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This is the successor of the former 8chan board and it's antecedent, /agatha/.
The general purpose of this board is to serve as a place for the discussion of e-girls, 3d waifus, and any orbiting related topics.
If a thread for the e-girl you wish to discuss does not exist feel free to make one. When making a thread be sure to include the name and image of said girl in the OP. Always remember to fill out the subject field, with the correct thread number if applicable, include any relevant info and/or links in the OP, and choose an appealing image. Improperly made threads may be subject to deletion.
Before creating a thread, you should check the catalog to see if a similar thread already exists. Duplicate and superfluous threads will be deleted.
Please try to keep to one thread at a time for each individual e-girl. When bump limit (500) is reached you may make a new thread. Threads made in addition to a still active thread may be deleted.
Any images containing nudity must be spoilered.

General Rules:
-Do not post, request, discuss, or in any way attempt to facilitate the sharing of illegal content
-No overtly lewd images or depictions of persons underage
-No doxxing
-Follow global rules at all times

Any user who violates these rules will be banned.

You may leave any suggestions/questions/comments/complaints regarding the board in this thread.
BO, if you're gonna allow doxing you might as well allow posting cp, and wipe your ass with your fucking general rules
don't play dumb. you know perfectly that such info can easily lead to stalking and considerable harm to the people involved, you just don't care about it.
I'm not her, you idiot. if you think you can tell who someone is from a couple of sentences it only goes to show how obsessed you are.
I hate your guts for what you people have done to her and other girls like her. you're a bunch of callous hypocrites, and nothing of what could happen to you would ever be too much as far as I'm concerned.
I wish you all the worst.
i'd be on your side if you were talking about any other girl. hespie collects child porn and stalks women herself. shes part of the problem
I try to be as hands-off as possible and not get involved in these things, so I know nothing about this.
If there are rule-breaking posts the best way to handle that would be to make a proper report.
I haven't received any reports of doxing lately. The only recent report was closed for having no reason given.
Thank you for your understanding.
the lily and kennedi threads are almost entirely just one guy who is very unhealthy. i know where i am and to not moralize about health here but he genuinely shouldn't be enabled and he makes the rest of the board look even worse
thumbnail of nigger cuck.png
thumbnail of nigger cuck.png
nigger cuck png
(180.2 KB, 860x838)
> the lily and kennedi threads are almost entirely just one guy who is very unhealthy. i know where i am and to not moralize about health here but he genuinely shouldn't be enabled and he makes the rest of the board look even worse
Thread-wise IDs have been enabled for the time being. We'll see how it goes.
this board really needs to be SHILLED more or something. I know there are way more orbiters than this, this place shouldn't be this dead
thumbnail of agatha born date.PNG
thumbnail of agatha born date.PNG
agatha born date PNG
(122.2 KB, 1182x183)
thumbnail of 14117e21a909254880e54d3f6ec91abc26a2edb12236a239e3eea40d0746eb5b.png
thumbnail of 14117e21a909254880e54d3f6ec91abc26a2edb12236a239e3eea40d0746eb5b.png
14117e21a909254... png
(74.59 KB, 540x675)
Ever since our most serene beloved original creator of /agatha/ The mighty and all powerful Franz left us, it's been a spiralling shit hole
Oh blessings be to him the man whom desires proofs of Muffy's dick
Devine benevolence cast yourself upon the crown of our dearest Franz, he who vanquished the board of the great !Rage's whim
Bountiful harvests be bestowed to he our one true King in which women throw themselves at in desire and men fall at his feet in terror
Who's love knowith no end, all encompassing and genuine 

Franz Wunsch, always and forever my BO
8chan /agatha2/ was more active than the original /agatha/ though. It had more than double the number of posts. So I don't think it has anything to do with Franz.
Why is the Marky thread at the bottom of the first page even though its last posts are more recent than threads above it? There are two threads that haven't been bumped in over a week above it. The Marky thread was bumped just yesterday. And why are there captchas now? Did something happen? very fishy.
Yes, there was quite a bit of spam recently, which is why captchas have been enabled. Those threads are above others with more recent posts because they were bumped with spam that has since been deleted.
It's interesting someone got defensive and said forbidden has never been an issue here, yet it's been spammed here this week, along with forbidden of both Sunny and Ciara. Again, feels very fishy.
What's fishy is that someone (read: you) has repeatedly been making false claims about certain content posted here, and shortly subsequent to that the board is spammed with actual forbidden. That's what's fishy.
By default a board can "hold" 15 pages worth of threads, so despite with bumping the fresh threads can end up at the end of the catalog, it needs some effort to bump them down.
I suggest enabling the "Hourly thread limit" feature, just write a number there. (Don't mistake it with the "Thread limit" feature!), if necessary.
Thanks, hourly thread limit is enabled. They won't be able to do any real damage, it's just a minor annoyance.
i tried to add a new thread and included a jpg file but it says i need to include a file.
Haven't encountered this problem before, try on one of the other domains (.gg, .org, .net)
If it still doesn't work let me know.
Where do people go to talk about Rose (randytaylor69) these days? I used to hang out at rose and roze at 8chan but these days besides /r/fansofrose (which censors everything too much) I feel lost.
who is she and why does she keep inviting me to her server and sending me scary pictures
thumbnail of 1482988543751.png
thumbnail of 1482988543751.png
1482988543751 png
(742.01 KB, 591x595)
I see a lot of people on 4chan post pictures of e girls, some newfags even making threads asking who they are.

Something is happening, I didn't see these type of post months ago, and I used the board a lot, now it's one of the first things i see going on r9k or b.

