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ED170DEE-5... png (297.44 KB, 369x325)
What happened to the chan orbiting culture? What was the death of it, including most recent examples of it happening and how that compares to its peak, which I would argue was peak Ciara Mantras era chan orbiting, maybe Rose, Boxxy etc, but they were less contained in comparison to what was a little more recent. Will it ever return or is it gone forever, a memory of the golden age of internet?
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I’m talking about public chan and orbiting servers you dolt. Of course she has friends she talks to
Spittin facts
If I may offer a more cynical theory, my first guess would be that being a "classic" egirl would require a bit of effort to make content, like youtube videos.
More "modern" egirls totally exist, mainly on twitter. What's happening is that it's much easier to just take pics of their body and endlessly parrot leftist talking points on twitter.
I suspect that if right now you go to any twitter ewhore with a name like "goddess" or "princess" or shit like that, and you look at her page, she will be talking about the new abortion drama thing. And if you scroll further down, it'll be about Ukraine. And further down, about covid and vaccines, you get the point.
Summarily, it's much easier to be a whore and parrot talking points, than it is to actually be interesting.
This theory is based on the facts that ewhores hate putting in effort, and that they have ZERO ability to assess actual risks.
angel. shes underrated and the only fucking normie on. discord
> you get the point.
Yeah, that you are permanently triggered by everything.

Also, those aren't e-girls.

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thumbnail of 1648843113848[1].jpg
1648843113... jpg (175.1 KB, 1024x1280)
LETS VOTE ON OUR FAVORITE R9K EBOY! Ladies, what say you? which of these fine young gentlemen would you let breed you?
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thumbnail of brandon-clark-bianca-devins[1].jpg
brandon-cl... jpg (701.27 KB, 1692x1128)
Brandon "Shorty Boy" Taylor is Bianca Devin's murderer.
does he kind of remind anyone else of the villain from Mulan. that's all i can think of everytime i see this pic of him.
Sorry, I don't watch trash.
marc obv
no way hes ugly

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thumbnail of 1601414551713.jpg
1601414551... jpg (203.53 KB, 1242x1589)

How did he do it? What was his secret?
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what is michaels discord
Right now it's jvmvicv#6380
I don't have any good grooming advice though, Sunny was just a slut.
> I swear if you are someone who's had Marc's dick inside your body then you should never be allowed to live it down 

All the pretty ex-pornstars get married. Even all the ones doing gross stuff.
i like how uncomfortable she looks around that nigger criminal.
wut? If anything it's Marc who looks uncomfortable being around a walking skeleton.

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thumbnail of thumb-151286.jpg
thumb-1512... jpg (38.12 KB, 350x344)
women are disgusting, i surely miss clicked reality to end up having to deal with such mongoloid creatures
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thumbnail of r.jpg
thumbnail of r.jpg
r jpg (131.14 KB, 828x1352)
No wait wait, I got a better one. Clearly the convicted rapist was a good person with upstanding character, that's why she banged him. Women only bang upstanding men, you see, so if she banged him, surely he's a good person.
> you just wished misery and loneliness on another person
> wished
You're using incorrect words that I did not use. Besides, they are doing it already on their own.
Should a criminal not be put behind bars, so he can't hurt others? This has nothing to do with "wishing", but with appropriate punishment.
Incels are pretty similar.
In the case of incels, you might call it pre-emptive punishment, but the actual joke is, they are putting themselves in their own self-imposed prison. They are the reason they are miserable and lonely, at the same time it works as a mechanism to keep others save from them.
If they were better people, they wouldn't be the way they are. Just to repeat myself and you don't try to interpret my words in the incorrect way again, this applies to probably around 95% of incels and this does not mean other people are all good. But the incels chose to be miserable.

> Strange how violent abusive criminals always get tons of women. Must be their "good character", right?
You conveniently left out the rest of my comment that would have factored into this, but of course you are aware of that. That's just how you little slimy cunts try to """""argue""""".

Talking any more with you is a waste of time, as it is most of the time with the likes of you. Bye bye!
> Talking any more with you is a waste of time, as it is most of the time with the likes of you. Bye bye!
>>then the woman gets verbally destroyed
>>then she runs away from the discussion, acting like she won.
by men? how many women care about men getting sexually assaulted or raped? how many times did you see it on the news or social media, like you could feminist or #metoo bullshit? and yeah, i guess men are at fault for everything, because they are the ones actually doing things at all in general. but i guess women are not at fault for failing to compete with men, and yet it's always mens' fault when they can't get a woman.

so i guess you are implying women can't be expected to be smart enough to not get drunk or not chase men who will foreseeably treat them like shit? i guess it's hard to not dampen your thinking and reasoning ability with alcohol when you are around potentially dangerous people? i guess drunk drivers are also victims then.

