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Drove from Motherbat’s to the Whizzers. Gates locked. Had to park in another street and wait. FML. Also getting “parameter threadid was sent in blank” error.
For reference
> Samsung Bans ChatGPT Among Employees After Sensitive Code Leak
Didn't get woken by the possum clomping around above my bed, although I think i heard him climbing up and getting BTFO by the defences, Feels good. I think he sleeps under a bridge in bumtown now.
History for Granite has a new video, although I doubt any neets are big-brained enough to appreciate it.
> in town
> see crying child running around
> child visibly lost
> ask child how its doing
> "where's dada!?"
> look around
> several normies walk past, aware of situation but do nothing. 
> ask child where dada was
> "where's dada?!"
> child tries to run into busy road
> cut off child
> call out to a nearby old woman to babysit child
> she's Greek, thank fuck. 
> stand around for several minutes, not really sure what to do
> see middle aged soymale running around carpark about 500 yards out
> He's doing that normie crouch they do when they lose things
> wave and whistle to soyman
> soyman runs over
> dada dada dada
> confirm for dada
> dad picks up child and runs away
> teary mother with pram comes out of nowhere
> immediately points at me and starts accusing me of abducting child
> wat
> half the town is now watching, don't want to run away, can't get a word in edgeways
> bad situation
> Greek nona reapears
> straight up slaps this woman
> yells at her for not looking after her child
> says the child almost got run over
> explains in broken English with hand geatures that I was just a bystander
> crowd now confused and embarrassed
> everyone leaves

This is why we can't have nice things.
Safer to get your own. 
Last time I asked him to get me a berlina, all the custard was sucked out of it. 
I think he tried to replace the filling with more icing but it was warm and gooey.
Nona is better than then AUSLAN, she does the same hand twist that jeet does to mean "not right but it will do". If he hand is open when she does it out means "not happy but not going to stop you". And if she does the "twist the glass tray" version with her hand palm up it means "you're a fucking retard find someone to help you".
There's even a rare 90 degree "tipped all the glasses off" that conveys genuine anger, if the hand is above her shoulder it indicates another pelopenesian war is imminent,  you fucked her daughter in the ass, you're a gay,  you have insulted her families hospitality, you're a Turkish slave trader, your city/state has defined a temple. I've only read about this in books but it's pretty clearly described based on the common lesser forms of nona scorn.
Ah, the overwhelming number of things.  I try to make many things into one job, or write a to-do list with only one thing on it, this way I do at least one thing.
Since Nuro poorfag shamed 4and20 pies, I can't help noticing that they are not a great quality feed. 
I remember years ago they used to be the fancy brand of pies.
Yeah they are shit now. I miss Sargents pies, they were good for the price. Discontinued now.
I hate how these companies change their recipes and don't tell you.
I used to like them too, didn't know they discontinued them. I got some Scott's pies a while back and couldn't eat them. The gravy felt like sawdust, like they had ground up the bones into it. 
They make the budget option terrible so you need to buy the premium one, which used to be the budget one. 
Honey is the worst for it, normal honey (as in actual pure honey) is now a luxury item and they sell us a glucose syrup concoction.
Sometimes seems like they purposefully make the cheaper option worse than it has to be.
I think they know most consumers can't tell the difference. The masses will eat anything and not notice. Cruiseys eating their mock cream and praising the taste.
Why didn’t you punch the mother? Fuck standing there and being accused of being a child predator and doing nothing. Her words could have had some white knight start beating on you or stab you.
Considering going down to the bottle o for some goon or something but I always mess up the greetings.
> You shouldn’t suck up to that woman. She’s got a dirty mind. Half
the mothers in America, with their precious big pussies and their
precious little daughters, half the mothers in America have dirty
minds. Tell her to shove it.
Who the fuck publishes electrical diagrams in black and white? Is there a reason for this, is it to stop retards like myself assuming which wire goes where based on colour?
thumbnail of lethal_weapon4.jpg
thumbnail of lethal_weapon4.jpg
lethal_weapon4 jpg
(64.33 KB, 1000x750)
Lethal Weapon (1987) will be on in 1 hour neets. Starring Gary Busey, and also Mad Max and that black dude from Predator 2. https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
It will be the usual of making a big deal of seeing his father whilst evading the question of why the rest of his family have cut him off.
That and thinking about Stanley the entire day for some reason.
just beer right now 
although yesterday night the firefighter boomers shared some homemade alcohol that's pretty much vodka (palinca/rachiu)
How old is buro? He glorifies the mid-late 2000s which would suggest he was born around the mid-late 80s. Putting him about in his mid 30s. He looks pretty bad if that is the case. Too much drinking, drugs, bad food etc.
> 1 hour 

Fucks sake totally inappropriate for our Queensland NEETs without the daylight poz. Still need to grab some burritos and Hard drugs. Then drive back. Fuck.
Incorrect as usual faggot. You are Derroranged . I was a fuck up  NEET like you and my mom didn’t want staying at home until I fixed my shit. 

Guess what Buster ? I fixed my shit and I am welcome home  any time now. I fixed things up. And you are still a  NEET fuck up 👏

Die. Die a little bit. 

I've seen that movie and it's terrible. We've shown many John Carpenter movies - The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, Vampires and Escape from New York, and only the last one was popular with neet audiences.
There's a deleted scene in lethal weapon where riggs takes on a sniper who's holed up in a school, further emphasising rigg's suicidal nature.
Nah an opportunity came along to score a full sealed bottle of Dexies. 

