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TF2 Classic, a mod of Team Fortress 2 by Valve Software. Normal TF2 discussion fine as well.

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I like how this board is in the top ten best boards on the website.
Does this mod have grenades and bunnyhopping? 

I remember when TF2 came out, they announced no grenades and also banned bunnyhopping or some shit.

Literally the two best things from TF, in every version I played, gutted from TF2. So I never tried even a minute of TF2
Also what the fuck is wrong with people that don't like bunnyhopping in games? 

Used to be the best part of FPS games then at some point in almost every fucking game, you'd get banned from servers just for jumping repeatedly using the physics that are PART OF THE FUCKING GAME
TF2C does in fact have bhopping, and it is fucking fun and fast.

No grenades, might be implemented later as an optional thing, but I wouldn't know since I'm not a dev.
Last time I played a TF was ETF (Enemy Territory Fortress), which was I guess a long time ago. It was fast, had bunny hopping, and multiple types of nades (nail bombs, etc).

It was fucking awesome, had good community going, then after a week break I log into the IRC and there's like fucking nobody there.

Finally one person logs on and says something about the community broke up and most are playing Guild Wars.

I was like.. wh..ahh.a WUT?

God damn it was fucking awesome, no idea why everybody left for Guild Wars for some fucking reason, but when they did it lowered the community numbers to where it couldn't sustain.

Then I was excited for TF2 when I first heard about it, but then when I saw what it really was, huge disappointment.

I gotta check this out since it's free like ETF

I miss sniping people bunnyhopping 400mph
Grenades coming soon for Deathmatch, and I'm sure there will be a way to put them into regular gamemodes with some items_game.txt fuckery.

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