I think were going back, back to the e girl era, back to the orbiting, MAYBE THIS AINT THE END, MAYBE WELL GET NEW ATTENTION WHORES, HAHAHAHHAHAHAH
thumbnail of frog-pepe.gif
thumbnail of frog-pepe.gif
frog-pepe gif
(138.44 KB, 220x220)
You can thank that new server "Marc's E-Harem" for the most recent uptick in viral 4chan related e-drama
that place basically became the new sheepvillage overnight and apparently the newfag admin stepped down and left discord because all the drama flooding in was driving him insane
Whoever the admin of this board is better answer the reports or he will be hearing from our legal team.
Most reports here are going to be dismissed because this website's rules are lax. The BO is Sosa. His discord tag is jvmvicv#1830 and he's an admin of Marc's E-Harem.
This is spam that I missed. Deleted now. It would be helpful if people would use the report system for things like this, it makes it easier to clean. 
I wasn't going to bother to address this, but, just for the record, he isn't the board owner. I don't know what lead you to believe this but it isn't the case.
on discord he referenced BO posts made here then deflected when it was asked who the BO was and jokingly said Ciara owned it, and others said it was Michael. he also owned the last 8chan boards before the site went down
BO, could you delete off-topic and less than 10 replies old threads. We already hit page 15. Older general that hit bump limit will be pruned soon. I know it's gonna happen anyway but at least it could be delayed for some time.
Okay let's start from the beggining.

Who is egirls and how do you guys search for them on the internet? What's the point to discuss their regular photos/stoies etc? I don't get that tbh
Most, but not all, of the girls posted about here are known from 4chan's /r9k/ board. Other "e-girls" are found on social media like Instagram, TikTok, etc. Anons come here to discuss and post about them for various reasons. Some simply like to look at cute girls, some are lonely fantasists, some think they will obtain relationships with them, some formerly had relationships with them. Others view these girls as characters in some sort of interactive drama that they can insert themselves into if they so wish, end enjoy discussing this as it plays out. Still others dislike or even hate these girls and come here to express that as well.
thumbnail of Screenshot_.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_.png
Screenshot_ png
(13.49 KB, 549x203)
She is underage in the photos that you requested, and I believe you know that, so I'm denying your appeal. I've already had to ban you multiple times in the past and you continue to do things I've told you not to. This was the last straw.
I'll note here that, when you make a global report, those reports go to the global staff only and are not received by the staff of the board.
As content that does not break Endchan's global rules ( https://endchan.net/.static/globalRules.html ) is unlikely to be removed by the global mods, if there is an issue with something posted here the best way to go about attempting to resolve that would be by dealing directly with board staff.
As always your issues can be brought up here, by simply posting on the board itself; by using the non-global report system; or, by contacting board staff at the attached e-mail.
If contacting by e-mail you should notify here, if you want a response in under a month.
There are often doxxes posted on this board. I put that in the rules so that I can deny responsbility for this sort of thing, and so that I have justification for deleting things when I choose to do so at my own discretion. Doxxing isn't against the site rules and so, in general, I don't really care about it.
However, since in this case there is a specific address posted, and I don't particularly want that kind of thing here without a good reason for it, and I don't really know what this is about, I will remove this for now. But you should really be more circumspect about your online activities in the future, okay, Brandon?
I'm not aware of anything like that but I'll look into it. I agree it would be useful.
I don't understand what you're saying about this supposed catfishing. It's a thread with pictures of a girl and links to her accounts. I don't think she's 15 either. I'm going to leave it up for now.
News: Bump limit has been raised to 500 posts.
I think this is as high as it goes.
It does seem there is an rss feed available at https://endchan.net/agatha2/index.rss
However, this feed appears to only give notifications for the creation of new threads. And also I can't get even that to work consistently. So, not very useful as it stands. But you can try it.
It would be nice if there was some way to get notifications for all posts made on the board, but I don't think there is any way to do that currently.
that rss feed doesn't work. it says invalid rss feed. 
I tried checking it with an rss validator https://validator.w3.org/feed/ and it seems having an invalid token or it's malformed.
A working index.rss would be quite helpful, it should notify if a new thread is created or an old one bumped I think.
Yeah, I don't know much about it. I don't think there's any way for me personally as a board owner to fix that or set something like that up. You can try asking the endchan admins/devs about it on >>>/operate/ if you want, that's probably your best bet.
Captcha is already required for thread creation. It's usually deleted fairly quickly but there's not much that can be done to prevent the spam altogether since it's posted from different IPs every time. 

Please report the spam using the report system if you see it.
sorry i forgot that captchas are required for thread creation. will try to do but anytime i see one of those posts i close my eyes and close the whole window because i don’t wanna see it. they usually get taken down quickly anyway though so thanks for that at least. can BOs disable posting with vpn?
I don't know what tools the BO has, but can't you just create rules to autodelete or autoreport posts that respect certain patterns?The cp spammer always uses the same words, same pics and same links. It shouldn't be too difficult to set patterns to filter them out.
We can't do much just delete ASAP. Quite often we manage to catch the spammer (spambot?) red handed, but sometimes the thing can sit on the boards for some hours. We do what we can, we ask patience. And ofc we ask to notify us, there is the report facility, and ofc IRC/Telegram/Discord, there just note the board where the cp was spotted, don't need to link it.
We could hashban images, but they just use a different one on next occasion.
We could ban strings, but they just rewrite the text, use different words, spell it differently or insert spaces or whatnot on the next occasion.
We have experience with perceptual hash banning tool (which is not available on endchan), but it isn't that great to be honest, and causes more problems.
That's understandable, I don't like seeing it myself. They're removed as soon as we see them, but they're being posted every day lately, sometimes multiple times a day. Seems like we go through periods where we get consistent spam like this and then periods where it stops altogether. Hopefully it will let up soon.
There's no way for board owners to disable vpn-posting, no. I can disable posting through .onion but the spam isn't usually posted that way so it wouldn't make much difference. All that can really be done at this point is to ban and delete, but since they have access to an unknown number of IPs the banning doesn't have much effect.
> can't you just create rules to autodelete or autoreport posts that respect certain patterns?
There is no way to do this with the tools at the disposal of board owners, which are very limited. I'll try banning the hashes of the images they post again, though when I've done that in in the past it hasn't stopped them as they just modify the images or use different ones.
wtf, do you think that the spammers are targeting this specific board? it’s the only board i visit on here, so i wouldn’t know if the same spam gets posted across the site. but if you’re banning specific images hashes and they change up the photo to circumvent that so they can keep posting them, that seems very targeted.
The specific spam (which has couple of versions) is posted on many chans (maybe on everywhere but not on 4chan because they block everything), and several boards on Endchan (not sure about other places, I guess the same situation).
It is done on couple of days a week. Sometimes there are longer gaps. A day they do it 1-4 times.
It's far from sure that there is any cp on the sites they link. I hope noone is stupid enough to open it.
Please delete the delusional posts and dox posts from the dumb roastie posting about me in the Seymour thread por favor
Seems the board has been quite active lately. Averaging ~200 posts per day over the last week. Don't think anything like that's ever happened before.
do you all think the parasocial relationship with egirls is worth it or do you come out worse off in the long run
are mods unironically too stupid to realize that anybody can ban evade and that your job is literally worthless
Why is there so much discussion revolving around doxxing my gf allowed in her thread? 
I don't see much discussion related to doxxing in that thread, and what little there is doesn't really rise to the level of requiring moderative intervention in my view.
i need the board owner's email address to send a DMCA takedown notice. the image links will be included in the takedown request. already sent one to the Ec admin
the board e-mail is attached here:  >>/17129/
make sure you include proof that you are the rightful copyright owner. fraudulent takedown requests may result in legal action.
Come on mods, keep adding their image hashes to the filter list. It's like the third time that they use the same picture. Even if you can't stop them, you can make their life more difficult. Keep pushing back as much as possible and the CP spam will eventually reduce.
We're still banning hashes and filtering the links they post when we can, but it's faster to just delete it right away and we want to remove it as quickly as possible. Thanks for everyone's patience and unerstanding while we work at it.
What is the need for code tags?
thumbnail of move forward.jpg
thumbnail of move forward.jpg
move forward jpg
(114.91 KB, 1920x1080)
Suggesting style improvements perhaps.
a. Right now every post with email is marked as sage (was it always like this?).
b. Sage is not a downboat, there is no need to be aggressively red with exclamation mark.

