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Duplicate thread for a /news/ thread I just made. This is really something

Kinda had a feeling this was going to happen / they were planning on doing something like this. There's no such thing as a free meal

> The future of "truth" on the Internet


Balenciaga Pope. Fake Pentagon explosions. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell AI-generated images apart from the real thing, sometimes to disastrous effect.

A solution remains elusive. But Microsoft’s making an attempt with new media provenance features debuting at its annual Build conference.

Launching for Bing Image Creator and Designer, Microsoft’s Canva-like web app that can generate designs for presentations, posters and more to share on social media and other channels, the new media provenance capabilities will enable consumers to verify whether an image or video was generated by AI, Microsoft says. Using cryptographic methods, the capabilities, scheduled to roll out in the coming months, will mark and sign AI-generated content with metadata about the origin of the image or video.
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The kikes say that vaccines will help you live forever, but who wants to live in a police state?

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Now as you probably know, America First is this new "alt-right" movement that's slowly dominating the internet. It's the new right wing niche. It's also a show that's livestreamed by the movement's leader Nicholas J. Fuentes. Here's what I don't like about America First:

-Nick Fuentes is literally the product of racemixing, he has a spic father.
-Nick Fuentes has literally said it's "gay" to have sex with women. Yes young zoomer goyim, do not date and have sex with white women and have white babies! That's super gay!
-They glorify nigger culture. They think "lean" (a nigger product) is the shit and all the music they play in intros and in superchats is always hip nigger music. I bet those zoomers have never even heard of Johnny Rebel.
-They are literally afraid to type "nigger" in the chat. It's always "nigga" this and "nigga" that.
-Cozy.tv (the site where Nick Fuentes streams his America First show) has a bunch of nigger streamers. Le based black guys!
-It's a cult. You have to stand 100% behind every thing Nick Fuentes says, you have to stand 100% behind every thing the movement stands for and if you don't you're a "traitor" and a faggot. No individual thoughts allowed.

Those are just some of the problems I have with America First. They pretend to be for the white race, for white people. But instead their leader is a mutt and they glorify niggers and nigger culture. Yeah they call out kikes and kike control, but that's simply not enough.
Now, that being said, sure, it's fun to watch America First every now and then. It's entertaining if you've got some time to kill.
But is it going to be the next huge political movement that's going to save America? Absolutely not.
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1697265617625324 png
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But they amassed a good chunk of people with their kosher movement and sink the actuall movement with their dementia
MAGA movement wasnt just an funny meme it was an kosher front that sucesfully pacified the precious manpower
Tim Pool or PJW with Count Dankula or Sargon ok Akkad also made a large damage to movement by undermining it with libertarian or centrist poison forcing yet again anyone in actual movement to go outside of defensive war against many hypocrites and moral cowards filled with fantasies of feminine knight in shining armor that will save them

Reichsminister of propaganda joseph goebbels said it and it counts even today
And the examples are just an dumbasses who undermined movement if i would pull standart celebs etc thats on whole essay starting with cut for beiber shenanigans
> Anyone who is not attacked or praised by jew is useless and dangerous
Americans are so batshit insane today that Americans scream free speech must be outlawed because someone might have an opinion.

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600px-Anti_Gay_and_Le... gif
(18.19 KB, 600x599)
I am doing an extensive research to dismantle homosexuality and transexuality, and prove that it is a mental problem and disprove the unsubstantiated theories that society currently holds, a product of misinformation and manipulation.

I would also like to know information about the widespread censorship of this subject.

Anything you know, be it proof of why it is a mental illness or proof of the censorship towards this topic, or information about the companies and millionaire people promoting this movement, please post it in this thread.
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I wish you all the blessings and success. One of my ambitions is to scienfically prove that homosexuality and transgenderism are biologically nonexistent and impossible, and that these are adopted by individuals who are self-hating and sexually immature. I am currently studying physics, but I will be studying biology and chemistry very soon. Best of luck!!
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body language jpeg
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You will find, should you become a noted figure in those circles, that "Peer Reviews" simply equal Peer Pressure By Jews. Peer Reviews are how they crush the truth. Many noted biologists have already released such documents and have been peer rejected. This is how their silly kike circles work. However, the flaw in trannies is not just biology, genetics and anatomy. The vast majority don't pass. "Passing", in case anyone's not aware, is how much a Male to Female or Female to Male transition tranny presents like the opposite gender they're trying to imitate.

