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You guys can still enjoy all of the reuploads, like https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgx0S10ngC6umn1QjvfGE5g/videos
I personally quite liked her Autistic Things series. It was some nice insight and quirks.
Character Aggy is someone who, for a moment, makes you believe that kind goofy women really exist out there, and that, if you're lucky. you might even manage to get with one.
Who here has eaten their dinner while watching an Aggy video?
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> Its possible for it to be genuine and for her to have changed into the person she is today

yes and its also possible for jews not to destroy everything that is good and beautiful and make it as ugly as possible.
see, im good at fanfic too.
Exactly. Character Aggy seems like the S-tier dream girl and with the right guidance, she'd still be that girl. She's still cute to me, but nothing like what she was in the past.
You're welcome. You should also know that there are multiple channels with her content on it, like https://www.youtube.com/@alef321/playlists as well as a HUGE Megaupload folder with her content on it. 72 gigs, IIRC.
We still need to figure out if the 72gig archive is missing any content.
Nice work, man. You've made my blackened heart a little lighter. All of her stuff deserves to be archived. I know she hated the creeps but she'll never realize what she's done for some of us because of them.
I've been to IL two times I believe, once to Beardstown (I think) the other to Chicago for a trip. I didn't know about her back then but it's crazy how close I was to her, relatively speaking. Not like I would have gone looking for her, and it's not like I could have if I wanted to on account of being on a trip with a very large group of people. Still, knowing she was somewhere there gives me the tingles.
lol Exactly. 
I know it sounds ridiculous but come on, you know what I mean? It's like how I just found out another e-girl (not posted here) lives right up the street from me. As in a short car or bike ride in a single direction. I had a sneaking suspicion for two or three years she lived in my state but not THAT close.
Alef-sensei has graced us with a new piece https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/alef321/lies-obviously
not ayrt, but I found this in the previous thread
the mega has no decryption key though and if it's the same as the video torrent, it is only 37gb
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There's this older pastebin link with some of the resources https://pastebin.com/4WEgd3W5 though some of the links have depreciated. (and TPB has been compromised, do not download anything from there.)
I also found pic related but I don't have the decryption key.
The Mega links in the thread in your pic were taken down within a couple months of being posted after someone reported them for copyright infringement.
You know he has. I wonder if Agatha's a top or bottom or a switch. For sure though plapping noises were made between these two.
What a disappointment Aggie causes me, I hope she stops hanging out with transsexual faggots, she who is Jewish knows that what she does is wrong, it already changes your life Aggie.
You think this bitch is going to stop doing what leftists do? She should have had that correction years ago. Unfortunately, she's going to continue hanging out with transsexuals and sucking them off, also have them inside her.
Can you guys stop judging her, everyone changes with time. She did nothing wrong.
How old is Agatha exactly? Cuz apparently Elle was 15 when she committed suicide, even though Agatha came across as infantile I thought she was at least in her 20s in her vids with elle where elle must have been like 14 in the early ones. I guess they bonded cuz they both seem autistic but that's a big age difference 

Also Elle always seemed cool, sad about the suicide, I guess she had a chronic pain disorder. Takes nerve to do that. Surprised she really went through with it.
No, sadly she was underage when she started posting videos and being orbited by pedophilic channers. She turned 18 only in 2017.
Please stop posting pics of underage Agatha. She was just a kid. Like the Admin said, underage kids don't belong to imageboards.
Please understand. Thank you.
People who use reddit language like "channers" should be violently beaten until they change their attitudes

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New Reply on thread #41445
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