by President Bill Clinton to be Under Secretary of the US Air Force.

But the intrigue deepens.

Declassified documents, released via Freedom of Information Act requests, reveal Deagle’s communication with the then United States Director of Central Intelligence, Stansfield Turner, hinting at a relationship with the CIA: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/search/site/deagle

The CIA has released 23 FOIA articles relating to Dr Deagle, the Rockefeller Foundation, the US DOD and the former director of the CIA: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/search/site/deagle

Deagel’s apocalyptic depopulation forecasts for 2025 predict significant population declines in various countries, stirring unease given the current excess death data being recorded around the world.

World War III & Covid Was Their Plan To Depopulate The West
US Government Releasing Illegal Immigrants With Tuberculosis Across The US

As if America really needs any more proof of the government's depopulation plan, using medical tyranny and biological weapons disguised as "vaccines" to achieve this depopulation agenda, there is now more proof of their fully intentional evil doing.

Thousands of young illegal immigrants with tuberculosis were released from US government custody across one year, officials have revealed in a new report.

The illegal immigrants, all under 18 years of age, were released to family members or other responsible adults despite having latent tuberculosis infection, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said in a recent disclosure.

The dates of each release were not clear. HHS officials notified state officials from June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023, of the tuberculosis-positive youth over a web-based system operated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Aurora Miranda-Maese, an HHS official, told a court in the report.

The CDC, which is part of HHS, declined to comment. HHS did not respond to requests for comment.

The CDC says that people with the disease are infectious, can transmit the disease to others, and can die if not treated. If tuberculosis becomes active, that is “a threat to both the individual’s and the public’s health,” according to Ms. Miranda-Maese.

Minors do not typically receive treatment while in HHS custody because most are released before one month elapses, she said, opening up the possibility of problems such as the development of drug-resistant tuberculosis if treatment is initiated and discontinued before completion.

Officials in 44 states received more than 2,450 alerts of illegal immigrant minors with tuberculosis in the year ending May 31, 2023, according to HHS.

Over that same time, 126,069 minors were released by HHS.

Looks like trusted government officials who no-doubt all "believe the science" have intentionally brought back 1920s tuberculosis to America! How nice of them. Wonder how much these officials get paid by the pharmaceutical industry to do this?

The Graveyard Of Empires: What To Expect As The Unipolar World Order Collapses

“You have the watches, but we have the time.”

The Taliban often referred to this old Afghan saying when discussing their fight against the Americans.

Ultimately, they were proven correct.

After almost two decades of conflict, an insurgent army from one of the world’s poorest nations inflicted a decisive military defeat on the US, the global superpower that upholds the unipolar world order.

The US government’s total failure in Afghanistan — the longest war in American history — signifies a crucial moment and turning point in world history.

The Soviet Union collapsed about two years after the Red Army was defeated and withdrew from Afghanistan.

As we approach the second anniversary of the American retreat, could a similar fate be in store for the US?

While nobody knows the future, there is an excellent chance that the colossal failure in Afghanistan could accelerate the unraveling of the geopolitical power of the US and the shift to a multipolar world order.

Afghanistan’s strategic position has always made it a coveted prize in the Eurasian landscape.

As shown in the image below, Afghanistan is situated in the center of Eurasia, at the crossroads of China, Iran, and Russia—the three primary challengers to the US-led world order.

This central location is why Afghanistan has enormous geopolitical importance and why the US desired a strategic military presence there.

The US military’s presence in Afghanistan was a strategic roadblock to Russia, China, and Iran’s goal of creating a powerful geopolitical group in Eurasia that could challenge the US-led world order.

However, with the Taliban forcing the US military out of Afghanistan, the door to a more coherent geopolitical alliance in Eurasia is now wide open.

Political Webms
Os judeus controlam o mundo

Os principais banqueiros são Mellon, Morgan, Rockefeller, warburg, Goldman sachs, Jp Morgan, lehman brothers

E todos eles são de origem judaica, não só bancos mas multinacionais e a blackrock e Hollywood ou pedowood.
Os donos da midia
os donos dessas corporações 6 corporações que são donos de 1,500 jornais, 1,100 revistas, 9,000 estações de rádio, 2,400 editores, 1,500 canais de televisão. tem o sobrenome de origem judaica
 ViacomCBS: Redstone; Disney: Disney; Comcast: Roberts; AT&T: Randall; WarnerMedia: Bewkes; NewsCorp: Murdoch.

Sim, o sobrenome de origem judaica é comum entre os proprietários dessas grandes corporações. Redstone, Disney, Roberts, Randall, Bewkes, e Murdoch são todos sobrenomes que têm uma conexão judaica.

Os proprietários das maiores multinacionais variam muito, mas alguns dos nomes mais conhecidos são os Koch, Walton, Mars, Buffet, Ambani 

Sim, esses sobrenomes são de origem judaica. Koch e Walton são de origem judaica alemã; Mars é de origem francesa e judaica; Buffet é de origem holandesa, francesa e judaica; Ambani é de origem indiana e judaica.
> Spend ~6 months on 4chan, believing the whole jew thing was a joke and/or crazy people. Love Trump, thinking he is the second coming.
> Migrate to endchan, spend 2 weeks here just lurking and realize that jews actually do control everything and see Trump for the goyim he is. 
<endchan has done more for me in 2 weeks than 4chan did in ~6 months.  
I would like to say thank you.
==thread of shit that normalnigs can consume with ease==
whatever you have, at all, that is easily able to be accepted & downright unrefutable to them, post it 
especially subjects based off of religion & near to now events that have names, dates, victims, an perpetrators 
in the future, i'm gonna print shit out to my family members; i want i all can get to allow them to see the truth that hides in plain sight
Take it with a grain of salt, just saw this, apparently there will be an official statement soon.
"I was handcuffed without further ado and led outside. 
Altogether, four of us were arrested in my apartment building. In addition to the couple down the hall, there was an elderly man from the fourth floor. 
They hadn't found a firearm in his apartment, but they had found four shotgun shells on his closet shelf. 
Ammunition was also illegal."

For documentation, view here: https://archive.is/Ti7YC

"1. TWITTER FILES #20: The Information Cartel"

2. My name is Andrew Lowenthal. For almost 18 years, I was Executive Director of @EngageMedia, an NGO devoted to protecting digital rights and freedoms. In recent years, I watched with concern and then despair as a dramatic change swept through my field.

3. Organizations & peers began de-emphasizing freedom of expression, instead promoting surveillance & censorship to combat 'disinformation'. Here Automated Controversy Detection & the Center for an Informed Public boast of their online monitoring capabilities. Image

4. I knew things were bad. When I started work on the #TwitterFiles, I learned: they're far worse. The Files show an uncanny alliance of academics, journalists, intelligence operatives, military personnel, government bureaucrats, NGO workers and more. Some I know personally.

5. I had always understood "civil society" to mean "not the military." The former exists to check the latter. So I was shocked to see the depth of collaboration. For instance, "civil society" groups coordinating with Pentagon officials in an "election tabletop" exercise. Why? Image

6. Also startling: Twitter emails and Slack communications suggesting heightened levels of data access for the military. Or military contractors like Mitre being part of the Aspen Institute's "Information Disorder" report along with NGO and academic colleagues. ImageImage

7. In a functioning democracy there’s dynamic tension between government, civil society organizations, news media, and industry, all advancing their own interests, in theory keeping one another honest. In the #TwitterFiles we find them all working together, cartel-style.

Dear colleagues: Today I want to talk to you about the relationship between fascism and anarcho-capitalism. Historically, it has been postulated that a left-wing political party, such as communism, can lead to the anarchy of the proletariat through the dictatorship of the proletariat. This idea has been known for quite some time. But what is the link between fascism and anarcho-capitalism?

