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thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 00-37-08 Ukraine Interactive map - Ukraine Latest news on live map - liveuamap.com.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 00-37-08 Ukraine Interactive map - Ukraine Latest news on live map - liveuamap.com.png
Screenshot... png (149.15 KB, 340x341)
Sad, I had hoped this would not happen. Well maybe it still won't, they are not dead yet.

It's not really fair, they are doing exactly what everybody else is doing in this war, in fact there are people that are doing worse than they are. I don't think they should be treated like this just because they are foreign.
I wouldn't expect huge drop in living conditions. And not skyrocketing up either. Similarly how we joined the EU, there are changes but are we really "richer"? Well more people have cars and quite lot of families even two. Which means they can afford to get moar loans for sure.

Oh this EU stuff made me remember something. Wanted to rant about how Hungarian sweets brands, liek chocolate bars, favoured by many Hungarians, aren't in Hungarian ownership anymore, but not even produced in the country. Some produced in Ukraine... And now we have shortages. It's liek if Ukraine joined the EU, and people woke up one day, and their favourite buckwheat was bought by some German or Dutch multi and the production was outsourced to Russia.

Anyway back to the topic.
> That means that system may be more efficient for average citizen.
The income from the resources export didn't trickle down. While Cold War ended, Russia still has to maintain a global power, well at least as close to that from what's left.
From more money more can be stolen, but I dunno which country is more corrupt.

> But all this doesn't matter now anyway.
Yes, it's all hypothetical.

The big question is, what will be the result of them being executed? Will it be a deterrent and less foreigners will join? Will make the foreigners fight more fiercely and mercilessly knowing they'll get no mercy either? How can the propaganda of each side profit from it? Can Russia use their lives as bargaining chip somehow?
thumbnail of deebly_goncerned.jpg
thumbnail of deebly_goncerned.jpg
deebly_goncerned jpg (33.17 KB, 600x500)
About the convicted foreign fighters.
Some highlights:
> violating four articles of the DPR’s legal code, including attempting to “seize power” and “training in order to conduct terrorist activity”,
> The court identified each of the groups as “mercenaries” and said their actions had “led to [the] deaths and wounding of civilians” as well as the destruction of infrastructure in the DPR
> the three men had pleaded guilty to all of the charges 
> are now set to face a firing squad
> Their lawyer said they will appeal the decision.
Now this one is more interesting:
> Pinner and Aslin’s relatives have argued both are long-serving members of the Ukrainian military and not mercenaries.
I guess they are there since 2015-16
What is the definition of mercenary anyway? Local soldiers serving with contract are essentially mercs too no? They are work as professional soldiers, they get money for their service.
> A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the United Kingdom’s government was “deeply concerned” 
Oh god. Cannot they come up with something fresh? Or be honest about it: "we don't give a shit but we are obligated diplomatically to try some stuff" or "we don't give a shit and can't do shit about it, but consider us making sympathetic noises"
> Another British fighter captured by pro-Russian forces, Andrew Hill, is currently awaiting trial.
thumbnail of photo_2022-06-09_19-30-05.jpg
thumbnail of photo_2022-06-09_19-30-05.jpg
photo_2022-06-09_19-30-05 jpg (166.51 KB, 1280x576)
thumbnail of photo_2022-06-09_19-30-08-2.jpg
thumbnail of photo_2022-06-09_19-30-08-2.jpg
photo_2022-06-09_19-30-08-2 jpg (152.88 KB, 1280x576)
thumbnail of photo_2022-06-09_19-30-08-3.jpg
thumbnail of photo_2022-06-09_19-30-08-3.jpg
photo_2022-06-09_19-30-08-3 jpg (73.7 KB, 1280x576)
thumbnail of photo_2022-06-09_19-30-09.jpg
thumbnail of photo_2022-06-09_19-30-09.jpg
photo_2022-06-09_19-30-09 jpg (103.5 KB, 1280x576)
A Czech T-72 was captured in Ukraine. Interestingly everything seems to be in English.