"victim blaming" also reminds me how whenever women kick someone in the balls, they will always say "he deserved it". and to "save face" of their gender as a whole, other women will also go by this, that women only do that when it's necessary or when men deserve it. you can even find confessions of women with ballbusting fetish, that they deliberately kicked strangers and then claimed to have been touched by them.

and where did you derive this "incel" shit from? i already explained im talking about USAian women mostly, i wouldn't care if your whole shitty country died out from feminism, you can go become a crazy cat lady with shriveled ovaries blaming "incels" for not wanting a worthless person just for having a vagina.

i guess men are also to blame for women making their looks and bodies their primary worth in life? did men force women to pose on facebook and instagram and cement the idea that relations to women have to revolve around sex and arousal? did men force women to become whores and pornstars because it's easier than learning an actual skill? did men force women to constantly prioritize their looks over any other quality?

there are actually cases where feminists tried to live as males, and concluded that live is way harder that way, and it's actually men who are oppressed.
for example:'Self-Made Man'
> so i guess you are implying women can't be expected to be smart enough to not get drunk or not chase men who will foreseeably treat them like shit?
There are three things women hate: Personal responsibility, putting in effort, and taking advice.
I've seen women react with extreme anger and being told to protect themselves. They just want to do whatever they want and everyone else needs to create a utopia for them.
> i guess men are also to blame for women making their looks and bodies their primary worth in life? did men force women to pose on facebook and instagram and cement the idea that relations to women have to revolve around sex and arousal? did men force women to become whores and pornstars because it's easier than learning an actual skill? did men force women to constantly prioritize their looks over any other quality?
10/10 beautiful. Women are 100% completely free to become interesting, develop a skill, contribute to society, all of that. And yet they choose, en masse, to settle for just showing some skin and (poorly) managing their holes.
> there are actually cases where feminists tried to live as males, and concluded that live is way harder that way, and it's actually men who are oppressed.
There's also that female comedian who thought her jokes were poorly received because she was a woman. She did one set dressed up as a man, didn't get any laughs, and immediately started crying, all the while her effeminate boyfriend assured her that it was the crowd's fault.https://youtube.com/watch?v=-gygk8Z73K4 

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thumbnail of fatjak.jpg
fatjak jpg (90.58 KB, 2048x1448)
let's hear your stories, bros. here's mine

> be NEET
> start orbiting e-girls when I was 15
> I'm now 30
> still NEET
> completely alone

boring I know but I wonder if anyone relates
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> be me

> born in a shithole

> single raised by my mom

> poor as fuck

> random youtube video appeears

> ching chong language title + suneung

> me: wtf is this?

> click it

> poor and hardworking students grinding everyday makes me feel like shit

> decide to follow their path

> get a job cleaning big turds

> get into university

> stop jerking off

> kaya and audrey leave

> stop orbiting

> life is good again

its so easy bros, just get a job and study something. its not like you are being gatekeeped for trying.

> but im sad because no women love me :(

lmao retard just start with the greeks and read the bible, psychology, therapists, women (not my mom)and wanting normalfag atention are a fucking joke. Remember to not go full incel otherwise you may became a faggot or even worse, became a shooter.

> personal advice

delete discord, twitter and facebook. if you dont feel like sleeping read a book. "a book" means Plato or aristotle, dont read books that are not made for you like german idealism or french existencialism. if you end up reading them before reading the greeks you may go full tranny because MED BVLL shield is not protecting you.

God bless you anon, WAGMI.

> no gf, no money, no hope, but at least I can work for Mr. Shekelstein
Blue pilled slave mentality
> get a job cleaning big turds

I'm desperate for a job and even I wouldn't accept that
> If your life sucks, it's your fault and your problem. Nobody else's but your own. Stop blaming your problems on other people.
There are people out there who genuinly have been dealt a shit card and are permanently damaged. Either because they were born that way or because they've been "made" that way.

But if you're specifically talking about incels and the other lot that is frequenting this board and has been depressed for years? Yeah, you are correct.
you don't really sound like someone who has been studying a lot. or maybe you just studied random shit without any actual interest and consideration.

