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Thread for our beloved Marky/Mir.
Marky, if you're reading this, you are loved and don't do anything stupid.
https://www.youtube.com/c/mirrr (?)
Previously:  >>/23176/
If you were actually spiritually connected to Marky in any way you would realize some cringe ass gay ass fucking faggot retard post and picture like that is disgusting. God damn you are cringe, you goofy ass nigga. Holy shit, like are you trying to make her kill herself? That's how I would feel if I saw something that fucking gay and read something that fucking stupid lol. Fags.
If I were suicidal and someone made for me Op's pic, I'd kill myself on the spot.
Besides being supportive and caring doesn't work with marky. To make her feel better you have to degrade her and make her feel miserable.
stole my op post from old bread ;_;
also, anyone feel like the internet is absolute shit nowadays? 
there's nowhere to go
every platform is dead and shitty
everyone can be alone more comfortably now
there's nothing left to explore or care about
we're at a dead end socially
an eternal nothingburger awaits
i miss pre-election 4chins, prime Ciara era as well
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I still can't believe that Marky tried to enlist and got denied. HOLY KEK
how did she even come up to that decision?! I'll never understand how her brain works. It's like a complete mystery.
Did she really get denied? I kept hearing a story back then that she went to bootcamp and stole her brother’s switch to bring with her
In that thread the stalker-anon also revealed her official body count as of 2020: 12.5 .
It's a lot higher than what I had thought.
no idea to actually confirm that as true, but its not like it matters either way. but it makes sense. always safe to assume she did it with more guys than the ones she posted pics with
There is a legal marky nude in that thread. Has that ever been posted on /agatha2/ before? and has anyone confirmed if it's legit?
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Imagine receiving something like this in your dms every day. How can you not feel the king of the fucking world

How can't she see that if she started taking the right path and making the right decisions, she could save not only one life, but two!
All she has to do is literally marrying the most sane of her orbiters and living a comfy life as a housewife without cheating on him. She won't have to worry anymore about keeping a job and she will be able to focus on her art and the other things she enjoys the most. She just has to not cheat and be loveable. It can't be that difficult.
Why would it matter if she did have sex with him as opposed to some other guy? Anyway I doubt it. He was in the comments of her stream. Wouldn’t have happened if they had fooled around lol
anyone have archives of her recent uploads (the cat vids) i liked the video with the cat growing
Not how that works either. The only time nipples drastically change in appearance for women is when breast tissue just begins to bud (ages 9 to 12 at the very very start of puberty, before periods even start or pubic hair grows), or when there's something cancerous and mutated involved. And in neither of these cases do they go from one type to another, they just become slightly different looking overall. They do not change from mid teens onward. There is nothing that would have made her nipples magically not puffy, including weight loss. Even most fat women have hard nipples. It's a matter of genetics.

The nude isn't her. Obviously.
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not trying to flex my marky knowledge or call you a newfag, but everyone should know by this point that she loves twilight. she is a huge fan of the franchise and has been since she was a little girl. shes read all the books and seen all the movies. 

In fact, marky loves the character Alice Cullen and has patterned much of her aesthetic after Alice.
guys, be smart. do NOT link her shit here. if you do, youre just going to force her to delete it. if youre lucky enough to be following one of her ecret accounts, just enjoy it and consider yourself blessed. if you post it here , she will surely get word of it and take it down or private it. keep shit to yourselves if you want to preserve it
Hard reality sounds like a track that'd play on a final skit at the end of World Peace 2, where Jesus Himself does a face reveal and shows that He is alive...and that the reason He needed a church and tithe was because He's fatherless and wifeless, and by the nature of what He is, hasn't ever known having it (in the human sense).
And then in the heavier riffs it shows Jesus marrying this world, giving them a new earth, and for all who love lying (who were heard saying they're Christian but seen not being it) He roundhouse slams them in to the lake of fire to burn.