It was refitted in Romanian by APOLO.
Opps, I meant it was refitted by a Bulgarian company called APOLO, not a Romanian one.
The Czechs attacked Ukraine? Nice.
>made in europe
It's like muh favoured Hungarian sweets all over again
To be fair this happens to westerners too like that Skandi fish salad made in Polan
thumbnail of caesar.mp4
thumbnail of caesar.mp4
caesar mp4 (22.35 MB, 960x540)
French Caesars in action. It definitely acts not that fast as in promo videos.

Video is partially staged for journalists though, but shows some parts of controlling interface.
The crew would not be trained as well as a French crew.
Also, those kinds of systems rely on being integrated into wider networks to be used to their fullest, kind of like the M177 but to a greater degree. Because with a self propelled gun, the firing solution can be sent to you while you are moving to a predetermined point(to help with said calculations I would guess), then once you reach it you could set up, fire and then leave.

I mentioned before that the M177s in Ukraine lack the ability to do things like that as they had the component needed removed from them. I doubt they could do it with these either, it takes much more effort and training to set up of course as you are not just training a crew on a gun you are creating a network to guide it and training people to manage that as well.
Das fühl when turned up the volume so I can hear them talking a language I don't understand.
Poor Glib moar liek GLib amirite looks as he had some sleepless nights.
> It definitely acts not that fast as in promo videos.
They made it look like they are less competent so Russian command will underestimate them if they see this footage.

> The crew would not be trained as well as a French crew.
And for promo videos they give the best. Even Frenchies don't do as well as in promo material.
France 24 made a video about them as well.
Somehow I ended up on this page while just surfing the web:
> There are multiple reports of widespread military activity in Ukraine. 
thumbnail of Kherson June 12th 2022.png
thumbnail of Kherson June 12th 2022.png
Kherson June 12th 2022 png (697.68 KB, 1200x713)
thumbnail of Northern Syria July 12th 2022.png
thumbnail of Northern Syria July 12th 2022.png
Northern Syria July 12th 2022 png (611.4 KB, 1190x719)
This Ukrainian bridgehead on Davydov Brod, near Kherson, looks relevant, though allegedly it was beaten back.

Meanwhile in Syria, both sides are already reinforcing the Tal Rifaat and Manbij fronts, where the Turkish-rebel offensive is expected. Iran opposes the Turksih operation:

Elsewhere, Israel bombed the airport in Damascus. An overlooked flashpoint has been Sinjar in Iraq, where the Yazidis are divided between the Kurdistan Regional Government-Turkey and Shi'a Iraqi-PKK-Iran camps. The Iraqi central government is logically in the latter camp, but made an offensive against PKK-aligned Yazidis last month under an agreement with Turkey to remove militias from the area. This is confusing, and if it continues to be an Iran-Turkey conflict, then the Iranian-aligned Iraqi central government would have to cease its attacks.
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thumbnail of 1.jpg
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thumbnail of 2.jpg
2 jpg (257.5 KB, 800x533)
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thumbnail of 4.jpg
4 jpg (239.28 KB, 800x683)
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thumbnail of 5.jpg
5 jpg (115.28 KB, 846x418)
Ukros using electric dirtbikes. They lug around AT weapons.
Thats a one fat AT bastard.
> though allegedly it was beaten back.
One more thing we'll never be sure of.

In Syria and the neighbourhood not much changed.
thumbnail of Kemurikusa Rina 003.jpeg
thumbnail of Kemurikusa Rina 003.jpeg
Kemurikusa Rina 003 jpeg (709.21 KB, 1000x1000)
97,000 Anti Tank systems have been sent to Ukraine. That's more Anti tank systems than there are tanks in the world.
A Ukrainian Advisor to Zelensky has said that the Ukrainians are losing 1000 men a day and that of that 200-500 are killed a day. This doesn't look good for them...

