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The goal of psychic development is the self. There is no linear evolution; there is only a circumambulation of the self. Uniform development exists, at most, at the beginning; later, everything points toward the centre. 

Old Thread: >>/752038/
I tried making a thread several times but couldn't.
Took Sweetie for a walk.
Back hurts.
Will go to Waitpinga shortly.
If you google what causes dust you will find the answer. I'm not going to do it, I don't want to know. A lot of it is probably nasty stuff.
> It said ambulances also had to recently race to a man with constipation, a 47-year-old with diarrhoea and stomach pain and a 45-year-old with shoulder pain that was categorised as “code 1 chest pain”.
> All these Victorians had phoned triple zero to request an ambulance.
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This week on womboflix...
There will be no Wednesday night tv. Instead, on Friday we will be streaming Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011). I'm also expecting Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning (2023) to be out on bit torrent next week, and we'll be watching it the same day it gets released.

On Saturday shibs will be introducing us to the wonderful world of Serbian anime or something. No womboflix moofie.

On Sunday the master thespian Steven Segal stars in Under Siege (1992)
Yeah. It's pretty beat up from that hail storm a couple of years ago but used to run alright. 
The battery is dead but is on the charge now (I never took the leads off). It turned over yesterday.
> It's pretty beat up from that hail storm
Are you stating this on the ad?

It might turn people off. If you say, sold "as is" then advise anyone who comes around to look at it of the damage.
7xl shirt I bought down to wear to lunch doesn't do up without the two halves gaping between the buttons
That might be it.

I know hail damage can also be an issue with insurance. I am not sure if it applies to third party in the same way, but it could be considered a "write off" because of it.
took her for a toasted sandwich and a coffee at the cafe
got a woolies chook for dinner and sweatie
I'm not planning on sticking around once Mum and Sweaty have gone. Life is like a Womboflix screening: if you've seen half and it has been shit, you might as well close the tab.
> Life is like a Womboflix screening
I'm a professional, I have to stick around until the end, even if I'm falling asleep by the last 30 minutes.
a guy came around trying to give me an app he said was free and would help me monitor my electricity smart  meter, told him to go away
He should take Monk in like a pet, they would have endless fun as webby takes him for his daily walk and he could teach him to fetch a wine bottle and at the end of the day monk would curl up at his feet and drift off into sleep.
Foot long italian herbs which chicken terriyaki, salami, and cheddar. Toasted. Onion, lettuce, spinach, salt and pepper, honey mussy 
Blue flavoured V. Very filling but probably not worth 24 bucks. 
Got a haircut from the annoying woman. Thankfully she kept her pie hole shut. Shitty haircut as expected.
I hate it when you accidentally spill the lawn clippings onto your roasting lamb. Happens too often.
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i duno if i like the new art, its kinda hideous like fake flowers or those horriffic dolls that look like newborn babies, but its got shock value combined with its prolific output and thats sure to get up the leftys and jew lovers like cruisey, so on balance its a good thing.
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Today was meant to be a waterfast but I was engorging myself on feed within minutes of waking (at noon).
Just too powerful for this poofter shit.
Maybe all the methane has caused brain damage? It would explain his memory issues although that is mostly all the drinking and drugs.
> banned
He is defacto unbanned as /ausneets/ no longer has rules it would seem.
Having heaps of fun triggering normies on reddit by posting about boong cannibalism 
Laughing for no reason
Fell asleep for an hour. Dreamed I said something racist at the table of brotherhood and made the former slave owners laugh
> in geopolitics India strengthening relations with Russia and China
> suddenly anti-Indian sentiment floods the internet like diarrhea
Chilli oil is a pretty standard continent, I make jars and jars of it. 

You can't use powdered spice because the hot oil will just burn it, and if your oil isn't hot enough you don't get an infusion. 
You really shouldn't use roasted chilli flakes either because even these can burn. 

I get whole bags of the Chinese style chilli flakes, but Indian ones are fine too. $8 will get you a shit load of the stuff. Ideally you want chilli flakes that aren't that hot but have a nice flavour. 

So no and no, and that's just because you'll burn any powdered spice.
I actually used a quarter tsp of msg, because there's no soya here it needed the salt, so msg was a good edition. 
Never bought into the MSG taboo, the problem is really culinary because when people first encounter a new seasoning many use way too much and put it in everything.
Everyone makes theirs a bit differently, I omit sesame seeds because they're a common allergen and you can always garnish with them, Chinese cinnamon is sold as "cassia" in Australia, it's cheaper and comes in the pho mix bags from your local Chinese store. 

There's also no real reason you can't fry particular spices separately in order to strain them, specifically black cardamom and cloves because if someone gets a whole clove they're going to have a bad time
Tomatoes are mostly hydroponic so where they're grown doesn't really matter, and sauce is no place for snobbery.
The black and gold tomato paste is fine for most dishes, the supermarket brand passata is adequate, more expensive passata often isn't any better.
> where they're grown doesn't really matter
It is the hygiene and quality standards that are the issue. Who knows what  goes into a vat of chink tomato paste in the factory.
Drinking coffee and Listening to some ELO. I might not go back to bed. Nose congested from hay fever.
He said he didn't catch any, but later that day his clothes smelled of fried fish. King George Whiting. Lemon juice stains down the front of the 7XL blazer too.