Fuck liars. Screw liars.
Roundhouse slam liars in to the lake of fire.
Keep liars outside of the city of gold.
I lay homeless in pain with internal bleeding. Those who I sat with as a child, laughed with and ate with, were nowhere to be seen.

Not even my real father, who is alive, who knew I was homeless and has never been in my life.

Yet there were times Sam Hyde gave money to me before I was homeless, and even gave it early. And I ate because of Sam, at a time everyone around me were useless.

Sam didn't even know me, but still showed to be more worthy of me than my own father. Even if Sam was just joking.

And Marky was a motherly voice to be heard, while all I can say of my own mother as a child is she abused me.

And I wonder if others who helped me, may have even known Sam.

And Sams skits in World Peace about bad father's and bad mothers, were more useful to me, than all the fake Christians who seem to blindly be happy joy joy and never show emotion, and have nothing to give...just empty, read only files.
When I finally got to one of these people's houses from my childhood, they lied to my face about not having a room or bed to spare.

They then tried to return me to the streets, to be homeless, by their own car.
Fake Christians act like life is a permenant free vacation, at the expense of all those around them who actually do the work.
marky confirmed to appear on fishtank.live
its why she deleted her socials but is listening to music
she is travelling to rhode island
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thumbnail of 1684350480770.jpg
1684350480770 jpg
(46.78 KB, 1048x396)
Marky is confirmed to be reading this thread. She fell for my bait and deleted her lastfm.
If you want to say something to her, you can do it here. She will read it.
obviously she's reading these threads when she's been posting in them, this isn't news, we already know she reads everything here
Jet Neptune sucks so bad, man. Can’t believe he spent years orbiting Marky, Ciara, and Ken and now he’s Sam’s right hand man.
Lmao are you new? Him and his dad were constantly shitting up r9k together years ago as namefags, and Jet was like the most active poster in the old MDE discord server.
marky, who do you think would win in a 500 metres race between Sam Hyde, Roberto el Cuckoldo, Brad without a leg, the russian on MDMA and Charlie with diarrhea?
Peace of mind, healthier relationships, stability, better mental, physical, emotional, spiritual health, online underground forums slowly ceasing to discuss her and letting her fade into obscurity.

Pretty much everything to gain, but her story is a tale as old as time, mentally ill person with nobody who truly cares enough to help, she'll eventually kill herself or get killed.
My bad, i meant nobody who isnt a subhuman retard that obsessively stalks her online because they have nothing better to do, cares about her.
Yes, and you probably are too. Good luck with that.
Another thing about the new earth.

Bugs won't be drawn to lights in your houses. Because nature no longer tells them to (on the new earth, bugs have not known the sun, nor the moon).

This means, if you have a dark room in your house, and a light in it, the bugs won't be flying towards the light.

Their attraction to it on this earth is just because it rules over them.
Kinda like pagans lmao.


And, because there is no longer death, not of life, nor hair, nor flesh, nor wood, there's no aroma to lure bugs in to houses (no rotten wood to eat, nor the smell of sweat, from the sun microwaving us in our homes in summer).

The new earth won't have that flaw.
So your parents won't bug ya about having a shower while you're having a long sesh of gaming :)

Oh how awesome, to not suffer hot or cold anymore! Nor suffer those who have loved lying against the imperfections of this earth.

If this earth has been a microwave, was man ever to blame for smelling?
They didn't ask to be microwaved.
The word "invention" is a lie.
There is nothing new on the earth, all comes from God.

Btw anyone noticed MrBeast lied about BeastBurger not being able to get in some other nations, while McDonalds has already been everywhere.

God is the same, yesterday, today and forever.
"I give you all."
God is perfect, there is not a hole nor crinkle in Him.
His word does not say this.
Nor specifically it, of that skin color, Jewish.

But that He is our Savior, who saves us. Saves = keeps us.
The good of man is saved. They go in the city of gold.
But those who love lying burn in the lake of fire, and are kept out of the city of gold.

And those who love lying, are as such by the evil in their hearts they have fed their life to, not by skin color. For man, any skin color can lie.