That Arakhamia bloke sounds arrogant.
> German government was still very reluctant to approve export licenses to arm Ukraine, perhaps due to "internal fear" of Russia.
They can even afford to mock and badmouth those who trying to help.
> Ukraine has recruited one million people into the army and has the capacity to recruit two million more
More greenhorns thrown into the grinder.
> Arakhamia and other members of the delegation noted that while Biden had signed a $40 billion package to aid Ukraine in May, it was only very gradually translating into actual weapons shipments. 
I wish Westerners/USA had been this lazy with our billions of dollars and weapon shipments in 1956. But they only sent a bucket of rice.
thumbnail of donbass-hostage.png
thumbnail of donbass-hostage.png
donbass-hostage png (67.43 KB, 970x251)
thumbnail of ushost.png
thumbnail of ushost.png
ushost png (479.02 KB, 822x629)
Moved this thread here, to keep the stuff together.
I can understand where they are coming from with this kind of rhetoric. Western leaders were contacting the Ukrainians and promising them support, everybody in the west is talking about how important this is and how terrible Russia is and you have people like Biden saying that his goal is to defeat Russia. But what is the result of that?
That's just what has been said in public as well, who knows what promises were made in private and what the west was saying to Ukraine in the day leading up to the war.

Yes, they say they have been recruited into the army but I wonder what form that is in. Whether they are all training now, they are in units reading to fight but being kept back, they are actually on the fronts fighting or what. Well it would be a mixture of all three but the ratio would be what matters.
I think they are going to have a lot of trouble forming combat effective units, we know they lack equipment but I'm not sure they have the expertise and structure either. They aren't a conscript based army like Russia so they don't have formations staffed by officers already with some kind of cohesive structure but just waiting for conscripts to fill the ranks in the event of a war. They will be making these formations from scratch and they won't even have the officers and NCOs to do it I wouldn't say.
> I think they are going to have a lot of trouble forming combat effective units, we know they lack equipment but I'm not sure they have the expertise and structure either.
They won't form new units, or just a few. They'll fill the ranks of the existing ones. Probably give out lotsa promotions the to vets, and surround them with the fresh troops.
thumbnail of Turkish-backed rebels.jpeg
thumbnail of Turkish-backed rebels.jpeg
Turkish-backed rebels jpeg (114.3 KB, 870x489)
Loyalists and the SDF are preparing to fight the next Turkish offensive in Syria together:

> The operations room includes the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG); a battalion affiliated with the Iran-backed Fatemiyoun; a battalion affiliated with the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement; Iranian-backed groups from the towns of Nubl and al-Zahraa; formations of the Syrian regime forces from the towns of Abna al-Sahel, Hayyan, Haraytan, Anadan and Masakan; and the Baath Brigades.
> The operations room also includes two Russian officers, three officers from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, three Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) leaders and two leaders from the regime forces.
> In this context, a high-ranking military source from the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “Iran is the one who formed the operations room by pressuring the regime and Russia and also through the Iranian leaders in the PKK’s Afrin Liberation Forces, which are present in northeastern Syria. Iran is thus seeking to protect the Shiite-majority cities of Nubl and al-Zahraa located near the lines of contact with the areas controlled by the Turkish-backed opposition, which will be at risk if the latter takes control of new areas following the Turkish operation.”
It'll be fought at the far west of SDF-controlled territory, far from American bases. It seems the two camps might as well be allies in the area.
They didn't have existing formations of a million men before the war, they can't use that million to simply replace losses.
Many of them might be kept back for manpower to do that but they will need to create new units as well.
Most of that million are drafted on paper. They don't even have the capacity to train that much or place them anywhere. They have a bunch of existing brigades maybe they can spread 100K man among those in regular intervals depending. Meanwhile the new recruits can be actually trained, because that not just a weak or two. And they can train them for the various new weapon systems they get from the west.

