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Americans scream tyranny makes you safer, but actually the police state actually increases danger.

Now instead of worrying about criminals, you also need to be avoid the Gestapo and terrorist bombings that are a response to tyranny.

Americans do not seem to understand that tyranny leads to having a dictator because everyone who is a danger is killed off.
Resistance becomes a duty when you live in a police state.

Why is Assange in jail, but Clinton isn't?

Why did Snowden throw away his life to warn Americans about the dangers of tyranny?

How can officials and the Gestapo take an oath to defend the Constitution and then violate it everyday? Is a paycheck more important than freedom?
Sam Hyde is a prime example of how to troll jews and gain influence. He goes about it in a neurotic way but it still works. Imagine if someone had the intelligence to troll jewish media like this but as a serious strategy to gain loyal soldiers.
> Sam Hyde is a prime example of how to troll jews and gain influence

They really fucked him over because of it though. TV show cancelled. Banned practically everywhere. Blackmailed, etc. 

What's he working on nowadays anyways? I think he's doing boxing matches or something
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They laugh, uneasy, because they've been Pavlovian conditioned like dogs to think he's crazy yet can't possibly stop to think about his words. I too am subjected to the result of jews pushing for immigration and our replacement, as I'm sure native Europeans are as well. Like Arabs in Europe, Mexicans were given jobs in the U.S. for coming across the border for decades and what do those ungrateful shits do now that they've deluded themselves they're in positions of authority? After decades of whining about discrimination, they're discriminating. I have been to too many job interviews where typical coward Mexicans who are always afraid to speak truth to your face unless they're in a pack have said I'm very qualified and acted as if I had the job. Yet after I was given a tour, I realized only other Mexicans were employed. I have never been hired for those jobs despite the two-faced act that I was going to be hired. This is the result of every other race being race loyal besides Caucasians bending the knee and wanting to be accepted so letting the jew steal what is ours out from under us. Wetbacks have now become Governors, Mayors. Every online job application now requests your race and promises not to discriminate. If you're ever in the position of your current job fucking you over and reducing your pay as you look somewhere else, ask yourself why they insist on knowing your race. You'll be turned down for checking that box. Notice how every other race has an ethnicity. Caucasians only have "white".
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From a council meeting in the UK town of Dunstable a couple of days ago.
The meeting was chaired by Tory MP for South West Bedfordshire, Andrew Selous, and was arranged due to local resident anger at a hotel being used to house 150 'asylum seekers' at the taxpayers expense.
The majority of immigration to the UK in the past few years has been from young Albanian men, not people fleeing persecution as the media generally say, these are economic migrants.

Some non-msm context: 
Disgusting bastard vipers adding to the Bible
Do these "Rabbis" *know* what the Bible says about adding to or taking away from the Bible, which they've done endlessly?
Do they want to rot in hell so badly?
The irony is that Germany treated other races _better_ than the US at that time. How the hypocritical WWII soldiers would recoil if they knew how they are using (the scum among) non-whites as pawns to wipe out the white man
Based Sigma chad doesn't stop spitting facts when the retard beta woman (probably one of them) starts saying "Surr! Surr! Surr!" at 1:50

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