We will however, not remember this earth, it won't be on our minds.


And remember not to carve idols on the earth, nor worship them. An image claiming to be God is of this. How can you claim this is Him, if it was not a selfie sent to you, by Him.
Who can claim He was Facetiming you, and that this image is just a still frame of that, moments before bread became fish by Him willing it.
Short hair for men is honor.
Long hair for women is honor.
But if a woman had to cut it short, that is fine.
For an image to undoubtably be Him, He'd have to sew it in the fabric of this earth, as sewn as having a sun.

That with each sun rise, came rainbows that formed a 4K 240fps image of Him in the sky.

And with the words "Hi, this is an image of me, God" at it, of a kind of stone you can't even get on the earth. That you could fly up to it, and see they are not from the earth. But they are noclipped. You can pass through them.

This is speaking of other than Him walking on the earth as man :)
And by "a kind of stone you can't get on this earth" I speak of all that man knows of, from being on the earth. Not a star you can pluck from the sky, nor a perfectly refined gem from below.
Here's an example of someone who loves to lie, Sam Hyde.

Lying against God's truth that all comes from God. The lie is, all came from anyone who has a Roman skin color.

"White man" is slang for Roman. It's silly.
By nature, Jewish skin is white, and Roman skin is orange.
Oh, and it lies against God's truth, that there is nothing new on the earth. 

The lie is that Roman men had to discover all that is not known as the human term "just the birds and the bees". This lie is very against God.

God gave all.
Nothing is alien to this earth.
This earth has seen it all before.
And no surprises for someone lying,  the bit at the end about a Jew.
There are two lies against Jews in that bit.

Can't make this up how unoriginal and non-sentient the devil is. It has not known the breath of life.

All from the devil lacks life breathed in it. If the devil makes a computer, even the computer knows it's naked, and its software sucks as such.
When man doesn't know they're naked, they see skin color correctly.
Jews all look white, #FFF.
Romans all look orange, 🍊.
And man probably don't even think of those words. What more do they need than a name, if all is well.
And any visual differences, are seen as our "character" God gave us. Not just nature. And all feels good to look at.

But because they know they're naked, their eyes are naked to whatever evil their heart wishes, and their eyes lie as such.

And so by the evil of man's heart, existed numerous lies speaking of "old tribes", but God saw that for even just 3 of the "old tribes" in this lie, of which the lie says they began in different nations, God is the truth, they're actually just the same skin color and their age is no more than by the womb. There's no way to know more than this, not truly (your eyes are seeing a world made by liars, a world put on this earth by them before you were sent out of the garden of Eden). They could basically have just been pagans with no story as to their "history" to lie about, who Egypt knew before just worshipped things like the sun and creatures.

Their lie looks like godless men of Egypt heard Adam and Eve were being sent out of the garden of Eden, and so they gathered up pagans, grouped them by visual similarities (other than skin color), and put them in the lands to serve this lie. To label them as "different", when they weren't. The [we were here first]s, who's architecture looks fake, trash, like bad movie sets for lying.


Those who weren't in the garden of Eden, while Adam and Eve still were, already knew they were naked.

And for what happened in the garden of Eden, it's like a lie was that one of the godless were never just "passing by", but had planned to go there and speak lies, to make Adam and Eve know they are naked.

Those who love lying, had already planned to do this to Adam and Eve.
This is why those who love lying shall burn in the lake of fire. This earth has sucked because of them.
Anyone find it weird, how in the MrBeast Reacts videos, they spoke about God as a past-tense?

Even though God's word says that He is forever, and that His death was just for 3 days? He is on the earth in the flesh this very second, alive. And has already died and been reborn (in 2019).


You gotta wonder if the godless even understand that the idea of murder on a cross, began with taking someone out of their house, by force, against their will.

Already against their freedom of spirit.

You could say, denying the PERFECT spirit it's freedom, is the same as murder...because that spirit was previously able to even make THE EARTH.
But you have wished that spirit could do nothing.

