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Might mcmuffin and 2 extra hashies for breakkakkay
Cant already feel it starting to bubble away
Someone post the broom pepe, I've got to get these people out of my house. I don't even know why they stayed last night they all have houses. 
I don't want to offer them breakfast but it's 9 already and I can't starve them. But then they'll hang around in the hope of a second breakfast, woe
womboflix is showing movies on Saturday and Sunday. Tonight is free for neets to do what they want.
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thumbnail of 1661134233437436.jpg
1661134233437436 jpg
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I'm not disappointed because there is no moofie, in and of itself. In the end I would have been doing online shit at the same time as said moofie which may likely have included watching another moofie.
Doing the long drive to the city today 
Packing extra undies and tissues just incase there's another absolute catastrophe
Doing a pork roast. You neets want any? I'm going to have plenty of crackling and gravy too.
Town very busy today. Lots of yobbos in landcruisers towing caravans 
The EFTPOS system was down at woolies, absolute chaos
Get her a some sort of recommendation from an OT or physio from the hospital. 
These are cheap for what they are. 

fucken dog wash guy was supposed to come at 2pm rocked up about 5 minutes after my last post
just remembered some old bitch ran her trolley into the back of me and then pretended it was an accident
> The MAG can hold a maximum of 2 L (2.1 US qt) of urine, blood, and/or feces.[1][14
no mention of semen..
Consumer Affairs should be asked about the legality of dual pricing models and the disadvantage this puts certain segments of the population at.
I still remember rolling up to the KFC drive thru and seeing the paper sign saying that eftpos was down and they were taking cash only.
I didn't have any cash so I had to wait in line just to drive through without getting anything. I almost started crying. Not really though, but it was shit.
> Monk should bet his Mummybot's house on the AFL Grand Final
...will be a draw
Think of how long he could keep gooning off the winnings
I noticed in the supermarket that Smiths had released Subway Meatball Sub With Salad flavoured chips
now youtube is recommending more pajeets to me. I should never have given the first one the thumbs up
I don't even know who that Boni person is. I saw there was a board called bonibonkers that was quite active but I never investigated. I assumed it was some anime shit.
If the alternative is admitting we have been jerking it to a tranny, we can convince ourselves someone named Ryan is a woman. We have to at this point.
The towel around her waist was drooping on one side and I caught a little glimpse of her pink thong and lucious tanned cheek meat.
Bacon. Kept putting dashes of hot water from the kettle in to stop it burning and keep rendering slowly. Then purple onion and a couple grinds of salt (the only seasoning), after about 10 min put butter and capsicum juice in to keep it wet. Once translucent, then capsicum in and thumb balls of mince in. Carrots in once meat was browned (I preblanched the carrots, bok choy and cabbage).
In the pot, cabbage and bok choy with oyster sauce and soy sauce (not sweet soy like I had thought about using), then all the other stuff from the frying pan and a fruit box of beef stock to the boil and now it'll rest.
I haven't used oyster sauce before like this. Very nice flavour.
Thought GregO would be reviewing that whisky whopper today. Instead it's another pile of lebslop.
We should get a couple for the commune while they’re cheap
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thumbnail of fx3.jpg
fx3 jpg
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thumbnail of barbie3.webp
barbie3 webp
(763.08 KB, 3543x2362)
Tomorrow on womboflix - FX - Murder By Illusion (1986) - A special effects expert agrees to stage the murder of a gangster going into witness protection for the government. However, the job goes awry...starring Bryan Brown.