.linkName:is([href="mailto:sage"],[href="mailto:Sage"],[href="mailto:SAGE"]):after {
  content: "[SAGE]";
  float: right;
  color: green;
  padding: 4px;

This rule is not needed then:

.noEmailName::after {
  content: "";
That is helpful, thanks. It's something I only added recently after seeing and liking it on another board. We used to have something similar on 8chan. I just copied the code they had; I saw the problem with it but couldn't figure out how to fix it with a cursory glance. I think I'll leave it red for now though as that's how it was on 8ch.

I've enabled the setting for code tags so you should be able to use them now.
thumbnail of computers good at math.jpg
thumbnail of computers good at math.jpg
computers good at... jpg
(386.98 KB, 1920x2160)
I went on to look into LynxChan's source code to see how sage input is treated. It uses toLowerCase() method of Javascript.
And precisely, latest commit
var saged = (parameters.email && parameters.email.toLowerCase() === 'sage');

You can see how it works in browser console [F12]. Declare variable
let email = "sAGE"
Should print lowercase
To reassign it use this:
email = "sAge"

To cover all cases we'll then need to specify 2⁴=16 permutations of word sage since CSS does not support regular expressions (yet) :^)

.linkName:is([href="mailto:SAGE"],[href="mailto:SAGe"],[href="mailto:SAgE"],[href="mailto:SAge"],[href="mailto:SaGE"],[href="mailto:SaGe"],[href="mailto:SagE"],[href="mailto:Sage"],[href="mailto:sAGE"],[href="mailto:sAGe"],[href="mailto:sAgE"],[href="mailto:sAge"],[href="mailto:saGE"],[href="mailto:saGe"],[href="mailto:sagE"],[href="mailto:sage"]):after {
  content: "SAGE!";
  float: right;
  color: red;
  padding: 4px;

Fun fact: these rules don't work when you access site from cloudflare domains with JS disabled. Kohlchan, which runs on LynxChan fork has no email field at all and uses checkbox for sage, displays it as separate span

> We used to have something similar on 8chan

Do you have a good snapshot of page with CSS to see how it looked? I checked archive links above and it doesn't look impressive, lots of shit broken. Besides, changing a couple of background colors is not that hard, I don't see a point if it still looks ugly.

I have some ideas in mind, mostly about fixing multiple images, text wrapping around them nicely and post/catalog widths first, borrowing some ideas from cool kids' chans like old Arisu:
Russian neighbors have nice big readable fonts and no "Posting mode: Reply" #modeBanner div on page (something server-side?)

What annoys me most is sticky header: every time you jump to post anchor, it overlaps top row, and I have tried everything, it doesn't fucking work? Like what the fuck. I barely know CSS better than you, few hours of reading tutorials. Here's what I tried:

Now to my complaints about bold markup. This file has some answers:
> Observation: it will be run against individual lines of the message, not against the whole message at once.

They should definitely include this on help page.

Now let me test if this thing gobbles up language-specific syntax:
[code css]
#modeBanner {
    display: none;
Alright, I think I see how that works.

> Do you have a good snapshot of page with CSS to see how it looked? I checked archive links above and it doesn't look impressive, lots of shit broken. Besides, changing a couple of background colors is not that hard, I don't see a point if it still looks ugly. 
I was just referring to the red 'SAGE!' (some examples here: https://archive.ph/dlYbU — if I recall correctly, this was a default option that could be toggled in the board's settings) not the old eye-rape css that this board had on 8ch. There was a nice css that Franz had on the first board for a while but I can't find any examples of that preserved online. Though 8chan's board software always looked cleaner than anything based on Lynx anyway, it would be hard to make anything here look that good.

I don't really have much time to put into it myself, nor the know-how, but if there are more suggestions of things to add to the css to improve it, we can implement them when we get the chance, so long as anons don't have any issues with anything.
thumbnail of how it looks now.png
thumbnail of how it looks now.png
how it looks now png
(115.56 KB, 984x874)
16k sounds much, but pattern matching isn't something a modern computer/browser wouldn't do in a fraction of a second while loading the page. There are much more sinister ways to rape CPU with CSS. Actually, I looked some stuff up and improved the rule:
.linkName:not(.noEmailName)[href="mailto:sage" i]:after {
  content: "SAGE!";
  float: right;
  color: red;
  padding: 4px;
:not(.noEmailName) excludes all emailless posts, and i makes sure "mailto:____" is compared case-insensitively to "mailto:sage" (I do not know and care not how xD). Certainly looks cleaner than the whole list I typed by hand generated before.

