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Avert your eyes Possum:
I saw a porno once in which a man held his cock in a woman's vagina whilst another woman stuck her hand into the woman's arse and rubbed her hand back and forth to stimulate his cock.
I wish women in customer service roles were neutral or rude to me, women being nice to me makes me want to die. Even when I know they're just being nice because it's their job.
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Things got so bad we had to catch mice and bugs that found their way into the house.
Each morning I'd jump out of bed and check the traps for fresh rats and roaches to nibble on and any leftovers we gave to the dog so he could generate more semen for us to eat.
Around this time everyone was in the same boat with over wanked dogs and empty bug traps and nothing would stop a hungry boy from jumping over your fence to suck off your dog.
Reporting Pajeet to Jimmy Brings. Cunt asked to see ID and then studied it for a long time like he was trying to memorise details on it.
Weber is so well known for his vitriol that these organisations have a dedicated staff member on standby whenever he receives a delivery.
I have eaten nothing but two packets of two minute noodles both yesterday and today. Definitely need to get my arse! into gear and do some proper cooking.
https://www.tiktok.com/@dumonsterdumont/video/7234939425807961390 [Embed]
Jesus Christ, Emma Dumont actually does work for amazon now.
In Ovingham at the start of Churchill Rd, near where it connects to Regency or Torrens Rd, near the Bombay Bicycle Club, there's a church. I used to tell myself the road was called that because there was a church on the hill at the start of it. It's probably just someone's name.
"If you want a well-written TV show now you have to pick something created in the short window of time between lead vapour levels dropping far enough that people could watch shows without laugh tracks & the point where the internet ruined all media."
Going to have to go shopping again. Fuck me dead, three days in a row. Another excuse to see Dan though.
10 rashers of bacon with 2 packs of microwavable rice. 8 heavily buttered thick cut cafe style raisin bread slices. One mongster. 
Spent my final dollars on goon, discounted mints and a block of chockie. Broke until cenno on sunday 
Time for the first cup of the day
You've been with your mum long enough now that you have rights as a tenant and she'll need to follow the proper procedures to have you removed.
Gross. I've been on the Banrock Station Moscato casks when the Banrock Station Pink Moscato bottles are too expensive but even the casks are a bit dear at $12 for 10 standards. I am spending just as much as I was when I was on the Golden Oak but I am drinking much less which is a good thing I suppose.
That is quite dear. Beer prices almost. I would get back on the Sacred Oak but don't trust myself, I would probably polish of all 30 standards in a sitting like I have done in the past.
Should I leave the damp clothes on the line overnight (no rain predicted) or bring them in and drape them over the backs of chairs?
22 minute phone conversation with the old man. Mummybot told him that I'd been behaving anti-social and belligerent. 
That is true of course but I don't know what the normal way to live with other people would be, especially in this rainbow household. I'm almost 30, do they expect me to sit down and watch TV all night? I just want to be left alone 
No talk of moving out, but they both want me to do something like volunteering or a tafe course to get out of the house
> like volunteering or a tafe course to get out of the house
A Tafe course might also provide free counseling which you could say is linking with mental health service. It will also take months to get an appointment.
> I'm almost 30
The problem with using this argument for anything is they'll just turn it straight back on you with with the "when we were your age ..." or "why don't you act like it ..."
Of course not 

They want me to 'contribute' to the household socially

Yeah a few local labouring or business admin type jobs, all got rejected. Didn't apply at Aldi yet, too much of a sperg for retail. Might apply at the abattoir
> do something like volunteering or a tafe course to get out of the house
Do. It is a good idea.
Also I suggest taking walks, especially if there is woods available. Check where are tourist trails and plan a small round. That other fella, who posted photos of his hike enjoyed it too.

