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I don't have the sort of skills that would allow me to emigrate, I also don't want to move to a third world dictatorship run by the mafia in some parts and Islamists in others.
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"Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong." (2 Corinthians 12:10)
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> MFW I bought a bunch on Mediterranean and North African herbs for the summer time
Just need some goats cause I want some goat cheese.
Thinking about getting some Texas native herbs like red bay, sage brush, maybe possum haw.
"My own story, which I don’t claim is atypical or sympathetic in any way, is that in college a bunch of people tried to cancel me for something I’d intended to be an anti-racist joke, but which apparently didn’t come out that way. Former friends turned against me, I got a few death threats, and I was told to attend a criticism session at a local social justice meeting group (which I foolishly did; I thought people would realize I was cooperative and agreed with them, and so lay off - obviously this didn’t work). I briefly considered dropping out of college to avoid the hatred; instead I spent a month locked in my room, waiting for the storm to blow over. It was the worst experience of my life."
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Can confirm. Still on Windows 7. I've used Linux but there's constant problems and inconsistencies during setup. Once you get things going though it's smooth, IF you can get things going as you like them. Which usually involves some kind of compromise.
I remember the days before Pulse...
> IF you can get things going as you like them. Which usually involves some kind of compromise
Install and everything just werks
I think what fucked it up when they started to lap Pulse over Alsa, basically featured as a wrapper, a compromise.
It works for me (tm) too. Install and it's fine. Perhaps have to install nvidia driver just after if nvidia card in the machine.
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Yep, right around when Pulse started taking off. Either you had sound, or you didn't, and you probably had to map your audio devices differently in order to get working sound. It's been working fine for a decade now however. Funny enough, around the time it started working, was around the time multiple people around me, started having issues with sound on Windows, and no matter what drivers related to sound they installed or uninstalled, it still wouldn't just work.

If you use the new Arch installer or Ubuntu, you probably don't even need to installed the binary Nvidia driver on your own either. Probably
I think Mint has option in the installer to put em up those too. I'm also not sure. The point is all in all it got quite user friendly. Perhaps partitioning can confuse noobies.
Indeed... Partitioning is always a bitch, same with Windows.
Both got "automatic" now however, and the automatic option even provides a few common choices, such as everything in one partition, or split root and /home.
Definitely gotten easier