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As American Cities Further Collapse, Mobs Of Urban Refugees Will Come For The Rest

The age of the American city is rapidly coming to an end. With commercial real estate increasingly abandoned, and with retailers closing up shop and fleeing Democrat-run cities, the utility of the city itself is rapidly vanishing.

Importantly, in today’s broadcast I predict we will see American refugees fleeing the cities as critical infrastructure collapses. Those refugees will flee into the suburbs and rural areas, seeking food and shelter. Naturally, being that they grew up in crime-infested, Democrat-run cities, these mobs of refugees will engage in mass theft and violence to get what they want.

They will raid towns, pillaging and destroying as they go, and any small town or city that doesn’t defend itself will find its citizens murdered and its properties savaged.

This is the desperation that’s coming for America, and the early signs of this process are already apparent.

In today’s Brighteon Broadcast News, I cover the following nine trends that indicate the collapse of America’s cities:

1- Collapse of commercial real estate.

2- Retailers fleeing the cities, including grocery stores and eventually banks.

3- Plunging property taxes and sales taxes (doom loop).

4- Collapsing city infrastructure: Water, power, emergency services, roads.

5- No funding for police, collapse of the rule of law.

6- Skyrocketing violence, murder, mayhem.

7- Mass migration (refugees) into the suburbs and rural areas (rural real estate will spike) (slow at first, then a sudden panic).

8- Climate lockdowns, easy for kikes to enforce the enslaved masses in the cities.

9- Easy roundups for the quarantine camps to achieve global extermination and depopulation, starting with the city populations that failed to flee.



Pretty lousy OP.
The people running this country are running it right into the ground.
This is all true, but they are trying to bury the truth.
How many people are even trying to speak out against what is being done, because it seems to be only a very few of us?  I have heard there are also "whistleblowers" and such. 

It is important to not let them bury the truth.
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It's far too late for that. I began this journey of uncovering ZOG behind everything bright-eyed and full of fresh hope. I am now aware of the majority of what they're responsible for and equally aware jack shit will be done to stop them. Oh, things can be done but that requires numbers. They own too many of our people. Minds freed from ZOG gradually return back to their lives with newfound misery and despair as we realize the Hydra has far too many heads while not a single person is even bothering to cut off one of them.
We could use a good collapse.  The country is run so poorly that a reset is in order.  Let all the dominoes fall down, then maybe we can escape all the rot that is built into the system.
The country is demonic so maybe the collapse is a good thing.  Would you continue to let their satanic rulers spread evil throughout the world.  They spread it so far it came right back to them.

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