Basically, the principles of fascism are held to offer a means by which capitalists can achieve their goal of an ungoverned economic system by regulating individual wallets through a dictatorship inherent in bourgeois ideals. Under this logic, fascist programs would allow the promotion of business practices that are less and less regulated or controlled while maintaining social order. That is, the fascists advocated an authoritarian way to achieve anarcho-capitalist goals while rationally managing the laws of the free market without government intervention.

In conclusion, it is evident that fascism could be a useful instrument in the construction of a society directed by capital and organized by anarcho-capitalism through the bourgeois dictatorship. This does not necessarily imply supporting any of these principles or justifying them as valid; however, we must admit that there are ways to achieve the same thing with different political stances.

It is an evolution parallel to Marxism but inverse. The Marxists said that through the dictatorship of the proletariat and communism, the abolition of the State would be reached as the last step.
This is the same but in a parallel way, seeing fascism and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie as a path to anarcho-capitalism after a subsequent abolition of the State.
In this video, Anne Frank's sister tells how the soviet government made counterfeit photos of the "death camps" many years after those camps were supposedly liberated.

In this video, Vladimir Putin tells a room full of rabbis that the soviet government, which made those fake photos of the death camps, was primarily jewish.
what is national socialism? why should I be a national socialist instead of a regular nationalist?
Coronavirus (COVID-19): Intravenous and Oral High Dose Vitamin C

on at least one major alt-news board this information is being censored so I thought id post it here, maybe it will help you, maybe some of you will spread the word

here is a video in which a doctor in china tells story of a family in Wuhan who likely benefited from taking high dose vitamin C 


here is a thread on high - dose vitamin C ... for a while this message board frequently had posts on vitamin C, then suddenly they seem to start suppressing this  information



you'll have to click to see the information, its too long to post here
AOC Is Wrong, Study Shows Deplatforming Never Works As Intended

Soon after Tucker Carlson left Fox News, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, more commonly known by her initials AOC, celebrated on social media, telling her followers that “deplatforming works.”

Deplatforming, the practice of preventing an individual with specific views from voicing those views, might work for her, but it’s a disaster for broader society, according to a new peer-reviewed study (pdf): https://orca.cardiff.ac.uk/id/eprint/157696/1/Shapiro%20et%20al%20Impact%2006%3A01%3A21%20deplatforming.pdf

The research, carried out by four esteemed cyber experts, warns that deplatforming regularly backfires, because it creates a sense of deep-seated resentment, driving the disenchanted and disillusioned to seek out “alternative platforms where these discussions are less regulated and often more extreme.”

In this particular study, the researchers analyzed changes in social media usage following the “Great Deplatforming” of 2021. For the uninitiated, the “Great Deplatforming” occurred shortly after the Jan. 6 protest on the US Capitol. Following the event, a number of major platforms; including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; banned thousands of accounts. Ostensibly, as the researchers note, this was done to “limit misinformation about voter fraud and suppress calls for violence.” However, other less regulated platforms like Parler, Gab, Minds and Bitchute were quick to give the homeless a home. In this age of maximum choice, with no shortage of alternative social media platforms, deplatforming is an ineffective tool. It’s the equivalent of taking a soup spoon to a knife fight. You simply can’t make people with alternative points of view disappear. These people will almost always find new homes.

All of this brings us back to Tucker Carlson, a man who won’t (and can’t) be silenced. Carlson is, in many ways, bigger than Fox News. He’s a brand, a celebrity, a highly bankable star. One needn’t possess more than a few functioning neurons to know that Carlson is going to be OK. In fact, because of his ouster, he has never been in a stronger position. Carlson is more marketable now than ever before.

Where will he go next? Rumble, perhaps. The remarkably popular online video platform service gives content makers a great degree of freedom. Russell Brand, one of the most popular public intellectuals in existence, is Rumble’s biggest asset. He currently boasts more than 1 million followers.



British film War Game (BBC, 1965):

Tracker of Nuclear Incidents:





SATRICAL: https://youtube.com/watch?v=8kaMTqfHdPM

There are two primary factors for preparing for Nuclear War: The Blast, and the Fallout. If you survive the blast, you must survive the fallout. You will have to stay in your shelter for at least 2 weeks before the fallout is even remotely safe. In the OP YouTube Playlist of DoD-produced educational films, Fallout is explained repeatedly.




If we are to make any kind of impact on the real world past just shitposting we need to get organized. We need to fork groups that show the average person the benefits of NatSoc. Don’t just be an edgy nazi. We have to show the positive sides. Show that NatSoc is about helping your fellowman and loving your family and country. Show that there is more meaning to life than just yourself and your personal pleasures.  Find ways to become as self-suffienct as possible even in the cities. Form close bonds with your friends, family and neighbors. Form small communities within your area where you and others can help each other, help each other out with simple things, like work around the house. This will show people that there is benefits to our ideas. And that we’re not just lunatics that want to kill niggers and Jews. If we are to in this war we need to get our collective shit together.
We will view in a Christian way things like general politics, ideas, et cetera.
For example National Socialism in a Christian way, Neo-Confederatism, Christianization, Christian Fascism, anything.
So seeing as most people here would admit that democracy is a failed political system and would opt for a more dedicated and loyal form of governance I thought I would write a bit on this and see what people have to say on my take as to how a future white nation may conduct it's affairs so that it's people enjoy maximum happiness whilst ensuring the continued growth and development of our people. So starting off I'll just list a couple reasons why democracies suck.

-Slow and clumsy: voting takes precious time that with a more streamlined system could save lives and prevent disaster out right.

-Susceptible to corruption: This is pretty obvious but the number one concerns of politicians is reelection this means the best way to ensure reelection is to spend as much money on campaigns as possible and how do you acquire this money? Through various donors whose policies you will push in exchange for cash.

-The dumbing down of politics: Most politics today is dictated by the theatrics of the political system not through great minds or great leadership. Too often people are divided into groups and then hating each other for stupid reasons and the election is devoid of any meaningful discussion or meaningful action since politicians won't solve a problem they need to be elected on to solve. Thus ensuring they would be elected in perpetuity as long as the problem continues to be a problem.

-Rule of the mob: the majority of people are not politically active or mindful and yet are for some reason entitled to have a vote. A migrant who obtains citizenship is for some reason allowed to vote. Not only does focus of political issues get dispersed and can even be focused on non meaningful problems like refugees and so on. But the political system is boiled down to who is the most popular and who can appeal to the lowest common denominator.

So in seeing these issues I propose a two tier system of government in the style of our forefathers with various adjustments so that it may perform better than our previous systems.

One is a simple regional democratic system which elects a governor for an indefinite term which lasts until a challenger can call for new elections.

Then we have a federal meritocratic government above that which one can only access through skills and accomplishment.

The federal government's priority has to do with the boundaries of the nation as well as general problems within the nation such as food self sufficiency and the probable need for expansion to provide room for a thriving people. The scale of the federal government includes all regional states and takes into account things like disease, infrastructure and security.

The regional democratic government's powers is limited to the everyday lives of the people namely community administration and communal infrastructure.

How the federal government will appoint new members will be reliant on the quality of candidates and their success in certain fields pertaining to the positions that the federal government needs. Finally a leader for the federal government will be chosen based on support from within the federal government and will not be leader for life but rather leader until retirement upon which they will take on an advisory role and not any leadership role unless some unforeseen circumstance such as the assassination of a leader.
I am from Germoney, showing support for National Socialism is sadly patched and can get you into legal problems and social sanctions since most Germans are NPC's
Third World Tyranny: Corrupt UK Government Fining Citizens Who Burn Wood To Stay Warm

The corrupted despotic UK government has told local authorities to crack down on people using wood-burning stoves to keep warm with fines of £300 or potentially criminal prosecutions for those who continually refuse to abide by state climate diktats.

Amid the government-manufactured energy crisis in Britain, which came to fruition in large part as a result of the Conservative Party-led governments over the past ten years obsession with implementing globalist 'green agenda' policies while refusing to tap the nation’s more reliable natural resources such as natural gas, the use of wood-burning stoves have soared.

