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> Sister and brother in law moves up there next to my aunt and my parents.
> Kinda shocked and baffled at the same time since they were REALLY hesitant to travel there and stay long.
> They buy the crazy ladies house next door.
> Call my sister up and talk her about moving there and what the crazy ladies house had in it.
> Frankly tell them that owning a house in that location is not for the faint of heart and if you stop for any moment of time. Nature will take over and your house will be ruined.
> "okay"
> They move up there and experience the monsoon season, the biblical insect plagues, the wildlife and the plant life.
> They run back home because they've been experienced all that in a matter of weeks.
I wish more people listened to me when I tell them something.
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> Donna Noble gave birth to a black version of Rose.
Okay, look. I get Rose was in a relationship with Mickey and Mickey was black. But Donna Noble having a black kid that looks like Rose and Martha?!
In primary school (for the first four grades) we got two meals besides lunch and they sometimes gave us sandwiches that had pre-mixed butter and jam. I hated it. Peanut butter was nonexistent here back then, and even today while they are sold, they aren't exactly popular, it's too foreign.
They also made butter and meat paté mixes, which for kids generally seems disgusting.
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My boss is under pressure from his bosses who are under pressure from the CEO and the president of the company to reduce microplastics.
Their system and interpretation of the test results of microplastics in solutions is....bad.....
Plus that whole area was neglected by the other engineers and I'm left with a huge mess of crappy equipment that needs to be decommissioned.
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How come every time I'm the fucking engineer I have to present to the CEO and/or the president of the company?!
CGT I get because it was a small ass company! But Formosa Plastics isn't small at all!
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10 years is quite a lot of time!
I've been reading Orwell's essays and one of them is about a lot of critique about other writers that were somewhat present or before his time, and there's a remark about how Hemingway was born in the ages of emigrant travels and yet lived long enough to witness commercial flight, so.. that made me think a lot about how fast we've advanced in a mere time span of less than 100 years in order to go from cowboy yallerin' hollerin' shootin' to commercial flight and what a leap we've made from those times into computer age as per compared to how long of a time it took us to go from poking at each other with sharp sticks to firepower.
Maybe!  I'm going to go outside soon and check.

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This board seems one Dane short.

I'm not sure what East Germany had. But we did have computer industry.
This page:
Has photos of bunch of computers. Click on "Tárlat/Média" after the page finishes loading. It's a long page with lots of photos.