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ok, had a smoothie with some salad and berries in it, at least one thing has been accomplished today
I was changing the bin bag when I accidentally dropped the rolled end. It bounced along unrolling as it did so and spooked the dog. I think I triggered her snake response. I gave her lots of pats to reassure her.

> The man has been charged with five counts of serious assault police, three counts of dangerous operation of a vehicle, and one count each of unlicensed driving, going armed so as to cause fear, possessing unauthorised medicine, armed robbery, unlawful entry of a vehicle, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

I made a nice smoothie the other day. I used:
Flesh of one mango
Half tin of sweetened condensed milk
Two splashes of normal whole milk
It is expensive but you dilute it with water so it goes a long way.
It doesn't have any of the nasty chemical additives. I have become very concerned about all the crap in soap and deodorant etc.
Webby stopped me during curfew and ordered me out of my car and into the roadside bush for an impromptu 'search interrogation' during his military police career once
Very concerning. I might have to make a twitter account.
I will use a service to buy a temporary phone number to do the verification.

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New Reply on thread #815531
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