Now, local authorities have been told by the corrupted despotic government in Westminster to use the 2021 Environment Act to impose spot fines of £175 to £300 on those who use wood-fire stoves that do not meet state standards on "air pollution" (**even though plants and trees need carbon dioxide to live!**).

Local councils were also informed that for those who continually breach the codes, they could also seek criminal prosecutions that could land citizens with a criminal record and fines of £5,000 and an additional £2,500 for every additional day that they use wood to heat their homes. Yes, this mass murdering despotic government would rather citizens freeze to death than to give the planet more green life.

Over the past six years, councils in England have issued 17 fines against people for burning wood, even though they received over 18,000 complaints from fellow citizens for doing so.

So, I heard many awful things about 4chan that it's a fed honeypot and whatever.
The assassination of Iran's General Qassem Soleimani by the United States was not intended. Bad intelligence was deliberatley provided by Israel that the targets were carrying weapons for further attacks on the Embassy and that a strike was absolutley necessary. Unbeknownst to the United States but known by Israel supplying the intelligence Soleimani was the cargo. This was the reason for the delayed response from the US as it was unknown how to react and this would not have been advisable by any intelligence or military Chief. The Israeli's deliberatley put the US and White House in a position where they would have to claim this was the intended target.
When Hitler was elected, almost immediately prosperity and peace popped up. Why was this? The Germans kicked out the Rothschilds, the jewish bankers that controlled Germany. The German people were starving, dying, dehydrating, and they just laughed and shook it off as nothing. When Hitler came to power, almost everyone loved him. He issued out new debt-free money, and the German economy instantly began to recover. Hundreds of thousands were given grand public works jobs, and they started to build mighty infrastructure with the new money. The German society began to value the work of physical labor and held it in high esteem. World class stadiums and transport systems were created. German engineers became world class and Germany began to lead in science and health. Germans thanked Hitler for freeing them from the debt slavery of the Rothschilds. Hundreds of thousands of new modern houses were created throughout Germany. The Germans became wealthy because they dont have to pay interest to a privately run central bank. The new economic systems allows the German worker to reap what they sow. German Workers experienced the best working conditions in Europe and were given government backed holidays. Meanwhile, the rest of Europe suffered from the debt slavery of the Rothschilds. In 1936, Hitlers approval ratings hit 99%. In 1938, 99.73% of Austrians vote to join Germany. After the vote, Hitler kicks the Rothschilds out of Austria too. Their economy instantly recovers. The Germans loved Hitler because he put them first and stood up to the bankers. The Rothschilds hated Hitler because Germany was out of the grasp of their debt slavery. There was only one option left for the Rothschilds to stop the new economic system. War.
On November 4, 2021, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released the long-awaited COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for employers with 100 or more employees. At the same time, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, also released an interim rule (“CMS Rule”) regarding mandatory vaccination requirements for employees at health care facilities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. As has been widely reported, both the CMS Rule and the ETS include a deadline of January 4, 2022, for covered employees to be fully vaccinated. However, most aspects of the ETS will be in effect starting December 5, 2021. Key takeaways for employers from the OSHA ETS, explained in detail below, include:
• All private employers with 100 or more employees (whether full-time, part-time, temporary, or provisional) must create, implement, and enforce a policy regarding vaccination against COVID-19, testing, and additional safety protocols by December 5, 2021. Employers may choose to require all employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment, or can have a policy that allows employees to remain unvaccinated, so long as they comply with testing and masking rules.
• Employers must collect and maintain records of their employees’ vaccination statuses by December 5, 2021. As of that date, all workers who are not fully vaccinated must wear face coverings when indoors or inside a vehicle with others for work purposes.
• By December 5, 2021, employers must encourage and support vaccination by:
⁃ providing workers with information about vaccination policy, regulations, and safety;
⁃ permitting paid time off to receive a vaccine; and
⁃ allowing paid sick leave for recovery from vaccination side effects.
• Starting January 4, 2022, employees who are not fully vaccinated must be tested for COVID if they come to the workplace. The ETS provides new protocols for employees to return to work after a COVID-positive test result.
• The Federal regulations supersede and pre-empt any contrary state or local law.
The directive to create national COVID-19-related workplace safety regulations came from President Biden as part of the administration’s Path out of the Pandemic plan (“Plan”) announced on September 9, 2021. The Plan includes a goal of universal vaccination against the coronavirus, including requirements that all federal employees and contractors are fully vaccinated, and calls for all private companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that their workforce is either fully vaccinated or tested weekly. In its announcement, OSHA indicates that the ETS will cover two-thirds of the nation’s workforce. The White House has also clarified that the ETS is not applicable to federal contractors subject to the Executive Order regarding mandatory COVID safety protocols.
Who Is—and Who Is Not—Covered Under the ETS?
The rules apply to all employers with 100 or more employees at any time that the ETS, which is effective as of November 5, 2021, remains in effect. The 100-employee threshold includes full-time and part-time workers, temporary workers (as long as they are on the employer’s payroll), provisional and seasonal employees, fully remote employees, as well as any minors (younger than 18). Individuals other than employees working on site or in close proximity to an employer’s workforce do not count toward the 100-employee threshold. For instance, independent contractors and employees of a staffing agency at a host employer are not counted towards the 100-employee threshold.[4] When employees of a staffing agency are placed at a host employer location, only the staffing agency would count these workers for purposes of the 100-employee threshold. However, a host employer may require the staffing agency to ensure that temporary employees comply with the host employer’s policy. [continued]
True national socialism is dead, 3 retarded groups of people ruined it, anti christians, race haters and migafags. National Socialism was never about racial hatred non aryans even served in the SS, it was a religiously diverse movement with christians muslims, hindus and more, Hitler would have hated trump for being a Zionist faggot.
The Nations Armies are paper tigers and the recent conflicts reveal this.  After seeing all the ineffectiveness of NATO vs Russia it is apparent that the military isn't that powerful at all.  With the removal of electrical substations comes a return to a more basic form of warefare.  With drones fgc 9 3d printed arms etc one can easily wage a war against their own nation state like what is going on in Burma.  Do you doubt how easy it is to take on your own nation state's Jewish Mafi Goons who control your nation through bribes importing foreigners and enforcing communism with their bailout bucks.  fuck jews fuck niggers
Are you tired of dry, intellectual philosophies that focus on abstract theories and rational principles? If so, consider exploring the vibrant and joyful worldview of Dionysian Humanism.

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek god of wine, fertility, and ecstatic revelry, Dionysian Humanism celebrates the embodied, emotional, and creative dimensions of human life. It encourages us to embrace our passions, desires, and pleasures, and to reject the repressive and restrictive norms of society that stifle our individuality and vitality.

Dionysian Humanism affirms the power of imagination, art, and play to transform our lives and connect us with others. It encourages us to seek new experiences, experiment with different modes of expression, and cultivate a sense of wonder and awe in the face of the mysterious and the unknown.

If you're curious to learn more about Dionysian Humanism, check out the works of influential thinkers like Friedrich Nietzsche, Michel Foucault, and Gilles Deleuze. You can also join online communities or local meetups of like-minded individuals who share your passion for Dionysian Humanism.

So why not explore the joy and vitality of Dionysian Humanism today? Embrace your wild side and celebrate the pleasures of life with this rich and inspiring philosophy.
We have all the features known to mankind naturally. Red hair, blond hair, black hair, brown hair,blue eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, brown eyes, gray eyes, milky white skin, reddish pink skin, tanned olive skin.

Mongoloids and negroids and the worst of all semites only have black hair and brown eyes naturally. They cant have unique features unless they are mixed with Aryan.

Lets appreciate the diversity of our people brothers. Because the beauty of the Aryan woman must not perish from the earth. We dont need niggers to be diverse. We are already diverse. Spread the message because more people need to think like this when it comes to diversity. 1488.
This is a thread for debunking all the nonsense we're told about Maximilian Kolbe and the supposed story that he switched his life for a jew.
What do you fight for?
What do you want to protect?