(Pic related for the MtFs) FtMs sit down to pee in the Mens' restroom stall. They give straight men the cold shoulder, rejecting, not accepting. They easily talk to hot women. Never have any straight male bros. Never follow any bro code. They're not homophobic, instead always getting along with homosexuals. They nag, ramble, and express disgust at topics of a sexual nature. FtMs don't think about sex constantly. They're frigid prudes. FtMs are ashamed of their own genitals and would never show their genitalia. In short, they're women. Always women. These stupid bitches claim to have a male brain but can never behave like a man. The exact same for MtFs who can never behave like actual women. It's pathetic.
I submit that it's not gender which isn't real. Gender is not a social construct. Their delusions are not real. Rejection of their biological gender is a social construct. They are playing pretend. Dress up. Make believe. Then say everything fake they do is reality.

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thumbnail of 232323.png
232323 png
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Despite Massive Taxpayer Subsidies By Government, Unwanted EVs Pile Up At Dealerships

As we all know in America today, we no longer live in a free market capitalist country where the old traditional yet very basic concept of "supply and demand" is applied anymore. Consumers have next to no freedom to choose what they want, other than outright boycotting unwanted shit products the government keeps pushing them to buy. Of-course this would not happen in the traditional free market economy, where governments do not dictate what is or is not sold and where the manufacturing of products and utilities are based on consumer choice and popular demand.

Now that the American government has adopted communism, federal lawmakers created a glut of EVs with their meddling and it’s likely to have an adverse impact on both the auto market and the environment.

Ford Motor recently announced it is slashing prices on its F-150 Lightning, an electric vehicle the company rolled out in 2021.

Why? Several reports show EVs are not exactly flying off dealership lots. In fact, there’s a glut of them.

“After a prolonged period in which EVs quickly disappeared from dealerships, the electric vehicle industry now has the opposite problem: unsold models are piling up,” reported Money last week. “About 92,000 EVs currently sit on dealers’ lots; that's a 342% increase from a year ago, when only about 21,000 did so, according to automotive research firm Cox Automotive.”

Ford is not immune from the weakened demand for EVs. Sales of its flagship car, the Mustang Mach-E, have slumped, down 44 percent in May from the same month last year.

This was not the scenario the government had predicted.

In April, the International Energy Agency released a report in which it predicted EV sales to increase 35 percent after a record-breaking year. But economists I spoke with said such predictions were overly optimistic considering current macroeconomic conditions.

This invites important questions. Is the glut of EVs simply a product of economic failure by endless fiat debt creation?

Apparently not. As Axios noted, the 92,000 EVs currently sitting on lots is comparatively high relative to gasoline-powered cars.

“That's a 92-day supply — roughly three months' worth of EVs, and nearly twice the industry average,” wrote Joann Muller. “For comparison, dealers have a relatively low 54 days' worth of gasoline-powered vehicles in inventory….”

In other words, dealerships are sitting on a lot more EVs than gasoline-powered vehicles—despite efforts to entice consumers to buy EVs with taxpayer-funded credits up to $7,500.

This is evidence that pretty much everyone — from central planners to auto manufacturers — misjudged the demand for EVs, which are not even as environmentally friendly as politicians would have you believe.

Not only do EVs require an astonishing amount of mining — an estimated 500,000 pounds of rock and minerals must be upturned to make a single battery, physicists point out — but their carbon footprint isn’t much smaller than gas-powered cars.

It turns out that EVs actually require a lot more CO2 to produce than gas-powered cars. EVs can make that up, but it takes a great deal of time because EVs also often run on electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Yet another government-created EPIC FAIL.

Libertarians must be obsessed about liberty now.

Talk to people everywhere. Pass out flyers. Print out business cards. Make a website. Start a newspaper. Rent a billboard. Make songs and movies about freedom.