Then on Sunday: Barbie and Ken are having the time of their lives in the colorful and seemingly perfect world of Barbie Land. However, when they get a chance to go to the real world, they soon discover the joys and perils of living among humans - Barbie (2023)
I make sure to eat from all the carb and seed oil groups every day. A balanced NEET diet requires it.
Severely woed and stone sober.
Need to get Danned until the feeling goes away temporarily or take some measures to improve my situation.
Pouring the first glass now.
> What do you mean fried?
Just cracked into a pan (or into an egg ring in a pan). What you are calling sunny side up.
I usually flip them over for little bit so the yolk firms up.
I might start setting the morning alarm again. I need to get into a routine, even though I have nothing to do all day.
Weber are you going fishing this weekend?
I want that King George Whiting fry up breakfast.
look at this moon propaganda
Astral projectors saw reptilians on the dark side and our planet is a soul harvester. 
They control the internet and forced us to make 5g towers. 
It was on the why files.
They call me "Big Kitch" for my habit of eating two kitchener buns at a time, one in each hand. Cream all over my face.
I wanted to see Nuro's garlic bread unwrapped. I wonder how buttery it was. Sometimes they skimp on the butter.
Weber started a joke
Which started the whole board laughing
Oh if I'd only seen
That the joke was on me
Just got back from the russel 
4 pints, 1 pot 
Mate of mine knows all the bartenders and regulars which is kind of awkward as a tag along 
He reckons one of the bartenders was into me but she has a boyfriend. She was chatty though
Pretty much decided on leaving mummybots next week. Gonna have to buy a folding camp stretcher to sleep on in the shed 
Starting my swagman era 🐸
Take teh chippies out half way, toss in a bowl and coat with a spiced butter mix. Throw 'em back in for another 15-hope I don't forget about them before passing out....
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thumbnail of preper.jpg
preper jpg
(62.39 KB, 600x600)
Sky looks amazing this morning. Possum is back somehow. Gonna trim the bushes under the last unguarded wire, that should fix him.
thumbnail of segsy.jpg
thumbnail of segsy.jpg
segsy jpg
(194.67 KB, 1024x1024)
I thought he was climbng over the disk i put on the wire but it would rotate and make him fall off. The bushes have grown around my telephone wire and thats the most likely route of infiltation. I'm gonna cut them back and maybe hoist the wires up and I better get to it before he cuts my internet.
I must apologise to Possum. I once accused him of this murder.
You went about this possum mission without doing any recon and without adequate intel.
You should have known exactly how he was getting in before taking measures to fix it.
You're not going to make it kiddo. The LARP has fallen apart at the first hurdle.
He should have strapped on the gillie suit, blacked up his face and spent the night out there watching.
I understimated the enemy's resolve and resourcefulness, I almost respect his survival instinct but in the end there can be no tolerance for an uncontrolled perimeter in the survival compound.
Took Sweaty for a walk. Encountered some fun run thing and she wanted to keep pace with them.
Came home to a bunch of bullshit. I am fucking sick to death of my idiot Sisterbot dumping all her problems on Motherbat who has enough to worry about.
She was in bed all day yesterday with a "migraine", she went to the toilet last night and had a seizure and smashed her face open on the basin and had to hospital.
She has 3 disabled/retarded children and 1 who is a sociopath.
One of the retarded children triggers behavioural letters every other day from the school and the school is trying to force it out and into a minda school.
One of the girls has a lump on her neck and massive headaches and is having an MRI today.
Every day she is pushing this shit on Mum and I'm fucking sick of it. I came down here to help Mum about and have a peaceful long weekend and she has ruined it already.
pity he hadn't wasted this snoopy chink and his commie abc crew when they started trespassing
You need to have more compassion for Sisterbot. It sounds like she is going through a very tough time. It is natural for her to look to mum for support.
First one came out normal, but I think she's a sociopath.
Second one is type II autistic. Otherwise she is functional and the only one of the four I have any time for.
Third one came out with a bunch of brain missing (pancake head) and is fed by a socket thing on its stomach. Has Mr Magoo glasses. This thing is a piece of shit and the one that is getting kicked out of school after 1 year. Needs to be beaten to death.
Fourth one is autistic and non-communicative. Just sits and rocks and screams.
I think gestational diabetes had something to do with them being half-cooked hamburger patties.
Stupid bitch was encouraged to abort 3 and 4, but "we always wanted three kids" and "we always wanted four kids".
One income. Sister was the hair dressing equivalent of Monk, getting sacked from every job. Then just stopped working altogether once she got her hooks into Bill.
They have arrested a 60 year old man now for cutting down that tree. Maybe he was a local who got pissed at how many tourists it attracted. Tourists can be annoying.
These arsehole whales have no gratitude that we stopped hunting them. They out there just surfacing wherever they want, killing whoever gets in their way.
The Boniface Option describes the deliberate felling of an ancient oak tree that symbolised a living blood memory of a people. It was a life symbol that tied the living to their ancestors.
Could be, Motherbat and I participated in genetic testing at one point and weren't carrying any of the mong markers present on pancake head.
thumbnail of t_4f8cacca17e898ac54a1d9ce18a55fb9-imagepng.png
thumbnail of t_4f8cacca17e898ac54a1d9ce18a55fb9-imagepng.png
t_4f8cacca17e898... png
(92.18 KB, 214x255)
You gave your genetic data to the bio-surveillance arm of the ZOG? What makes you think they can understand what parts of the genome code for autism/retardation anyway? That level of understanding doesnt go much past karyotyping and looking for gene deletions.
Anybody born before at least the 2000's had a Guthrie ("heel prick") test performed and the blood spot card filed away. These have been used for DNA tests by authorities already, and I wouldn't mind betting there are moves to digitise all of them at some point if they haven't started already.
Blood tests can reveal all sorts of chromosomal abnormalities.
Nah, she failed the learners paper test about six times. Quite an achievement considering there were only four test papers and they provided the right answers when you failed.
thumbnail of lgbt cat.jpg
thumbnail of lgbt cat.jpg
lgbt cat jpg
(82.21 KB, 677x680)
duno about the use by date for genome sequencing but looking at chromosones under a microscope is different than matching sequences to alleles in the couple terabytes of that genome. Dont buy into the hype that they will ever be able to find the gene for selfishness so they can cure it by injecting you with mRNA or some shit. That is a snake oil pitch for gullible midwits with deep pockets.
Now that the weather is warming up, I feel the need to remind Cruisey that dogs and mongs die in hot cars.
From and including: Saturday, 30 September 2023
To, but not including Tuesday, 31 October 2023
Result: 31 days

It is 31 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date.

Or 1 month, 1 day excluding the end date.
31 days can be converted to one of these units:

    2,678,400 seconds
    44,640 minutes
    744 hours
    31 days
    4 weeks and 3 days
    8.49% of 2023
Probably the cherry ripe.
From memory there is also a bag of those reject shop toobs, a box of barbecue shapes, a box of jatz, some lindt orange chocolate, and some of those biscuits that have a fruit mix in them
duno if theres enough flies against the window to get the vacuum out or just gas them and get the dustpan.
ooh there's also 4 tubs of panna cotta in the fridge and custard and some boysenberry drumsticks in the freezer
Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia have anti-association laws and the Bandidos are a proscribed organisation, so:
1. why have they been allowed to mass in the first place?
2. why hasn't a combined TRG response from those three states blown them off their bikes?