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is jupiter aproaching so close that it pulls on the moon causing another flood and earthquakes?
Winners vs Losers.
It's always quick.

Go in a dark room, turn on the light. How quickly does the darkness flee?
Too easy.
thumbnail of Au is gold.png
thumbnail of Au is gold.png
Au is gold png (138.43 KB, 600x600)
thumbnail of Om_AUM_graphic.png
thumbnail of Om_AUM_graphic.png
Om_AUM_gra... png (107.52 KB, 1435x1044)
thumbnail of f3794ce8c55cabc4f18efa823e2e3dcb55a4419a9ae6003a721bfd8e9a3d4deb.png
thumbnail of f3794ce8c55cabc4f18efa823e2e3dcb55a4419a9ae6003a721bfd8e9a3d4deb.png
f3794ce8c5... png (182.16 KB, 414x419)
when you post the wrong meme during signoff, kek
Alright, this is really the last comment before I give this shill too many (you)bucks.

Stay focused, frens.
You have it all - you just need to choose to use it.

Dig. Meme. PRAY!
> where exactly are they at?
hint please?

the dead that did not let go?
the deamons?

do they even exist, tangibly?
a narative pushed by them? aliens on saturn?
thumbnail of proof.png
thumbnail of proof.png
proof png (35.82 KB, 473x497)
thumbnail of rising.png
thumbnail of rising.png
rising png (1.15 MB, 2420x5169)
Respond to the gifs, faggot.
when i die my soule is released.
where does it go? 
another dimensional shard?
monoatomic gold
how can something lose mass?
I'm not letting you out of this now.
Tell them what >>/22740/ is, big brains.
are there aliens on this planet?
are they from another dimension?
are they here to misguide us or help?
who controls saturn?
> antarctica... so much noise around this topic.
> can you put this one to bed definitively?

are we in a dome?
Yes. There's a dome that exists just beyond Antartica.
See Encyclopedias from the fifties and before.
Why would an injection of platinum cure brain cancer?
informant what do you have on poshenko lindsey and ukraine deals

where was the money laundered?
what deals wehre made
who was involved?
what was sacrificed?
what was gained?
who authorized (cahin of commands)
-> Actions today were meant to 'shine a light' into a dark and truly sinister situation:

yes we failed today. will not happen again.

anyway potus could give heads up prior night for tomorrow's action?
Looks like our "informant" is leaving just in time to not tell you guys the truth about what I've posted, ensuring that you guys also lose trust in me in the process.
I've proven to you guys time and time again that I'm legit. I'm not always on target and I'm not as well read as I probably should be in order to be telling you guys things, but at least I don't try to pit anyone against other anons.
Remember what happened here.
Dumped by Cloudflare, 8chan gets back online—then gets kicked off again
yet shared it today, why?
Since he/they won't tell you, I will:
They're gifs of Earth.
> We only point, this has to be organic.
this info will be last for years to come... if we gottem
thumbnail of Owned.png
thumbnail of Owned.png
Owned png (368.52 KB, 1080x815)
Adam Schiff is the next Michael Avenatti burnout.
bread pit snapshot archive for prosperity

> How much can he take before he red pills himself?

funny, even the satanist know the bible better than some christians
we are inside and enclosed system
> bill nye
What have you posted?
Without UserID/thread, it's impossible to know, besides tripfaggotry...
It is stuff floating in water. You can see the damn reflection.
"Christians" don't know they're just praying to Thoth...
Again, I'm no "Satanist". The religions you know are a sham. Your bible was written by scheming noses in the Council of Nicea. The Old Testament is just a compilation of Hebrew texts. 
Open your eyes.
Christianity isn't bad, it's just 'greatly misunderstood.
member == string
front and rear axle the +-particle
thumbnail of baking now.jpg
thumbnail of baking now.jpg
baking now jpg (98.75 KB, 960x636)
bless you fags'

Yes, there's no glass between the person taking the photo and "space".
Seriously, man?...
two gifs
scroll up
You just mad because I busted your half-assed attempt.

I guess muh spaceship took that, but they put the camera behind a pane of glass with an odd way of reflecting shit unlike any other glass anywhere.

Ever looked out a plane window?

So dumb.
> reddit spacing
Hardly an attempt, guys...
Do you ever actually try to blend in anymore?
damnit 911 and dint get those questions in


and thats a wrap anons o/

goodnight godbless

sooooooooooooooo much to digest
sooo much crumbs i couild bake a cake

enclosed system
the attractor...

sooooooooooo much
and sooooo far behind /\
dig meme Pray (our conscious effort has an affect)


> Muh not understanding of separating topics with a line break

Get madder. Rage all you want.
You're cancer, and nothing more.
I guess the experiment is already concluded?
'there is no where to go'... or is there?
Why did you abandon your tripcode? Are you trying to cloak yourself now? Do you think if it looks like more people disagree that your method of attack will be more effective?
Enough fucking amateur hour shit, man.
Like I've told you, the world between worlds.
thumbnail of 88d075dca0a8da0e0a6ae58dba3a142bc4c2118a6a97b2d3c7ffd3f98423b591.jpeg
thumbnail of 88d075dca0a8da0e0a6ae58dba3a142bc4c2118a6a97b2d3c7ffd3f98423b591.jpeg
88d075dca0... jpeg (22.88 KB, 474x395)
thumbnail of 1c0f022624b3d2278740ec885548f37540dfd54a0448ac48ef0cea6575109a68.jpg
thumbnail of 1c0f022624b3d2278740ec885548f37540dfd54a0448ac48ef0cea6575109a68.jpg
1c0f022624... jpg (74.58 KB, 600x600)
> reddit spacing

page archived
thumbnail of hearth-breads.jpg
thumbnail of hearth-breads.jpg
hearth-bre... jpg (69.48 KB, 350x213)
Fresh Bread
Fresh Bread
Fresh Bread
Fresh Bread
Fresh Bread
Fresh Bread
or Absolute Unbounded Manifold. Different metaphor for same thing.
Some other night I will go through the quantum physics of the theory, but right now it has nothing to do with what we should be digging on in this physical  material reality,( but everything to do with the rootf reality). 
Right now I am digging on Tulsi, that scam needs mucho attention and needs to be nipped in the bud!
thumbnail of Sucka.png
thumbnail of Sucka.png
Sucka png (347.64 KB, 1080x813)
Jim Watkins is the drag down with him around Q is dead
closing bread anons, get u rlast words in and head over to the dinner table. bakers got fresh bread awaiting

thumbnail of theshill.gif
thumbnail of theshill.gif
theshill gif (6.34 MB, 300x300)
> muh everyone knows who you are because they can read comms
> muh try to blame it on spacing

Sorry attempt.
I'm gone. The other already left. I'm just having fun, at this point. Thanks for that!
But such an easy game loses interest quickly.
Maybe someone else will pick up where I left off on schooling you?
It's really too easy when you stand against truth and promote continued slumber.

Why don't you reread what you have missed instead of just starting at the bottom? Maybe you can form some more convincing arguments? Nah -- that would be too risky.
Darkness HATES the light.
Light hates nothing.

Just ignore the loser and discuss amongst yourselves.
You're all winners here, except one, who arrived right on time, as I already noted with two deltas.

Too easy.






> muh reddit

pic related.

> the eyeball-looking things
ok, ty
thumbnail of 1568311899699m.jpg
thumbnail of 1568311899699m.jpg
1568311899... jpg (150.42 KB, 1024x963)
thumbnail of enfUfdO.jpg
thumbnail of enfUfdO.jpg
enfUfdO jpg (161.91 KB, 500x500)
Also sorry guys I don't know any ukrainians.

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