The result of removing freedom, and the result of murder, are much the same...someone is unable to live life anymore. So it would be meaningless repetition to do both.


So say, someone understands even just a crumb of this. And knew they could have Jesus made homeless, and use the entire earth as His cross, and that He has been in poverty, as a hell denying Him freedom,........
Wouldn't that call for all, on ALL of the earth, to "stay home" so Jesus is helpless?

Hmmmmm, 2019 looking a little weird!
Never seen most of man "fearing" being outside, like that. In such a very weird, hivemind way. Nor, it could be said it began on the exact same day someone became homeless.

Fellowshippers of the anti-christ!
A thing that wished to lie....saying the purest of all, was not perfect, but even unpure. You are all godless.

>  >King of the Jews
>  >you hecked yourself, game over 2019
>  >Mark of the beast.
>  >Marky of the beast, Sam Hyde.
>  >Why does that video name of hers, from 2019, look like it's mocking Jesus, just before His death (also in 2019). The blood of Jesus Christ is on the hands of Sam Hyde and Marky Thompson.



Including things that happened to Jesus, but where all were like "let's just laugh at Him, and not take Him serious".

- Fatherless.
- Being the victim of an abusive, unmarried mother.  And other abusive, unmarried women who somehow have children (hmm, whores much?).
A woman should never replace a man in the foundation of parenting. NEVER.
- Bullied at school. Torture. Unsaved, no father there to kick their ass. 
Even putting to death within you, the idea of confronting the principal. Principal DoNothing. Because they'd just do nothing!
Why waste years of life for 2 or 3 nuggets of information Google has in a few seconds. The food sucked so much.
OH AND JESUS IS TALL. AND HAS PERFECT, GOLDEN, SHORT BLONDE HAIR. And rose cheeks. And His eyes look like they have the earth in them. And when His spirit is in others, their eyes look like a beautiful blue carribean water, gleeming. Their complexion gleems, you could count the hairs on their head by it.

- Poor. No inheritance. Nadda.
- Wondering if you should keep striving for your dreams and "never grow up (srsly don't)", or that other thing. Like this should ever be a thought on our minds, ever. Fuck being a sheep.


I wonder how many actual "good" families still exist on this earth. Flawless in their ways.
Something like, just 7?


The obvious foundation wisdom.
Marry. Go in your own house, husband and wife. A house for you, by you. Your dream house you designed.
Prepare for children. And prepare plenty to give to them, to set them up for life. A big inheritance, and that you can give many awesome things to them in their childhood.
By sacrecy, become a family. Husband, wife and your children. And be sure to keep your son's in your mind with what you have after they move out, to never forsaken them.


COVID 2019.
CROSS 2019.
JESUS 2019.
DEATH 2019.
BIRTH 2019.
Mix the "virgin" Marky with Sam "Joke to pewds" Hyde.
The result is Jesus2013.
How do you think Marky feels about Sam having a baby with a woman younger than her? How do you think she feels that he has multiple babies with multiple women? Is she jealous? Did he tell her himself or did she find out by reading everything posted about herself here?
I'm pretty sure the other Anon meant people that are close to her.
If some random cow farmer in Cambodia cared for you having a bad shit this morning, would that help you? No, it wouldn't.

You're a clown.
There’s speculation going on in the shinobazooka thread. From what I’ve seen on her Twitter and what Sam says publicly I believe the babies were born. What makes you think he would abort them?
Are you taking about the supplements he gave her? I’ve seen people imply that was pills for an abolition which is ridiculous. The screenshot literally says she had covid you can see one of the bottles is fish oil
Does anyone have an archive of Mir's art or speedpaints? I discovered her through that and from what I've seen (the screenshot of her saying that "art is retarded" lol) is pretty much gone for the foreseeable future. I enjoyed it a lot and it made me want to improve my own art. I'm not really an orbiter but best of luck to you all and hope your beloved Mir/Marky comes back. :)
It's true
I didn't blame her decisions on anyone else, I just said that nobody cares about her, which is true.
You need to stop freaking out and being overly emotional over the most normal statements ever.
I don't even like marky, shes ugly, slutty, annoying and stupid.
Doesn't change the fact that everything I wrote in >>/24168/ is still true though.
Lol dude you're a fag.  People do care about her, they're not able to fix her difficulties cause things like that do not have simple fixes.  You're just some rude piece of shit with a meaningless life so you want to make hers sound crappy.
I don’t think her problems are people not caring about her, I think it’s that she doesn’t know what to do with her life and she’s running out of time and options
What you just described is a major life crisis, and just from personal experience its extremely difficult to navigate without the help of someone who genuinely wants better for you.
>  >Marky, not Mary
>  >Implying sentient parents