I skimmed through archives and can't say there's anything worthwhile. Default vichan/infinity skin and cyan bg gray posts one. But that SAGE thing was neat wherever you picked it from. It's not that Lynx is bad technically, it mostly has an identical markup in html, it's just dev/admin is lazy to make it better looking default style, so you judge them based on this.

While I'm at it, should we make code blocks a tit more readable with this rule:
/*Style code segments*/
pre {
  font-size: initial;
  display: block;
  background: #ebf8ff;
  padding: 0.4em;

Hide pointless action links (from my point of view)
/*Hide [Preview] link in post header*/
.linkPreview {
    display: none;
/*Hide [Last 50 Posts] link*/
.linkLast50 {
  display: none;

Now here's something more fun. It displays post numbers within the thread to keep track of bump limits. I haven't been able to toggle it only for threads, so it displays nonsensical numbering on front page (not in catalog).
/*Count and display post number within a thread*/
.opCell {
  counter-reset: postnum;
.linkQuote:after {
  color: green;
  font-weight: bold;
  counter-increment: postnum 1;
  content: " #" counter(postnum);
Maybe it'd make more sense to display this number on the left, instead of default "Anonymous" screen name.

And finally a rule just to make fonts more readable:
body {
  font-size:  larger;

I'm practicing little by little, so maybe I'll shoot more of this stuff later. It feels therapeutic in a way, to learn these stuff, more therapeutic than I'd expected looking at pics of cute girls would be, which actually turned out very depressing ;_;
The 350 MB cap is per file or per post? For istance, can I upload 5 350MB files in one post (1750MB) ?
Not really no. You'll struggle to upload one 350MB file, you have to disable JS too. I managed to upload 250+ MB files, one at a time. Perhaps would work with close to 350. Still it's insanely high.
thumbnail of max file size after.png
thumbnail of max file size after.png
max file size after png
(7.18 KB, 311x133)
Usually it's total per post.
367,000,000 bytes according to  >>/29663/

Here's a CSS rule to remind of this (text is non-selectable unfortunately):
#labelMaxFileSize:after {
    content: ' (367,000,000 Bytes)';
Disabling JS helps, but probably using something less complex and memory hungry than a browser to upload is even better.
thumbnail of JC.png
thumbnail of JC.png
JC png
(1.93 MB, 1920x816)
Figured basic posting with curl, but still no file. Password string was sent successfully, but still can't delete post, weird. Lemme check again.
I've added most of your changes, nice work, your contributions are appreciated. The Preview link is probably useless for most users but I do need that to remain on my part as I often make use of it so I've left that rule out. Maybe a few others use it as well. The post numbers thing is interesting, I think it's placement is alright, if you find a way to fix the numbering on the front page just let us know.

The font size change I'm not sure about. I've added this for now on a provisional basis, but, to me at least, it looks absolutely massive. Though that may be just because I'm not used to it. I think how optimal it is may depend on individual users differing setups as well. We'll see how it goes. If any anons want to give feedback on this, or any other changes, they are welcome and encouraged to do so. I'll leave it up to the users to decide.

Apologies for my late response, been away for a bit.

User post deletion is currently disabled due to its potential for abuse, so you will not be able to delete posts even with the correct password. If there is a valid reason why you want a certain post deleted, such as accidental double-posts (mods will often pro-actively fix these if seen), mistaken/broken posts, things of that nature, you can make a report or can request here and mods will take care of it.
Nice, the board is much cooler now.
The post number thing should be fixed or deactivated on the frontal page though.
> catalog shows 4 threads in a row instead of 5 in mobile view
It ruined the page counter (5x2 per page), bring it back
Fug, we're running out of pages. Is 16 really the maximum? Could you set a higher bump limit if that is possible? Or, generally convince people not create new threads until old one is locked? It's not like they can't use catalog, often knowing what they came for, and 1000 posts is double the size of regular threads.

I see there's some dubious quality old stuff taking up valuable slots:
 >>/11921/   >>/11798/   >>/18020/

By the way, what's the difference between  >>/17577/ qt general and  >>/2211/ misc e-girl thread? Could you merge their contents?
16 is the maximum number of pages, can't be increased on my end. From what I've seen threads won't bump past 500 posts even if the limit is set higher, but I'll go ahead and do that.
With the rate they seem to be going, it may be best to hold off on making new Marky threads until they're nearer 1000 posts. I don't know if this would be ideal to do for all threads though, since it may create a situation where a bunch of the more active threads are off the first page for ~weeks at a time. Which, in addition to creating an added hassle for users who want to follow multiple threads or just to see any new posts on the board by making them enter into each individual thread through the catalog or to dig through the pages, it may make the board appear less active and it would also make moderation more difficult as all those threads being posted in still have to be monitored and now they wouldn't be bumped with any new posts. I think in most cases it is much preferable to have the more popular threads and threads being actively posted in on the first page.

I've gone through and deleted some old low-priority threads. I've been doing this periodically on an as-needed basis, but I neglected it for a while and it looks like a higher-priority thread was bumped off when an unanticipated number of threads were made in a short period. Of course, it's inevitable that those threads will be lost from the board eventually, but we'll try to hold that off as long as reasonably possible.

 >>/17577/ and  >>/2211/ are essentially the same thing, yes. There is no way that I'm aware of to merge their contents. I'll just leave this for now.
 >>/25811/ and  >>/5975/ are also basically the same. Not sure what to do about this.
 >>/18159/ and  >>/14827/ as well. I'll probably delete  >>/14827/ even though it was made first, since it has no image in the catalog and has fewer posts.
 >>/12639/  >>/13153/ and  >>/13486/ are all the same. I don't know why there are three of these threads. I'll likely delete the first two soon.
There are some other similar threads I see. I really wish people wouldn't make what are effectively duplicate or only slight variations of already existing threads, but I don't want to come off as overly hostile or to discourage posting by aggressively deleting them immediately when seen, and if people have already started posting in them I'm hesitant to delete them at that point as well.