If it was me I also told them they are the ones who failed as parents and I have to pick up the pieces. I would do that course, volunteering, and walk stuff ofc, but would push back, and show I do my own decisions.
I am going to leave the clothes out overnight. Hopefully they are dry by noon tomorrow. I need to wear them. I only have one publicly acceptable outfit.
> They want me to 'contribute' to the household socially
You need to put on a wine and cheese night and watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with them.
I also told my Dad that if she called the cops to kick me out I would pull the tenants rights card and he laughed because he knows I hate that petty shit
Also accuse the tranny of attempted rape and tell them your mum has a kilo of meth under the kitchen floor for a laugh. Just fuck their week right up.
It's only true if you really are picking up the pieces. Otherwise just making excuses. There is a reason why they fucked up, so a chain of blame can be started, everybody ditching the responsibility.
I was doing 20-25 standards a night every second or third night. Now I do about 5-10 every second or third night which is a big improvement.
Horrible experience at Dan's. The girl asked me if I was sure I didn't want to sign up to be a Dan's member twice after I said I didn't want to.
Some deros yelled from their car at me as they drove past.
Stopped for a piss on the side of the road in a suburb. Too drunk to care.
We don't ave such stores as Dan (as far as I know) for one can buy alcohol pretty much anywhere. Well not in furniture stores, or liek bakeries, but anywhere you do your groceries.
There are specialized shops like for wine, but those are small shops with specific mood where mascots rarely fit.
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We have tobacco products separated called National Tobacco Shops. With nice "18" warning which makes them look like National Porn Shops.
Coincidentally one can buy alcohol in these establishments.
We have to add a:
> You must be 81 years or younger to visit this site.
warning to the home page.
It says it is going to arrive in one week and yet it hasn't even been posted within America.
Two books. I went with the Australian Amazon, posting from an American warehouse, because it was cheaper than getting them by other means. Not sure I'll ever get them at this rate though.
Also, he seems to have Asperger's? Or some form of autism. I mean I'm pretty much undiagnosed autistic ADHD, OCD. Mental health is ok, but I fear it will get worse once I get older and hit my 40's. Women wouldn't want to commit to an unemployed guy living in his man cave.

So this dude, is 162cm, ethnic (indian?) and his hairline is pretty shit. Just his hairstyle is covering it up. Going to Asia it's still running betabux game If you're not a decent height white guy. Ive gotten Asian women in Australia because even though I'm an unemployed NEET. I'm still attractive enough to these Asian women being an above average looking white guy. Probably a 6-7.
I was diagnosed as a child with ADHD, had a speech impediment and learning difficulties (was kept down, was in the ESL class LOL), yet never diagnosed with autism hmm
Those things aren't real mate. Mental illness is to chronically online lonely white guys what astrology is to women. You'll grow out of it.
> Not sure I'll ever get them at this rate though.
Amazon in burgerland is getting sued over prime and slow delivery practices that are very similar
I recently made two identical orders due to stock restrictions on a sale item on Saturday. One order arrived the next day on Sunday and the next was due for delivery on Friday. They seem to treat newer accounts better in some instances than older accounts. I cancelled the second order. The newer account with the order received the next day was ordered later than the first order. Strange stuff.
Everything in the laundry, including the washing machine, is covered in a thick layer of plaster dust.
Unless you're getting a genetic test, which I have only come across once, they're only diagnosing the symptomology, not the disorder. 
It's like diagnosing someone as immobile, without acknowledging that they don't have legs.
Did a big load of washing and hung it out. When I walked back inside I saw the mixing jug of washing detergent and water sitting there. I'd forgotten to put it in the machine.
نشط: يدخل Jax في Evasion ، وهو موقف دفاعي ، لمدة ثانيتين ، مما يتسبب في تفادي جميع الهجمات الأساسية غير البرجية ضده طوال المدة. يحصل Jax أيضًا على تقليل الضرر بنسبة 25٪ ، مما يقلل الضرر من جميع قدرات منطقة التأثير التي يتم الحصول عليها من أبطال البطل. يمكن إعادة صياغة Counter Strike بعد ثانية واحدة ، ويتم ذلك تلقائيًا بعد انتهاء المدة.

