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#BO can you do something about this fuckwit ? I am out for tonight. Going to a grab a steak with a friend.
Remember when he used to call them 'chems' but it was just dexies and valium from his mong doctor kek
Not long ago he said he was chopping up a few lines of coke but didn't post a pic
The fact he had to do so much doctor shopping says it all. He doesn't have any irl connections despite what he says. Kind of funny to think how the neets that actually do just deny it completley.
> Kind of funny to think how the neets that actually do just deny it completley.
Some of us with standards would not brag about social lives if we did have them
Imagining being pretend gay to lure Nuro's boyfriend away and doing all his drugs and Nuro gets none. Then running away because I'm not homo.
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I guess, if you pair it with picrel and get a drink. Not a bad meal for $13.45. Better than spending $40 on a tiny piece of rump steak with basic salad and McCain-tier chips on the side.
I'm downloading episode 5 of Shogun. I am over it but it is in my personality to finish what I start.
I find it unpleasant looking at all the hideous Mongoloid faces.
I finished playing Portal Revolution.
It was okay. Biggest weakness was the voice acting. Very unpleasant to listen to.
Puzzles were not difficult.
the charging port on my phone is totally fucked
multiple cables not working
thats my only source of internet too 
battery at 8%
see yous in a few days maybe
I can agree with that. We also divide loin into two parts, the first half forward is the "long loin", and back half if the "short loin". I like both, but I just might prefer the long one.
When you know, you know 
> Donald Trump says 'nasty' Kevin Rudd 'not the brightest bulb'
Good Morning NEETs


Do what i did and just get some no doz (caffeine tablets) and drink lots of water to get off the energy jew.

Also i can just go to my chemist and ask for nasal decongestion tablets (raw psuedoephidreine no paracetamol) to whip my ass out off a funk.
You can literally get anything at Jaycar for more than half the cost on Aliexpress.

I went to jaycar on the weekend to buy some crimps. Resisted the urge to consoom by reminding myself about this.
Your reminder that saying you don't care about a news article is a bankable offence but mocking someone for having an abusive childhood is okay.
Went to get the 5 pieces of chicken for $8 from kfc. Turned it out it was online only, you had to sign up with the kfc jews to access it. Decided fuck that, got a gobucket instead. Was satisfactory.
Gobuckets are underrated. An acceptable amount of chicken and chips for less than $4, without the massive financial or caloric hit of a regular sized kfc binge.
Having my Wednesday beers in between the whizzers and the other place where the girls think I am a mong.
They need to stop making millions of spin offs and concentrate on a couple of good ones. The one with the space jail thing and then mongolian. Or babby yoda with a gun
> I am Oobiedoob Kenoobie, I have the silliest name in the galaxy
< Whatโ€™s your middle name?
> Scoobydoobie
< Oobiedoob Scoobydoobie Kenoobie?
> One and the same!
A hobo came in and asked for a glass of water and the bar man gave him one and he tried to give him 20 cents and the bar guy told him to keep his money. Good bar man.
Washed my car for the first time in...4? 5? 6? months. I dunno. Might wash my BWC next. It's been a while.
Does monk need just one more night on the standards so he can get himself together for the wagon for real tomorrow?
I have had them several times (chicken portions), not bad just gotta be careful not to overcook as they dry out pretty quick.Haven't been able to get them for the last month or so, always out of stock. (country neet)
Is it safe to go to KFC now?
When is the fresh chicken out?
I need guidance. No-one wants to take the responsibility.
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danger-close2 webp
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Womboflix is back! This Saturday on womboflix join us as we go to vietnam and waste some commies in Danger Close (2019). Slammed by critics for its politically incorrect portrayal of whites slaughtering sprawling and swarming hordes of Asiatic enemies. Yeah.

Then on Sunday, for the more intellectual neet viewer, we have Joker (2019) - set in 1981, it follows Arthur Fleck, a failed clown and aspiring stand-up comic whose descent into mental illness and nihilism inspires a violent countercultural revolution against the wealthy in a decaying Gotham City.
Went to lawash and had a big biryani and three kebabs. Then went hunting for tugs, but it was closed. Went looking for another but passed a teen ebony godess with an arse sculpted by God. I drove past three times, third time she stopped smiling. That biryani is gurgling, too much chilli, now I'm sweating and have a physically strenuous shift in 30 min.
> Then went hunting for tugs, but it was closed.

> third time she stopped smiling.

> That biryani is gurgling, too much chilli, now I'm sweating and have a physically strenuous shift
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> 20mg Dexies down the hatch
> Bottle of Champagne down the hatch
> 600mg of Codeine  down the hatch 
> One cheeky Oxy
> pack of cigarettes and spliff await
Got my phone fixed. Just had to clean the charging port. $45 which is good. 
Also scored some chems, packet of temazepam
Back when I used to do dexies I rarely went anywhere near 20mg, although I did keep drinking lots of coffee, so maybe it all evens out.
Might try using compressed air on my phone's charging port, see if that helps like it did for phone neet.
> out in the middle of no where. 
> spark ciggie 
> out of nowhere young school kids appear
> can be anywhere 
> sit infront of me 
> parents stare at me and make stinky hand gesture 

Why are boomers like this ?
Might mog monk this week by finishing Zero History, finishing Bronze Age Mindset, and becoming a fully fledged cloud engineer.
> nigger tier behaviour 
> rides around the beach every day drinking goon out of a backpack and taking creep shots of kids
I literally never open up his panoramic photos 

I noticed that I picked the books up on Dec 22. Almost 3 months to read 40 pages. Woe. Need to shake this internet addiction. 
Waking up with no phone or internet was a strange feeling this morning
It can be found in the "rekt general" thread on 4chan's /gif/ board. Be sure to click the sound on.
Do NOT come back here making edgy comments about it. I don't want to hear them.
His commentary actually sounds relatvely mild compared to the way the police prosecutors and media were talking
> Do NOT come back here making edgy comments about it. I don't want to hear them.
you hear written comments?
dumb cunt
you don't dictate others discourse here
During the prosecution the police claimed that at least one of the cops was asking for help and he ridiculed them while they were dying, and yet in the video they are all clearly completely dead and not moving let alone talking
Got some spaghetti bolognese in the slow cooker. Put it all in at once. Even the pasta. Fingers crossed.