> Loyalists and the SDF are preparing to fight the next Turkish offensive in Syria together
That will be a hoot.
Is Iran gaining influence on the expense of Russia (since she's busy elsewhere)?
Gas shortage is expected in Europe. The amount of gas coming through North Stream 1 is declining. Russians say some malfunction in some hardware. Anyway Germany enacted new law maximizing the temperature providers have to provide to clients. And they try to keep gas levels up in storage. So they have to replace gas burnt with something. Guess what. They replace it with coal.
Russian army spokesman said they struck a gathering of over 50 officers (among them several generals) and killed 'em all. They were from units placed in the Mikolaev - Zaporyozha front.
Australia is donating 14 M113s now. That's unfortunate, we are in the process of replacing them with another vehicle in the regular army but as the reserves don't have anything like that at all they should be going to them. In fact half of our regular army is still motorised so even they could make use of them.
thumbnail of 2022-06-20-09-18-ukraine.png
thumbnail of 2022-06-20-09-18-ukraine.png
2022-06-20-09-18-ukraine png (1.06 MB, 1339x791)
Just plaster a map here. Busy shelling all along the front.
Couple of stuff in the north the same artillery activity.
The commander of the logistics of the Command of the Ground Forces, Vladimir Karpenko, said this in an interview.

> I won’t talk about anti-tank guided missiles or anti-tank guided weapons yet. I’m talking only about heavy weapons. Today we have about 30-40%, and sometimes up to 50% of equipment losses as a result of active battles. Thus, we have lost about 50% lost about 1,300 infantry fighting vehicles, 400 tanks and 700 artillery systems


Interesting. I had a look at what else the website had to say and apparently we don't need to worry about equipment losses because the war is going to be over in a few weeks and the Russians are going to run home. Aleksey Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the presidential office had this to say.

> Well, a little more, some more deadlines. You can say – 2-3 weeks, in fact – no, there will be more, maybe a month and a half. But they will stop. And then there will be a feeling (for the occupiers), very important from an ideological point of view, and from the point of view of victory in the mental space – the meaninglessness of what is happening

I highly doubt Russians would leave just like that. They could just stay where they are and continue to bombard Ukrainian positions.
Will they have an ideological rupture? It's not liek they are ideologically motivated now. Troops losing morale could be a problem, but without suffering huge losses (doesn't seem they are doing large scale frontal attacks), they could fart around, doing half-assed shellings till the end of times.
thumbnail of leonore-gewessler-austria-green.jpg
thumbnail of leonore-gewessler-austria-green.jpg
leonore-gewessler-austria-gr... jpg (32.84 KB, 800x595)
thumbnail of verbunds-mellach-district-heating-power-plant-big.jpg
thumbnail of verbunds-mellach-district-heating-power-plant-big.jpg
verbunds-mellach-district-heatin... jpg (242.46 KB, 1200x787)
thumbnail of 159123.jpg
thumbnail of 159123.jpg
159123 jpg (38.05 KB, 1000x500)
Australia also has to re-open a coal mine to cover the gas shortage. The mine is situated next to Graz, and was closed in 2020 due to environmental concerns.
The news was broke on national telly by Leonora Gewessler, an environmental activist, Die Grünen party politician who serves now as the Minister of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.
The cope is that now they lowered Russian gas dependency to 70%.
thumbnail of leyen-zelensky.jpg
thumbnail of leyen-zelensky.jpg
leyen-zelensky jpg (76.47 KB, 678x382)
Last week, I saw it in the news, Hungarian, and on Al Jazeera that the EU took some steps to accept Ukraine among her members. They drafted a list of requirements, about democratic expectations, and anti-corruption demands. Some laws sure will be enacted by the Rada (the parliament of Ukraine). Most of the stuff is symbolic I think, they'll let Ukraine in on the first possible occasion. This week the EU is going to hold a conference to discuss the question, Orbán told we are enthusiastic about accepting Ukraine among the member states. If this is our standpoint all the other PM's and Presidents will support the idea 1488%. Anyway they're gonna give candidate status for now. And later...