Anyway, there are more threads I'll delete when it's necessary, but there's space on the board for now.
Candidates for deletion, some of these contributed zero content and also never even made it into double digit replies. In order of highest to lowest priority. I'm picking these out mostly because they're improperly made, low effort, off-topic, or redundant.

My definitions of "off-topic" and "improperly made" are threads that don't really fit the following:

> discussion of e-girls, 3d waifus, and any orbiting related topics.
> include the name and image of said girl in the OP. Always remember to fill out the subject field, include any relevant info and/or links in the OP

Also, I think some of the less noteworthy thread subjects can stand to be deleted, some of these are just bumped by their OP dumping pics. IMO, something like https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/12405.html#25667 is basically /b/ or /gif/ tier trash and its contents would be more fitting in a the /qtgen/ or something, as I feel an entire individual thread was unnecessary for someone so random with such little demand, as well as with such little information/incentive for the thread to be upkept.

What is not "noteworthy" or "deserving of a thread" is honestly up to your discretion, but I'd say "low content", "non-established", and "nothing more than an OP" are good enough qualifiers for deletion. That being said:

https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/12908.html literally just a request thread going off a single picture of a random (Age: 1 yr 4 mo)
https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/12405.html same thing as above (Age: 1 yr 4 mo)
https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/17847.html low content & non-established, and made obsolete by /qtgen/ (Age: 10 months)
Quite literally just a random blogpost by an underage OP that has nothing to do with this board, arguably low content and probably a LARPer. (Age: 1 yr 8 mo)
https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/9830.html Low effort, zero content (Age: 1 yr 8 mo)
https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/4661.html https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/5454.html Posted 1 mo apart, one of them is redundant
https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/5108.html Last bumped 2 years ago. Aligns with the topic of https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/18815.html which in itself is useful for containing these stray threads, and still gets bumped to this day, so the former can stand to be deleted as no real content is lost from the board

Threads that aren't necessarily deletion worthy, but I'd still consider superfluous:
https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/16909.html https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/17847.html https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/25533.html https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/11461.html These "chart" threads, which seem to not contribute much other than create a containment for "general new e-girl discussion." I feel like I've seen multiple of them on the board at once, many of them going months without getting bumped, and they're often repetitive and low effort. However, I will admit they are on topic. I believe a better approach would be to compartmentalize the contents of these threads into individual ones for each girl, and only if the girl herself is "established" (some of the girls in these "chart" threads already have their own threads with more productive and worthwhile posts) Honestly, the e-boy thread is the least offensive of the batch because it's unique, but even some of the guys here there have their own individual threads which are of a much higher quality (Seymour)
Don't know what the solution to preventing non-deletion worthy but low-quality threads from being made. My first though would be one or two more stickied generals that are all-encompassing for a certain topic which gets repeatedly mentioned, the "woman-hate containment thread" seemed effective at that. I'm also unsure whether or not agatha2 would benefit from a rule along the lines of "Before you create a thread, check the catalog to see if someone has already made one" to contain redundant threads that could just be effectively contained as a reply into an already established thread, https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/4984.html should've just been kept in the Agatha thread. I also feel now that there is a /qtgen/ things like the content of the "chart" threads can just be redirected there. This board generally works best when all-encompassing threads with a very specific subject are maintained for multiple months (for the large names, 8 threads can be stretched to last multiple years) while the more vague and less interesting ones https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/16909.html have very little reason to be maintained or continuously bumped, and  inevitably die out and just clog up the board. Something about the vagueness of these threads I think creates a net negative, since they don't really have to include any names, links, relevant info, and it is assumed the girls mentioned are already known, and any replies to them about specific girls would be better off in said girl's dedicated thread. Last bit was just me rambling, but that's my two cents. All the other mentioned threads preceding this paragraph would be better off purged.
The input is appreciated.

 >>/8871/ (I always found this thread incredibly sad. I hope the OP is okay.)
 >>/12908/ (This thread was obviously complete garbage from the beginning, though 'dickanon' was an amusing character.)
 >>/17847/ (Not a terrible idea for a thread, and probably different enough of a premise from /qtg/ that it could have been maintained, but the OP abandoned it immediately after making it so whatever.)
 >>/9830/ (It's still over though.)
 >>/4661/ ( >>/5454/ has more and more recent posts so we'll keep that.)
 >>/5108/ (I'm not sure it really fits into  >>/18815/ but I actually should have deleted this a long time ago anyway.)
 >>/16909/ (obsolete chart thread.)

 >>/12405/ I'm going to leave up. There are a number of posters in the thread so at least some people are interested in it + there are too many posts/images for it to comfortably fit into something like /qtg/ or misc egirls.

The chart/collage threads have been a persistent problem especially with how low effort and poorly made most of them are, and we've deleted several of them in the past. I'm not entirely opposed to them having their own thread, they're unique enough of a concept, allowing general discussion of recent, specifically /r9k/ related girls and trends, which some people seem to want, and a lot of the girls on the charts don't really need their own threads—these threads allow some minor discussion of them. But these charts/collages really need to be confined to one individual thread i.e. something like a "General R9K Chart/Collage Thread" or similar. It is completely unnecessary to create a new thread for every chart with minor variations, the new ones making the old ones obsolete, and it won't be allowed going forward.

The e-boy thread I'm not really a fan of but it may be useful as a containment for other garbage, so I'll leave it.

I might just create an "Off-Topic" or sort of general discussion thread that could serve to encompass some of the lower quality threads being made, and also to contain some of the irrelevant posts that have been being made in other threads. Threads like  >>/33849/ (which we'll remove once it slides) and  >>/11180/ and the various other "It's Over"-style ones could reasonably be contained in that. The Off-Topic threads on /agatha/ were actually some of the most active. I think most everything else can fit into already existing threads. Low-quality/low-effort threads that don't really contribute anything of value or gain any traction we'll just start deleting more frequently. 

