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I'm calling it that because the QTTDTOT threads were generals anyway. Post anything that's been going on in your life you feel like talking about. If you're just joining us, it's good to have you here again, bot.
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Waking up properly is hard. I always feel so slow to start but I need to exercise early. On another note, I hope the other robots arrive soon.
I'm sick of thinking and rationalizing in general, so I'm trying to shut it all down. Harder than I thought.
The further I go down the path of learning the truths of our universe and the world around us, the more isolated I feel. I was fine with it at first, but now I'm becoming separated even from close family. I think I deeply saddened my father when we talked about YHWH and Christianity. Maybe I took advantage of the kindred friendship I had with my roommate. I didn't truly understand just how valuable it was until we parted. He was the only person I could truly discuss with about any topic without being labeled a "racist" or weirdo. I know I could stop reading, but there's no coming back from the truth. You can't just unlearn or ignore the patterns you see in society or the things you've read. Nor do I actually want to stop pursuing esoteric truths and knowledge. I guess this is the first time I've truly felt alone in years.
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welcome to the Club, I can't say i Empathize with you, since my Isolation is something i Actively seek because niggers around me are evermore retarded and noisy, besides i was always a loner, the Bliss of Wisdom is not something "social standing" or "friends" can equate to, Good Luck Anon
I don't even know if i'm swallowing the red or blackpill at this point. Everything is fucked. Everything is fucking backwards."Everything". Humanity as a collective has lost its soul. The Demiurge has won. I just don't see how humanity can recover from this without some sort of divine intervention. We must be nearing the end of the cycle.
> just turn back into a normalfag

No. I have to keep digging.
Did you make sure to type www. in front of the url? Without it most browsers will give a warning, but I don't think it means anything. There's also an alternative domain

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