What I think we are witnessing is an event which will be remembered and taught to students as the partition of Ukraine. After Russia gets what she gets, the rest will be annexed by the EU. This event could very well mean the end of Ukraine, since the EU will try to move for the dissolution of the member states, and create a federal government over them, creating a super-state. Regions will become more important as local level of government, instead of previous countries, and some/many regions will reach beyond previous borders (I bet some gerrymandering will be had).
You just can't trust greens.
thumbnail of ukraine-june-1-to-22.gif
thumbnail of ukraine-june-1-to-22.gif
ukraine-june-1-to-22 gif (981.77 KB, 1525x886)
Situation on June 1st and 22nd.
thumbnail of AFU re-enacts Barbarossa.png
thumbnail of AFU re-enacts Barbarossa.png
AFU re-enacts Barbarossa png (334.42 KB, 692x574)
thumbnail of eu paypig.png
thumbnail of eu paypig.png
eu paypig png (634.88 KB, 680x511)
thumbnail of polish media.jpeg
thumbnail of polish media.jpeg
polish media jpeg (37.42 KB, 680x383)
thumbnail of ukro parliament: they are shelling themselves.jpg
thumbnail of ukro parliament: they are shelling themselves.jpg
ukro... jpg (90.16 KB, 466x800)
Ukro-level shameless PR optics. Such is the degree of control and dominance of media gifted by their western patrons
But more interesting than the ukrainian stupidity/shamelessness is Germany going along with it (Barbarossa) by delivering those weapons on cue. USA's narrative-control leash on Germany must've slacked as some interests override others.

> about democratic expectations, and anti-corruption demands

Just a day before it was confirmed by a "constitutional court" in Lvov the outlawing and confiscation of assets of the 2nd most popular political party in the Ukraine in the 2019 presidential elections (and the most popular in eastern regions). This was on top of other 8 opposition parties banned previously. Von der Bitch just a few hours ago: "Our opinion acknowledges the immense progress that democracy has achieved since the Maidan protests [fucking lol] of 2014". Such a tiresome charade.

> they'll let Ukraine in on the first possible occasion

Would mean more massive diversions of money from the top EU budget contributors
Also, while I suppose Russia would rather have EU pay for Ukr infrastructure restoration, on security grounds they should oppose this. I said this months ago when Russia was saying that EU for ukraine was dandy. EU is almost acting as an extension of NATO now and moving more in that direction, and even in the best-case scenario (for us) that EU become liberated from the Yank Yoke it will probably then develop into some kind of military bloc, and on current trends it will be opposed to Russia no less than USA is. In fact maybe some russian reads end/kc/ because some time later I read that some rus official said that they were now withdrawing their "blessing" of Ukr accession.
In any case, I'm fairly certain that this visit of Macron, Draghi, and the "sad sauerkraut" (as the Ukrainian ambassador called him) to Kiev and the subsequent statements in support of candidate status, and the actual candidate status too, if it materialises, are just intended to prop up the Clown of Kiev, his political party, and his administration, so that the govt. can hold on as long as possible, extracting as much cost as possible from the rus before the end. It is purely self-interested, to draw the war out by gifting the clown the necessary political capital to offset bad news that may come from the frontlines.

> the EU will try to move for the dissolution of the member states, and create a federal government over them, creating a super-state...

I agree. I said similarly before. But I see this occurring in a much longer time frame than a potential partition of Ukr with involvement of EU states (Poland mainly, perhaps Hungary, perhaps Romania [btw, Moldavia's govt submitted an amendment to halve the number of signature required for a referendum on unification with Romania; such a thing may have serious implication for Transnistria and other pro-Rus regions of Moldavia])
I think they should let them into the EU, just look at the problems they are already having with Poland and Hungary. This would be hilarious.
It could very well be that the promises on behalf of the EU just a way to build national confidence in Zelensky to make Ukrainians hold out longer.
But if Western Euro multis can own a bit more lands, farms, factories, and workers without restrictive borders and regulations that come with that. Besides maybe they can muscle out some local oligarchs this way and take over their shit.
And then it could mean to extend USian control to the Russian border without making Ukraine a NATO member.
> EU is almost acting as an extension of NATO now
EU members are US client states, therefor EU is a US client state. 
> Yank Yoke
This is a very accurate description, and nice wordplay on the Mongol Yoke.
EU does what the US wills. The EU won't be an independent country (when she turns into a country) because the foreign policy is subordinated to NATO and US will.

