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Maybe someone should tell MS that everyone wants to be the flower. But not the vase. Everyone wants to be the champagne. But not the glass. But those roles need to be filled. Not everyone can be the flower and not everyone can be the vase. The world is needs lions and rabbits. Some will kill and some will be killed. That is thier role. But we humans are different. We can change our roles....
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The main reason I haven't replaced my car from 2002 is that I don't trust the electronics/software in newer cars.  No way I'm putting something in my brain unless it's open-source and thoroughly examined.
Private collectives exist. Some land owners have shares in land, they finance the cultivation and get share of the produce, or monetary compensation.
There might be state owned agricultural companies, but they aren't collectives anymore.
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Seems to me that you'd want to cook eggs in the oven at 270F rather than 325F. Wouldn't the increased heat cause the eggs to explode?