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Volt girl represents a force pushing electric charge, Amp girl represents flow of electric charge, Ohm girl represents resistance to flow.
The first stream of the year on Saturday:
The Siege of Jadotville
It's a war movie.
At 8 and 21 UTC:
- EST: 4am, 4pm
- CET: 9:00, 22:00
- AEDT: 7pm, 8am (on Sunday, 7th)
The two Chinese labs working on replicating LK-99 appear to have found a room-temperature superconductor. 

At first blush, here's what's different from last time:

• it's more like "room temperature" than room temperature, the paper says 250K which is -10 F or -23 C. That's still HUGE IF TRUE, because we can get things that cold with liquid nitrogen

• we have actually discovered a superconductor at this temperature before, but it was at high pressure. This paper says it's potentially superconductive AT AMBIENT, NORMAL PRESSURE

• it has *already* replicated, with two separate labs in China confirming the results. Last time the big question was "will it replicate." And the answer this time seems to be "it already has"

The difference is that they realized LK-99 needs sulfur to superconduct.

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New Reply on thread #222320
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