Now this is curious. What would happen if they abolished member states in the EU? Many are in NATO, but some isn't. Will EU join and make the now nonexistent nonmembers members?
Some dudes on the local imageboard are claiming that Kaliningrad and Lithuania are taking relevance into the current conflict, how true is this?
thumbnail of russia_small.png
thumbnail of russia_small.png
russia_small png (1.15 MB, 980x850)
Kaliningrad is Russia, so has to do something with the conflict.
But in respect with Lithuania. She started to enforce the EU decisions to sanction Russia, so stopped most of the transit towards Kaliningrad. This is kinda uncomfortable, because Russian airplanes are banned from EU airspace, so they can't just fly over that easy. Plus they can't transport a bunch of products to Kaliningrad, from alcohol to oil.
As a counter step Moscow said she will flip the electric switch off and detach Lithuania from the regional electric lines. I dunno how this works.
Now the media magnifies the problem with talking about the possibility that Russia will close the Suwalki Corridor, which is basically the border region of Poland and Lithuania, between Kaliningrad and Belarus.
This is a long standing strategic problem all the militaries are calculating with since the SU fell apart, and Lithuania regained her sovereignty, and Russia lost direct land connection to Kaliningrad.
Now the tension allows the media to wail and generate fear and they do because it is good for business, and people with heightened emotions are easier to control.
I don't think occupying the Corridor is a real possibility, because:
1. Russia already has enough on her plate
2. It is an open conflict with NATO.
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 11-19-22 Ukraine Interactive map - Ukraine Latest news on live map - liveuamap.com.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 11-19-22 Ukraine Interactive map - Ukraine Latest news on live map - liveuamap.com.png
Screenshot 2022-06-24... png (990.09 KB, 980x901)
Yesterday Russia made some advances around the pocket that was forming in Zolote which I had heard contained around 2000 Ukrainian soldiers.

It looks like the Ukrainians have now withdrawn from the pocket to avoid being encircled. That's actually reasonable and I am surprised, this doesn't seem to be their normal strategy.
thumbnail of 2424-2.jpg
thumbnail of 2424-2.jpg
2424-2 jpg (92.24 KB, 533x482)
Russia has apparently captured two Caeser howitzers.

A French politician/journalist said on Twitter that they had been captured and were being sent to Uralvagonzavod to be inspected and reverse engineered. Then Uralvagonzavod replied, apparently they thanked France and Macron and said they would be useful(I don't speak Russian).

No pictures have been provided however.
And apparently they are pulling back from Sveirodontsk now as well.

Anyway, here a a piece from the Royal United Service Institute.

It's about the industrial nature of the war, they also estimate that Russia fires 6240 rounds of cannon artillery per day. Which is quite a lot less than what I have been hearing from the Ukrainian side. I think they said that they were firing 5000 rounds a day and that Russia was firing 30,000 or 60,000 a day or something like that.

thumbnail of smiling frau eu.jpg
thumbnail of smiling frau eu.jpg
smiling frau eu jpg (37.42 KB, 589x391)
Candidate status was granted not only to Kiev but to Chisinau as well (who promptly declared it was ready to join in economic war against the russia). Brussels dedicated even emptier words to Tbilisi too. To celebrate, ukr ministry of justice announced that it's evaluating the outlawing of 7 more political parties. In acknowledgment of another "immense progress" in Ukr democracy, EU announced it's allocating another ~$9B in credit ("financial aid") for the kiev govt.