Mark, for a man's name.
Mary, for a woman's name.

Also the pursuit of adding a bunch of skills to your child is meh.
I'd rather just play with Lego. And drink chocolate milk.

Marky was her parents pet.
They seeked a godless image of perfection through her childhood. Like pagans with an idol.

Godless are just seen obsessing over how this world sees them and their success. Otherwise why would a mother blog about their daughter to strangers. Hypocrites.
Markys mom farmed her for clout, in her childhood.

Evil mothers do this. They have children as an accessory, to boast of how good they are as a parent.

I've seen this done to others.
Their parents broke them.

Rather than a lively childhood of fun and joy, playing, their parents treat them like Pokemon.

Time to level up! Learn an instrument, blah blah blah. I hope the other parents are jealous of my children *blogs about how "perfect" they are*.

The one thing done correctly, was they fed Marky to build her like a brick shit house for those nudes.

Thanks, Markys mom! 👍
It speaks of vanity.
All work done under the sun is in vain.
God made you in the image and glory of Him.
He's perfect.

It's meaningless repetition to try and "make" yourself a second time, that your time on the earth was consumed in the pursuit of perfection.

Enjoy your life.
>  >Lying and saying something that condemns faggotry, is faggotry.
Your disguise didn't work.

eThot threads had no value to begin with. Whore worshipper.

Jesus Christ is Lord.
Was homeless for 2 years.
Have struggled greatly.
Been evicted numerous times, it has felt like abuse, and from the very beginning of this life.
I feel very unloved.
I am a victim of abuse.

God said He cares for the fatherless, that He is their father. Why am I forsaken?

Why has, that I don't have things, been used against me? This life has been hell.

I just wish all the angels would give me an awesome house for my own, and millions of dollars, to live and to forget what has been, to free me and my heart, spirit and mind. From all the angels, a billion dollars, and a hug. And if they'd like to stay for dinner, that'd be nice.

And whoever has tried to ruin and destroy my life, that they are in hell.

Love me.
Let this life be heaven for me, not hell.
And for me, life, not death.
Let me be perfect. 1200% perfect.
I exist :(.
Notch makes a block game with penises.
250 million dollars given to Notch.

I be fatherless from birth.
And get nothing.

Creepers are green penises.
Notch drew a penis, and extruded it to make it 3D. But put the face on the side of the head, to hide that it's a penis.
Does anyone know if Marky has a VNDB account? I'd expect her to, considering her Higurashi and oldfag-anime obsession.
Im wont sit here and write a thesis defending her art, but I think she fell into the trap of giving ppl what they want. She became 'that girl' that drew cute lolis, and thats what she got known for, and so all of her commissions were basically ppl requesting the same shit over and over. I think it probably prevented her from growing as an artist, which is a shame. It wouldve been nice to see her explore different styles and themes, but she got pigeonholed as a certain type of artist
The end pics were the best, but why the hell was she dissecting random rats and shit and taking photos of them? Trademark sign of sociopathy. I guess that was when she was on tons of drugs and psych meds though.
? It seemed obvious to me she made it herself. There are pics of her dissecting animals and tons of pics of her siblings as babies, pics of her grandparents when young, pics of her old friends.
its also incredible unsettling for no reason, if it was just family photos and her art i would understand it, but wtf with the serial killer tier photos
I absolutely love that everything she does is infused with a little bit of creepiness and feels slightly disturbing. I would not want it any other way. I am thankful every day that she is not a boring average normie female
Why doesn't she do porn while she can?