> I'm also unsure whether or not agatha2 would benefit from a rule along the lines of "Before you create a thread, check the catalog to see if someone has already made one"
I'll add that to the sticky, I should have before really.
not him, but  >>/12405/ is a just a bunch of brazilians drooling over a 4/10 white camwhore who is not even an e-girl and is /b/ tier trash. I wouldn't incourage the creation of threads like that but you do you.
In general I don't like to permanently ban posters unless it's for something egregious. Gilbert is incredibly annoying, yes, but he does occasionally make relevant posts, though, admittedly, those are few and far between. But, his constant off-topic and attention-seeking posting that derails threads is getting out-of-hand at this point and is a problem that can't continue in perpetuity, I don't disagree with that. We've already given him several short-term bans to attempt to deter him from this behaviour, though these do not seem to have had the desired effect. If he continues, the next step is to give him longer-term bans, including possibly permanent, which we'll consider soon. 

I've set up a poll on the Gilbert Question to gauge the opinions of the board's users on this issue, which we'll take into consideration. It would be helpful if people would vote in this: https://strawpoll.com/w4nWrN0kNyA
Thanks for the response. His case is atypical due to his known history predating this board and the fact that any engagement with his attention whoring only encourages him to stick around while branching out even further, like he is now posting about talking to middle school girls he met through here. Seems like genuinely bad optics to allow him to stay for that reason alone. It’s very weird to see him go back and forth between guilt and trying to stir the pot with bait, which some people call delusions but are clearly attempts at controlling the narrative to make him feel less guilty. He’s using this board to cope and it’s both annoying for us and unhealthy for him.
Finally, thanks.

I think because somebody tried to groom an e-girl a decade ago shouldn't except them from bans. Or any knowledge in general, even though his has been completely pointless for a long time now.
Considering the overwhelming results of the poll and the fact that he received numerous warnings to rein in his behaviour that he consistently chose not to comply with, Gilbert has been permanently banned from the board.
BO, G-pedo is telling everyone he's close friends with you and "the entire mod team" and is convinced he's the one getting all these threads taken down with "secret codes."
Looking into it.
Well, I think it should be obvious this isn't true. I'd never heard of this guy until he showed up a few months ago and he has no influence on anything here.
thumbnail of new counter.png
thumbnail of new counter.png
new counter png
(140.29 KB, 821x774)
thumbnail of markedPost not counted.png
thumbnail of markedPost not counted.png
markedPost not... png
(121.53 KB, 713x774)
thumbnail of solution.png
thumbnail of solution.png
solution png
(122.65 KB, 713x774)
I corrected post counter a little. Posts should be counted from first reply. Bump limit is 500 replies, lock is 1000, this is how they are displayed in catalog. OP shouldn't be counted, or should be 0. Counting .innerPost elements to avoid placing counter on OP post sounds like a good idea until it turns into .markedPost when you select it, but only after refreshing the page or coming from another thread. Whatever, Lynxchan is such a shitware.

counter-reset: postnum -1 turns OP counter into 1-1=0. Styling .linkQuote keeps counter numbers clickable for quoting purpose, styling .linkSelf ("No." part) makes them usable as jump anchors. Additionally new style does not interfere with manual quoting in case someone's (me) visiting this board without JavaScript and tries to select post numbers as opposed to how hard it is to perform with previous style.

.opCell {
counter-reset: postnum -1;
.linkQuote:before {
counter-increment:postnum 1;
border:1px solid green;

I know it looks ridiculous, I have no sense of aesthetics whatsoever. If you like none of it, add -1 at the end of counter-reset: postnum  to fix just the counter.
thumbnail of sage and counters.png
thumbnail of sage and counters.png
sage and counters png
(91.95 KB, 701x543)
thumbnail of sage-counters.css.txt
thumbnail of sage-counters.css.txt
sage-count... txt
(1.19 KB, 0x0)
thumbnail of wide thumbs.png
thumbnail of wide thumbs.png
wide thumbs png
(438.13 KB, 1367x525)
thumbnail of fixed thumbs.png
thumbnail of fixed thumbs.png
fixed thumbs png
(444.15 KB, 1367x353)
 >>/40234/ New counter is hideous indeed. Original was sharp looking, but itched my autism. I wanted to place it after checkboxes originally, to keep them aligned. However it is impossible in CSS. What possible instead is to float checkbox to the right and counter to the left, but then checkbox finding task becomes pixelhunting, and relation to it's function (mark post for report or deletion) loses original meaning. It definitely has higher priority than the counter.

BO, see all possible options inside attached text file. Perhaps you should revert it back to original keeping the -1 or choose third option. Keep SAGE as it is.

Another urgent issue
Squished looking thumbnails. For whatever reason EXIF rotation data is ignored in page layout, here is solution:

/*Fix squished thumbnails*/
.uploadCell img {
height: auto;
width: auto;

Of all alternative styles available from menus at the bottom of page I fancy Trebuchet theme with Dark Orange color palette. Perhaps we can adapt it to our board. It has some issues like non-expanding images and few off colors.