> I see this occurring in a much longer time frame

On the other hand, a few days ago Sad Liverwurst (correction, my bad) was saying that there should be "reforms" in EU before new members are admitted. He was explicitly referring to the elimination of unanimity requirement for high-level decisions, thus getting rid of the "veto power" often exercised by the Visegrad four. Now, couple this to the pressure from Brussels & Berlin to ensure the "primacy of EU law" over national courts, as we saw applied against Poland last year, and we already could see a key degradation of member-state sovereignty... So perhaps it won't be so long-term after all.
thumbnail of british army chief fanning the flames of ww3.jpg
thumbnail of british army chief fanning the flames of ww3.jpg
british army chief... jpg (118.99 KB, 715x562)
thumbnail of nato military spenditure 2020-21 (before massive hike in 2022).jpeg
thumbnail of nato military spenditure 2020-21 (before massive hike in 2022).jpeg
nato... jpeg (540.55 KB, 1200x2251)
thumbnail of nato mouthpiece ac - usa vs russia-china.jpg
thumbnail of nato mouthpiece ac - usa vs russia-china.jpg
nato mouthpiece... jpg (128.82 KB, 852x870)
thumbnail of us military budgets (2022 outdated, is more).png
thumbnail of us military budgets (2022 outdated, is more).png
us military... png (246.86 KB, 1100x1205)
> But if Western Euro multis can own a bit more lands, farms, factories, and workers without restrictive borders and regulations that come with that. Besides maybe they can muscle out some local oligarchs this way and take over their shit.

I see your point. Yes, capital would surely push for more cheap-labour immigrants, privatisation of whatever public industries or services remain in the Ukraine, and the foreign investment and development projects that would surely be created for a potential new member (as was done with other EE states), this coupled with "corruption proves" to clear ground may open clear opportunities for companies to take over existing assets or resources. In fact, Sad Liverwurst also said something about supporting a "Marshall plan" for the Ukraine.
> The EU won't be an independent country (when she turns into a country) because the foreign policy is subordinated to NATO and US will.

There is a potential silver lining to be found: US had been demanding hikes for Nato military budget for years and finally got it now. Most significantly from germany which has allocated ~$100B (this alone is significantly more than russia spends) and vowed to create the strongest european army, but also france and poland. Now, all this is supposed to be subject to the "nato integrated command", i.e. mostly USMIL, but, while a country that doesn't rely on itself for defense is not fully sovereign, a country that funds its own military is most of the way to full sovereignty. So it is possible we might see in the future europe being increasingly able to meaningfully push against decisions made across the atlantic, since the counterweight of military reliance-cross-imposition would become progressively weaker.
Similar developments may take place elsewhere too: There has been repeated talk of japan amending its pacifist constitution to allow development of more serious attack capabilities (which the usa might allow, as long as they are directed against china; yes, washington wrote tokyo's constitution and gets to decides if they can change it) or, if not that, at least significantly increasing its military budget.

On the other hand, it is only a potentiality. We have also seen very official buffoons (mainly from US and UK [plus the Baltosluts who just ape whatever comes from those two places]) talking about "partnerships" and "global missions" that effectively amount to expanding nato into east-asia (e.g. worst korea, japan) or the pacific (maybe singapore?). Will NATO be changed to GAETO? Also, through the Auukus, Australia has already committed itself to serve as spring-board for US's military jumps into the Asia-Pacific region. So, another possibility is that these developments, which basically amount to military build-ups in Europe and perhaps in east-Asia/Pacific, are instead heading towards a WW3-type conflict some years down the road: pushing russia and china together was (probably) an undesired outcome that they nonetheless greatly helped to bring about, through sheer power of witlessness and ideological zealotry, and which now looks a pretty solid trend. So perhaps TPTB have accepted that as a fait accompli and instead of changing course decided to prepare to take them on in the not-too-distant future. The proclamations by the british army staff chief are quite explicit in that regard.