She is dumb ( not in a cute way, a retarded way ) has nothing to live for, has a boring personality, might as well make easy money while she can.

> inb4 doesn't wanna take dick in camera for some schizo reason
Just open up an OF then, still, at this point in life just open up that pornhub channel.
She doesn't want to. That's why. She doesn't wanna do something so public. More realistic and feasible option would be escorting which she could keep secret and think of as just sugaring
my heart would shatter if she ever did something like OF or escorting or being a sugarbaby. there are plenty of us here who would donate a lot if she simply streamed on twitch (but she wont) , there are rich anons here who would support her and take care of her if she would simply say yes.
> my heart would shatter
go for a walk, anon. you can find an egirl attractive and be curious about their life, but you don't wanna/shouldn't get attached to them like you obviously are.
Nicholas Feldman the doll man be like:
a sexy 13 year old russian girl wearing a tight swimsuit look at her delicious cameltoe a suggestion of her tight teen cunt she is a skinny thing, fuckable young teen body
> put my headphones on
> 'sister christian' from night ranger plays
> the movie in my head starts playing where marky goes to an all girls christian school and I go to the all boys school down the road, and we sneak out at night to meet each other in the woods.

life is so good in these moments.
That was kierra actually, from late 2015 or so. Elongated navel shape with slightly overhang skin on top, two lateral cut marks around are dead giveaways.
> i saw her today at a gas station.
larp, unless you were hallucinating. 
she totalled her second car, what would she be doing at a gas station?
happy birthday mir! you have my cash app, please send a money request today and it will be fulfilled. I love you always.
Did soph delete her channel? 

I can't find her marky and sam hyde video.

She get bullied off, I remember a lot of sam hyde fanboys in her chat threatening her.
horny mirkybros, taking for granted that we'll never see her naked again, i found a look alike: look up mayaxoxo/starishere69/mayashawnxxxalt
sure not the same but they kinda look alike from some angles
coomers like you give us genuine fans a bad name and are the reason she doesnt stream or interact with us anymore. i hope you die, or at the very least, never post here again.
nope she isn't active cause the fishtank thing attracted even more drama addicts, some posted here too
she understands her orbiters, some (jokingly) asked her slightly lewd questions on curious cat too years ago 
she answered with the usual pic of mahoro saying no to dirty thoughts btw
ntayrt but the point is that "coomers" are the central makeup of this "fanbase" because she primarily gained attention being a whore. complaining about that is retarded and shows how much of a poorly socialized simp faggot you are. 
I suggest killing yourself, but if you need more motivation to accomplish that you should try living a normal lifestyle for a few months: hit the gym once or twice a week, play sports regularly, find non dopaminergic hobbies you are passionate about, get a gf who cares about you, and then come back to this comment:
> coomers like you give us genuine fans a bad name
You will insta shoot yourself in the head out of shame
no one is seething except you man, you're sooo mad that people only like her for her body even though there's literally nothing else to like
youre an idiot who knows nothing and youre also projecting. just b ecause you only see her as a bunch of meat holes doesnt mean we all do, shit head. you dont seem to realize that many of us used to play games with her, talk to her a lot, play video games with her, be in her art servers, get commission s from her, discuss politics and philosophy with her, talk about lit, among other things. i know its hard for your pedantic pea brain to grasp but many of us see her as much more and not just something sexual. try rising above your shitty caveman instincts and realize that shes a human being with depth and personality and not everyone just wants to fuck her. some of us are deeper than that, asshole.
my bad bro
Wow you can't even say one true thing at all WTF?
you keep saying im sexualising her but im not, in reality shes ugly as fuck LOL! Why would I bother sexualising her. all i did was say her fanbase was 4chan coomer residue, which is true
Then you just go on to brag about how you had a personal relationship with her, which you probably hallucinated lbr. 
but if you didnt then it clearly you didnt mean much to her, otherwise you would be in contact with her rn, instead of complaining about other dudes in the thread allegedly hindering her return
Like I said before, JUST KILL YOURSELF!
thumbnail of marky-imgur-pa2i7.zip
thumbnail of marky-imgur-pa2i7.zip
marky-imgu... zip
(9.25 MB, 0x0)
thumbnail of R2T7HS0.jpg
thumbnail of R2T7HS0.jpg
R2T7HS0 jpg
(188.4 KB, 794x1600)
thumbnail of 5iwlAbf.jpg
thumbnail of 5iwlAbf.jpg
5iwlAbf jpg
(30.6 KB, 931x617)
thumbnail of pa2i7-links.txt
thumbnail of pa2i7-links.txt
pa2i7-links txt
(5.96 KB, 0x0)
Mazel tov, fellow goyim. I'm looking for full zip of http://imgur.com/a/pa2i7 album which was posted first on October 17 2016 on r9k:
And contents of which were subsequently posted on 4chan and elsewhere.
I know some of you have it, I've seen the numbered filenames posted here but not on 4chan. E.g. 188 - u05ToET.jpg in earlier thread  >>/2866/ (2021 - 2 years ago, but whatever)