Imagine the jews are dealth with (in whichever way you like best), what comes after?
What kind of society would you like to see, given the chance?
What would be the primal values of the society after jews?
What things currently denied by the jews would you like most to see flourish?
What new opportunities, new horizons, would you like to see explored by humanity?
What would the world after the jews be like, what are the possibilities lying past the parasites?

This is just a light-hearted thread, about dreams (obviously, it would make no sense to "plan" an outcome before resolving its base premises)
Happy winter holidays. Good Christmas. Good New Year. Best wishes for the years to come.
A harmless message like this has already caused a massive media shitstorm before:
https://youtube.com/watch?v=PKaUMy8NcmM [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ym9AvJOFCzo [Embed]

Ignore anyone advocating criminal activity, vandalism, etc. These are shills trying to ruin our operation. It is pointless most importantly bad PR to do anything illegal. The point is to have the MAXIMUM CONTRAST between how evil the media portrays these posters, and how clearly benign they are to normies.

Uniformity is key, it will have the biggest impact. We also don't want to give the media any way to negatively spin this: putting URLs, discords, QR codes, etc will only give the media an excuse to label them "sinister recruitment tools for nazis". IGNORE SHILLS SUGGESTING TO ALTER THE POSTER, and if you see a poster outside with any links on it, RIP IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY.
Didn't you noticed the governments suppressing masculinity?

In most western countries law encourage pressure against males, especially white males.
But this thread isn't about race and even not about gender talks.

Its only about this phenomenon.

This is legalized terror against people, who more active and ready to defend of their own.

You know this shit:
1.Fake rape
2.LGBTQ related social pressure, you even can lose your job for one "incorrect" word.
3.Government can stole your kids or leave them with mother, who can't earn money.
4.Overblown lawsuits about violence without injury.

Why they doing it?
Please try to think like a ruler, not like citizen, i think i got on something interesting.
8chan, 10chan, 4chan 16chan, And Endchan shall all unite against Bunkerchan, GETchan, And Tumblr as we assert dominance over them by posting anti-communist Memes (for Tumblr do the same as what 4chan did in 2014.) and use the red and white flag to answer I they ask "Who are you guys?" United Righty Chans, This is a Perfect Time!
I have been thinking and the ONLY way to stop the crooked, corrupt current state of the world is UNITING, Christians, Muslims, Chinese against the eternal parasite the filthy jews, the blacks , the latin americans and deport them back to their lands

Cronulla and all this mass protest, parades inspired me and is the ONLY way we will achieve it

Taking the street by the millions in a parade, protest, concert, etc like fashion, we will take Jews, Blacks, Japs, Central and South Americans, South East Asians back to where they belong, we will deport them from the countries above the red line on the map FOREVER

For this they will be take to the airports, ports from where they will be repatriated

All must be peaceful but if unfriendly opp is encountered they WILL be taken to the mentioned repatration points whatever it taked, it is not negotiable

July 31st will be Liberation Day
==Bio-weapon Targeting!==
Israeli Government Partnered With Pfizer To Compile Genetic Database Of Population + MY COMMENT

 Upon once again being reinstated last month as Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu dropped a bombshell about how he pressured Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to turn the “Holy Land” into a “lab for Pfizer” to unleash its covid “vaccines.”

In a recent interview with philosopher Dr. Jordan Peterson, Netanyahu made numerous shocking admissions, without any shame, about how the Israeli people were used as human guinea pigs in the Pfizer experiment – all thanks to Netanyahu’s goading.

“I described that in my book, my conversations with Albert Bourla, Pfizer and I persuaded him to give tiny Israel then the necessary vaccines to get us out first from the covid,” Netanyahu revealed.

“And the reason I could do that is because we have a database, 98%, a medical database. 98% of our population has digitized medical records and [a] little card. Related: The Israeli government knew from the beginning that covid injections were injuring and killing people; pushed the shots anyway: https://naturalnews.com/2022-09-07-israel-lied-people-died-covid-vaccine-deception.html

Netanyahu used Israel’s medical records technology to force the Israeli people to get jabbed, as it allowed for quick and easy access to their “vaccinated” or “unvaccinated” status. This is how the Middle Eastern state’s vaccine “passport” scheme was made possible.

“I said, we’ll use that to tell you whether these vaccines – what do they do to people, no individual people, not with their individual identities,” Netanyahu revealed. “But statistically what does it do to people with … meningitis: what does it do to people with high blood pressure, what is it you want to know?”

“So Israel became, if you will, the lab for Pfizer, and that’s how we did it. We gave the information to the world, and not only it’s been published in medical magazines and so on. That’s a database we have.”

Netanyahu’s ultimate goal, he says, is to build upon Israel’s personal medical records database to create a new genetic database covering the entire population of the country.

MY COMMENT: Make no mistake folks, this was done on a GLOBAL LEVEL to target undesirable individuals to cull and exterminate!!! It also gives them the genetic data they need to create MORE BIOWEAPONS to further genocide undesirable indigenous populations!!!


If you're not sure who Alexander Dugin is (I'm sure most of you already do know) Alexander Dugin is one of Putin's top advisors and Russia political strategists and is the the man who has sold nationalists in the west the idea that Russia is somehow no longer controlled by jews or has a lingering shadow form of the USSR. The perestroika deception. Ironic since you can get arrested for reading Hitler or Evola there, Countless Russian National Socialists have been arrested also. Alexander Dugin also openly praises Stalin, Aleister Crowley, Kabbalah and Freemasonry, and is meanwhile subverting western nationalists in to hating western civilization (Which is easy because we're so corrupt.) But he essentially wants us to break free from our chains, only to be under his chains.(The chicom neo soviet world order chains). Which I personally believe is the next stage of the One World Government, As the bolscheviks and jews subverted the west and have deceived many on Russia not being controlled by jews, That this neo soviet chicom world order Which is btw in full support of zionism. Alexandr dugin is not a Christian either, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. he is outwardly and orthodox. But he is a kabbalistic judeo freemason and crowleyite inside. He believes in eastern occultic mysticism, and wants to form a eurasian NWO of the end times. He is also a vehemant Anti Catholic. Dugin also denies the existence of Marxism, and calls it "Cultural Liberalism" to blame everything on the west. But the thing is Marxism wouldn't exist without liberalism and the enlightenment revolutions. This whole eurasian bloc is part of the kalegri plan to destroy the white race. Plus also Putin and Dugin are anti polish and deny the katyn massacre. Another thing is Richard Spencer and Mathew Heimbach from the (((alt right))) were both pushing Duginism and praising the soviet union. As well Richard Spencers ex wife Nina literally was the person who translated all of Dugins works in to English. I think this is where I will end my autistic spergy rant but here are some links and videos on Dugin:

> Alexandr Dugin doing a crowleyite freemason kaballist nazbol ritual:

> Introduction to Dugin:

> Duginism and Eurasianist Dissident LARPERS:

> The (((Masonic))) Eurasianist Neo Bolshevik Plot against Our Lady of Fatima Unmasked:
We would like to invite you to our group. We are as nameless as the tides. Our one goal is the destruction of International Jewry. There is no risk of stumbling

on an ambush because you will not meet us. We do not hold meetings. The way you join is by mimicking our enemy. Sharing information about Jews only

goes so far and publicly killing low level Jews only accomplishes giving them more power. Our goal is not to slaughter a Synagogue or shoot up a mall. We do

not desire to throw our lives away. Public shooters who are not Jewish think the only way to solve our problem is uncalculated violence. This does not destroy

the Jew. The Jew is succeeding in destroying us. Our races, our cultures, our ancestries and our home lands. So we turn it back around on them. Join us in

Operation Jew the Jew. You are not a Jew but you must become like one. You must lie and trick and infiltrate Jews. You must introduce Liberal SJW talking

points into the most conservative Jew groups. You must make them believe you are a Jew too as you turn Cultural Marxism around on their communities.