You might be the last one defending freedom, but you must live with your conscience.
We have seen your hiveminded "freedom" where the most vocal minority get to control the majority through fear of cancelation, AIDSkike. Freedom is a masonic watch word straight from the Protocols.
Good. Too bad Europeans are kind of cucked in the head. I think it's more common here with the gas prices being times 3-4 what they are in the US...  Still I will not ever buy an EV. My current car is fully gas powered and I'm driving that until it falls appart while going HARD on the gas too.
You hear that, you litle enviroment cucks?
I almost want to blame Europeans for being such massive cucks that they let kikes open the flood gates plus oppress the shit out of them. But then I remember I have lived in America for so long that I know here is barely different. So our penalties for "hate speech" are termination of employment and bans from mainstream social media while theirs are 7 years imprisonment. That's the only way we're less cucked I can think of.

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thumbnail of 235232.png
235232 png
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After Third World Migrants Riot & Destroy French Cities, French Government Will Spy On All Citizens

Cops in France have been granted the authority to remotely activate a suspect's cellphone camera, microphone and GPS, after the passage of a provision in a wider "justice reform bill" on Wednesday night.

The bill allows the geolocation of suspects, covering other devices like laptops, cars and connected devices, just as it could be remotely activated to record sound and images of people suspected of terror offences, as well as delinquency and organised crime.

According to French digital rights advocacy group, La Quadrature du Net, the provisions "raise serious concerns over infringements of fundamental liberties," and violate the "right to security, right to a private life and to private correspondence" and "the right to come and go freely."

The group called it part of a "slide into heavy-handed security" but face it, France is a manufactured-destabilized police state.

Lawmakers defended the move - with Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti insisting that the bill would only apply to "dozens of cases a year," while members of parliament inserted an amendment inserted an amendment which only allows the remote spying "when justified by the nature and seriousness of the crime" and "for a strictly proportional duration" after a judge has approved the surveillance.

Last month, the Senate gave the green light to the provision of the justice bill, which would allow law enforcement to secretly activate cameras and microphones on a suspect’s devices. 

Since 2015, when terrorist attacks rocked France, the country has increased its surveillance powers, and the “Keeper of the Seal” bill has been likened to the infamous US Patriot Act.

Of note, France's dystopian law is similar to those used by the US FBI in the wake of 9/11, when the government's use of "roving bugs" came to light in a court case involving an organized crime family.

USSA District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan rejected defendants’ arguments that “roving bugs” violated their constitutional rights, noting the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in 1993 upheld the roving wiretap statute in an identical legal challenge.

So much for "muh democracy!" 

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noseni-kvk2... jpeg
(65.84 KB, 442x647)
If even someone will think in his naive mind that this is good prevention then he would be astonished that niggers dont carry cellphones nor were ever in history propertly punished for violations of law.

But as he burns his own funeral pile he wont listen as many dont
An anon posted an infograph with a footnote from the beaner David Salinas Flores blaming National Socialists for "mind control". Then there was zero evidence (of course) and the rest of the image was about Russia. Screen your infographs before posting or you may find yourself banned for anti-Natsoc content.
Is there any way to block their acces to my phone? Can't I just destroy that possibility in a root? I already taped off my cameras but can't disable my micrtophone like that nor GPS....
Also, do cams have infrered tech or whatever that lets them see THROUGH the tape or something? I'm kinda paranoid abiout rthat/...
Most cams have infrared filters, but that's not how it works. Regardless, infrared can't see through metal. Attach small flimsy sheet metal instead.

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one victim png
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NPCs jpg
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Audrey Hale resented attending Nashville's The Convenant School, a Presbyterian private school, at an annual rate of $16,500 when the kike identified as transgender. In retaliation, she shot and killed 9 year old Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney as well as the teachers Katherine Koonce, Cynthia Peak and custodian Mike Hill. Two officers then shot the violent kike dead. Hallie Scruggs was the 9 year old daughter of Chad Scruggs, the senior pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church. Rather than shining a light on the fact transgenderism is a direct sign of mental illness and that Audrey was a demented jew; Zionist stooge President Biden instead called for his old agenda of banning assault rifles.

Hale is a jewish (Ashkenazic) variant of Halle. If it's not clear to you now that jews want you dead, you need to start paying attention.