Here's what I found. After poking at Internet Archive snapshot I retrieved 197 links, then searching them on existing known archives, managed to download 61 image and 1 thumbnail. There are numerous other old pics floating online, perhaps all of them are from this imgur album, but I won't stop until I confirm every original filename.
thumbnail of Album pa2i7 - Imgur.zip
thumbnail of Album pa2i7 - Imgur.zip
Album... zip
(33.73 MB, 0x0)
thumbnail of Untitled.png
thumbnail of Untitled.png
Untitled png
(748.56 KB, 1152x661)
There are probably not many places you could quote a two year old post and get a reply from that poster within an hour, but here we are.
There are 195 files in this folder. Looks like I downloaded it in 2017, so possibly 2 files were removed by then from when it was first posted.
man she had a cool art style back then, always liked it, how the fuck did she get worse with practice? pretty much the soul vs soulless meme
thumbnail of Marky.rar.zip
thumbnail of Marky.rar.zip
Marky.rar zip
(56.28 MB, 0x0)
thumbnail of 13055150_220827668297861_4287778980333760824_o.jpg
thumbnail of 13055150_220827668297861_4287778980333760824_o.jpg
13055150_22... jpg
(176.15 KB, 640x960)
thumbnail of sssmzBo.jpg
thumbnail of sssmzBo.jpg
sssmzBo jpg
(95.32 KB, 1680x1050)
thumbnail of Q9Cl1yG.jpg
thumbnail of Q9Cl1yG.jpg
Q9Cl1yG jpg
(248.07 KB, 1276x717)
Splendid. 195 files is the right number, I messed up something with my script and it didn't remove all duplicates, should have just used a text editor.

There are 2 full duplicate images (I guess Imgur didn't check duplicates back then) and 18 visually identical ones which makes final unique image count 175. As for file timestamps, did you have these files as a folder or they were already timestamped like this inside the zip archive? According to earliest IA snapshot all image links were already redirecting to "removed image" placeholder in December 2016:
Unless of course the album existed intact much longer and IA removed images retroactively if they're in some kind of agreement with imgur. I know they immediately bork all old snapshots based on robots file, which could be exploited by rogue domain squatters even without any legal abuse report - sad shit.

