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> cheap and ugly
what is wrong with these dickheads? everybody wants to live in some million dollar 2 up gyprock shitbox with six inches between the neighbouring shitbox and your own
Please note that this is a CASHLESS service and only card or electronic contactless payment (smart phone/watch) will be accepted for both ticket sales and the purchase of food & beverage at the Show.
> "When buying at the cheapest end of the market, in older suburbs, there are often increased risks of anti-social behaviour, which may be a reason the area is cheap in the first place," he said
I'll take a quarter acre block and minimal debt, along with some noise and drama in the street occasionally over living shoulder to shoulder with debt burdened upper middle class wannabes
The faggot 'rapper' was in Kingsland the other day. Brought out the finest eshays Logan has to offer. 20 or so years ago nobody would call any Aussie suburb a 'hood'.
Yep the niggerification of the suburbs is extremely embarrassing. Outer burbs used to just be decent wogs and greeks but now some wierd American influence has made them get neck tattoos and cause trouble with their hotted up utes. So cringe
sometimes I think I need to be sedated, other times I'm so anxious about things I stop caring and start to feel dead inside as the only defense against it.
this sci fi nigger quin never seems to add any original ideas in his videos about other people's science fiction, in spite of it being called quinns ideas

Close your eyes, make a wish
And blow out the candlelight
For tonight is just your night
We're gonna celebrate, all through the night
Pour the wine, light the fire
Girl your wish is my command
I submit to your demands
Not only is the ABC writing a positive article about some disgusting bald tranny, it also includes this:
> the 36-year-old from lutruwita/Tasmania laughs.
Are they putting abo place names in everything now? And putting them before the real name?

That accent is surely horrible.
My favourite is the US southern accents but her type, that nasal meowing, I can barely bear. I heard men talking similarly and it's shitawful the same, so it's not her specifically. If they'd dial it down a notch, it would be okay.

This fokin choiknees is also horrible. Generally most accents on the small island are bad. But this one I can see the funny side and laff at them. The other one above, no.
need to get to sleep, or there won't be any turning my life around tomorrow. Good sleep is the foundation of everything
Monk blew his metaphorical load too early. Professional gooners know to pace themself. Lest ye be rolling naked on the ground at 2am with the withdrawal shakes of doom.
> The Finalist Event consists of two hundred (200) envelopes set out at the Major Prize Event. One (1) envelope will contain a promotional message to represent the AU$1,000,000 prize. The other one hundred and ninety nine (199)
envelopes will show a promotional message representing a consolation prize of AU$10,000 cash.
Ultimately we are all just dust when faced before God. Did I speak and act truthfully? Was I morally coherent throughout my life? No! I was a sinner and a scumbag! I will burn forever in hell for what I've done! 
Oh no, forgive me and my hedonism! Woe!
ok, I'm not getting back to sleep, the only thing is to cool the house down and get on with the day. Good morning neets.
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A terrible discovery - even though I live alone some bastard has eaten all my freddo frogs! I was certain I only had a couple. When I find him, I'll make him pay.
When monk wakes up can one of you remind him to buy some food before he spends all his cenno on ubers and lamb.
I mean I'd just be setting myself up for failure if I tried today. Best to gather my strength by lying around drinking lambs and watching
youtube all day today, so I'll be in top form for starting my new life tomorrow
No record of the booking.
Claims their website doesn't allow booking a service (it does and I have screenshots).
They took it anyway, but no courtesy car as promised when I purchased the car.
Offered a wash and vacuum and I was like "you mean the shit I did this morning in preparation for the service?".
Am I the only neet left devestated by the heatwave. Absolutely munted today, not gonna be able to do anything.
the white monster was a mistake, they rarely work. I keep asking you guys to stop me from having them and you keep letting me down.
Australia Post was able to get some M2 stainless nuts bolts and washers to my house in Adelaide from Queensland in less than 24 hours.
3 other interstate packages that have been sitting at Adelaide Airport since Friday afternoon are not being delivered until tomorrow.
There is no rhyme or reason to the way they do things.
Even the more legit business awards are pay to play. You basically pay an organisation thousands of dollars to give your business an award.
You get an article and photo of the ceremony in the local paper and get to use the fake award to advertise your business.
Not only did these dumb PR cunts photoshop together a fake photo of Princess Kate and the kids, they then sent a tweet pretending to be her saying she edits her photos herself.
I wonder what is really going on. I don't believe any of the more sensational /pol/ theories.
Until that guarantee comes back, I will continue to avoide it for that and the cost. It wasn't too bad for a few extra dollars years ago. 