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thumbnail of 1581774452118.jpg
1581774452... jpg (232.27 KB, 1080x1419)
Two Years Anniversary edition

https://www.tiktok.com/@grubage?  [Embed]

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zce9VCEgtpEkwWNwJ1cAP3zxAQGi0bhz/view?usp=sharing (Alternative to the second mega)
Links are safe and no illegal content

Previous Thread: >>/5410/
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1657930342... jpg (11.87 KB, 143x255)

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thumbnail of 22.JPG
22 JPG (219.01 KB, 818x841)
Even Ciara worshiped sweet angel Marky
thumbnail of 1232a9a050f5570ba5fdc830ea13f688-imagejpeg[1].jpg
thumbnail of 1232a9a050f5570ba5fdc830ea13f688-imagejpeg[1].jpg
1232a9a050... jpg (30.22 KB, 480x480)

Yo the color scheme of that pic is really similar to an Agatha video.

thumbnail of 5d5329bbdb53813_bba17d5b_1280.jpg
thumbnail of 5d5329bbdb53813_bba17d5b_1280.jpg
5d5329bbdb... jpg (149.6 KB, 720x720)
Are there any cute girls you guys follow on the internet but won't share them because you don't want people to ruin her?

I mean, high value girls. Not basic bitch whores like that Empathchan.

There's a girl who's a mix of Kennedi (but without her arrogance and try-hardness) and Lily I follow on some social media. Her followers are pretty decent and she doesn't have that many followers.
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That's missing her following messages where she backtracked and admitted to sending him shit kek
thumbnail of k.png
thumbnail of k.png
k png (37.98 KB, 779x314)
Hello, jvmivc.
nice try but not him
What’s her discord name? I wanna troll

thumbnail of mirrr.png
thumbnail of mirrr.png
mirrr png (1.02 MB, 608x1008)
Thread for Marky aka mir

Her socials:
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with her, who really knows? all i know is that she would be making so much more off streams with atleast a mic
her drawing is alright. its not special, lets be honest. its your typical anime weeb art shit that most egirls like to draw. shes never going to make it as a streamer because she has no charisma or personality. she is about as exciting as a lump of coal.
thumbnail of 13698273_273662536347707_1463061890064856119_o.jpg
thumbnail of 13698273_273662536347707_1463061890064856119_o.jpg
13698273_2... jpg (56.63 KB, 662x662)
thumbnail of 8T7C21s.jpg
thumbnail of 8T7C21s.jpg
8T7C21s jpg (114.48 KB, 844x846)
thumbnail of QFBfCJB.jpg
thumbnail of QFBfCJB.jpg
QFBfCJB jpg (81.36 KB, 1247x935)
thumbnail of Ojbd9mT.jpg
thumbnail of Ojbd9mT.jpg
Ojbd9mT jpg (36.76 KB, 1247x935)

in two weeks time she will give up her streaming schedule.

this kike must be fucked into submission. she is incapable of keeping a schedule for too long without a man regulating her.

simps, do not create a new thread. let her fade out with this one. she is done.

thumbnail of 20rfrm425k681.gif
thumbnail of 20rfrm425k681.gif
20rfrm425k... gif (2 MB, 320x320)
Will there be a video this year?
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I wish there was a haven for rosebros nowadays, she's the only girl who's actually still worth orbiting
what is there to even talk about
I read somewhere (i think it was reddit) that there were some new contemporary pictures of her but of course they got banned from a site like reddit. That's something I would look forward to for example. It doesn't mean I'm going to stalk her just by looking at her pictures but websites like reddit are shit for stuff like that.
Rose has got wavy hair. It's wavy on the count it's waving good bye to her cuz she's going bald!
thumbnail of 1398593082465[1].png
thumbnail of 1398593082465[1].png
1398593082... png (1.14 MB, 1400x1000)

thumbnail of 1617376642420[1].png
thumbnail of 1617376642420[1].png
1617376642... png (1.48 MB, 960x900)
Queen of /tv/ or monster face. What are your thoughts?
there's an entire board of monster face worshippers:

> queen of /tv/
> older than 12
Odd looking duck. Something about her eyes. Transfixing.
thumbnail of 6aPHxRy[1].jpg
thumbnail of 6aPHxRy[1].jpg
6aPHxRy[1] jpg (556.75 KB, 688x2000)

thumbnail of 1657337060119[1].jpg
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1657337060... jpg (40.25 KB, 523x521)

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