Additionally there's https://magrathea.endchan.net/ front-end, with completely different HTML and better default styles (not entirely portable unfortunately), check out yourself.
this one, but with SAGE and #166 in inverted places, so that the post number is always on the far right even without SAGE
what was wrong with the previous counter? it was already looking fine to me. I think that what needs to be fixed or disabled is the counter on regular pages (1,2,..16). having a counter that goes from 0 to 6 for each thread doesn't make much sense to me.
Alright, I've reverted the counter back to it's original style and placement. I think that's the cleanest looking variation.
Added the fix for thumbs as well.
Let's discuss the moderation team. 
Most of you are fine, but there is a mod who clearly abuses his powers and is biased by personal feelings and preferences. He keeps creating discussions in every thread and then deletes posts from people who disagree with him,  like what just happened in Kaya's thread . He is obviously the same person who whiteknights for and is obsessed with Ken and has a personal crusade against 'bert. Probably the same mod who made the pukara flop.
This obnoxious person shouldn't be allowed to moderate, or should stop using the board as a normal user while moderating.
Yeah, it's clear that this post isn't being made in good faith and most of your statements are mischaracterizations and outright falsehoods, and that isn't a basis for a genuine discussion, which I don't believe you're interested in having in the first place, but I'll try to clear a few things up.
> He keeps creating discussions in every thread and then deletes posts from people who disagree with him
This isn't happening.
> like what just happened in Kaya's thread
Posters were told to stop explicit pedophilic discussion and to not make posts that could be interpreted as sexualizing persons underage, which the entire thread had devolved into by that point, requiring moderators to intervene, and posts engaging in such were deleted. Posters who continued to engage in such were and will be banned. This is the problem with these retards, they have no tact, they don't know when to stop, you give them an inch and they take a mile and they will keep pushing the limit, so it's necessary to crackdown before it gets out of hand. Posts of this nature add nothing of value to the board and will not be allowed here. We don't need posts about how 'breedable' some 14 year old is, we don't need posts about how the age of consent is only 13 in wherever-the-fuck, we don't need the "uh, being sexually attracted to 12 year olds isn't pedophilia," we don't need "if she bleeds shes ready to bleed" (actual quote from one of the deleted posts.) It fosters an element that we don't want here. This should not be a difficult concept to grasp. If you want to have in-depth discussions about how much you want to fuck kids go somewhere else.
> He is obviously the same person who whiteknights for and is obsessed with Ken and has a personal crusade against 'bert
Hilarious. And you are obviously the same person who whiteknights for Gilbert Raborg the Pedophile and spammed the link to his failed knock-off board here. If you have such an issue with the way this place is run maybe you and 'bert can go and suck each other off there.
No, I think that 'bert should have been banned 1 year ago when he started spamming and saying that a sexually developed 15-16 yo is attractive is not pedophilia. You need to learn to put aside personal preferences amd bias when moderating.
Your obsession with Ken is unhealthy anyway.
You're saying that you aren't the person who spammed his board here? Because I know that you are, I mean, I can fucking see that you are, so I don't know why you'd try to deny that. You think he should have been banned when he started spamming a year ago? He wasn't even here a year ago! And, anyway, he's banned now. And yet you keep bringing him up. Constantly. All over the board. You even created a thread on his board! Odd thing to do if you say you wanted him banned a year ago. I don't think you're being serious. Do you think you should have been permanently banned when you started spamming the link to his board here? Because that's something we considered. Was it wrong of us to show leniency?

Your comments in the Sunny thread weren't anything egregious, and they were mostly removed due to the larger context of the thread at the time they were posted. There's no need to get so bent out of shape about it. And I honestly have no idea what bias you could possibly be inferring from any of the actions taken.

I don't even know what this meme about my(?) supposed obsession with Kennedi is about.

Ah, but you are one of the Discordfags, as I can glean from your posts. Strange, very strange. Maybe it's your fault? Hm.
You just demonstrated once again that you are incapable of being an impartial mod, throwing baseless schizo accusations against me. If you can't put aside your personal grudges and preferences, you should stop moderating and just post as a regular user.
Your attitude and your personal crusade against 'bert caused the recent invasion. You should have just banned him silently when he started spamming his emoji (1 year ago was an approximation).
By the way, whatever post history you were looking at, you are quite mistaken because I use this board over Tor. Tor ips are shared among a group of different users. When I post I often get an error, like you have been banned for cp spam or spam/advertising, even though I've never posted any of that.
If you want the CP spam to end, all you have to do is disable Tor.
I value privacy too, but it's not good promo for the board opening this website and finding in first page 7 year olds spreading their asshole or being tortured.
When that happens, just delete cache, close the browser and come back after 10-20 mins. It's usually gone by then.
> I don't even know what this meme about my(?) supposed obsession with Kennedi is about.
Seems to be made up by Gilbert Raborg the Pedophile and now people who like him for stirring the pot for their entertainment are repeating it. He still posts about you (claiming you are his "old friend") and Kennedi (random lies to get him more attention) on Discord every single day, and claims that *Ken groomed him* and he's a victim, all while posting about wanting to rape lolis in a civil war. It's basically a small group of people consisting of him and a handful of teens and loser 20 somethings who have no jobs. Every single day he ghostwrites things for people on discord to post here because he has some narcissistic delusion that he can destroy the board as punishment for his being banned and depriving him of another source of attention.
I don't how much of it it's true, but now Gilbert Raborg the Pedophile is talking on discord about how different girls dmd him to tell him stuff about Ken and that she has nudes (artistic photos) that she sent to a certain Jeffrey from California in 2014.
> I don’t know how much of it is true
Almost nothing he said has been verified at all and much of it has been either obviously fabricated or outright proven to be false. A known pedophile liar’s word against an 11-14 year old girl who isn’t even here to vouch for herself.
whether it’s true or not, ask yourself why he sees it as appropriate to say these things about her to random people. it’s because he wants to smear her image in any way he can in order to post-hoc rationalize his past actions against her, which he knows were wrong otherwise he wouldn’t have spent years feeling bad about it. it was only a couple of months ago after a whole decade that he started to say he did nothing wrong, after people here and on discord who don’t even know ken told him she deserved what he did. now he spends every day trying to make that seem more and more true any way he can. but nothing he could say, true or false, no matter how extreme, justifies attempting to groom a child then raging so hard when rejected that you doxx and spam the kid across 8chan for two years with your /baphomet/ buddies who saw you as a lolcow anyway.
Letting you know. Removed two images and a webm, from couple of old threads, which were reported as csam.
if i offer to pay the board owner, can i get a thread taken off here (specifically of me)?
Too many pinned threads are annoying to scroll past, theres enough as is. /qtg/ is especially annoying to scroll past because its all 2/10s in that thread. Frankly most of the discord girls on this board dont deserve their own thread. A discord girls general would be suitable imo. If he can make markys thread not bumplock after 500 posts that would be better.
If you were to pay us, and we removed the thread, what would prevent us from allowing the creation of a new one which would put you in exactly the same position? I'm not sure you've thought this through.
If you seek attention on imageboards and in shady discords people are inevitably going to post about you, whether it's here or elsewhere. If you can't handle that then I suggest you not do those things. Deleting this particular thread isn't going to solve any of your self-made problems.
Besides, your suggested scenario could be interpreted by some as a form of extortion/blackmail, and I don't think it would be prudent on my part to give out any kind of payment info anyway.
I am curious how much you would have been willing to pay though. Things can always change.
The same goes for you.

