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and i simply leave torrent client on all the time just like my personal computer for online is on all the time
Bad for fans maybe, not gonn ahurt much else provided its cooling properly. I have a 18 year old thinkpad I bought used about 6 years ago and I run it 24/7. Fan has shit the bed but only cost like 7 bucks to replace. The only things I would be worried about are cheap stuff and things with terrible thermals. but if it's cooling properly should be no issue running it all the time.

Hands down the best darkweb forum for cybersecurity, database leaks and just a place to hangout

No Javascript and No email are needed!

Onniforums main link: http://onnii6niq53gv3rvjpi7z5axkasurk2x5w5lwliep4qyeb2azagxn4qd.onion

Onniforums clearnet: https://onniforums.com
i was banned for spam after 1 post which wasnt spam. it says to contact admins incase of a false positive and this is the only way i know how :)

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Hey anons. 
Anyone here know of a good e-mail hosting service on TOR that isn't a honeypot or a shittily-hosted mess? Looking to make an inbox that won't get deleted off the face of the earth or get me arrested. (I'm not looking to commit crimes, but can't take any chances)

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Black Hat Chat

Share ideas, discuss exploits

No CP/spam/gore/other illegal activity


UNBIASED (Not Western/Eastern/Any Propaganda)

The pci_disable_device function is defined in the source file of the kernel pci module. 

Let the pci_disable_device function be a working parameter of the kernel pci module.

GRUB boot commands works when I type pci=disable_acs_redir=pci:12D8:2308 in linux pci module.

When I type pci=pci_disable_device=pci:12D8:2308 to disable the hardware, it gives unknown parameter error.

what is the reason of this ?
for those who want to do this

interesting. looks like a valid way to specify a device indeed

could kernel prefer lowercase letters?

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I recently bought a cheap eReader with e-ink. I like it, but the resolution and screen size are too small and e-ink monitors are ridiculously overpriced. I'd still love to have a 32 inch e-ink secondary monitor for reading if they weren't so damn expensive. It would not be for gaming or videos because the 15 hertz refresh rate and ghosting is silly, bit because when you're reading it can look so sharp and be easy on the eyes. 

Who else likes e-ink?
I got a few Kindle 4s a few years back because e-ink e-reader that gets a bout a month of charge and when I'm not feeling like anon here  >>/15288/ I have enjoyed reading on them for the first half of 3001 space odyssey.

Meanwhile I read a shit ton of cartoons and manga online daily on the desktop so yeah e-readers are great for reading but I'm fucked in the head too.

What do I have to consider if I want to scan an ip address anonymously (via tor) with nmap?

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youtube-dl.org and yt-dl.org now show this error.
> Due to a ruling of the Hamburg Regional Court, access to this website is blocked.

https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl still works fine but you should use https://github.com/yt-dlp/yt-dlp anyway


or host Tor hidden service and ignore any courts

CryptBB: http://cryptbbtg65gibadeeo2awe3j7s6evg7eklserehqr4w4e2bis5tebid.onion/
Libre Forum: http://libreeunomyly6ot7kspglmbd5cvlkogib6rozy43r2glatc6rmwauqd.onion
I hate this forum I just wrotte a full answer and couldn't place the post.

There are two Russian forums, in one you have to pay to enter and in the other you have to activate Javascrypt... I haven't tried any.

I only use Omni at the moment:


People say that cryptbb is compromised, one of the owners has left the forum or leaked vendors

Session in case you feel like chatting:

pretty wayfu btw
Session is a messaging software from Lokinet devs. IRRC it borrows some codebase from Signal.


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