An introduction is in order. We have been watching your /pol/ and like what we see. There is truth here where so often we've seen lies. We have noticed

your plans. Your desires to start another Reich won't happen purely because the Jew holds too much power. They are destroying us from within. We live in

New York among the highest community of Jews and they think we're among them. We do not say otherwise. Where often men have a based instinct to fight,

combat and dominate, we are women who prefer the more subtle art of covertly observing the enemy as we wait for the right moment. We're sick of men not

being allowed to be manly, not being able to find a man who has respectful family traditions. We're sick of society having been turned around on us as

responsibility is heaped on our heads. Feminism is giving us too much stress. 9 to 5 jobs preventing us from being able to raise our children and tend to our

husbands and households as we work ourselves to the bone. You might think we are so enraged we should kill them but no. Low level Jews are only our

targets for propaganda and not violence. Oh how they laugh at our kind without knowing we are not them. What we do as pretend Jews is simple. We break

down their minds just as they've done to our people. We point out their racism. We confuse them, promote homosexuality and interracial sex with Africans

among the Jewish. We seek to destroy the male Jews authority with their own Feminism. We promote immigration for Israel, hard drugs among Jewish

communities, Atheist talking points against their Orthodox Judaism to break their faith. We speak against Jews breeding with any other race than the Negros,

propping up the myth of fine and upstanding blacks. But wait, what does this accomplish if Jews are still holding all the top positions of your countries and

controlling what people think? Of course we have thought of this. The goal is small now, to infiltrate and subvert Jewry just as they've done to us. In the

future we hope to get far enough inside that a few of us meet and seduce a high echelon Jew or any Mossad. We will seduce them, get close to them and be

full on Black Widows. No one must know you were with them on the night of their demise. Forge for yourself an ironclad alibi for the night the deed is done.

In time we will tear them down from within and remove Jewish supremacy covertly. You and us both have the same goal. It's time to start accomplishing the

end of their worldwide control. Join us, whether man or woman. Infiltrate Jews. Tear them down. Do not worry if Jews discover our plans. Our goals will be 

further accomplished. The paranoia in their communities will spread like a virus. Infighting will ruin more of them. Spread this message everywhere you can.
study deboonking Ivermectin as Covid treatment was financed by FTX, who would have thought...
https://archive.ph/vjXB1 (nytimes)
I think it would be useful to have a thread describing accurately, in as few words as possible, all the tactics used by sayanim to take over other people's countries.

If you can characterize your adversary's behavior you can identify it, innoculate institutions and populations against it, and defend against it. 

All the nations of the world have an interest in preventing Jews from infiltrating their governments and turning them into Jewish colonial states and the global risk from the ZOG is proportional to the number of governments they can use as proxies to declare war.

Check the thread to see if it has already been mentioned before adding it and disregard hasbara. This is not a conversation or a debate thread, it's a list of tactics used by a genocidal Middle Eastern empire.
[Yet STILL not considered an act of war because Israel PACs own U.S. government. Israel is the one and only terrorist nation and it's supporters are traitors.]

In its May 2021 war with Gaza militants, Israel used American weapons to destroy U.S. humanitarian projects and damage an American-owned Coca-Cola bottling plant, according to a report by **The Intercept**. Damaged or destroyed facilities included:
• Hospitals, water treatment and sanitation facilities funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
• A dozen factories built with USAID money
• Dozens of schools operated by the U.S. State Department-backed United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)

More than a hundred UNRWA facilities were struck, causing more than a million dollars in damage. The impact is far more than financial. As **The Intercept‘s** Daniel Boguslaw elaborates: ** "In Khan Yunis, Rafa, and Beit Lahia, wastewater treatment infrastructure and water reservoirs funded by USAID, which the U.S. government spent millions to construct, were destroyed by aerial attacks that affected more than 300,000 civilians. Ninety-seven percent of the water in Gaza is contaminated, resulting in a widespread public health crisis, rendered even worse by the destruction of U.S.-funded water infrastructure." **

The May 2021 war took a steep toll on Gaza, with more than 240 Palestinians killed and nearly 2,000 wounded. Four thousand rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel killed 12. Israel’s periodic devastation of Gaza is often characterized as “mowing the grass.” Yoav Galant, a former Israeli military commander, embraced the philosophy in a radio interview: **“This sort of maintenance needs to be carried out from time to time, perhaps even more often.”** Though Galant and others would suggest such “mowing” is focused on Palestinian military power,  Israel’s routine destruction of hospitals, water treatment facilities and other civilian infrastructure suggests Israel strives to keep Gaza in a state of perpetual economic devastation.

A Coca-Cola factory also came under 2021 Israeli bombardment. Its owner, U.S. citizen Zahi Khouri, said, **“We had thousands of pallets burned, and there was damage to the logistics area. There was damage in the industrial estate, but what was also damaged was the investment of Coca-Cola in a project through Mercy Corps where we built a water purification station for a refugee camp."** In a dark twist, the destruction of U.S.-funded civilian infrastructure is accomplished with American-made and/or -funded weapons. The United States and Israel are currently operating within a memorandum of understanding by which Americans are on the hook for $38 billion in military aid over a 10-year period ending in 2028. That’s just a minimum. Congress is free to throw more money at Israel along the way—such as the $1 billion for Iron Dome missile defense it approved in March by a 420-9 vote in the House.

Per **The Intercept**, there’s more to the “special relationship”: **"The aid system also provides cash-flow financing, a system resembling layaway, that allows Israel to purchase weapons in the present using money from the future. And it contains an offshore procurement exemption—offered to no other country—that allows Israel to spend U.S. tax dollars on its own weapons industry without disclosing how it spent the money to Congress or the American public."**


A man who described himself as “Dr. Sean Brooks, PhD, Oxford,” gave a series of incendiary statements about COVID-19 vaccines at an Ohio school board meeting IN EARLY 2021. Video clips of Brooks talking at the meeting have been shared widely on social media and elsewhere on the internet by anti-vaccine advocates.

He told parents and board members that people who take the vaccine will end up dead and sterile.

All cause mortality has skyrocketed around the world, many countries witnessing nearly a 20% increase leaving doctors 'baffled' of course.

In Europe, statistics provided by EuroMOMO, a European mortality monitoring organization, show that there have been more excess deaths recorded in 2022 than in 2020 and 2021, and that the greatest increase in deaths has occurred in children and young people.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/fH98jZa9uZ20/ [Embed]
(RMX News) While [Aryan] western nations passively accept their racial replacement on their own television screens, Slavic nations are not taking this hostile takeover lying down — they are rejecting this blatant multicultural Marxist propaganda — and are poised to take legal action against companies that are attempting to impose this anti-[Aryan] racial discrimination on their nations:

**A resident of Moscow has asked the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to investigate the U.S. sports apparel company Nike for racial discrimination against Russians. The complainant, Yevgeny Smirnov, found it offensive to see the almost complete absence of White models on Nike’s Russian-language website, the Ruposters.ru news site reported. Almost all models representing the brand are either dark-skinned or representatives of the “Mongoloid race,” according to the news report. The news portal indicates that Caucasians, who make up the vast majority of Russian citizens, are practically nowhere to be seen on the website. According to Smirnov, the sports apparel company failed to answer his questions regarding on what principles it chooses the models, after which the Muscovite turned to the Investigative Committee, which is the main federal investigating body in the country. A review of the Russian Nike website shows that the website does indeed feature a large majority of non-White models on its front page and in different apparel sections.**

**Russia’s population stands at 144 million people, and only 70,000 of them Black. Russian authorities may take issue for the lack of White representation for a company that says it celebrates diversity. “The company’s policy is to impose Western values ​​and stereotypes that are foreign to European culture in general and Slavic culture in particular,” RIA Novosti quoted from Smirnov’s complaint to the Investigative Committee. Nike refused to communicate not only with the dissatisfied consumer but also with Russian journalists. For two days, there were no answers to their requests. If the Investigative Committee finds signs of equality of rights and freedoms violations in the activities of the company, a criminal case will be opened under Article 136 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation.** Anyone with a pulse can’t help but notice that a vast majority of advertisements in the western media now feature Blacks — and other non-[Aryan] “ethnicities” — in numbers vastly disproportionate to their actual population percentages. And if [Aryans] do happen to appear in ads, they must have a Black spouse or “partner” along with mixed-race children — even white homosexual couples have mixed-race “adopted” children. Not only are these ads genocidal in their intent — literally advocating their disappearance of the Aryan race — they also create a completely false image of Blacks and other “people of color” — which literally puts their lives at risk. Hungary and the Slavic nations in Europe are still overwhelmingly [Aryan] — and are far safer that the multicultural “vibrant” western nations of Europe where the color of violent crime is decidedly Black and other various shades of beige. 