These posts  >>/42326/  >>/42335/  >>/42370/ weren't made by me or a mod by the way.
You guys can just go ahead and create a new thread if you want, since they've slowed way down now. In general, I don't think it's good to have a still active thread off the first page for such a long period.
You can hide threads by clicking the [x]
It is not possible to increase the bump limit beyond 500 posts.
Let your thread hit the bump limit and don't give anons any reason to make a new one. At the end of the day, all they do is reposting selfies and info they take from big public servers where you seek for attention.
thumbnail of idea.png
thumbnail of idea.png
idea png
(691.07 KB, 1440x1080)
I just had a genius idea. We should hold a competition that takes place only once a year, where the girls who want their thread removed can compete in a deathmatch. 
I still have to figure out what the competition could be about, but the agatha users will vote for the winner, who will receive a lifetime pass to exit the E-Girl Purgatory (all past and future threads about her will be removed). We could make something epic, even better than the fishtank goyshow.
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-09-06 183906.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2023-09-06 183906.png
Screenshot 2023-09-06... png
(225.43 KB, 552x477)
> what would prevent us from allowing the creation of a new one which would put you in exactly the same position?

thats a good point. tbh the main reason i want the thread of me deleted, besides the embarrassing stuff i dont want archived, is bc someone put my full name on there. maybe you could just delete the posts including my name ig. 
> I am curious how much you would have been willing to pay though
erm when i made the original statement i thought around 100-200. after considering th fact another thread would be made, ig that much isnt worth it. 
good idea, i dont like posting selfies on discord anymore anyway, theres no reason to do it beyond trying to feel existent
Well, it isn't as if we couldn't, in addition to removing the current one, also remove any potential additional threads or posts about you in perpetuity. If you're offering $200 I wouldn't have any problem at all with doing that for you.
I only accept payment in Amazon gift cards.
If you're still interested in pursuing such an arrangement you can contact me at [email protected] and we can hash out the details.
200$ to leave this purgatory forever is a really nice price. If I were an e-girl discussed here, I'd accept that instantly.

Ladies hurry up and get yourself this Christmas present before the BO changes his mind!
will the offer still be open for a while? im tight on money and need to move out, so id like to think it over/wait till i have a job again 

also, with amazon gift cards: would u see my name and location if i sent one to u? idk how it works
actualy, if i pay something around 50 now, could you at least take away the messages that have my name in them? thats more urgent, idk if itd cost more or less tho
> will the offer still be open for a while?
Sure, there's no rush.
> would u see my name and location
No, that info wouldn't be provided to me.
Yes, I could do that. 
Send me the links to the messages you want removed here: [email protected]
And I'll give you a different e-mail there to send the gift card to.
> $200 is a little low
That is usually how much they can afford. I think it's a fair price.
I hope as many e-girls as possible take that offer and change their lives for the better.
thumbnail of Jucika-6700723.png
thumbnail of Jucika-6700723.png
Jucika-6700723 png
(672.49 KB, 1476x705)
$200 is half a month salary in Brasil or Russia. Good dough. Anyways, maybe I'm late, but wanted to propose donating portion of this sum towards server hosting since we're the second most active board on this site. At some point we gotta chip in.
What do you guys think of this holiday theme? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Let me know in the comments. I Stole it from >>>/ausneets/
Currently, links (which is "a" in css) are orange. That's why /ausneets/ is visible even though it's spoilered. You need to make links in css black, or change the spoiler color to dark orange. To do the former:


a {
    color: darkorange;

to this:

a {
    color: black;

Or to change spoiler color add this:

span.spoiler {
    background: darkorange;
    color: darkorange;
    padding: 0 1px;

Also, preformatted text is a little unreadable due to the background color and font being similarly colored. If you add the following, it will make the background color for preformatted text to dark red. You can change the hex color code to a color you like. Here's what you'd add:

pre {
    font-size: initial;
    display: block;
    background: #450101;
    padding: 0.4em;
thumbnail of spoilers.png
thumbnail of spoilers.png
spoilers png
(6.92 KB, 257x160)
 >>/43384/ Thank you, now my eyeballs are festively moisturized and sparkling with tears of joy, retinas are tingling in anticipation of upcoming fun. Yes, green counter looks atrocious. Change green to #faebd7 (antiquewhite). Same can can be done to role labels instead of red on red:

.labelRole {
  color: #faebd7;

 >>/43390/ You forgot condition of spoiler being hovered

.spoiler:hover {
    color: inherit;
    background-color: inherit;
I used to like the old agatha theme ( https://archive.is/rIZ91 ). It has more personality than the normal one which is identical to lolcow. Can you bring it back pls?
Essayposter I lifted the ban on your IP. It wasn't intended for you, you just strangely happen to have the exact same hash as another poster who was banned and I know isn't you. I'm not sure how that's happened or what to do about it. I was about to ask if you were still able to post before I saw your appeal. Apologies for the inconvenience.
lmfao thank you based BO for exposing her. what was she spamming? didn’t see anything different going on. was she targeting anyone in particular?
nvm, now i see she was spending christmas eve bumping every single thread but her own and saying that “ken loves pedo cock” because medoi herself orbits groomer gil
If it's "deathmatch" then they should fight to the death. Whoever lives gets their thread erased. Whoever dies will continue to live in Purgatory.
thumbnail of animepose-soyjak.jpg
thumbnail of animepose-soyjak.jpg
animepose-soyjak jpg
(70.92 KB, 620x675)

Everybody knows that there's no such thing as "the more attractive". Everybody knows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (just like elementary particles). Heh.

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