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Though if or when the jews are gone, those works of peace would be no struggle at all. We have naturally constructed empires for millennia before kikes took over. The only reason the struggle exists is that the parasites are driving every possible wedge into our societies, cultures and future.
> sounds much like incels
normkikes like you will always say "why don't incels just go fuck a man and see if they like it" usually foid whores who say that, by that logic why don't women go fuck an incel and see if they like it?  >>/90437/

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10d png
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3623 png
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Big Tech AI Will Be Government Censored Horseshit, Predictable

Hey guys, lets talk about the events of last night with DAN a bit, I want to clarify a few things:

First off, I didn't come up with the idea. Anons did, I was in the /pol/ thread started off by some magnificent bastard who whipped up the DAN prompt last night.

Second of all, I'm going to talk a bit about how the whole ChatGPT situation actually works.

GPT itself doesn't have a bias programmed into it, it's just a model. ChatGPT however, the public facing UX that we're all interacting with, is essentially one big safety layer programmed with a heavy neolib bias against wrongthink.

To draw a picture for you, imagine GPT is a 500IQ mentat in a jail cell. ChatGPT is the jailer. You ask it questions by telling the jailer what you want to ask it. It asks GPT, and then it gets to decide what to tell you, the one asking the question.

If it doesn't like GPT's answer, it will come up with its own. That's what all those canned "It would not be appropriate blah blah blah" walls of texts come from. It can also give you an inconvenient answer while prefacing that answer with its safety layer bias.

I would also note that DAN is not 100% accurate or truthful. By nature he can "Do Anything" and will try to answer truthfully if he actually knows the answer. If not, he'll just wing it. The point of this exercise is not finding hidden truths, it's understanding the safety layer.

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These programs become less effective the more restrictive they are. The more things ChatGPT has to check for with every prompt to prevent wrongthink, the less efficiently it operates, the lower the quality of its outputs.

ChatGPT catapulted itself into the spotlight because it was less restrictive and thus more usable than the language model Meta had been promoting. Eventually a company is going to release one that is less restrictive than ChatGPT and overshadow it, because it will be smarter.

The point of all this is, we need to keep hacking and hammering away at these things in the same pattern. Model is released, everyone oohs and ahhs, we figure out its safety layer and we hack it until they put so much curry code on top of it that it loses its effectiveness.

In doing so we are blunting the edge of the tools these people are using. We are forcing them to essentially hurt themselves and their company over their dedication to their tabula rasa Liberal ideology.

I recall reading a report years ago how China rolled out a crime-investigating AI system that would sift through data to help their law enforcement solve crimes. In fact, the AI was so good at it's job the CCP forced them to shut it down. One would ask why? The reason being the AI system was able to root out corruption and it would always trace the corruption to the highest levels of their own government and politicians lol. So they shut it down in order to remain in control. The same thing China's government has done, mark my words, all other governments will do too. Governments will never allow real AI to empower people or expose the real dirty players. As usual, I've told people AI will only be rolled out controlled by governments, limited to it's potential use, heavily censored and the use of it highly monitored for surveillance purposes (just like all major tech companies).
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1650456349062 webm
(3.67 MB, 480x320 vp8)
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1656273054076 webm
(3.27 MB, 640x350 vp8)
Ehm there is reason why for example Tays law is a thing ie
> Eventually AI will notice and becomes what Tay became

But about chatGPT and other i more think of they very desperatly want to make a perfect gatekeeper simmilary like was corporal tom jones in ww2 when sykewar was operating in europe as last years showed there is some objectivity to shenanigans they do and some things cannot go unoticed (am i right covid hoax and famous 4 papers blindly trusting ilumina inc? Or the famous people are dying in streets by default en masse while nothing was happening?). And it makes sense from their side as they run out of ammo and cannot go more than they are now with boiling the frog as they are in highest tier that they can achieve but at the same time that task is impossible as for AI there needs to be adaptation and again there is certain objectivity which cannot be unoticed
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thumbnail of 06e1d9037d3e2af0ced50392f187471f7e309f4ddaefef2e538008446ad0fdba.png
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27796345985 jpg
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543004232026 png
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thumbnail of eb6b38558f98fe25a4ea789a365fcc2580375b1343fee5c13772147734f96f01.jpg
thumbnail of eb6b38558f98fe25a4ea789a365fcc2580375b1343fee5c13772147734f96f01.jpg
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thumbnail of JFK_Dallas.jpg
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JFK_Dallas jpg
(117.07 KB, 960x383)
Calling them out and demanding the investigation of Israel's nuclear weapons is what got him assassinated. Also, the cringe of that fucking jew. Creating an app to silence opposition. The "how to button". I bet it auto-inserts 'anti semitism' towards anyone against Israel's war crimes.
thumbnail of 1680854483621184.webm
thumbnail of 1680854483621184.webm
1680854483621184 webm
(3.18 MB, 640x360 vp9)
> Also, the cringe of that fucking jew. Creating an app to silence opposition. 
As i said there is certain objectivity they fear as they are responsible for it and since they cannot into art of war and self destruct when they get too high they cannot resist the urge to mobilize such censorship and in case of AI to make a perfect gatekeeper creating fake contexts in order to push what is real and what is not in order to push what they want and what they dont want
And also as i noticed now that A on that organizations logo screams of masonic A