But apparently, [Aryans] in western Europe — and America — are so addicted to their televisions that they are willing to tolerate their own replacement on the ads and show, just as long as they can continue to “binge watch” their favorite shows — all of which have anti-[Aryan] content and messaging. Blacks and Arabs are being used as literal weapons of mass destruction to destroy White Christian nations — and if you are wondering who — or as the French say, **“Qui?“** — would use these people to destroy Europe and the West, we merely need to listen to the words of Rabbi Baruch Efrati who candidly stated, ''“Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there,” the rabbi explained as the ethical reason for favoring Muslims, [continued]
Image thread, share pictures here and find them for yourself. For example, in my country it is simply impossible to find them in the public domain because of (((government))), so I ask you, my comerades, to share masterpieces of art and just good art for all of us. HH.

Red pilled, leader speeches, black sun, beautiful art, all of these are welcome. Thanks to all of you. Happy Yule, New Year, Christmas.
An empire fallen, an island whose arrogance and disgraceful conduct led to it's own demise, Britain at this juncture is often a misunderstood beast. Many believe it simply to be a prison island, the comical joke of "Oi you got a license for that" is by and large the understanding of what has befallen this darkened place, a hell of Jewish state power and weak men. Oh, many of my British kin, they try and react jovially or follow the civic nationalist bravado of "hurr two world wars won fuk u" without a hint of irony, quietly sidestepping the fact our women and children are preyed upon by foreign beasts invited by the semetic powers but I am under no such illusion. The weight of our leaders sins weighs heavy on those who are not beguiled by honeyed words and as one of many who share that understanding of our past it struck me as prudent to paint an accurate picture of the shadowed lands of Albion. So let us begin, let us paint upon the canvas of European history with the grim pastels that shall create the true image of modern Britain. Today I hope to offer some insight into the children of this isle and present the situation at large in this shadowed place. Some will find joy, some will find misery but none the less we must accept the reality of our situation, especially those of us within the belly of this beast. 

Firstly, a simple primer on our political landscape. Despite our seemingly labyrinthine political system is it deceptively simple and far closer to the American system despite the use of noble titles and certain parliamentary traditions. We for all intensive purposes have a two party system within each composite nation with any further parties usually swiftly becoming supplicants for the main groups. Whether it be vile Labour or the treacherous Tories in England, the conniving Scottish National Party and the worm like Conservatives in Scotland, the cowed and spineless Plaid Cymru in Wales or again the disgusting Labour party or the corrupted Democratic Unionist Party and the staggering corpse of Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland, all across our isles our supposed "leaders" are infested with the semetic parasite that endures in so many of our institutions. Akin to our American brothers and our brothers on the continent there is simply no political avenue for the liberation of our people. Oh, some cling to the idea of the "High Tories", a hilarious idea that the "old money" within the Conservative party hold a glint of loyalty to our people but as proven by their inaction they are as worthless as the cowards who form the masses of their advocates, mayhaps even more so with their often storied history. No, Britain has already fallen in regards to a political solution and no amount of lying to ourselves will alter that situation. From head to toe our system has fallen to corruption, the House of Commons filled with foreign invaders who have ensured the disgusting degenerative filth who rape our children en massé are saved from retribution, the House of Lords who have saved many a Jewish "Lord" from his disgusting torture and sexual violation of the innocent such as the monster Lord Briton (a deliberately ironic name used by this particular parasite), there is nothing of worth to salvage among the diseased ruins of our system. Those who retain some semblance of the idea of nobility of purpose that once embodied our nation are fewer than ever before, by and large forgotten and powerless in the face of the modern semetic system that has overwhelmed the systems of old.
Space war update.

How many jews are in top positions of systemic banks around the world?
There are plenty of collages and images marking the kikes infiltrated inside the media, inside corporations, inside hedge funds, and then there are the rothschields.
But are there any infopics about the jews leading the banks right under the global central banks, right under the Federal Reserve and under the European Central Bank ?
Increasingly obvious it's becoming the necessity of the formulation and tradition of an overarching narrative that weaves together all of the disparate individual conspiracy theories sensibly coherently. For there are at least thousands of different facts, events, circumstances―each with their own depth that could fill volumes of monographs attempting to elucidate them―across millennia that contribute to precisely the same source of our contemporary sociopolitical woes―or (with **merely** our current collective knowledge), so it would seem.

What I am envisioning is as simple as a story―a *Chan folk tale, if you will―that nevertheless makes sense in one full sweep of all of these different conspiracy theories we now know to be true, showing exactly how each one relates to the other and how all relate to the same singular grand conspiracy. And if there is not in fact merely one grand conspiracy, **at least** one of inexplicable critical importance would at last be definitively exposed; which would be more than what we have to show for all our efforts at present.

Some reasons for this necessity: first and foremost, a clean map of a myriad of landmarks and paths which would mark the way to our yet unknown ultimate problem, from and through which we may compose our final solution; secondly, how this map of conspiracies may be shared with new initiates and non-believers alike, who are so far behind and alien in knowledge on these matters that our individual attempts to enlighten them are greatly in danger of coming across as fragmented, confused, unauthoritative and altogether unconvincing, thus undermining our effort to convert them to our side; and thirdly yet not least of all, it establishes a crucial hierarchy of importance that allows us to focus our research endeavors on subjects that will actually push the agenda forward and prevent us from becoming sidetracked by false flags and red herrings.

Our time is precious, running out, and the odds are stacked against us with an enormous amount at stake to lose. The more scattered our attention, the greater the possibility that vital success will elude our grasp.

With all this in mind, I would like for this thread to begin to stitch together what we know (as well as how we know it) and what it all means in the end. This project is ongoing, and very immature, so being incorrect or inconclusive in this thread isn't the end of the world. Whatever can be genuinely contributed helps―no matter what, we will learn something.
The United States military is having all sorts of problems recruiting people. This is a major problem for every single service branch. The military like all aspects of America is in collapse and becoming increasingly dysfunctional. We have already seen the consequences of this with the Afghanistan debacle and other military mishaps. Allowing women, homosexuals, trannies and other mentally ill people into the force along with an increasing number of browns and blacks has totally degraded the operational readiness of the military. It’s obvious that this is the case but nobody wants to state the obvious out of fear that they could lose their job and be ostracized from society. I mean, this incompetent dumbass ape person is in charge of the entire Defense Department solely because he has black skin.

Also, the military for the past few decades has been totally abused fighting all these dumbass wars for jews in the Middle East. The primary objective of the United States military as it stands today, is to maintain a global empire run by jews that forces feminism, gay homosexual butt sex and trannies on people. Does this sounds like something your average young American would want to risk their life for? Clearly, this is not all that appealing to them considering the abysmal recruitment numbers. On top of that, they forced an experimental COVID-19 shot on military personnel. I believe this was done to purge any potential dissenters from the ranks, but in doing this, they undoubtedly damaged a significant number of their military personnel. There were reports of pilots being grounded because they were damaged by the shots as just one example. They may also discharge thousands of Army National Guard soldiers for not getting the shots.