Meanwhile I picked up a really fucking old mega link today, slightly older than one we're talking about:
here https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/31346855/#31350620
> Mon 12 Sep 2016

And it still fucking works!
118 files, discarding visual duplicates, original filenames on some of them, what is left are: 4 videos - all posted in previous threads here, a photo of a totem, 2 timestamp pics - the come to my tavern edit, another one, original - we meet again /b/, and a crop-out of a photo which still exists on imgur.
I had those files as a folder and made the zip just to post here. As best I can remember I downloaded them directly from imgur myself, so the 'date modified' in the metadata of the files in the zip should be the date that I originally downloaded them; so the images must have still been up on imgur at that time in 2017.
Is Marky going to hit mainstream? Will she do a tell-all on Sam and send him to prison?
who the fuck are these literal whos yall kids keep blabbering about? sylvia? who?
losers come here just to orbit and have some news on their orbitees in peace and all we find is some discord drama
thumbnail of eyes.png
thumbnail of eyes.png
eyes png
(38.43 KB, 256x256)

thanks lol.. is ee it only had 30k views or so far before tho... thats nothing for twitter tbh thats not enough and pretty normal... i remember early in the show when the simmons thing was going on this acc was spamming hardly got views tho

thumbnail of gyokuto.jpg
thumbnail of gyokuto.jpg
gyokuto jpg
(403.75 KB, 1000x1306)
I don't understand why left so suddenly, we spoke just the day before. I don't think I'll ever get to know why  either but I'm sure she had her reasons. I hope she's doing alright.
oh dear... now my ocd brain has to know who this is about...time to pull out my marky timelines and piece it all together....its after the russian mod bf and the piano guy/barn boy she had sex with on acid...hmm.... perhaps its not actually romantic, and its about her grandma who is in a rest home and that she visits and is close to?
Yeah, her grandma is who I thought of first considering Marky doesn’t publicly post romantic stuff, but there’s no way to know.
thumbnail of struggling.jpg
thumbnail of struggling.jpg
struggling jpg
(112.77 KB, 902x574)
She's not doing very well...



> going to spend the next year(s) alone in a basement and by the time i get what i wish for, if it ever even happens, i will be too numb to appreciate.

Experts in Marky's psychology, what do you think about it? What is that she wishes for? Artistic success? Redemption? Or something else?

> tweets on 20th,24th,28th August
> "please come back"

It's clearly a love interest. You wouldn't obsess like this over dead dogs. Probably someone who for a reason or another stopped talking to her.
> You're about to switch your brain off and hide in your room for at least another year while it grows worse. You know what you're doing is horribly wrong, and yet you still do it.
Scary. Hoping for the best as always.
sorry for ignoring you and making you feel like shit when you were already so vulnerable and confused
Are you the chad who broke Marky's heart? We, markybros, will not let it slide like that. Yied and repent for your sins, monster!
> August 2022
She's been hiding and depressed over some guy all this time? Is that what she made the suicide poll and put herself in the hospital over? Oh marky...
BPD women like her can't really love anyone besides themselves. This infatuation must have lasted no longer than a month and that's  not the reason why she is depressed and suicidal.
this was about when she disappeared sounds like she got dumped and has been sitting in her basement alone exactly as she said she would
You guys need to get a life and stop "orbiting" these girls that you have no future with. You mfs need to get out there and actually achieve something with your life instead of waking up every day to log onto your computers and stare at a fucking screen to cry about some whores you have no future with.
I sure do miss her. more than anything, I dont want marky to remembered as 'the girl who had it all and wasted all her potential'. Im the male version of that, in a way, so I am rooting for her to succeed and beat this. Its never too late. 

whenever its nearing the 4th of july, I think about what itd be like to sit on the roof with her in rhode island and watch the pretty fireworks over the water as we cuddle and hold hands as the sky lights up with wonder. I cant be the only one who thinks this way
> you have a gf
im not trying to be rude here, but how do you sleep at night? on one front, you are with a girl that deep down you know you dont love as much as marky, so it must hurt to look her in the eyes. and secondly, youre basically being disloyal to marky by having a gf. so youre actively betraying 2 girls.

> i am so lonely
we all are, marky. the difference is that your chronic feeling of loneliness and emptiness is due to bpd and you can work about it.

something tells me this is not a larp. you need serious mental help friend.
are you a guy who has been alone and isolated for years and hasn't received so much as a friendly smile or a girl who hasn't received attention and praise for the past 5 minutes?