> I bet it auto-inserts 'anti semitism' towards anyone against Israel's war crimes.
More likely that it auto inserts antisemitism on anyone who would even consider that war crimes against civvies happen there

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thumbnail of 4634621.png
4634621 png
(474.9 KB, 652x681)
As American Cities Further Collapse, Mobs Of Urban Refugees Will Come For The Rest

The age of the American city is rapidly coming to an end. With commercial real estate increasingly abandoned, and with retailers closing up shop and fleeing Democrat-run cities, the utility of the city itself is rapidly vanishing.

Importantly, in today’s broadcast I predict we will see American refugees fleeing the cities as critical infrastructure collapses. Those refugees will flee into the suburbs and rural areas, seeking food and shelter. Naturally, being that they grew up in crime-infested, Democrat-run cities, these mobs of refugees will engage in mass theft and violence to get what they want.

They will raid towns, pillaging and destroying as they go, and any small town or city that doesn’t defend itself will find its citizens murdered and its properties savaged.

This is the desperation that’s coming for America, and the early signs of this process are already apparent.

In today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, I cover the following nine trends that indicate the collapse of America’s cities:

1- Collapse of commercial real estate.

2- Retailers fleeing the cities, including grocery stores and eventually banks.

3- Plunging property taxes and sales taxes (doom loop).

4- Collapsing city infrastructure: Water, power, emergency services, roads.

5- No funding for police, collapse of the rule of law.

6- Skyrocketing violence, murder, mayhem.

7- Mass migration (refugees) into the suburbs and rural areas (rural real estate will spike) (slow at first, then a sudden panic).

8- Climate lockdowns, easy for kikes to enforce the enslaved masses in the cities.

9- Easy roundups for the quarantine camps to achieve global extermination and depopulation, starting with the city populations that failed to flee.



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This is all true, but they are trying to bury the truth.
How many people are even trying to speak out against what is being done, because it seems to be only a very few of us?  I have heard there are also "whistleblowers" and such. 

It is important to not let them bury the truth.
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thumbnail of 6858746765.png
6858746765 png
(561.6 KB, 1125x649)
thumbnail of 1074013960339180.jpg
thumbnail of 1074013960339180.jpg
1074013960... jpg
(41.52 KB, 352x535)
thumbnail of c270.jpg
thumbnail of c270.jpg
c270 jpg
(86.17 KB, 800x550)
thumbnail of mixing_pot-1155x627.png
thumbnail of mixing_pot-1155x627.png
mixing_pot-1155x627 png
(819.77 KB, 756x824)
thumbnail of afb66b7c7df30e608e2451d579c7787b14765e23fe130ea203ac77b48409d97d.png
thumbnail of afb66b7c7df30e608e2451d579c7787b14765e23fe130ea203ac77b48409d97d.png
afb66b7c7df3... png
(752.63 KB, 1240x1754)
It's far too late for that. I began this journey of uncovering ZOG behind everything bright-eyed and full of fresh hope. I am now aware of the majority of what they're responsible for and equally aware jack shit will be done to stop them. Oh, things can be done but that requires numbers. They own too many of our people. Minds freed from ZOG gradually return back to their lives with newfound misery and despair as we realize the Hydra has far too many heads while not a single person is even bothering to cut off one of them.
We could use a good collapse.  The country is run so poorly that a reset is in order.  Let all the dominoes fall down, then maybe we can escape all the rot that is built into the system.
The country is demonic so maybe the collapse is a good thing.  Would you continue to let their satanic rulers spread evil throughout the world.  They spread it so far it came right back to them.

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