Despite talking to him at midday and arranging to meet at 3:00 before a ride i got to his place and he didnt answer the phone. Turned out he was cracked out and fully passed out. So i had to make a big detour and go back at 7:00 and i checked out all the motorcycles and jetskis he was working on we had a few drinks and chain smoked.

Typical crackhead shit.
They live is fine. 

Also can you please add https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Specialist to list

actually fuck it. just put it on next week. Nuro has been really wanting to rewatch this in 4k but watching with you cunts would be beter :)
>  just put it on next week
We're watching Rapid Fire and The Odessa File next week. We're actually booked up for a couple of weeks because of all the voting. I'll add it to the movies list.
Lethal Weapon 1 actually has quite a strong character development arc for an action movie, with Riggs finding meaning in his life through his friendship with Murtaugh. Given that Murtaugh's an irish surname I wonder if his character was originally meant to be white.
Nice VPN banned cunt

Basically, IGA was banned first and continued to terrorize the board all year.

Nuro came back after ChickenshitDinner somehow resigned (that we do not have any explanation for) 

Now with saner Moderation from Goondady (monk) balance is maintained across the universe and your days are numbered IGA.

We all see you

Stick to the tennis. (in hell)
Goondaddy was the one that banned you whilst ChickenDinner was the BO. ChickenDinner ended up backing the decision. Don't think that monk likes you motherless toilet man.
I don't know why he thinks he can get away with lying like this - perhaps he thinks we are all as pillbrained as him. The tantrums were daily for the first few weeks after the banning.
thumbnail of suffer.png
thumbnail of suffer.png
suffer png
(391.66 KB, 719x688)

The very first reason i started hating you was that i have been in your place and i was you. I dropped out of society and said fuck it. We all had our reasons. At first getting those government gibs, enough to put a roof over your head and buy a cask of goon and some frozen pies seems like a cheat code. We beat the system. Its a hell of a honeymoon. But soon you find out your position is precarious. You withdraw from all social interactions and live through a laptop computer. You still think you are cheating life and the memes are good and life is sweet . Soon you need that extra bottle of wine to get to sleep. Soon The place you are living in is not fixed. You have to move around constantly and you begin to hate your landlords or anyone with the slightest power  over you. Job seeker agencies start getting more and more demanding and before you know it most of a year was spent working for the dole in some prison camp. Sooner or later the bills come in and you cant afford goon and food. Which one is it going to be ?  You just live day to day getting blacked out and  stop making plans. Eventually you dread waking up in the morning. 

At this point in time after a few years most NEETs decide to say "fuck this lifestyle" or "I am going to have another go at it"

Most of us have tried at some point in our life. Most of us have had jobs had a business and have some skills or aspirations . Most of us here have some redeeming Qualities. For most of us its never too late to pick our lives up from the bootstraps and start again. 

But Not for you IGA. You dont come across as having any skills or any redeeming qualities what so ever. Its been so long with out any meaningful social interaction you dont know how to behave around people anymore or never had any did the first place. Face the fact your bad home has messed you up for life. I am not saying you are retarded. You can be somewhat creative in the games you play but does that mean absolutely anything in the real world ? Most of here just go along to get along. We reach a healthy level of banter, no punches. But not you. Your have nothing positive to contribute here or to society. The majority of your posts here exhibit the worst parasitic energy of any human i have ever met. Your posts are mostly dishonest and psychotic at best. We see you trying every trick in the book to sow doubt and destabilize and gaslight the board. You have no redeeming features whatsoever beyond that of a mad punching bag. You have stressed everyone out here, caused psychological damage to the admins and staff who have been unlucky enough to deal with you and have been a blight on this poor board. You have no redeeming features whatsoever. We are so tired of your shit most of us want to delete the board just to be rid of you. 

t. Keegz

Manager, Huge Chad Racing 
3/50 Coolkid Beach 
07 5372 no one fucking cares
Is someone really going to make a new board or website? Or is it just going to be the end of ausneets?
> nightmares all night
> ptsd psychosis and depression all day
Just fuck my shit up.
Now I know why people drink
> most of us want to delete the board just to be rid of you. 
Literally no one wants this except you and tiffo. Even you two only want to do so to shift our community to discord.
This marinade called for only one(1) clove of garlic but I'm using an entire Argentinian bulb of it because I don't like foreigners lounging around my place.
I just realised it’s been ages since the last incident on here. I wonder if this post will trigger a response from them
Furthermore it will samefag regardless of anyone here. Nothing will get in its narcissistic way. Whiz of be whizzed.
> 760416
lmao, so many words. Has he ever put this much into any other subject matter?

I'll read it tomorrow...
I’m going to start larping as iga and nuro at the same time when they have fights to confuse them
terry davis told me in a dream
> don't be mad at those people, the chance put them in your path
> God had a plan for you all along 
I woke up crying and I couldn't stop
hope he is well up there
If only we knew
> Alex Jones can’t use bankruptcy to avoid Sandy Hook damages, judge rules
>  >Infowars host must pay $1.5bn to families who sued over his conspiracy theories that 2012 massacre was a hoax
How bad it really is
>  Alex Jones transferring assets to family and friends, evading payments to Sandy Hook families: NYT 
thumbnail of R(25).jpg
thumbnail of R(25).jpg
R(25) jpg
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He will let his guard down and then I will rape him in front of his friend.
then I will steal their goon and raid neighbouring abo tents for rape and goon.