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proxychains with rotating  proxy paid preferably. over tor but then there is thread limits. set proxyxchains timeout to 10000
u dont need to be anonymous while scanning public ips there are thousand of internet scanners scanning the entire internet everyday, so even if the target keeps iptables logs (which is highly unlikely) there is no way they are gonna find u in the logs

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I recently bought a cheap eReader with e-ink. I like it, but the resolution and screen size are too small and e-ink monitors are ridiculously overpriced. I'd still love to have a 32 inch e-ink secondary monitor for reading if they weren't so damn expensive. It would not be for gaming or videos because the 15 hertz refresh rate and ghosting is silly, bit because when you're reading it can look so sharp and be easy on the eyes. 

Who else likes e-ink?
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I got a few Kindle 4s a few years back because e-ink e-reader that gets a bout a month of charge and when I'm not feeling like anon here  >>/15288/ I have enjoyed reading on them for the first half of 3001 space odyssey.

Meanwhile I read a shit ton of cartoons and manga online daily on the desktop so yeah e-readers are great for reading but I'm fucked in the head too.
Did you get the pocketbook? I like the look of it. Bit pricey though.
Laptops have screens which emit light. E-ink reflects like. Its much better for your eyes long term
I have a Kindle Paperwhite. I also got a cover for it that has a handstrap and kickstand. Altogether, it's super nice for reading on planes and stuff. The battery lasts forever too

I got my wife a Kindle Scribe and she loves it. The stylus functions are just like using a pencil
I like my paperwhite I just wish I have jailbroken it early because fuck amazon, now I'm stuck on firmware that doesn't have a jailbreak.
i like using it when I'm outside, the paperwhite is really nice to carry around. 
an ereader is multiple books.

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i was banned for spam after 1 post which wasnt spam. it says to contact admins incase of a false positive and this is the only way i know how :)

My mostly uninformed take is that gecko is pretty solid but blink is both mostly ahead (minus some possible greater performance for, say if you have dozens of tabs opened) and suffers from Google Chrome's near domination of web meaning many website owners just don't care optimizing stuff for Firefox (with the webkit browsers being closer and easier but still sometimes having some funkiness).

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