I have no idea. I think it's still a pedal bike but I have seen that cuck cart around.
Yeah, the media was also running with just the girl's sleeve being shopped, even though poltards and the twitterati have called out about 15 separate problems in the photograph.
I'd have thought any photo being released from a member of royalty would be literally studied by a team of people with a magnifying glass looking for even the slightest thing that isn't meant to be there. Apparently not.
Back into my bad old habits of drinking coffee during the afternoon. I do feel awake and energetic though. Even a little ambitious.
TwinkTok embracer
> Trump, in reversal, opposes TikTok ban, calls Facebook "enemy of the people"
The one in Lizbef invariably doesn't print out dockets, and then the idiot behind the counter shouts out a number and everybody is like "how the fuck would we know?"
Really need to delete those GoySlop apps

Maccas small cheeseboig meal $5.50
HJ's small double-cheeseboig meal $5
KFC small chips and 6 wickid wings $5

Throw in a $5 cheap-Tuesday pixxa from Dominos and you won't be shitting until Sunday.
> go into maccas
There's only one in town and it's a short walking distance from the high school, and there always seems to be punk kids hanging around. It's the drive-thru or nothing!
Some faggot neighbour is playing annoying music so loud I can't ignore it. Gonna have to put my own music on and crank it up loud.
Not yet no. I just went to IGA for goon. Stressful drunk drive. Lots of characters about. 
Still have half a loaf of raisin toast. I haven't eaten anything in about 36 hours. 
Dinner at my Dads joint tomorrow, have to be straight for that so starting my real life then
Collected the car without issue. They detailed it for some reason. Took 10 minutes to put all my settings back. Drove to Jaycar and Munno Para Bunnings. Don’t know if I’m imagining it, but the car seems faster still. Maybe clearing the 3000km thing unlocks something in the ECM. Uber Pajeet tried to kill me on the way there throwing a U turn on Main North Rd because he couldn’t be told that was the wrong way to try and get there when I first got in. Also pronounced Salisbury like Sal-iz-breeee like a gay cunt who can’t speak English good
Also got steak and salad at the Lizbef Tavern. Salad turned out to be sloppy coleslaw. Steak looked like 150 gram rump offcut. Should have got the chips.
Last nights uber was also a maniac. Could barely understand him too, and thats not a racist exaggeration either 

> pronounced Salisbury like Sal-iz-breeee like a gay cunt
That's how I've been reading your posts about it for the past 7+ years 😓
> Maybe clearing the 3000km
They say something about cars running less efficiently during the first few thousand kilometres. I think it's the red paint too. 

Sir tried his best. 

Good choice with a bad outcome.
I have downloaded Shogun episode 4.
After watching episode 3 I think I have decided I don't really like it. I will keep watching for now though. Will reassess after this episode.
I should just read the book.
Hope I don't ever meet any fancy la-di-da Adelaide poofs in real life 
It's Victorian nationalism every day of the week
> Here's what he said.
Hopefully something along the lines of her being a dirty stinking wop who should go back to Italy like the nigger she is
Their reviews are good
> Hello Kerryn,
> Firstly, we are very sorry to hear this, when you placed the order the day prior it was 10:25 Pm, we close at 9:00 Pm, we had already gotten home and was laying in bed when the phone rang from DoorDash so we couldn’t make the order because it was after hours, usually we CAN make orders after hours because we eat at the restaurant ourselves but it was TOO late, we have apologized over the phone and you had already gotten a refund, we have neither made or been paid for this order, which we made clear during the phone calls, again we are sorry for this bad experience and if you have not received a payment from DoorDash please contact them directly
> -GoodAsian Management
I'm on my second glass of diet-rite.
Needed to refill the water bottle that lives in the fridge, so it will be my last for a few hours at least.
> Turkey, Ukraine
> Europe
Netherlands and France sounds aboot right
> Hungary that high
Europeans must suck in English then.
> Grease
> learning languages
Where is the UK? I mean they aren't European either but if the list features Turkey and Ukraine...
No Russia, Bosnia, Monkeydonia, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Lichtenstein, Georgia, Latvia, or even fugging Kazakhstan (if they managed to press Turkey into Europe).