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> See shit about the red heifer on /pol/
> Badly photoshopped images of red cows and temples.
> Just pass it off as schizo crap.
> Read today that indeed the redheifers are real and it just so happens that the farmer supplying them is from Texas.
> It's fucking real and he's been selling and breeding red cows for that exact reason.
> Think to myself "lol. (Tho They're forgetting the sky falling, wormwood, etc).
> Check my phone and just so happen to see a meteor shower happening on April 22nd and just so happening to coincide with when they plan to sacrifice the red heifers on April 22nd.
Well. Happy Revelation everyone!
Meteor is different than extended periods of complete darkness, but you're just some nigger here to shill against white jews so I'd expect you not to have read Revelations
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I read Revelations thank you.
It's been several years. Also there were 2 solar eclipses that passed over Texas that were just over the red heifer ranch.
In the heart of Finland, nestled between thick pines and crystal-clear lakes, lived a dog named Wan Wan. He was a sprightly Corgi with an unmatched zest for life. Every morning, Wan Wan would trot through the village, his bark echoing joyfully off the wooden cottages.

One crisp autumn day, while wandering through the woods, Wan Wan stumbled upon a small, family-run farm. It wasn't people he found interesting, but the sumptuous smell of fried chicken that filled the air. The farm was owned by the Virtanen family, who were known for their traditional Finnish cooking methods. Unlike other places, they used beef tallow instead of seed oil to fry their chicken. Mrs. Virtanen had read that seed oil might not be the healthiest choice for frying, and she preferred the rich, unaltered taste of tallow.

As Wan Wan approached, his nose twitched in delight. The Virtanens, spotting the friendly Corgi, offered him a small bite of the crispy chicken skin, knowing well the dangers of feeding him fried foods too often. He accepted the treat with a polite bark and wagged his tail in appreciation.

Inspired by the Virtanens and the purity of their food preparation, Wan Wan became somewhat of an ambassador for healthy living. He took it upon himself to spread joy and a bit of culinary wisdom. Whenever he heard someone frying with seed oil, he would appear with a gentle bark, almost as if suggesting, "Maybe try beef tallow?"

Wan Wan's reputation grew, and he soon became a beloved figure not just in Finland, but among all who visited. Tourists would come to the Virtanen farm asking to meet the wise Corgi who preferred his chicken fried in tallow. 

And so, through a blend of wagging tails, barks, and the alluring aroma of chicken, Wan Wan taught many about the simple joys of food made with care and tradition, steering them away from the less wholesome alternatives. It was a lesson wrapped in love and the savory delights of a well-cooked meal, shared from the heart of Finland to the far reaches of the world.

t. ChatGPT
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Ray Peat is a controversial figure in the field of nutrition. He earned a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Oregon, specializing in physiology. Peat is famous for his criticism of mainstream dietary guidelines and his advocacy for certain dietary interventions that he claims can support hormonal and metabolic health.

His ideas focus particularly on the therapeutic use of specific nutrients such as coconut oil, butter, and vitamin E, as well as a general promotion of a diet high in saturated fat to support thyroid function.
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Depends on where you live.
Here in Texas?
No. Everything is based on grids, stop signs and redlights.
Round abouts cause American drivers to freak the hell out.
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It's fun, but I also don't do it if I don't need to. I went from thinking I would go out driving every day the moment I got my car to "eh, I go to work tomorrow so I'll just get what I need then". My annual leave went through so I'm going to have to start planning the Melbourne trip, the gardens there look nice.
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Fox lives in a perpetual state of wanting to get home.
Unfortunately, the demographics of Texas look like the demographics of Japan.
So, everyone drives the speed limit or below. Maybe, if you're lucky. You can go a whole 5 mph over.
Go to Thailand.
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Yeah, we drive the speed limit because we don't want nigger cops to give us a speeding ticket so we end up giving our money to the child sacrificing Moloch worshiping government. A cousin of mine recently said he wants to become a cop, poor kid. I will lose all respect for him if he goes through with it and will keep him at a distance from now on.
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> Been three months of non-stop stressing out over this turn around.
> Turn around about to be complete and haven't done anything for the last three days outside of random work stuff.
> Find out that the other engineer is leaving and I'm handed his projects.
> Also have meetings and being in charge of babysitting paperwork for buying necessary items for production and contracting crap.
> Not sure if I have time to do shit for memorial day.
> Feeling irritated and annoyed when people bother me about something.
I thought engineering was applying math and science. Not being a middle management construction supervisor while also purchasing crap.
You know how women supposedly "rebel" against their parents and supposed "patriarchy" nonsense?  I have a simpler theory.  As we all know, every woman that loses her virginity before marriage is a damnèd whore.  Women "rebel" (ironic choice of words considering the entire whole of the planet promotes it but whatev) against their dad by whoring out because 
> my dad isn't paying me enough

That simple!  Just like all women want is money, it turns out they only fuck for "free" to extort money from their own parents.

1. Loses virginity to cucumber, achieving a paternal imprint on a material good
2. Needs money
3. "Sorry dad, I was built for BBC!"
4. Still poor (sad face)
5. Becomes obnoxious old hag (explains even more than previous theories)
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THERE IS A COMET flying by after April 22nd.
So, to give you an idea of the cosmological events occurring in surprising synchronicity with each other.
1) 2 total solar eclipses over Texas
2) A Texas farmer is raising red heifers to sale to Israel for sacrifice on sermon of the mount.
3) The total solar eclipses BOTH INTERSECT on his ranch while raising red heifers.
4)The IAF is trying to seize the temple on the mount and has siezed it(?)
5)There is a meteor shower happening on the exact same day they plan on sacrificing these heifers.
6)There's a near earth asteroid swinging by 2 months named 'devil comet'
> Named the Devil comet because it appears as though it has two horns
It's going to be 144 million miles from earth.
April 22nd is Passover. 
So, they're just replacing the wine with red cow blood.
Earthquakes in unusual places, of above average magnitude, and the largest brood of cicadas in 200 years.