It's not just "uncomfortable" (Btw, the "uncomfortability" comes from the fact that this is a partial/selective blockade, and a full blockade is a clear-cut casus belli), it is, in addition, a violation of a decades-old trilateral agreement between russia, eu, and lithuania that stipulates that lithuania must provide a route to supply kaliningrad. The agreement requires a 6-months warning notice before a party withdraws, but lithuania gave maybe 2 days of notice.
It is true though that not all supplies are blockaded, so it's an "uncomfortable" and dangerous gray area. Apparently eu will be reconsidering this
Germany doesn't really have any interests outside of profit making and opposing Russia. So I don't know how much they would push against Washington anyway. The French however do have interests but they also do often oppose what the US does anyway.

I also wonder how long the increase in German spending will last. Military build-ups require long term commitment but democracies can be quite fickle and short-sighted as can the public particularly in this era of social media and news cycles.
It's likely that once the war ends and the next big news cycle starts the Germans will start to ease back to their standard profit making mindset and then once Putin leaves the Kremlin they will use that as an excise to revert to pre-war funding levels.
thumbnail of donetsk-doodle1.jpg
thumbnail of donetsk-doodle1.jpg
donetsk-doodle1 jpg (416.12 KB, 1286x855)
thumbnail of donetsk-doodle2.jpg
thumbnail of donetsk-doodle2.jpg
donetsk-doodle2 jpg (411.6 KB, 1286x855)
Yesterday Severodonetsk fall in the way that Ukraine withdraw troops to Lysychansk. Lysichansk. Lusuchansk. Something. I read it's "higher ground". Also I read it is a great victory for Russia, or purely symbolic and useless in it's core, depending.
They also gained more gains on the south inside of the cauldron as noted here: >>/48061/
Did some doodling based on literally nothing. Made two versions.
> It looks like the Ukrainians have now withdrawn from the pocket to avoid being encircled. That's actually reasonable and I am surprised, this doesn't seem to be their normal strategy.
They picked the military standpoint over the propaganda. They must have decided the trade off doesn't worth it. Those troops have experience, and they can also show they care about the human resource and don't want to throw it away for generally useless clay.

Apparently western tech can be captured. Western soldiers too.

Very nice clothing in theme appropriate colors.
> ready to die for European perspective
Will their football players kneel for blm?
> financial aid to Kiev
They are pouring that money in that barrel without Ukraine in the EU, so incorporating her wouldn't be more financial burden anyway.
> elimination of unanimity
They started this a while ago. Maybe in January, quite early this year, but before the war the EU parliament voted on some decision that they don't need unanimous votes, just simple majority for decisions related to foreign affairs. It wasn't something binding, just to implement it in the future.
Now that they are pissed that we/Orbán vetoing everything (now the issue is some fixed minimum 15% corporate tax or something) I guess they push harder for that.
thumbnail of shit-huntsman-says-preppers.mp4
thumbnail of shit-huntsman-says-preppers.mp4
shit-huntsman-says-preppers mp4 (16.79 MB, 640x360)

thumbnail of 2022-06-28-12-17-lusichansk.png
thumbnail of 2022-06-28-12-17-lusichansk.png
2022-06-28-12-17-lusichansk png (929.26 KB, 1402x792)
Moar gains. They closing the gap. When Ukrainians will withdraw from Lisuchansk?
> prepare ww3
More military spending. I'm glad govts have all these moneys.

What I also see with this Ukrainian stuff and the rhetoric (like that bs from Leyen), that it can be used to help creating an EU identity for EU citizens. The common struggle that binds us together. They spread just enough Ukrainians all over the place so everyone will know one, and then incorporate what's left from the Ukraine, and say how we struggled together, in fact we are the same. Meanwhile abolish countries, continue to make people forgot nations, forge the EU identity (with other tools too) above all. We will be USians and we'll like it.
> Baltosluts
The Baltic countries are in a shit position. They are small with little population. They were conquered by all around everybody, most recently the Soviet Union. They are neighbouring the remains of that country, Russia, which shares strategic interests with her predecessor. After they broke, the Baltics can't see other solution just finding another sugar daddy that helps them out. US is great because it is too far to actually annex them.
In fact there is not much else for the Baltics to do. If you have a stronger neighbour, she will try to conquer you sometimes. If noone backs you, she will do it.

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