RECAST: يلحق Jax ضررًا جسديًا لجميع الأعداء القريبين ، ويزيد بنسبة 20٪ لكل هجوم يتم تفاديه ، وزيادة تصل إلى 100٪ ، ويصعقهم الصاعقة لمدة ثانية واحدة.
Just want to be boong'd and post retarded shit on the internet and wank. 
Is it too much to ask?
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thumbnail of 1685419220112461.jpg
1685419220112461 jpg
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Awful sleep. Goosebumps and shivers from not sleeping enough, also the tax. 
Today is wagon day, right before the start of the month. Back to fight camp for 100 days. 
Up n at em
Good luck NEET. I do hope you commit to the 100 days. Day one could be applying for that abattoir job if you want that job and no goon.

I look forward to positive developments.
Thanks neeto. No money till sunday so that should let my brain chemistry normalise. 
Also going to apply to the stockfeed mill place
India everywhere. 
> sanctity of the cow, in Hinduism, the belief that the cow is representative of divine and natural beneficence and should therefore be protected and venerated.
Deleting gigabytes worth of trash,join me neets.
> redundent/ default media players
> third party connectivity programs
> legacy program versions/ data
> broken files
> redundent backup data/ program cache
> OS "features"
> hardware installers/cia backdoors
> browser cache/ history
The only thing I'm not deleting in sys32
The McFeast is back if any of you fatties are into those.
poor cunt
I'm gonna work on the running fitness this summer when my injury sorts itself out. The deadlift and bench I'm gonna need to join the local gyme. What are you doing to make the standards?
Pretty sure I can already DL 140, given I weigh that much. 1 rep of 80 on the bench is probably still doable too.
Anything more than a waddle will kill me though.
You found it spicy? I tend to find the KFC zinger stuff pretty weak. Oportos has a good kick to it, as does Red Rooter's spicy boig.
Bottle of moscato down the hatch. Having a study. Punctuating it with doing some housework. Very productive. Thank you, Dan.
Projectionist neet here - there will be no womboflix this weekend as I'll be visiting my family. Maybe shibs will play some movies
He has a 48 hour long series about the industrial output of the Ottoman Empire in World War I. We could ask him to put that one on.
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thumbnail of xzzqykdqva1b1.webp
xzzqykdqva1b1 webp
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I went to Just Cuts for a hair cut. The woman at the desk asked for my mobile phone number to enter me into the system. I said I didn't want to give my number to them. She said okay but I could tell she hated me from that point on. Then she asked my name and I said John and I could tell she knew it was a fake name. She was radiating hostility to me now.
I had to wait about fifteen minutes and then she cut my hair and she was rude the whole time. She asked me if I wanted any "thinning" done and I didn't know what that even was so I said if she thought that would be best and then she snapped that it was my hair cut and my choice. So I said "yeah a little bit" and she was silent but rough with me while she did it.
It cost me $37. What a horrible ordeal. The haircut looks okay. Hairline is receding but I don't think I'm going bald.
I felt awful as I did my shopping after the haircut. People everywhere. Everything so expensive. I bought enough stuff to last me and doggo 42 days. I am not leaving the house except for walks until the 42 days are up. Its horrible out there. Fuck them all.
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thumbnail of malard_improvement.png
malard_improvement png
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Yes please. Make it a special drop. 
No alcohol. High protein, low carb diet. 20 minutes a day of brisk walking for you, gym and cardio for me. Weight measured each morning.
Performance reports required every 10 days.
So what is thinning?
$37 is expensive. A barber would only charge you like $20-25 depending on how much hair you have and what needed doing.
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thumbnail of race first.jpg
race first jpg
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My auntie was just talking to mummybot. she's a hairdresser and often gets numpty's come in like just now she was saying this NEET comes in looking like a total slob and smelling vile like a homeless alcoholic all non- communincate and mumble this and that. She said he must have been one of these autistic man-children living in his bedroom watching cartoons and playing with star wars dolls. Said he got snappy and didnt tip even tho she was super nice and understanding that he's retarded. Had a kek at that because most of you are like that.