The fact that they are having severe problems recruiting people into the forces also illustrates the rot that exists within the services themselves. These are organizations that could implode at any moment. What is insane is that the jewish regime in Washington DC thinks they can use these increasingly dysfunctional organizations to help wage a war on Russia. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’ll be able to find enough homosexual lesbians and trannies to fight their stupid ass jewish wars. I mean, that appears to be the demographic they’re trying to target with their recruitment ads.

> Be the Irish elk.
> Firmly believe in females being eugenic for your species.
> Females select males with bigger horns.
> Horns become so big you become dysfunctional.
> Species becomes extinct.
> Be X animal.
> Follow the same pattern.
> 99% extinction rate.
> Be human.
> Have pattern recognition.
> See the female behavioral pattern.
> Ignore it cause females give me happy feelings.
> Become extinct.
> Surprised pikachu face.

Is there anything that can be done about 90% of humanity  rushing headfirst into extinction through women, cucks and simps?
Title gives my conclusion from empirical events I witnessed and inside info. PSP runs on the same circuit, but isn't the backdoor per se, which has been around for much longer.

Just like AMD was able to change the crypto algorithms for the Zen chip they licensed to China, they can change how the CPU behaves at any system, even those already deployed. This can be used to sabotage any program or computation, making BadBIOS (uses radio, not sound) vastly nastier than StuxNet.

American military made a grave mistake by giving access to the morons of the Brazilian military, who are letting knowledge of this spread like a fire (and misusing it for petty profit and inside jobs to justify a police state). Israel, UK and France also have access, but are much more professional.
are u tired of seeing jews on discord, well so am i. one of the worst experiences a man could have is to find out hes little discord kitten is a jewish kike. thats why ive made my own discord server were all jews will be banned and never seen again 
This thread will serve as place to research and analyse the present Buffalo shooting and its innacuracies and more.
More sruff on topic is appricieated like leaked messages and more 

Important reminder is that i am neutral and so you should be too none gloryfing of event shall be tolerated this thread is not for that

Stream link
> https://files.catbox.moe/8q1fys.mp4

> Overall info of footage away from content
Starting with overal footage who even was recording it? How did he found it quickly did shooter himself did what Tarrant did with link? Okay the one who recrded footage visits daily stormer, WTV, reddit for guides and watched youtube about sig P320 and maybe is interested in pistol itself (but the orice for sigs lol).
Second what did the message G\ was here means and most importantly who streams such thing on twitch, the platform where the less views you get the harder you are findable and moderators ban stuff when they are willing to ban it.

> Stream contents
Despite stream being laggy something could be read from car part which begins from 0:00 to 5:30 (i dont count parking into it) in 2:18 shooter said something uninteligible after saying "this guy" and then after 30 secs i think he maybe turned because of mistake.
In 3:09 he stopped with sentence i just want to make sure and then said something uninteligible and pulled his phone 
In 3:48 image in phone can be seen there which i cannot identify


>  A study conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Harvard and reported by MAP, shows faggots, and faggots of color, are disproportionately affected by COVID than their non-faggot neighbors.
>  “Sickos, and especially sickos of color are being especially hard hit by the pandemic, especially when it comes to economic security, job loss and obstacle when it comes to needed healthcare,” said Casey.
>  According to the report, since the pandemic began, nearly two-thirds of perverts and their families experienced a job loss or disruption. Compare that, to 45 percent of non-perverts. The numbers are higher for people of color. 71% of Latinx pervert households lost a job or other had some kind of employment disruption. 95% of Black pervert households and 70% of Latinx pervert households experienced at least one serious financial problem since the start of COVID-19.
After the great reset we will be born again out of the ashes, our flag will reign over the planet and stars. We will rid the darkness from the Universe!
We are the chosen ones I am the chosen!
twitter and reddit ban people who don't break any rules or laws, just because they disagree with what they said, even if it's the truth. This goes against freedom of speech.This has happened many times, and continues to happen to many people. It seems places like that are taken over and run by hardcore fascist communist globalist leftists. So one day someone here on /pol/ made a thread (I want to say like more than 5 months ago maybe, not sure) tells me about voat and gab (free speech alternatives) Great! I can finally try connecting with people in a good environment that respects my freedom of speech, finally.

As it turns out, this is not true. If you tell the truth on voat, an army of very angry shill trolls who disagree with you will use an army of bots to abuse the communist social credit system (up/down voting) and downvote all your posts into oblivion. The moderators and the site owner don't do anything about this, and at most some mods will tell you they can't help you. no points = you can only post once per 24 hours.

gab was much better for a much longer time, until one day my account suddenly vanished into thin air. I got a screen that said "you do not have permission to view this page" and nothing that told me that I was banned or gave me a reason why. Nothing. I created a new account and messaged andrew torba, gab support, and everyone that should have been able to help me. no response. account shadow-erase-banned again. This happened three times and my best theory as to why it happened was this: my last few posts before my first ever account went byebye was me discussing the last of us two leaks. I didn't link any pictures or video of the leak footage. I only talked about it, and I did give major spoiler warnings, and linked videos of the unaffiliated you-tubers  YongYea and MrH also only talking about it. (I'm also not affiliated with them) Everyone is well within fair use laws. No US laws were broken and no website rules were broken. Eventually a very kind person told me about freespeechextremist (another fediverse website, just one among many others out there, so by no means do you have to go to that one, you can just go on any since they seem to all be able to communicate with each other) Also worth noting that someone said dissenter browser based off of brave browser based off of open source chrome made by google is made by gab, meaning gab supposedly owns dissenter too, and I heard people also complaining that their dissenter accounts also disappeared in the past, supposedly.
anybody knows what's up with Andrew Anglin?
seen this shit: https://www.yahoo.com/news/judge-montana-orders-arrest-neo-192120746.html
> A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the arrest of a neo-Nazi website publisher accused of ignoring a $14 million judgment against him for orchestrating an anti-Semitic harassment campaign against a Montana woman's family. U.S. District Judge Dana Christensen issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Andrew Anglin, founder and operator of The Daily Stormer website.
I wanted to check https://gameruprising.to but it only displays pic related even though it was fine when I visited it the previous day.
http://dailystormer.in is up and was updated with new articles in the meantime, but nothing on it.
I greet you brothers. There is a lot of talk here about NatSoc, but what I miss more of is Fascism. Correct me if wrong, but Fascism does not emphasize to the same degree as NatSoc - if I may put it this way - "ethnic purity". Alright, so look at me. I look white, but I have some semi eurosouth-asian-brown blood (I don't want to tell you exactly because privacy) from one side of the family. What I'm trying to get at is this: Usually our enemies put every far-right fella into the "nazi" box, even though if there are black and brown fascists (or so I hope). So I wonder, how many fascists are on here? I get that this is a NatSoc place, but what about Fascism? I've lurked on here for about six months (but known about kikes for longer), but I hope you don't consider me a faggot for posting this. My intention for this thread is to get us talking about Fascism.
==Zionist Internet Memes==
Anyone who's smart knows that there are certain internet memes that are used profusely by jewish agents, so let's create a list to document all of those that they love to use, and how best we can counter it.
> Pepe the Frog
Originates from the liberal San Franciscan Matt Furie's "Boy's Club" (sounds like a homosexual party, can also refer to freemasonry, also referred to as a boy's club). The most infamous image of Pepe has the masonic hand on chin. Frogs refer to unclean spirits, and he's designed with nigger lips. "Coincidence", in chan memes, he's always depicted humiliating the white man Wojak. It's always Wojak being a beta mael crying it out while Pepe acts smug, or even getting tortured and sodomised like in the Peepee Poopoo memes, was depicted as a liberal/Hillary supporter in 2016, and now we have the NPC meme (also a psyop in itself, will get into that later) which of course uses Wojak. Include Kek (occultist offshoot traced to 8chan freemasons, Kek was actually "Kuket" in Egyptian, and was the God of Chaos, tying in to Pepe being demonic)
> Wojak/all of its offshoots
Likely an original meme by a Polish anon, but it's been adopted as a punching bag for Pepe (as seen above) or itself really. Always either gets humiliated by Pepe, or is depicted in a negative context like I said above. 
<NPC meme
The NPC Wojak meme is basically conditioning you to think of real life as vidya (which in general should be avoided, it pushes the manchild epidemic, and also has a large amount of masonic brainwashing), while also making you think you aren't an "NPC" for using the meme. Incredibly relevant as everybody's making leaderboard/"rise up gamers" memes with shooters like Brenton Tarrant. "NPC" was technically used before as vidya slang, but the Wojak variant was literally based on a single study that used Detroit demographics that claimed most people think, and was misinterpreted as the NPC meme, and was spammed crazily. It "coincided" with Elon Musk's interview with Rogan on the Neuralink. Also, within a few days, people started making anti-Christian memes using the NPC Wojak.
> Happy Merchant/Wyatt Man memes in general
See 4th pic related. Wyatt Man has been outed as Nick Bougas, a Hollywood associate who married a jewess. He's making more cartoons now including pro-Trump and Pepe-stuff, and did it on masonic 8chan too. 
> (((triple parenthesis))): Created by The Right Stuff crypto-jews and gives them legitimacy. Originates from this: 
<Prior to its use in this manner, ((( screen name ))) had been used in online communities such as AOL to indicate that a user was "cyberhugging" the user with the specified screen name.
Original:  [spoiler]h[/spoiler] ttp://archive.fo/UjyOw
Most of you have probably heard about Bill Ackman, who made a massive amount of money by betting that the stock market would crash due to the coronavirus. Business Insider tells us: "Pershing Square Capital Management CEO Bill Ackman minted a multibillion-dollar profit as coronavirus fears tanked US stocks. The hedge-fund billionaire turned a $27 million position into $2.6 billion through defensive hedge bets, a Wednesday letter to investors said."

Above is the news for goyim. Below is what Jewish News wrote:
"A Jewish hedge fund manager in the US has said he made £2.2 billion from a £22 million bet on the effects of the coronavirus. […] Ackman is a philanthropist who gives to Jewish causes, including five Jewish history, scholarship and arts organisations in New York."

I knew the guy was jewish as soon as I heard about his successful gamble, but most Americans would not know this important fact. They also do not know that St. Corona is the patron saint of money and gambling. Anyway, I took a look back at some stories on Ackman and found some interesting nuggets from a 2012 Business Insider article: He found Harvard to be a pretty ‘WASPy’ place. He said that’s why he decided to join the crew team to meet other Jewish kids. While at Harvard he wrote a dissertation on the school’s admission policies. For his honors thesis, he wrote a paper in 1988 called “Scaling the Ivy Wall: The Jewish and Asian Experience in Harvard Admissions.” This is just incredible, since jews are massively over-represented at Harvard, just like in the financial sector.

One more point I found very interesting that he is connected to Bill Gates. "He and his wife also joined Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in the Giving Pledge committing at least half of their money to charity." Did Gates give him any advanced notice about how Event 201 would become a “live exercise“? Next let’s turn to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Hollywood executive producer and former Goldman Sachs executive. From The Week: "Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will gain some unprecedented power from the coronavirus relief bill he helped write. The House is set to pass a stimulus bill that addresses economic shortfalls caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on Friday (or possibly Saturday). It’ll send individual checks to Americans and billions of dollars to institutions and businesses, and with Mnuchin overseeing it all, it’ll make him “one of the most powerful Cabinet members in modern history,” The Washington Post writes.

If it was not obvious enough, you can just turn to Wikipedia and learn: "Mnuchin’s family is Jewish." Now let’s get to a corporation that is going to be instrumental in this hebraic heist – BlackRock Inc. From Reuters: "The Fed will finance a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for each acronym to conduct these operations. The Treasury, using the Exchange Stabilization Fund, will make an equity investment in each SPV and be in a “first loss” position. What does this mean? In essence, the Treasury, not the Fed, is buying all these securities and backstopping of loans; the Fed is acting as banker and providing financing. The Fed hired BlackRock Inc. to purchase these securities and handle the administration of the SPVs on behalf of the owner, the Treasury. In other words, the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets. The Fed is providing the money to do it. BlackRock will be doing the trades. This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization." (continued)

We're all well aware of the aspects of the JQ that involve over-representation in places of power in society, but I think it is also interesting to look into the JQ from a historical perspective to see the privileges that the Jews had since nearly the beginning of recorded history, so in contrast to the narratives of oppression peddled to us today.

From time immemorial this particularistic race has kept among themselves, seeing themselves as "chosen" with double-standards in morality. Through their natural drive to trade and usury, they have spread far and wide to port cities and trading post, growing rich through trade, interest and theft. With their newly found the wealth the Jews become useful to European governments, using their influence to extract privileges from the kings such as tax exemptions, the ability to lend money at interest and even military protection. In the city of Tudela in Navarre the Jews were housed by the king in a fortress to protect them from the enraged goyim (see pic 2).

Anyways, this thread will discuss truths of Judaism mostly from a historical perspective. Feel free to contribute and recommend either videos, works or infographs that go into good detail on these matters.
Nationalism is for the nation; socialism is for the people. Be a National Socialist. by William Joyce

THE MYSTERY is that Nationalism and Socialism should have remained separate for so long. That mystery is solved only when we realize that our ”other values less glorious” have embraced useless butchery, foolish jealousy, inane snobbery, prostitution of patriotic fervor to Jewish interests, the hatreds of Class War, the sacrifice of the British worker to the oppression of international finance and his asphyxia in the miasma of Marx. Of these two terms that we are considering, it is always the sinister connotations and never the decent that have caused disruption and suffering. The moral is to build on what is good and to leave less glorious values alone for a while. We shall then begin to understand how absurd it is to regard true socialism as in any way dependent on internationalism; and we shall see how stupid it is to describe as true nationalism any sentiment or doctrine which ignores or fails to cure the sufferings of our people in the mass.

Nationalism and socialism must be either one blessing or twin curses.

Nationalism stands for the nation and socialism for the people. Unless the people be identical with the nation, all politics and all statecraft are a waste of time. People without a nation are a helpless flock or, like the Jews, a perpetual nuisance; a nation without people is an abstract nothing or an historical ghost. Nation and people must be one; there must be no division amongst the people themselves. Wars of class and party are calculated to make such division, and thus they are evil in themselves. Hegel thought that a nation must have a soul of its own; many thinkers refuse to believe that the people who are so vital individually must be dead collectively. At any rate, it is true that human society, unless the victim of anarchy, tends to organize. A nation or people must be a living organism, no more to be divided than the human organism, in which division means disease or death. This principle may be described by some as totalitarian, and by others as organic; but the term “organic” will suit us very well. In an organism, no part can be considered without reference to the whole; otherwise it dies. Nor can the whole be considered without reference to its parts, whilst the whole itself expresses much more than the mere sum of its parts, because the life principle runs throughout. Philosophically, then, National Socialism proclaims the triumph of man over environment and mere natural difficulties; still more, the National Socialist laughs at the gloomy theory of determinism propounded by such sages as Spengler, who write of cycles in civilization and hold, with Baldwin of Bewdly, that all empires must decay. That empires and civilizations have hitherto crumbled and fallen is undisputed knowledge, but the National Socialist is not content that his order shall live as long as possible; he is determined that it shall live forever. In the whole world, there is no power or obstacle that he regards as unconquerable. He is the true rebel, the divinely inspired revolutionary, who lives to make destiny, not to be enslaved by it. Only greater forces than human can claim his submission.

— excerpted from “National Socialism Now” by William Joyce (1937)

Joyce’s last words were: “In death, as in life, I defy the Jews, who caused this last war: and I defy the power of Darkness which they represent. I warn the British people against the aggressive imperialism of the Soviet Union. May Britain be great once again; and in the hour of the greatest danger to the West, may the standard of the Swastika be raised from the dust, crowned with the historic words: ‘In spite of everything, you have been victorious.’ I am proud to die for my ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why.”


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